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Beach Resorts

Have you been dreaming of enjoying the sand, sun and surf? Beach resorts make for the ultimate destinations for relaxation and allow you to make the most of the coastal setting. While staying at a beach resort, you can lounge on the beach, soak up the sun and work on the perfect tan. You can also witness the stunning views from the comfort of your breezy rooms, or relish a refreshing cocktail while lazing on a beach lounger.

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So, if you have been planning a coastal getaway, keep reading for a guide to beach resorts. You can also check out our extensive curated collection of the best beach resorts in a range of destinations around the world.

Exclusive amenities in beach resorts

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Typically set beside sandy beaches, beach resorts offer amenities you won’t find anywhere else. Apart from the exclusive coastal setting dotted with palm trees, you can enjoy these exclusive amenities.

  • Private beaches: Select beach resorts boast a private beach meant for the exclusive use of resort guests. Private beaches allow you to relish the sand and the sun without disturbance. They also make an ideal spot for the resort to host entertainment, such as live music.
  • Beach bars and restaurants: Beach resorts featuring beachside bars and restaurants make ideal settings to enjoy your meals and drinks. At beachside restaurants, you can savour your favourite meals while relishing the gorgeous views. You can also get your favourite cocktails from the beach bar and enjoy them while lazing on the loungers on the beach.
  • Private cabanas: While you could get private poolside cabanas at plenty of other hotels and resorts, beach cabanas are the exclusive feature of beach resorts. Private cabanas on the beach also make for a more charming relaxation spot than poolside cabanas. Imagine lying in plush comfort and privacy on the sandy beach while listening to the ocean and catching the stunning views. It definitely can’t get more relaxing than this.
  • Watersports equipment: Beach resorts are ideal places to indulge in water sports such as diving, snorkelling, surfing, or body boarding. Most of these resorts offer watersports for free or for an extra charge, along with equipment rentals to make your experience seamless.

Top destinations with beach resorts around the world

Across the globe, you can find marvellous seashores and pristine beaches that offer refreshing escapes from day-to-day life. Below, you can discover some of the best coastal destinations with beach resorts for a charming vacation.

Top destinations with beach resorts in the USA

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The vast and megadiverse USA is home to a large number of beach resorts. The country borders both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and includes a state sitting right in the middle of the Pacific. Even though plenty of its states have coastlines, Florida, California and Hawaii boast some of the best and the highest number of beach resorts.

  • Florida: The southeastern coast of Florida, on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, features some of the most charming and vibrant coastal cities in the USA. For a relaxing seaside retreat, you can stay at one of the several beach resorts in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. To get away from the crowd, you could find a secluded beach resort in Key West.
  • California: With magnificent landscapes and pristine beaches on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, California features plenty of gorgeous coastal destinations. For a relaxing yet fun-filled retreat, you can stay in one of the several beach resorts in San Diego. You can also find plenty of beach resorts in the vicinity of Los Angeles, which make for perfect getaways from the city.
  • Hawaii: The archipelago state of Hawaii, right in the middle of the Pacific, offers a stunning coastal retreat with some of the most magnificent views. To relax on pristine beaches, you can find a beach resort in Maui. While staying in one of the beach resorts in the Island of Hawaii, you may also check out two of the world’s most active volcanoes.

Top destinations with beach resorts in the Caribbean

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With a vibrant and distinct culture, several iconic landmarks and plenty of adventurous activities, the Caribbean Islands offer one of the most laid-back settings for a coastal holiday. Apart from magnificent beaches and stunning seaside landscapes, the region boasts charming cities. From the gorgeous old town of the Puerto Rican capital San Juan to the lively streets of the Cuban capital Havana, the Caribbean Islands have it all. For a happening retreat, check out the top destinations with beach resorts in the region.

  • Jamaica: Immerse yourself in Caribbean culture by witnessing local Jamaican festivals and savouring the local street food. When on the island, also make the most of its setting and relish the landscape by staying in one of its charming beach resorts.
  • Barbados: With tranquil white sand beaches, magical sunsets and plenty of stunning surf spots, Barbados is a paradise for every traveller. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation, you can find plenty of romantic hotels and all-inclusive resorts in the country. However, you should definitely check out the beach resorts.
  • Puerto Rico: Apart from its vibrant capital, San Juan, the American territory of Puerto Rico boasts plenty of attractions and things to do. To make the most of it, it would be best to stay at one of its top beach resorts.

Top destinations with beach resorts in the Mediterranean

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The magnificent Mediterranean islands feature some of the best confluences of history, culture and natural beauty. Here, you can experience several different cultures, including the Spanish culture in Majorca, the Italian culture in Sardinia and Sicily and the Greek culture in Santorini. In the East Mediterranean, you can also learn about the Lebanese culture in its coastal capital, Beirut, along with Western and Arab cultures. However, to experience the European charm, you can check out beach resorts in these top destinations:

  • Sicily: Enjoy a traditional farm stay in one of Sicily’s charming farmhouses or have a relaxing vacation in any of the luxurious beach resorts in Sicily. When on this largest Mediterranean island, you can also immerse yourself in its history with its various iconic attractions that will take you back in time.
  • Santorini: The world-famous Greek island of Santorini is best known for its iconic white cave houses, which make for a stunning landscape. Aside from its exceptional beach resorts, you can have a unique experience by booking a stay at one of the cave hotels. If you are on a budget, you can also find plenty of budget-friendly hotels on this island.
  • Amalfi Coast: The Amalfi Coast is characterised by its charming landscape of vivid houses perched on top of seaside hills. When on the Amalfi Coast, you can witness its rich history and experience vibrant nightlife in the town of Amalfi. For accommodations, check out some of its several beach resorts.

Top destinations with beach resorts in the Indian Ocean

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The Indian Ocean boasts several islands that make for some of the most relaxing and secluded getaways. Apart from savouring the breathtaking views of the turquoise waters, you can engage in a range of water sports, including diving, snorkelling and surfing. Moreover, you can check out plenty of attractions and things to do in the Mauritian capital, Port Louis. As for your beach retreat, you can book one of the several beach resorts in these top destinations.

  • Seychelles: When in Seychelles, you can savour succulent seafood and go on a range of adventures, including hiking, fishing, diving and snorkelling. The island nation also boasts various dive resorts where you can take diving courses. However, if you are in the mood for a relaxing holiday, it would be best to stay at one of the beach resorts.
  • Mauritius: With pristine turquoise waters and white sand beaches, Mauritius is a tropical paradise. The island’s secluded setting makes it perfect for a wellness-focused vacation, for which it boasts several yoga retreats. You can also find plenty of beach resorts, which make for a scenic oceanfront vacation.
  • Maldives: This tiny island nation nestled almost in the middle of the Indian Ocean boasts a thriving marine life. With plenty of stunning surf spots, it also offers an outstanding surfing experience. For accommodations, you can find several beach resorts, some of which are perched right above lagoons. When in Maldives, you may also have the unique experience of staying in an underwater hotel.

Top destinations with beach resorts in the Pacific Ocean

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In addition to the US state of Hawaii, the Pacific features plenty of charming islands, especially in the vicinity of Australia and New Zealand. The Pacific Ocean islands don’t generally boast the Caribbean’s vibrant culture or the Mediterranean’s rich history. What they do offer is rich and abundant marine life and beautiful coral reefs, as well as some of the most popular destinations for water sports. Check out the best Pacific locations that are perfect for a tranquil getaway.

Guam: Sitting in the Western Pacific, east of the Philippines, Guam is one of the best destinations for experiencing coastal living. Apart from stunning beaches, this American overseas territory also features various waterfalls, making it a paradise for nature lovers. For accommodations, it features a range of beach resorts exuding luxury and elegance.

Fiji: This southern Pacific island nation is known for its rugged landscape and lush forests. When in Fiji, don't forget to sample a range of traditional recipes. You can also charter a boat to explore nearby islands. For a comfortable tropical retreat, book one of the gorgeous beach resorts in Fiji.

Bora Bora: This French overseas territory in the Pacific Ocean is perfect for a rejuvenating break from day-to-day life. From gay-friendly resorts to romantic activities for your honeymoon, the island has something to offer to all kinds of travellers. You can also find beach resorts that offer overwater accommodations, which allow you to have the most charming coastal retreat.

Experience the best of tropical living

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Crystal-clear waters, stunning beaches, magnificent landscapes, fresh seafood, adrenaline-rushing water sports and abundant coral reefs are some of the exciting things you can immortalise in your memory while staying in beach resorts around the world. While all beach resorts offer charming views and relaxing stays, those in the Mediterranean Sea also allow you to witness the area’s rich history and distinct cultures. These top destinations across the globe are ideal for all kinds of vacations, including all-inclusive family holidays, romantic getaways and wellness retreats. So, for your next trip, plan a seaside holiday and check out our curated collection of beach resorts in the best destinations around the world.

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