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Treetop Living: 10 Magnificent Airbnb Treehouses Around The World

Posted Dec 14, 2016

Treehouses seem to be a staple in many children’s lives, but they aren’t just for kids to play in. They’re now also actual vacation rentals that you can view on Airbnb and book to stay in. While it’s a great and unique vacation experience if you stay in a treehouse, it’s definitely not for the fainthearted. If you’re terrified of heights, or if you have any health conditions that render you physically unfit to climb up the many steps in many treehouses, you might want to look for other types of accommodation. Experience treetop living in these 10 magnificent Airbnb treehouses around the world, and feel as though you’re king or queen of the world, even if it’s just for a short while.

1. Deep in a small Thai village, Thailand (64 USD)

Located in a small village that’s mostly surrounded by teakwood forests lies this extremely tall Airbnb treehouse. It was built lovingly as a family vacation home by a retired architect, so you can rest assured that it’s sturdy and safe. And for tourists who enjoy adventures, the area is littered with bat caves and hiking trails, so take your time to explore the area before retreating into the treehouse.

For anyone worried about not getting any shut-eye in this treehouse, the sleeping area is comfortable and comes with two plush beds, so you should be able to rest well. When you head out of the treehouse, there’s an outdoor shower so you can keep yourself squeaky clean. There’s also an outdoor deck for you to feel as though you’re on the top of the world!

And, as you head to the ground floor of the treehouse, there’s a wooden swing that you’re welcome to use. Sway back and forth in the wind and enjoy the natural breeze flowing through your hair.

Tamarind cottage treehouse

Address: Luang Nuea, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Price: from 64 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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2. Treehouse on a beautiful resort, Fiji (120 USD)

This Airbnb treehouse is a great choice if you want to vacation on a peaceful and quiet island. This treehouse is part of a beautiful resort in Fiji. However, it’s off the main grounds of the main resort, and is instead hidden away on an old coconut plantation! So you’ll most definitely have your desired private island getaway.

The living room is roomy and has plenty of seats, from lounge chairs to arm chairs; just have a seat to rest your tired legs. The bedroom is bright and vibrant, and comes with a perfectly comfortable bed so you can have a great night’s sleep. The bathroom is large and luxurious so you can bathe comfortably and privately. Also, feel free to head out to the large, sprawling deck where you can tuck into a meal while enjoying the view. Or relax on the lounge chairs to soak up the sun’s rays in the day, or enjoy the starry skies at night.

And to top it all off, you’ll even have access to the larger resort compound, which is just filled to the brim with wonderful amenities and facilities! So how about making a splash in the pool during a warm day? Or relaxing by having a professional massage at the spa?

The Taveuni Treehouse

Address: Matei, Northern Division, Fiji

Price: from 120 USD

Number of Guests: 4

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3. Adorable fairytale-esque treehouse, UK (129 USD)

This vacation rental treehouse and its surroundings look as though they’re from a page of an adorable fairytale. It’s perched in a large ash tree and surrounding it are sweeping views of the countryside and the expansive sea. This Airbnb is also pretty secluded from most of civilisation, so you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet stay here!

This treehouse was lovingly designed and constructed by its owner and you can really view the intricacies of the carvings. You can also see how the builder paid such close attention to detail, so as to assure that space is as comfortable as possible.

Tucked into a corner of the treehouse is a small and simple sitting-cum-dining area. With the two-burner stove and grill, you can easily whip up a simple but delicious meal and tuck into it right at the dining table. If you look across the sitting-cum-dining area, you’ll have access to the composting toilet, which you can make use of without stinking up the entire treehouse. Then when it’s time for bed, head up to the double bed on the top of the mezzanine for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Tree Sparrow House, Cornwall.

Address: Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Price: from 129 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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4. Treehouse in a rainforest, Costa Rica (129 USD)

This large and beautifully handcrafted treehouse is part of a natural resort that lies on a 35-acre (14-hectare) rainforest. This ensures that you’ll have gorgeous views and absolute quiet. There are large screened areas for the natural breeze to pass through, which will help cool down the treehouse. Hang on tight though, because the treehouse sometimes shakes during strong winds. If you’re not up for that, just choose another Airbnb treehouse!

The bedroom is comfortable and comes with some hangers so you can put your clothes away neatly and keep them out of sight. And, just in case the natural breeze passing through doesn’t keep you cool, the bedroom also comes with an additional fan so you can rest comfortably. The ground floor of the treehouse also comes with an additional bed, so extra people can stay here. Head out to the wrap-around balcony so you can enjoy the amazing views of the rainforest, and keep your eyes out for the animals roaming the area.

Also lying around the resort area and the treehouse are some hot springs. If the weather permits, you’re free to make use of them to relax. So, how about having a soak while surrounded by the tall trees?

Rainforest Tree House w Hot Springs

Address: Cooper, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Price: from 129 USD

Number of Guests: 4

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5. Away from the city, Canada (141 USD)

This sublime Airbnb cabin resides in an old-growth forest ravine, high above the ground, and it requires a drive by a two-track or hiking in to get there. Because it’s in a secluded location, and it comes with all the basics you need to have a comfortable stay, it makes for the perfect home to have a romantic getaway.

The living-cum-dining area is beautifully well lit and is extremely comfortable. It also feels homey and is well decorated, so just feel free to sit and relax, instead of heading into busy Toronto. The dining table sits right next to the large windows, allowing you to dine with a view. Head into the quiet screened porch, which comes with a hammock and lawn chairs. Lie back in the hammock and really feel as though you’re hanging on the top of the world.

Then, when you feel like it’s time to fall asleep, feel at peace in the cosy bedroom. Just lie back on the comfortable bed and feel your eyes close, and wake up when the sun’s gentle morning rays caress your face. As you open your eyes, enjoy the gorgeous view that lies right outside the window.

Deluxe Treehouse 1 hr from Toronto

Address: Scugog, Ontario, Canada

Price: from 142 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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6. Tree house with a scenic view, Spain (142 USD)

This lovely Airbnb treehouse is located 6 metres (19.7 feet) off the ground and it seems to blend into the variety of deciduous and pine trees that surround it. But beyond the deceptive exterior lies a beautifully modern loft interior.

The entire vacation rental is an open-concept, and has a spacious sitting area and bedroom. From the bed, you can watch the TV that’s hanging comfortably above, and it’s also a wonderful space to fall asleep quickly.

When you start to feel chilly, you can warm up next to the fireplace, or you could make use of the small Jacuzzi to warm up a little while enjoying the views that surround you.

Tree house (Furnas Cabin)

Address: Outes, Galicia, Spain

Price: from 142 USD

Number of Guests: 3

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7. Quiet and private treehouse, France (145 USD)

For a peaceful stay in France, how about renting this Airbnb treehouse that’s in a private and secluded forest? It’s built into a large 150-year-old oak tree, and is even located nearby the impressive Castle of Graville, so you can have a quiet holiday while still being close to the sights!

There’s a small sitting area, with just enough space for two people to sit comfortably. It’s the perfect space to just sit around and have a chat with your loved one. Or, you could just enjoy a meal here.

When night falls, retreat into the simple but cosy bedroom area, which comes with a comfortable double bed so you can rest your weary mind. And if you wake up in time, you can head out to the terrace, which is the prime spot to enjoy the gorgeous multi-coloured morning sunrise.

Tree house Gabrielle d'Estrees

Address: Vernou-la-Celle-sur-Seine, Île-de-France, France

Price: from 145 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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8. Immersed in Tuscan landscapes, Italy (274 USD)

This gorgeous treehouse is immersed in lush pine trees, and is even close to the local Duomo and Siena, so this would be a perfect base if you want to visit those places of interest. However, there’s so much to enjoy in the surroundings of this vacation rental so you might feel like never leaving.

Make good use of the small kitchenette so you can brew a warm mug of tea and coffee, and then head out to the private outdoor terrace. From there, you can sit at an outdoor table and wake up slowly as you admire the luscious Tuscan landscapes.

The treehouse is panelled with ceiling-to-floor windows so, even when you’re indoors, you can enjoy the views. You won’t have to worry about your sleeping accommodation; the bedroom is fairly comfortable, so you can have a good night’s sleep. For the cherry on top of this gorgeous treehouse sundae, you’ll have access to the communal swimming pool. If you’re here during the warm Italian summers, you can cool down in the pool!


Address: Gavinana-Galluzzo, Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Price: from 274 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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9. Kilauea Volcano treehouse, USA (275 USD)

This custom-designed treehouse is flanked from all angles by a large rainforest. This Airbnb has been featured in plenty of publications and we can definitely imagine why! It’s located close to the famous Hawaiian Volcano National Park, so you can access the park easily for a thorough exploration.

In the interior of the treehouse lies a comfortable living area. The red leather chairs can be rearranged into a loveseat, which is perfect for couples to cuddle up on and watch the TV. The bedroom is beautifully decorated with stained glass decorations, and is extremely comfortable!

There’s an outdoor shower too. It’s perfect for adventurous tourists, but if you’re shy, you don’t have to worry because it’s mostly private! There’s also a small hot tub that you can make use of, so feel free to have a soak.

Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano

Address: Volcano, Hawaii, United States

Price: from 275 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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10. In-town but secluded treehouse, USA (350 USD)

This treehouse was named in January 2016 as Airbnb’s most wish-listed property in the world, and we can definitely see why! Despite being located in the heart of Atlanta, it’s mostly secluded and is a great place to stay if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The bedroom is brightly lit with natural lighting and the fairy lights that hang on the walls help make the space feel more magical. The bed itself is as soft as a cloud, and sleeping on it will feel like a dream. The bed is also equipped with wheels, so you can push it onto the small platform outside the home where you’ll find yourself dangling above a calm stream.

The entire structure is connected by rope bridges so, as you cross them, you’ll get an adrenaline rush as you walk precariously to the other areas. Definitely make full use of the deck, which is completely open to the elements, and surrounds a 150-year-old tree! Hangout on the hammock, or have a fun game of darts.

Secluded Intown Treehouse

Address: Springlake, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Price: from 350 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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Leaf ordinary Airbnb vacation rentals behind!

Why pick a normal Airbnb vacation rental when you can live up high in the trees? Most of these are safe and all of them will allow you to have a secluded vacation or getaway, so you can recharge your batteries away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re planning on visiting any of the countries or areas mentioned in the above list, leave behind the boring, humdrum homes, and consider staying in a Airbnb treehouse instead!

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