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nine hours, the popular hotel that changed the traditional image of capsule hotels, had a renewal opening in November 2013! The same hotel that offers quality sleep in a sleek design is good not just for business users but also for women and tourists in Kyoto. Today I will guide you through the details from their original “Sleep & Shower” focused concept to the appearance of the inside of the hotel.

nine hours Kyoto

Address: 600-8031 Kyoto, Kyoto, Shimogyo-ku Teramachidori Shijokudaru Teianmaenocho 588 , Japan (see map)

Access: 4mins walk from Kawaramachi station of Hankyu Kyoto line

Contact:+81 75-353-7337

I Tip My Hat to their Radicalized Concept and Stylish Design!

is this a capsule hotel? super sleek urban hotel: nine hours kyoto | i tip my hat to their radicalized concept and stylish design!

nine hours Kyoto’s concept is “Focus on Sleep.” They specialize in “Sleep & Shower,” the features necessary for a one-day stay and focus all of their energy on the quality of these two items. Holding off on excessive services, their “simple is best” style brings a whole new set of values to urban lodging. It’s a popular choice for domestic travelers and businessmen as well as tourists from overseas. The design of this hotel won first prize for good design in 2010 and was created by three designers, including the product designer representative of Japan, Ms. Fumie Shibata. Just looking at the pictures of the front and lobby you can see It’s a stylish yet refined space and I was surprised by how completely different its atmosphere is compared to the capsule hotels I’ve stayed in before.

So Then, What Makes the Essentials of a Capsule Unit?

"Capsule Unit" Strives for a comfortable sleep with quality bedding & a bedroom environment system.

is this a capsule hotel? super sleek urban hotel: nine hours kyoto | "capsule unit" strives for a comfortable sleep with quality bedding & a bedroom environment system.

On the Capsule Floor are original units called “Sleeping Pods” that are neatly organized and separated on 2-story top and bottom. The curvaceous designs, drawn by the gentle curves, make it seem like a space ship! When I–at 166cm tall—laid down inside the unit there was still quite a bit of space below my feet and it was wide enough to turn and flop about in bed. It contains a mattress good for sleeping with excellent shiatsu dispersion, a special model pillow helps you to naturally turn in your sleep, and a soft and light futon blanket. The quality of all the bedding will lead off to a comfortable slumber.

And one more thing worthy of note is their “bedroom environment system” developed by Panasonic. This helps to support the sleep/wake rhythm you have in your daily life. When you go to bed the light gradually darkens and guides you to a natural sleep as you relax. And as it gets close for you to wake up at a time that you set, it gradually brightens like the sun rising so you can open your eyes feeling refreshed. It goes without saying that this design and this function are futuristic.

"Public Space" Feel Relief & Peace of Mind with Sex-Segregated Floors

is this a capsule hotel? super sleek urban hotel: nine hours kyoto | "public space" feel relief & peace of mind with sex-segregated floors

This public space is for using the shower and restroom. You can easily check your outfit and makeup out in the washroom before leaving and It’s fully equipped with a dryer. There are also lockers with keys for you to store your valuables and luggage. By the way, everything–starting with this public space and including the capsule units and lounge–are segregated by sex. They were very thorough in this with even installing elevators in the building that are segregated. Even if you’re a woman traveling by herself, you can rest fully at ease.

"Amenities" Enjoy your stay even if you’ve brought nothing with you

is this a capsule hotel? super sleek urban hotel: nine hours kyoto | "amenities" enjoy your stay even if you’ve brought nothing with you

They’re particular with not just their hotel but also their amenities. Their shampoo and body soap are from a brand established 120 years ago, TAMANOHADA’s 005-FIG. It’s silicone-free and made of natural materials so It’s gentle on both hair and body with the refreshing scent of the fig leaf. They also have bathrobes available to wear when you’re inside the hotel for women and samue (cotton casual wear) for men. It’s easy to relax when you change into these after having your shower. I was further impressed that they have all the minimum necessities like a bath towel & hand towel, toothbrush set and indoor slippers all available.

"Conveniently Located" Enjoy Kyoto’s attractions by train, bus or on foot

"conveniently located" enjoy kyoto’s attractions by train, bus or on foot

nine hours Kyoto is perfectly located, just five minutes’ walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station, Kyoto Gion Shijo Station, and the underground Shijo Station. Buses to Ginkakuji and Shimogamo Shrine also leave from the bus stop at Kawaramachi Station. If you walk about 15 minutes to the east onto Shijo-dori you will find Yasaka Shrine and Gion, both of which I recommend for a stroll. There are also plenty of gourmet spots like Kyoto’s Kitchen, Nishiki Market, and Ponto-cho. And experiencing the cool air along the Kamo River near the hotel from May to September is also very nice.

Also, check-in and checkout are at 10AM so you can stay a maximum of 24 hours. Of course, you’re free to go out while you’re staying at the hotel so go out and enjoy the sights!

Superior Cost Performance! Customize a Trip for You!

Now for the price you’re all wondering. It’s JPY 1800 per night! While it may not have the design or functions of your typical capsule hotel, it does have the price of one! From the complete-service hotels to the nostalgic old ryokans (traditional inns), in Kyoto there are so many places to stay. However, finding where to stay is different for each person and style of your trip. If what you’re after is a shower to wash off the day’s sweat and fall into a deep sleep to reset your fatigue from the day then perhaps you want a hotel with such a “Focus on Sleep” mentality. If so, I would say that nine hours Kyoto is your best choice.

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