Top 28 Things To Do In Texas, USA - Updated 2022


Larger than any European country, Texas is the second-largest state in the United States of America both in landmass and population. Its biggest cities are Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth. Texas has gained popularity through its sheer size, sunny weather, crazy roller coasters, and its colorful history around cowboys and the American Civil War. Texas has always been a place where people flocked thanks to many of its historical sites, national parks, museums, scenic trails, and educational facilities. Texas is a large place filled with many great attractions, such as the Hamilton Pool Preserve and Bid Bend National Park in West Texas. Palo Duro Canyon State Park, the second-largest canyon in the country, is also found in Texas. If you are visiting the state and are currently planning your trip, you may be overwhelmed by the options that it has got to offer. For a solid list of the things to do in Texas, USA, continue reading down below.

1. Try parasailing over South Padre Island (from USD 97.0)

Ever wanted to take beautiful sweeping views of South Padre Island while gliding through the air? This parasailing experience is perfect for people who would like to partake in an amazing airborne experience without any prior knowledge of parasailing. Guests will be briefed about safety, then will parasail with a professional instructor along the coast of South Padre Island. Children are allowed to join the parasailing event as long as they have adult supervision.

Parasailing Adventure in South Padre Island

Duration: 45 minutes

388 reviews

2. Learn about the events leading up to the JFK assassination (from USD 76.0)

The infamous JFK assassination happened on the 22nd of November 1963. To this day, the case fascinates the mind of the people asking questions about how it was done or how was it even possible. Relive the day of the crime and learn the facts about the events before, during, and after the assassination of former president John F. Kennedy. This tour is inclusive of live commentary, transportation via air-conditioned van, a tour to the Grassy Knoll, entrance to the Lee Harvey Oswald Rooming House, and a stopover at the historic Texas Movie Theater.

JFK Assassination and Museum Tour in Dallas

Duration: 3 hours

779 reviews

3. Take notice of the exhibits at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (from USD 89.0)

Visit NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston via a double-decker bus on this sightseeing tour. On top of the double-decker bus, guests will have a good view of the city, its parks, historic districts, and several iconic landmarks. Upon entering NASA Space Center Houston, all guests will be given entrance to a self-guided tour around the specified facilities and interactive exhibits. It’s an excellent place to learn all about space exploration. The tour includes transportation to NASA Space Center, a tour orientation, a map, and a complimentary 75-minute Houston tour around the city.

Houston City and NASA's Space Center Sightseeing Tour

Duration: 6 hours

384 reviews

4. Visit The Alamo in San Antonio

The Battle of the Alamo is one of the most iconic sieges in history. It was a battle in which a whole company of Texans decided to make the Alamo into a fort to cement their resistance against the then-ruling Mexican government in Texas. It was a fierce 13-day siege of 200 Texans against 1800 Mexicans. All 200 Texans died throughout the siege against the Mexican army and took an estimated 400 - 600 Mexicans with them. By visiting San Antonio’s Alamo, tourists today are able to relive and understand the happenings of the siege, learn about the firearm technology they had at the time, and the event leading to the moment of the siege. There is also a museum and a gift shop available on site.

The Alamo

Address: 300 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205, USA

Website: The Alamo

Opening hours: 9am - 5:30pm (daily)

Price: 10 - 15 USD

5. Appreciate the ornate Victorian architecture of Gresham’s Castle (from USD 139.0)

This six-hour Gaveston and Houston sightseeing tour are great for visitors who are looking to do some sightseeing around Houston. All the traveling will be done on a double-decker bus where guests get to roam around downtown Houston. The featured touring locations are the architectural heritage districts of Galveston, Gresham’s Castle, Chase Tower, Minute Maid Park, and the Gulf of Mexico. The tour includes a professional tour guide, a double-decker air-conditioned bus, all entrance fees, and an optional dolphin-watching tour.

Houston Sightseeing Tour and Galveston Day Trip

Duration: 6 hours

68 reviews

6. Get a glimpse of the Texas State Capitol in Austin (from USD 75.0)

This Austin sightseeing tour is not like other sightseeing tours where you get crammed inside a coach. This tour lets its guests experience a unique tour by using Segways to traverse and navigate around the touring location. The touring locations are Moody Theater, Austin Central Library, and the 6th Street music district. Guests will have the chance to take some amazing photos with the memorial statues of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Willie Nelson. The tour is inclusive of Segways, helmets, a guide, and optional sunscreen and bug spray.

Capital of Texas Segway Tour

Duration: 2 hours

33 reviews

7. Enjoy a fun-filled day at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Chris Hagerman fr... used under CC BY 2.0

The Six Flags Amusement Park is known for its massive and utterly crazy rides. The park is complete with thrill rides, family rides, kids rides, water park rides, shopping areas, theaters, and restaurants. In addition to a lazy river, there are also popular rides available such as the Poltergeist, Scream, Sky Screamer, Krypton Coaster, and the newly opened Joker Carnival of Chaos. The Six Flags Amusement Park is the perfect place where you and your friends and family can all have a good time riding, shopping, and dining.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Address: 17000 W IH 10, San Antonio, TX 78257, USA

Website: Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Price: 7 - 75 USD

8. Marvel at beautiful flowers in Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Inuyas used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Being listed as one of the top Arboretums around the world, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden has been visited by just a bit shy of a million people in the year 2018. The arboretum aims to offer educational programs for all ages, host annual events, and provide various family-oriented activities. The place is approximately 66 acres (26.7 hectares) of land that houses a complete life science laboratory, 75 board members and directors, 170+ paid staff members, and 273 active volunteers. They have over a dozen gardens and wide outdoor spaces that you and your children may be interested in visiting. A few of the popular gardens would be the Children’s Adventure Garden, A Woman’s Garden, Red Maple Rill, Rose Garden, and the Garden of Memories.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Address: 8525 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218, USA

Website: Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Opening hours: 9am - 5pm (daily)

Price: 2 - 17 USD

9. Watch a million bats fly out of Congress Avenue Bridge (from USD 69.0)

The Congress Avenue Bridge is a place where an entire colony of bats regularly flies across the sunset. This kayak tour allows you to view such an astonishing view without the hassle of navigating through the crowd to get a good view. The tour lasts for two hours and where participants will kayak together with a guide to traverse the Congress Avenue Bridge and view the colony of bats, the sunset, and the city lights just after it gets dark.

Snap the perfect picture and appreciate the scenic views that can only be observed when riding a boat at the popular bridge.

Congress Avenue Bat Bridge Kayak Tour in Austin

Duration: 2 hours

73 reviews

10. Take your kids to Forth Worth Zoo

take your kids to forth worth zoo

Fort Worth Zoo is not only a zoo but a community of people who aims to strengthen the connection between humans and the environment. They provide various fun educational tours and experiences for the family to enjoy and learn from. The zoo houses over 542 species of animals such as mammals, birds, and ectotherms. Out of the 542 animal species, 68 of them have been listed as endangered. Furthermore, Fort Worth Zoo is the only place that houses representatives from all of the four great ape species in the entire United States of America. If you’ve visited Texas together with the kids, the Fort Worth Zoo is a place that should spark some interesting experiences and memorable animal encounters. Be sure to drop by the gift shop for amazing items before leaving. 

Forth Worth Zoo

Address: 1989 Colonial Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76110, USA

Website: Forth Worth Zoo

Opening hours: 10am - 5pm (daily)

Price: 0 - 16 USD

11. Admire culturally diverse collections at Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Small part of the Current Modern Art Exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Source: Photo by Flickr user Joe Wolf used under CC BY-ND 2.0

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston is one of the largest art museums in the United States. They house over 70,000 artworks collected from all over the world. The entire campus features permanent exhibits as well as works of art from different artists. The museum was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Rafael Moneo, and Isamu Noguchi. Their collections are assigned to different areas, some of which are the Arts of Africa, American Painting and Sculpture, Antiques, Decorative Arts, European Art, Film, Latin American Art, Photography, and Contemporary Art. Exhibiting many great works from great artists from all over the world, your visit to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston will surely satisfy and inspire your artistic side.

Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Address: 1001 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77005, USA

Website: Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Opening hours: Tue - Wed: 10am - 5pm; Thu: 10am - 9pm; Fri - Sat: 10am - 7pm; Sun: 12:15pm - 7pm (closed on Mon)

Price: 0 - 17 USD

12. Meet the dolphins at South Padre Island Dolphin Research and Sealife Nature Center

what a world

Posted by South Padre Island Dolphin Research and Sea Life Nature Center on Monday, 9 March 2015

The Dolphin Research and Sealife Nature Center is a non-profit organization that aims to educate the public regarding Bottlenose Dolphins and help support the wildlife of Texas. They offer dolphin tours where guests will have the chance to observe a local tribe of nearshore dolphins and a tour around the Sealife Center. They also have children’s activities where they will be able to touch tanks and hold real live starfish and many other beautiful sea creatures. If you support the advocacy of Dolphin Research and Sealife Nature Center, then a visit will surely benefit not only sea life but also you and your children.

South Padre Island Dolphin Research and Sealife Nature Center

Address: 110 N Garcia St, Port Isabel, TX 78578, USA

Website: South Padre Island Dolphin Research and Sealife Nature Center

Opening hours: 10am - 3pm (daily)

Price: 2 - 25 USD

13. Swing by the Kimbell Art Museum in Forth Worth

Kimbell Art Museum
Source: Photo by Flickr user Kevin Muncie used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Known as a major national museum, the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth is a place that hosts first-class exhibits of masterpieces from well-established artists. Some of their more famous acquisitions are the Point de la Hève at Low Tide by Monet, Christ Blessing by Bellini, and Man with a Pipe by Picasso. The museum houses different kinds of artworks mainly painting, sculptures, metalworks, drawings, mosaics, and hanging scrolls. If you want to have a premium experience visiting a museum and viewing world-class masterpieces, the Kimbell Art Museum is a place that will surely not disappoint.

Kimbell Art Museum

Address: 3333 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107, USA

Website: Kimbell Art Museum

Opening hours: Tue - Fri: 10am - 5pm; Fri: 12pm - 8pm; Sat: 10am - 5pm; Sun: 12pm - 5pm (closed on Mon)

Price: 3 - 18 USD

14. Take your kids to Legoland Discovery Center Dallas (from USD 27.0)

Treat your child to a trip to Legoland Discovery Center Dallas. There they will have the chance to have fun exploring all 15 available attractions of Legoland. Among the attractions are various rides, games, and a 4D cinema experience. View the amazing Lego recreations of famous places, assemble racing cars to participate in the speed test track, and partake in the brick-making factory tour that Legoland offers. Legoland is a place where imagination is truly the only limit. After the fun activities, enjoy some snacks and refreshments in the on-site coffee shop.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Dallas Admission Ticket

Duration: 3 hours

92 reviews

15. Beat the heat at Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Resort in New Braunfels

Schlitterbahn 30 years (3814879484)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Jason Helle used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Known to be one of the best water parks in the world, the Schlitterbahn Water Park and Resort has been in business for over 40 years already. Enjoy the massive pools constantly fed with cooled river water. Take a ride at their popular black tubes where you will truly feel the adrenaline as you go through the long tubes in a speedy-flowing manner. They also have a tram ride where you will have further access to other rides such as the Sky Coaster, Master Blaster Water Coaster, and Boogie Bahn.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Resort

Address: 400 N Liberty Ave, New Braunfels, TX 78130, USA

Website: Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Resort

Price: 5 - 47 USD

16. Check out the largest collection of birds at San Antonio Zoo (from USD 26.0)

The San Antonio Zoo is a popular place in Texas where people looking to observe and interact with animals go to visit. The zoo houses over 3,000 animals collected from different countries and states. Get a chance to view large animals such as tigers, zebras, elephants, hippos, and giraffes. This tour is approximately four hours long and is inclusive of general admission to the entire zoo and all taxes and handling charges.

San Antonio Zoo General Admission Ticket

Duration: 4 hours

348 reviews

17. Observe the interesting exhibits at Houston Museum of Natural Science (from USD 13.0)

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is a place of fun interactive learning about dinosaurs, wildlife, and historical events. The place is known to have the largest dinosaur hall in North America. This three-hour general admission to the museums grants you the chance to join all the regular and special exhibits that the Houston Museum of Natural Science is hosting. Some of the exhibits are about rare gemstones and geodes, ancient Egypt, Texas wildlife, chemistry, African wildlife, and the culture of Native Americans.

Houston Museum of Natural Science General Admission

Duration: 3 hours

403 reviews

18. Check out the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas

Learn about the history and progress of aviation at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. The museum is a massive 100,000 square feet (30,480 square meters) facility that has an auditorium, several classrooms, and houses over 30 aircraft and space vehicles. Here you will have a chance to view the original Apollo VII spacecraft, 13 historical galleries, the original framework for the Mustang Aviation hangar, and over 35,000 artifacts collected from different aircraft during their developmental stage.

The Frontiers of Flight Museum

Address: 6911 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75209, USA

Website: The Frontiers of Flight Museum

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 10am - 5pm; Sun: 1pm - 5pm

Price: 0 - 10 USD

19. Explore Fort Davis National Historic Site

Known to be the best-preserved frontier military post in the South West, The Fort Davis National Historic Site is a place where you can learn the history, culture, and stories of the past, especially in the 19th century. The place features plenty of space where special events and family-friendly activities are held throughout the year.  All entrance to the site is free of charge. If you want to partake in these special events, then you may need to check their calendar on their official website to know the scheduled dates.

Fort Davis National Historic Site

Address: Fort Davis, TX 79734, USA

Website: Fort Davis National Historic Site

Opening hours: 8am - 5pm (daily)

Price: 10 - 35 USD

20. Take a trip to SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium Dallas (from USD 25.0)

The SEA LIFE Aquarium in Dallas is a place where you and your children can discover and learn more about life underwater. The aquarium houses over 5,000 sea creatures such as crabs, jellyfish, sharks, and fish in over 30 tanks. Take a stroll under the transparent sea tunnel to observe the sea creatures, how they interact with the environment, and how they are cared for and fed. If you have any questions about the sea creatures and their environment, you can easily get that answer through the friendly staff taking care of the animals.

SEA LIFE Aquarium Grapevine Admission Ticket

Duration: 2 hours

83 reviews

21. Visit the beautiful Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio

Established over 90 years now, the Japanese Tea Garden is one of the most loved cultural places in San Antonio. The place has been modeled complete with walkways, stone bridges, ponds, pavilions, and gardens. It also has plenty of space to accommodate a maximum of 50 people at a time, ideal for smaller intimate weddings and occasions. With all the landscaping done together with the decors, structures, and waterfall, the guest will certainly feel the peacefulness and tranquility of the whole place.

Japanese Tea Garden

Address: Mary’s, 3853 N St Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX 78212, USA

Website: Japanese Tea Garden

Opening hours: 7am - 7pm (daily)

Price: 20 - 100 USD

22. Take a trip through space at Space Center Houston (from USD 89.95)

take a trip through space at space center houston

One of Houston’s most popular attractions is the NASA Johnson Space Center tour. With this tour, you and your children will have entrance access to the space center. There you can explore and view and interact with interactive exhibitions of cutting-edge technology, over 400 hundred space artifacts, and many multi-media displays. The trip is inclusive of a full-day entrance ticket to the space center and all its exhibits and attractions, including the NASA Tram, Mission Briefing Center, and Starship Gallery. The Nasa Johnson Space Center Tour is a fun educational tour where people of all ages can appreciate and be amazed.

Houston: City Tour and NASA Space Center Admission Ticket

Duration: 7 hour

189 reviews

23. Visit Billy Bob’s Texas Honky Tonk in Dallas (from USD 51.0)

visit billy bob’s texas honky tonk in dallas

Billy Bob’s Texas Honky Tonk in Dallas is a venue that has gained popularity throughout the globe. It is a place that is heavily centered on Texas and cowboy culture. Here guests will be exposed to sizzling steaks, barbeques, rodeo bull riders, boots, and the 10-Gallon Hats. Feast on the savory meal of real cowboys such as the steak and spare ribs, play and select from a large collection of video games available, then relax as you watch outstanding live performances on the grand stage.

Billy Bob's Texas Honky Tonk Dinner and Photo Package

Duration: 2 hours

41 reviews

24. Enjoy a show by The Magicians Agency (from USD 36.0)

Looking for a family-friendly nighttime activity during your stay in San Antonio? At The Magicians Agency, you and your family will be amazed by their world-class performance of magic tricks and illusions. The show features master magicians who will not only perform their tricks but will also meet up with fans for autographs and pictures after the show. If you want to make the night extra special, you can avail of VIP upgrades for front-row seats and the complimentary magic DVD. The show lasts for two hours and is inclusive of free popcorn and sodas.

Award winning magic show at The Magicians Agency Theatre.

Duration: 1 hour

147 reviews

25. Get a bird's-eye view from Reunion Tower (from USD 24.0)

Get a bird’s-eye view of Dallas by entering the Reunion Tower’s GeO-Deck. On top of the tower is a sphere that overlooks Dallas. There you will get an epic 360-degree view of the city. Snap the perfect photo and enjoy the scenic view of the urban landscape. The place also has high-definition telescopes where you can view the city in even more detail. If you visit GeO-Deck at night, you’ll get an astonishing view of the city lights, a romantic experience that is perfect if you are with your partner.

Dallas' Reunion Tower GeO-Deck Observation Ticket

Duration: 45 to 60 minutes

320 reviews

26. Discover Houston's underground tunnel system (from USD 35.0)

Did you know that Houston has a whole underground tunnel that can navigate a large portion of the city? If you are interested, then this morning underground tunnel tour is an experience you will surely be thankful for partaking. The tour is approximately two hours long and allows you along with a small group of people to discover Houston’s underground tunnel system, learn about the history of the city, and view the astonishing decorations and sculptures while being led by a knowledgeable tour guide.

Houston Underground Tunnel Guided History and Walking Tour

Duration: 2 hours

10 reviews

27. Explore the exhibits at Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (from USD 18.0)

explore the exhibits at sixth floor museum at dealey plaza

In the 20th century, the Sixth Floor Museum was once used as a regular book depository in Dallas. In the infamous JFK assassination case, Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired the killing shot from this floor of the building (the sixth floor). As a way to commemorate the late president, the building was repurposed as a museum featuring the life, legacy, and death of President John F. Kennedy. Touring the Sixth Floor Museum will give guests access to all its exhibits of historic films, photographs, and artifacts about the life and death of John F. Kennedy. The Sixth Floor Museum tour lasts for about one and a half hours and is inclusive of the general admission and an audio guide throughout the tour.

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza Admission

Duration: 90 to 180 minutes

101 reviews

28. Tour San Antonio Missions National Historical Park (from USD 41.0)

Learn about the history of Spanish colonization in Texas from 1980 to 1821. Visit the historical buildings at the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. There you will navigate through all four of the iconic missions by riding in a vehicle while a tour guide gives nuggets of knowledge throughout the tour. The tour is inclusive of a three-hour trip to four missions at the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, a round-trip transport, and a tour guide to share facts about the colonization that you can’t find in any guidebooks.

San Antonio Missions Small-Group Tour with Guide

Duration: 3 hours

10 reviews

A big place with lots of attractions

The state of Texas is a place gifted with natural beauty and resources, filled with great history, and flowing with opportunities. If you are to visit Texas, make sure to have an itinerary for the things you should do. Being such a big place and great progress, the sheer amount of available attractions may hinder you from truly enjoying your visit. Make an itinerary and stick with it until you finish everything on the list, this will save you time and energy (not to mention having less mental strain) upon your visit. Use the list of attractions above to supplement your itinerary if you run out of ideas for things to do.

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