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Top 18 Airbnb Stays In Seoul For Under 55 USD - Updated 2019

Top 18 Airbnb Stays In Seoul For Under 55 USD - Updated 2019

A city with rich historical culture, loads of fun activities to keep yourself occupied and mouth-watering delicacies, Seoul is one of the most sought-after places to visit.

With the Hallyu Wave at its peak, spreading all around Asia and beyond, we’ve never been so interested in Korean tradition and customs. It’s no wonder that tourism in South Korea has skyrocketed lately, but traveling has never come cheaply and that may be one reason why some of us haven’t traveled so much.

Here, we’ve shortlisted some of the best Airbnb rooms in Seoul, and the best part? They are all really affordable! You’re one step closer to booking that flight right now!

1. Dong Jak: Experience staying with a Korean family (from USD 40)

Living Room
Source: Airbnb

“Yeojin was really nice host, very attentive and thoughtful. She helps us at any questions we have …” - Evgeny (Guest)

Located in the quiet neighborhood of Dong Jak, this apartment has a fantastic view of the Han River and is perfect for those looking for a peaceful place to stay. It’s relatively convenient, with the metro station (Dongjak, Line 4,9) only a 5-minute walk away.

With the subway, going to tourist areas like Apgujeong and Itaewon takes less than 30 minutes. Hangang Park is just around the corner so guests can head there for a quick exercise session, or simply just to catch the sun rise.

You’ll be staying with the hospitable host and her family. You will be able to experience what an average modern Korean family and their lifestyle is like. The host is friendly and will gladly recommend tourist sites, restaurants, and shopping areas. Basic amenities are provided and there’s even a hot tub for those who like to relax and soak in warm water.

Fantastic View in Middle of Seoul
Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Seoul, South Korea
30 reviews
Private room in apartment 1 bed 1 bedroom 1 bathroom
Top guest reviews
Amenities & Room:
The room is very comfortable .
I love the river view and her room is cozy.
Yeojin was very responsive in her messaging.
The room is just the way it looks in the pictures; clean, well maintained, comfy, and offers scenic view of the Han river.
She fits our schedules very much.
Also, please send my regards to your father!
Why wouldn't someone stay here?
Really enjoyed my 3 nights at Yeojin’s place.
This place is highly recommended.
this is just the right place to stay.
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2. Cheong Dam: The Madpacker Guesthouse (from USD 34)

Living Room
Source: Airbnb

“The apartment was clean and cosy. It’s even bigger than I suspected.” - LY (Guest)

Situated in Cheongdam-dong, an area known as Seoul’s “Beverly Hills”, the Madpacker Guesthouse is surrounded by upmarket boutiques and cafes. It has a great location, with the nearest subway station (Cheongdam Line 7, 8) only a 5-minute walk away. You have direct access from Incheon International Airport and will be able to get to all the best hot spots in Seoul within 30 minutes.

The apartment is secured with CCTV for 24 hours a day, and a safety code is required at the entrance of the ground floor. The apartment has a total of 4 rooms, but only 2 are available for guests. The living room, kitchen, and bathroom are common spaces for the guests. Rooms accommodate up to a maximum of 3 people and they are well-furnished and have modern decor. The beds are equipped with premium mattresses and clean linens.

5min Stn | Gangnam | Super clean&spacious Apt#1
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Seoul, South Korea
114 reviews
Private room in apartment 1 bed 1 bedroom 1 bathroom
Top guest reviews
Amenities & Room:
The room and toilet are clean.
Bed room is comfortable and bathroom is great.
The room was spacious, clean and the bed was comfortable.
It was very clean and tidy.
Also, the room is really clean and tidied up everyday.
Also the apartment very clean.
Will definitely return and stay with Ann again.
She even allowed us to check in earlier.
She replied very fast too!
You are missing out if you don't stay at this place.
this place is recommended.
Perfect place to stay in Cheongdamdong!
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3. Hong Dae: Atelier of TwoTwo House (from USD 34)

Source: Airbnb

Ideal for a single backpacker, TwoTwo House has a cool industrial bedroom design with a clean and cozy atmosphere. Its unique “biker” design sparked lots of interest and it was even featured in an interior design magazine. Initially an old house, it was renovated and reborn as a design studio with guest rooms and a cafe. The host and staff of TwoTwo House are fluent in English and Chinese, making language barriers less of a problem. Parties are held every weekend in the living room, where traditional Korean games will be played, and, of course, Korean alcohol! What’s a party without some alcohol, right?! You’ll be able to make new friends from other countries and learn more about other cultures.

TwoTwo House is nestled in the youthful and party-centered Hong Dae, and is only a stone’s throw from Hong Dae Station. Guests are able to make their way to the house within 5 minutes from the subway station.

Guests have access to the living room, which has a sofa, a TV, and cable channels, in addition to a kitchen. Basic bathroom necessities and heating and air-conditioning will also be provided.

Atelier single room of TwoTwo House
Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
123 reviews
Private room in guest suite 1 bed 1 bedroom 0 bathrooms
Top guest reviews
Amenities & Room:
so I do not need to step out of my room (unless I need to use the loo).
This room is not en-suite, but toilet and bathroom are easy to access.
The rooms are cool, beds are fine, not most comfortable ever
Most importantly the house was very clean.
Everything is clean and comfortable.
Above all, very clean and stylish & tidy place.
Highly recommended and I am sure I'll definitely be back again.
I would highly recommend the TwoTwo House to anyone visiting Seoul.
In fact, it was better!
I would love to comeback and stay at their place for sure!
Location was very convenient!
That was a great place to stay in.
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4. Samcheongdong: Doo Guest House (from USD 51)

Front (Day)
Source: Airbnb

“It was a fun experience staying in a traditional guesthouse. The staff was helpful and friendly.” - Joan (Guest Review)

Stepping into this traditional Korean house (hanok), you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported back to the olden days. To truly experience Korean culture, one must not miss out on staying in a hanok. The number of hanoks have decreased significantly amongst modern changes so if you’ve got an opportunity to experience one first hand, grab it! Nestled in Samcheongdong, an area with stunning architecture and vibrant culture, it allows guests to fully experience what it’s like living in a traditional Korean village. This guest house has all the basic amenities, such as a kitchen, heating, and, of course, the Internet. Ideally a place for two, the friendly hosts do not charge extra for an additional person.

Situated within walking distance of Seoul’s most beautiful attractions like the famous Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukchon Hanok Village, Doo Guest House couldn’t be more conveniently located. Located nearby is also Anguk station, easing the hustle of transportation.

Located at Main street at Bukchon Hanok in Seoul
Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
284 reviews
Private room in house 1 bed 1 bedroom 1 bathroom
Top guest reviews
Amenities & Room:
Towels, toilet papers and bathroom essentials are provided.
the bed is a really slim futon so better be prepared.
We got the room with the attached bathroom, and the bathroom is clean and usable.
The room has everything we need and is also very clean.
I really enjoy my stay there since it's very clean and I love this traditional design.
As expected, we must take off our shoes before entering any of the rooms, hence the cleanliness.
My husband and I enjoyed our stay.
And though we didn't try them on this time, we will the next!
Just be sure to set your expectation accordingly.
Very convenient location.
I will definitely go back to this place and this time, we hope to explore more the surrounding area.
We did not know this until we arrived and found the original place locked.
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5. Itaewon: Cosy House with a Green House Concept

Living Room
Source: Airbnb

“The location of the apartment is very local and if you step right outside, bars and cafes are right at your doorstep.” - Adeline (Guest)

Well-furnished with wood floorings and decorated with plants, this 3-bedroom flat gives off a homey feeling. The room accommodates two people and guests have access to the kitchen and basic amenities. There’s an abundance of plants and greenery in the house, making this a top choice for all nature lovers. Staying with you will be the host herself, and ideally another single traveler. You can mingle with the other guests and even have meals together at the communal table in the living room.

Having someone who knows the area well gives you an added advantage as she will be able to share with you more about the area and the best restaurants to visit. Located at the heart of Seoul in Itaewon means that convenience comes easy. A 2-minute walk away from Itaewon & Noksapyeong subway station, you can easily get to the tourist areas. Both Namsan Mountain and the Han River are 10-15 minutes away by foot. Also, Itaewon itself is well-known for its food and culture so there’s a lot to explore in the area itself.

Editor’s note: This listing is currently unavailable.

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6. Yong San: Luxury Apartment

Front View of Apartment Building
Source: Airbnb

“Picture are 100% accurate, there are many great amenities including a free gym …” - Se (Guest)

Located in Yong San, the area known to be a transit hub surrounded by lots of high-rise buildings and train stations, this luxury apartment has a perfect location for the traveler looking for convenience. Within the apartment’s building, there’s a grocery store, coffee shops and bakeries, restaurants, and even beauty salons. The apartment building is connected directly to Ichon station, so it only takes two minutes by foot to get to the subway station. Great for those who would appreciate a beautiful view, a nearby attraction is the beautiful Hangang River Park, which is only a 10-minute walk away.

You’ll be staying with the hosts and other guests; this allows you to mingle with the guests from other countries and learn more about different cultures. The hosts also have a poodle, so if you love dogs this place might be the one for you! The hospitable hosts are also happy to tell you more about the area so don’t worry if you haven’t planned out your itinerary.

Basic amenities are provided and, of course, that includes Wi-Fi. For those who need to do some last-minute work away from home, they have a laptop and printer that you can use as well.

Editor’s note: This listing is currently unavailable.

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7. Nam Dae Mun: Room with White Furnishings

Source: Airbnb

“The location of the guesthouse was ideal: right in front of namdaemoon market and walking distance to the N tower.” - Michelle (Guest)

A cosy home with wooden flooring and white walls and furnishings, this room in Nam Dae Mun is perfect for couples who are looking for a homey feel. Nestled in the hometown of many older people, staying in this neighborhood will be an experience like no other. It takes only a minute by foot to the nearest subway station and only 3 minutes to the famous Namdaemun Market. It’s also close to the shopping district, Myeong Dong, and other tourist attractions like the Gyeongbokgung Palace and N Seoul Tower.

The multi-lingual hosts can speak English, Chinese and Japanese. This makes communication so much easier. Basic amenities and a free breakfast are provided. Occasionally, the hosts also organise barbeque parties, so don’t miss that if the opportunity comes!

Editor’s note: This listing is currently unavailable.

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8. Gangnam: Stay at a "Gangnam Style" Villa (from USD 38)

Living Room
Source: Airbnb

“Gangnam Style” was a huge musical hit, and that probably intrigued us, leaving us wondering what it’s like to actually stay in Gangnam. Gangnam is one of the upper end areas in Seoul, and is home to lots of luxury boutiques. Being one of the hot and up-and-coming trendy areas, you’ll find its streets lined with young stylish boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. It’s also close to public transportations, making it easy to get around town. If you love food and fashion, this room is perfect for you!

The house was renovated in 2015 to accommodate travelers. It’s very modern, clean and well-furnished. You will be able to meet many other travelers who are staying in the villa, and this gives you the opportunity to learn more about different cultures and customs! If you’re traveling alone, this holds an added advantage as you’ll be able to make friends who you can enjoy parts of your trip with.

There is a total of 5 shower rooms, and guests have access to all of them. There are 3 floors in total, and also a terrace, which guests can access. For those who like to travel light, there are laundry services available, so you can save on space if you need to.

Private Queen Bedroom in a Beautiful Shared House
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
39 reviews
Private room in hostel 1 bed 1 bedroom 5 bathrooms
Top guest reviews
Amenities & Room:
Amenities include kitchen and fridge, AC, nice bathrooms, lock on the door etc.
As well, at the time one of the washrooms was beyond clogged which made the washroom partially unusable.
Airbnb was exactly as depicted.
Bathroom is super clean too.
She liked having the house clean and i appreciated that alot.
Very clean and professional.
So after I called the host out on that , the host proceeds to cancel my reservation while I am outside secretly.
Reluctantly she provided the key, but as I tried to lock the door before going out it would not secure.
and she didn't mind at all.
This place was perfect, better than expected.
If you just need a place just to keep your belongings and sleep, this might be the place for you.
it seems like a place where the wealthy stay...
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9. Yong San: Rooftop House (from USD 28)

Source: Airbnb

“… Subway station just across the street, the room exactly same with the picture clean and very cozy.” - Grace (Guest)

Ever dreamed of living in a rooftop house? This guest house might be “the one” for you! This cozy guest house has a lovely rooftop with wooden benches and decking, making it the perfect place to indulge in some chicken and beer at night. There are added plus points for the beautiful scenery, which complements the peaceful and comfortable nightlife that you may so desire.

Located in Yong San, the subway station (Seobbinggo Station) is just across the street, making it very easy to get around. Hangang Park is located nearby and you can get around very easily with just a bicycle.

The host is friendly, and basic amenities like air-con, access to the kitchen, Wi-Fi, and a TV are provided. There is also a laptop-friendly workspace for those who like to get some work done. The rooms are small, but clean and functional. It is ideal for single travelers who are looking for a cozy place to stay for the night.

donquixote stay -single /★Private Toilet & Shower★
서울특별시, 용산구 , South Korea
19 reviews
Private room in bed and breakfast 1 bed 1 bedroom 1 bathroom
Top guest reviews
Amenities & Room:
Shared shower is two floors up.
The room was small but has everything you need to sleep, shower, etc and get out to travel.
I loved the cleanliness of the room.
Everything was clean and everyone was nice.
It's easy to find, super clean and the host is very friendly.
I will come back for sure.
Overall, I would stay here again and would recommend to a friend.
Every thing is nice
It was a good place to stay.
Would come again, convenient location.
Great place to stay if you're going to be in and out.
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10. Myeong-dong modern duplex (from USD 51)

This modern duplex in Jongno-gu sleeps four guests in two bedrooms, and is situated within two minutes walking distance from Jongak station. Other places of interest that are within a stone’s throw include Myeong-dong, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Dongdaemun, and Namdaemun. Many cafes and restaurants are located in the area as well. For your convenience, pocket wifi is provided during the period of your stay. The accommodation has two floors, comes with a kitchen and bathroom, and features heating for those cold chilly nights. Additionally, there is a television, a laundry machine, and access to the internet. All bathroom essentials are supplied. Heated floors keep you warm and comfortable in winter. Close by, there are plenty of places to party into the night.

[Myeong-dong] Modern Duplex
Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
151 reviews
Entire apartment 2 beds 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom
Top guest reviews
Amenities & Room:
The bed is super comfy, so I was struggling to get out of bed in the morning.
Need to replace hairdryer and fix the kitchen sink
Clean house with comfortable bed.
It was comfortable and clean.
It's very neat and clean, comfortable.
Centrally located, super trendy and clean.
and she even gave us tips on where to eat.
We arrive around 12nn, and she let us leave our things inside so we can start our tour.
and they'll be able to help.
Location, location, location.
A really nice place.
The place was great.
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11. Loft with private terrace (from USD 51)

This loft in Mapo-gu sleeps two guests, where guests will share the use of the bed and the bathroom. The unit is located on the rooftop and is conveniently situated close to all the restaurants and shops. Transport is made easy as you are only residing a few minutes walk from Metro line 2. Bus services are also available for easy access to the city. Guests have access to all the cooking appliances provided in the kitchen. Additionally, there is a coffee maker and a microwave. Other accessories include wifi, air conditioning, floor heating, and television. Other amenities supplied includes a hairdryer and shampoo. Your hosts are friendly and will definitely enjoy chatting with you.

With private terrace! @ Hongdae
Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
281 reviews
Entire loft 1 bed 1 bedroom 1 bathroom
Top guest reviews
Amenities & Room:
Also, the bathroom included spotlight to keep us warm before,during and after showers (first I've seen in the three listings I've stayed in Korea)
Five stars! :)
Cute and comfortable room with a great bed, roomy toilet, and perfect small kitchen.
Also very clean.
The toilet was very clean and vibrant.
The room was clean, neatly arranged and spacious.
We had everything we needed and the host helped us if we needed something else right away.
Lee communicates very well and promptly.
Lee also helped a lot, especially when we had questions.
I will come back to this place, hopefully!
We really enjoyed our stay at Junwon’s place and wouldn’t hesitate to book there again!
If you have the option to stay at Junwon’s place, book it!
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12. Stay in a traditional house near Dongdaemun (from USD 45)

“The space is well-equipped and spotless and the neighbourhood is served by multiple buses and subway lines close by.” Li Jia (Guest)

The hanok (traditional Korean house) is located in Sinseol-dong and is convenient for travelling to many tourist spots. With the subway, it takes less than 15 minutes by public transport to reach some of Seoul’s biggest tourist sites like Dongdaemun, Myung-dong, City Hall, Namsan and Itaewon. Alternatively you could also take a stroll to the Jongno district, local flea markets or the Chongyecheon stream within 20 minutes.

Equipped with your own private quarters separated from the host and her family, enjoy the lifestyle of a traditional Korean home and lounge in their open air courtyard after a full day of travelling. You will also have access to a computer with internet access, wifi, use of the kitchen, towels, a private bathroom with a shower and more. The host and her husband go above and beyond to help their guests feel at home, and try to interact with their guests as much as possible. With the ability to speak four languages between them, you will have no problems communicating with them.

HANOK stay near Dongdaemun(Sarang bang)외국인 전용
Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea
236 reviews
Entire house 1 bed 1 bedroom 1 bathroom
Top guest reviews
Amenities & Room:
The ondol bed is really really comfortable.
The beds are very comfortable.
Bed was super comfortable.
Good and clean.
Clean and warm
The room is clean.
Thank you Ji and Paul!
Thank you ☺️
Hopefully I’ll be able to stay longer.
Will definitely introduce my friends to stay at her place.
Jiyeong was kind enough to meet us when we exited the station and we walked to the place together.
Initially, we got lost on our way to her place
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13. Mapo: 65 ART HOUSE

Source: Airbnb

Located in the humble neighborhood of Mapo lies the 65 ART HOUSE. It’s a 10-minute walk from Hong Dae station, which is one of the famous hot spots in Seoul. In the surrounding area, there are also cafes, restaurants, convenience stores, and shopping malls. Hong Dae is known for its night culture, so if you love partying and clubs, this place is ideal for you! With the subway station nearby, it’s also easy to get to the main attractions in Seoul.

The living room is decorated with a unique mix of marble and wood. There is a marbled bar counter, which is perfect for tea time or just a place to enjoy some wine in the evening. The room is spacious and has a white and black concept, and the room accommodates three people.

The host is a movie buff, so, if you’re one as well, you’re bound to love this place as it comes with a large beam projector for you to watch your movies! The host is also very friendly and is willing to share tips and local experiences.

Editor’s note: This listing is currently unavailable.

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14. Mapo: Newly Furnished Room in a Luxury Apartment

Living Room
Source: Airbnb

“Young Hwan was extremely kind and helpful - as a solo female traveler, he made me feel very safe!” - Jenni (Guest)

Located in Mapo, this luxury apartment is well-furnished with minimal decor. It was renovated in 2015 and each room accommodates two people. It’s really close to the subway station (Aeogae Station, Line 5), just a 45-second walk away! It’s easy to get around Seoul. Tourist attractions like Hong Dae and Gwanghwamun are within close proximity and it takes less than 15 minutes to get to them by subway.

For those who wish to travel outside of Seoul, this apartment may be ideal as it’s near the KTX, where you can take a high-speed train to other cities such as Busan and Jeju.

Guests have access to a private bathroom in which basic bathroom necessities are provided. There’s also heating and Wi-Fi. Being a private apartment, there will be security 24 hours of the day so you’ll be staying in a very safe place. Each bedroom comes with a queen-sized premium bed that sleeps two. There is also a wardrobe, iron, and ironing board. The kitchen is also fully equipped so you’re welcome to do some cooking!

Editor’s note: This listing is currently unavailable.

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15. Myeong Dong: Namsan Guest House (from USD 48)

Porch of Namsan Guesthouse
Source: Airbnb

“The location is really convenient, about 5mins from myeongdong station. Rooms have attached bathroom…” - Jasmine (Guest)

Located in the bustling Myeong Dong area, staying in Namsan Guest House gives you easy access to all the shops in the shopping district and mouth-watering local street food. Along the streets, there are also lots of popular restaurants known for authentic Korean food. It’s also really close to the subway station and Namsan, where you can take a hike up to Namsan’s peak.

Located near the shopping district, this place is ideal for people who love shopping, especially beauty junkies!

The staff are friendly and are more than happy to give you directions and recommendations. Each room at Namsan Guest House has wooden floorings and a private bathroom. The interior is simply decorated, with nothing too fancy.

One room fits up to two people, and guests will have access to basic bathroom necessities. In the common areas there are washing machines and a kitchen where guests can do their laundry and cook their own meals. There’s also a shared refrigerator. The guest house also has a porch where guests can just enjoy the scenery and relax.

★[SUPER SALE]★Namsan2 twin room
Myeongdong, Namsandong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
38 reviews
Private room in hostel 2 beds 2 guests 1 bedroom 1 bathroom

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16. Ewha: Lovely Apartment for Women (from USD 28)

Living room
Source: Airbnb

“Nice apartment, the location is very easy to get to everywhere. Beautiful kids, the hosts are very helpful for all the information!” - Janice (Guest)

Situated in Ewha, an area known to be female dominated, this room is an ideal place for female backpackers traveling solo. They only welcome female guests, making it a safe and comfortable place for women to stay. It’s only a 10-minute walk to Ahyeon station, and it’s close to Ewha Women’s University, so expect to see lots of university students around. Lots of boutiques and beauty salons are open in the vicinity, catering largely to the female population.

Guests will be staying with a family with kids, so it’s an added bonus if you enjoy spending time with children. The host’s wife speaks Italian and English, making communication easier. Guests are provided with basic necessities and will have their own private bathroom.

Safe n comfort for Women Lovely apt
Ewha, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea
35 reviews
Private room in apartment 1 bed 1 guests 1 bedroom 1 bathroom

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17. Yong San: Modern Apartment (from USD 200)

Source: Airbnb

“Lovely host, very helpful, caring and interactive …” - Ernest (Guest)

A well-furnished apartment with a modern interior located in the heart of Seoul in Yong San, it’s easy to get around the city. About a 15-minute walk from Yong San, Sin Yong San, and Ichon stations, this apartment has a breathtaking view and you’ll be able to look over the Han River and Seoul Tower. For those gym junkies who make exercising a daily affair, this apartment may be perfect for you as there’s a gym and sauna that you have access to at no additional cost!

Ideally, one room accommodates two, but there will be no additional charge for an extra person. Guests have access to basic amenities and the kitchen, but do remember to clean up after using the kitchen.

Center of Seoul,freeGym,NiceView
Yongsan, Seoul, seoul, South Korea
61 reviews
Private room in apartment 1 bed 2 guests 1 bedroom 1 bathroom

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18. Jongno: Bibimbap Guest House (from USD 59)

Source: Airbnb

“Not only was the Hanok experience unique, but the location was incredibly convenient (being smack in the middle of town).” - Clara (Guest)

Situated a stone’s throw from Jongno Subway Station, Bibimbap Guest House is an ideal choice if you’re a single traveler looking for convenience. The guest house is over 100 years old but, despite its age, it is kept well-furnished and its traditional prestige remains. Every room is is in the ondol style (traditional Korean style) and has its own private bathroom. Guests have access to basic amenities and can enjoy a Korean breakfast served every morning.

Some attractions around the guesthouse includes the Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Insa-dong, Mydongdong, and Dongdaemun. This makes transportation easy for sightseeing.

(HOT SALE) bibimbapguesthouse single room
Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
144 reviews
Private room in hostel 1 bed 1 bedroom 1 bathroom

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Affordable and comfortable private accommodation

With all the affordable and comfortable homes presented above, we’re sure you are able to find a private accommodation that suits you the best. Go ahead and book that flight to Seoul now!

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