What To Buy In Osaka, Japan

What To Buy In Osaka, Japan

If you are travelling to Osaka in Japan and are wondering what to bring home from Osaka, then this article will have you sorted. You will be amazed by the large number of shopping malls, arcades and streets shops. There is something in this city that is interesting to everyone when shopping is concerned. From street shopping to luxury goods and typically traditional Japanese souvenirs, there are several great gifts for you to buy for yourself or your friends and family back home. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan your trip to Osaka. Find out, what to buy in Osaka after getting to know everything in details.

1. Madame Shinco’s Madame Brulee

Osaka is known for its variety of desserts. However, one popular sweet that remains the long-time best-selling item is Madame Shinco’s Madame Brulee. This sweet is like the German version of a spit cake and is coated with maple syrup. French brown sugar is then sprinkled over it and caramelised. This sweet can be eaten warm or cold.

Madame Shinco's Madam Brulee

Where to buy: Madame Shinco Mino Main Store

Cost: About 13 USD

2. Mitarashi Komochi by Chidoriya

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Never heard of this famous souvenir called Mitarashi Komochi by Chidoriya? Then, this time, you have to buy it during your trip to Osaka. Mitarashi Komochi is a sweetmeat which is a typical Osaka speciality. It is essentially a mochi or rice cake which is made out of high-quality Japanese rice. A bean paste made of sweet soya sauce is then stuffed into the Mitarashi. Upon putting this delicacy into your mouth, you will feel the melting of the sweet-salty bean paste, leaving you yearning for more. This cake is best eaten when fresh or within three days. Go ahead and buy Mitarashi Komochi as a gift for you folks back home.

Mitarashi Komochi

Where to buy: Chidoriya Souke at Center Block

Cost: About 6 USD for a box of 12 pieces

3. Uncle Rikuro’s cheesecake

If there is one cheesecake that you must try, then it has to be from Uncle Rikuro’s. This is one of the most famous cheesecakes one would find in Japan and is only available in Osaka. In fact, people who love this item go an extra mile to try out this delicious cheesecake. Soft and fluffy, these cakes are made from cheese imported from Denmark. High-quality milk and butter are used from Hokkaido. Such top quality ingredients add to the creamy texture of the cake.

Uncle Rikuro's cheesecake

Where to buy: Rikuro Ojisan

Cost: About 6 USD

4. Dojima roll

This is yet another dessert that one needs to try when in Japan, especially in Osaka. The Dojima roll is essentially a cream roll, which looks like a swiss roll, and is made of rich whipped cream. Dojima rolls can be found in many stores across Japan, at convenience stores, shops and pastisseries. Dojima roll is the speciality of Patisserie Mon Cher with the main shop in the Dojimahama area of Osaka. The cream is made of high-quality raw milk from Hokkaido. It is said that the texture of the dough changes according to the temperature and level of humidity of a particular day.

Dojima rolls

Where to buy: Patisseries Mon Cher in Dojimahama

Cost: About 12 USD for a roll

5. Osaka Petit Banana

Osaka Petit Banana is a fluffy, custard-cream-filled cake. As the name suggests, the cake is stuffed with bananas. These sweet treats are wrapped in small pieces. This makes it easy for you to carry these treats back home for friends and family. These cute treats can be found across Osaka, fairly easil.

Osaka Petit Banana

Where to buy: Duty Free Shop Kansai Airport and Pablo

Cost: About 6 USD for a box of 6

6. Half-baked soft Castelo

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Fluffy on the outside with a nice melting feel on the inside, these are half-baked Castelos which come with a crunchy sugar texture. Fresh eggs are used to make these Castelos. They are then packed in bite-size pieces. Although the origins of Castelos stem from Portugal, they have a long-standing history in Japan as well. As the castelos are half-baked, they exude a unique flavour. The packaging being fancy, they are also great gifts for you to take back home.

Half-baked soft Castelo

Where to buy: Kansai International Airport and Itami International Airport

Cost: From 2 USD to 18 USD

7. Kuidaore Taro Pudding

If you are visiting Osaka and intend to shop for something uniquely Japanese, then you should definitely buy a souvenir which is related to Osaka’s most iconic Kuidaore Taro. The Kuidaore Taro Pudding comes in a cute packaging wrapped in a small box. Each comes with three puddings in it. The pudding has a soft and gooey texture and is filled with a rich caramel Brulee sauce.

Kuidaore Taro Pudding

Where to buy: Shin-Osaka station, Osaka station and Namba station

Cost: From 10 USD

8. Horai pork dumplings

Fancy some dumplings? Then you should not miss out on 551 Horai pork dumplings in Osaka. These dumplings are known as butaman, the Japanese version of a dumpling. The aroma is such that one can instantly identify the presence of butaman around. The Japanese enjoy their dumplings with a Japanese mustard called Karashi. These dumplings are available in both steamed and pan-fried variety.

551 Horai pork dumplings

Where to buy: All around Kansai

Cost: From 1.40 USD

9. Bâton d’or

Bâton d’or is a unique Japanese snack found in Osaka, which is part of the Pocky series. Although Pocky is a snack which is found all over the world, Bâton d’or is only found in Osaka and people often have to wait in long queues to buy this. There is also the Bâton d’or pretzel which is thicker than the normal Pocky. This is made by first kneading butter into a dough and then adding more butter in it. So, if you are a Pocky fan, then this is something you may want to buy for yourself. These Bâton d’or sticks also make good gifts to present to people.

Bâton d’or

Where to buy: Glico’s in Hankyu Umeda Central Branch and Takashimaya Osaka Branch

Cost: From 4 USD

10. Happy Turn's snack

Happy Turn snack is regarded as the premium version of the regular Happy Turn rice cracker that one might be familiar with. The regular Happy Turn is a snack made of rice crackers and have a sweet and savoury powder dusted on top. The premium version of Happy Turn comes in a variety of flavours. During the spring and summer seasons, the light-textured, crispy cracker is put on sale. During fall and winter, one gets the chance to buy the variety which melts in the mouth.

HAPPY Turn snack

Where to buy: HAPPY Turn’s at HANKYU Department Store Umeda main Store

Cost: About 6 USD for a box

Food galore at Osaka

Shopping Mall
Source: Photo by user Andy Atzert used under CC BY 2.0

With all the different and interesting range of food products available in Osaka, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Pick the unique ones and take them back home for yourself and your loved ones.

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