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Cabin Rentals

What are cabins?

Cabins are cozy and rustic homes in secluded locations that are perfect places to disconnect. Cabins used to be pretty basic structures, but these days, it is easy to find luxurious rentals with overhanging decks and hot tubs. These properties are a great place to spend a weekend away from the city as well as during the holidays.

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Renting a cabin is an excellent alternative to camping while still being surrounded by nature. Guests can enjoy a multitude of activities such as fishing, hiking, and star gazing, which might not be possible with busy schedules in the city. Although cabins originated in Northern Europe thousands of years ago, they can now be found around the world so that everyone can enjoy their offerings.

The benefits of booking a cabin rental

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Cabins are becoming increasingly popular as travelers search for unique accommodations that have not yet become mainstream. Beyond their picturesque settings and quaint appeal, these hideaways offer many advantages that make them a great choice for travelers and nature enthusiasts. Let's explore the remarkable benefits that make cabin rentals an enticing option for those seeking a memorable and rejuvenating getaway:

• Tranquility and serenity

Since cabins are away from the cities and located in remote or secluded locations, they offer tranquil settings where guests can recharge. Some don't have internet access, making it truly seem that you are the only person around. Guests can also take advantage of the serene setting and embark on solo hikes, practice meditation, or finally complete a novel.

• Privacy and space

One of the advantages of cabin rentals is the privacy they offer. You can enjoy the entire cabin by yourself or your group without seeing another soul for the duration of your stay.

• Diverse range of amenities

Cabins have various amenities to enhance comfort and convenience. Depending on the cabin, you can have access to fully equipped kitchens, hot tubs, fire pits, and barbecue grills, among other amenities.

• Cozy interiors

Cabins offer a cozy and intimate setting that makes them popular for romantic getaways and wedding proposals. But cabins can also be booked for family breaks or a mini break with friends. If you are lucky enough to be living close to a lake or the mountains, a cabin stay is the best way to spend a vacation.

• Pleasant outdoor spaces

There is no shortage of outdoor spaces when booking a cabin. Small cabins might only have a porch with a fire pit, but larger rentals can include multiple decks and a well-landscaped backyard. A fire pit, barbecue grill, and, in some instances, outdoor fireplaces are present to encourage guests to spend more time outdoors.

In addition to the private outdoor areas, guests also have access to public spaces such as lakes, mountains, and forest land.

• Availability of basic amenities

While cabins can be off the grid, most offer all the basic amenities, such as hot running water and internet access. As cabins gain popularity as vacation rentals, the amenities they offer are no longer basic. It is now easy to book cabins with a large kitchen, a play area for kids, and deep soaking tubs.

• Value for money

Cabin rentals often offer more cost-effective accommodation than hotels or resorts, especially for larger groups or extended stays. With the ability to prepare your meals and enjoy shared spaces, you can save money while enjoying a memorable and fulfilling getaway.

• Opportunity for outdoor activities

Guests can use the private outdoor space for barbecues and al fresco dining. Instead of being cooped up inside watching TV or scrolling through Instagram, guests can cook s'mores around the fire pit and try to identify constellations.

But that is not all. The expansive public outdoor space can also be explored when staying at a cabin. Visitors can explore hiking trails, forage for truffles, or kayak in a nearby lake. Some cabins even offer watercraft and fishing equipment for guests to use.

Types of cabins

Whether you're seeking a rustic retreat surrounded by bountiful nature or a luxurious getaway with all the comforts of home, there is a type of cabin to suit every preference. From charming cabins that take you back to a simpler time to secluded hideaways that give you the most privacy, you have plenty of options.

Join us as we explore the different types of cabins available for rent, each with unique features, amenities, and settings, promising an unforgettable experience tailored to your needs.

• Rustic cabins

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These are handcrafted basic log cabins that protect guests from the elements and offer a warm bed for the night. These work great for fishing and hunting trips and are an excellent alternative to camping. These could have an en suite, but some include an outhouse and an outdoor shower. Rustic cabins might only be available seasonally during the warmer months because of a lack of heating and hot water. It is also possible for them to be off-grid.

However, it is also possible for rustic cabins to be luxurious. These log cabins feature a rustic facade, but the interiors are dripping in luxury with a stone fireplace, plush couches, glittering chandeliers, and heated floors.

• Luxury cabins

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These cabins offer an indulgent stay in a serene and secluded environment. Some offer a rustic charm, while others are mega mansions with a log cabin facade. Luxury cabins, like the ones near the Great Smoky Mountains, are perfect for families and romantic getaways. These cabins can include heated pools, a game room, and a gourmet kitchen. Luxury cabins are also surrounded by acres of open space and are designed with expansive decks and floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy unfiltered views.

• Remote cabins

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Cabins are generally located away from big cities and offer a secluded setting surrounded by nature. But if you are truly looking to leave the world behind, you need to book a remote cabin. These can be close to the Arctic Circle, such as these luxury cabins in Finland, or surrounded by forest, such as these cabins in Minnesota.

Remote cabins offer extra privacy and are located miles from a major town. Since you are going to be quite a drive away from the nearest Walmart and not on an Amazon Prime route, you will need to pack efficiently and carry everything you need.

• Waterfront cabins

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These cabins are perfect for the sweltering summer months when you sped most of your days in the water. Waterfront cabins can be lake, river, and ocean-facing properties. Lakefront cabins are available in popular summer destinations such as South Lake Tahoe and Lake Ouachita. These cabins offer direct access to the water body, while some might include a private dock, boat slip, and a fish cleaning station. Some waterfront cabins also include kayaks, boats, and life jackets as part of the booking amount.

• Pet-friendly cabins

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These cabins are typically found in and around popular holiday areas and provide a comfortable and convenient stay for humans and their furry companions. These cabins can be found near the Grand Canyon in Arizona, near Big Sur in California, and in British Columbia in Canada, among others.

Pet-friendly cabins offer vast indoor and outdoor spaces so that your pets have room to stretch their legs instead of being cooped around in a small area. Most of these accommodations charge a one-time flat fee instead of paying per day. Moreover, cabins can have a weight or breed restriction when it comes to dogs. It is also recommended to contact the host directly before you make a booking.

• Treehouse cabins

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A treehouse cabin is an elevated accommodation built around tree branches and sometimes supported by the tree itself. It can also have additional columns to help support the structure. These unique retreats can be found in places such as Georgia and the UK. Treehouse cabins are perfect for an exciting stay with children or a cozy romantic getaway for two.

While children’s treehouses are small with low ceilings, these cabins come with multiple rooms, outdoor decks, and hot tubs. Some include a skywalk that allows guests a private canopy walk and a different perspective of the surroundings. Plus, treehouse cabins include ground-level outdoor space with a fire pit or an under-cabin swing.

• Modern cabins

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These are contemporary structures defined by clean lines and are helping redefine cabins. While constructed out of logs or wood, they freely use glass walls to flush the interiors with natural light. Furnishings are a mix of style and comfort, and the cabin is dotted with statement art pieces.

It is also possible to construct an extravagant modern cabin using a traditional structural design. These can be built using logs and feature a gable roof, but the similarities end there. Moreover, modern cabins include upper-level decks, natural stone fireplaces, backyard barbecue pits, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

• A-frame cabins

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These small cabins feature a steep roof design that almost touches the ground. A-frame cabins can be rustic or modern and are cozy retreats for a romantic getaway. While these are usually small, the high ceiling creates an illusion of a much larger space. These cabins can also be built on a raised platform to include a wrap-around porch or a small deck.

Top destinations with cabin rentals around the world

Destinations with cabin rentals in the United States

• Colorado

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The mountain state of Colorado is known for its lush landscapes, the formidable Rockies, and its blistering desert. The vast outdoor spaces make the state one of the top destinations for adventure tourists who can hike, snowboard, and raft here. Instead of picking a city hotel, tourists can book a lakefront cabin that offers panoramic mountain and lake views.

Airbnb cabins in Colorado are available for booking all through the year and can be a top choice for a ski trip with friends. For the best views of the Rocky Mountains, travelers can book secluded cabins in Estes Park, many of which include a hot tub.

• Pennsylvania

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This small state is packed with history, lakes, mountains, and national parks, making it a popular holiday destination. Families can rent lakefront cabins in the Pocono Mountains for a memorable vacation. From here, it is easy to plan hikes near Camelback Mountain and spend a day at Big Pocono State Park.

If you are a cash-strapped college student looking for a unique holiday experience, cheap cabins are also available in the state. The price might be low, but the amenities at these cabins are top-notch. Guests can expect clean and spacious indoors, a functional kitchen, and comfortable beds. However, if you are looking to celebrate a promotion or plan a proposal, luxury cabins with swimming pools, private docks, and expansive decks might be better suited.

• Missouri

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Missouri is an agricultural hub, but it also includes the Ozarks, winding rivers, and stretches of prairie. Visitors are most likely to enjoy a rustic cabin experience surrounded by the natural landscape of Missouri. State residents looking for a weekend getaway can book luxurious cabins in Cleveland, Elsberry, and Lampe. Whether you are in the mood for a rustic or luxury experience, one common element is easy access to outdoor activities on trails, rivers, or lakes.

Destinations with cabin rentals in Canada

• Saskatchewan

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The holiday in the sparsely populated province of Saskatchewan is just what you need when you want to take a break and get away from it all. You can spend days in solitude without seeing a single soul. Your days can be spent practicing outdoor yoga, reading on a hammock, and taking long walks. The province has thousands of lakes, making it easy to find a lakefront cabin like the ones near Waskesiu Lake, located within Prince Albert National Park. Water sports are the biggest draw here, and many cabins offer complimentary use of watercraft.

During the winter, guests can cozy around the fireplace, enjoy dog sleds, and skiing in the province. It is best to book cabins with a hot tub for the winter season to help soothe the chill of the freezing outdoors.

• Annapolis Valley

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Located along the Bay of Fundy, this is an agriculturally rich region in the province of Nova Scotia. Cabins in Annapolis Valley are surrounded by farmlands, orchards, and vineyards. These cabins include expansive private outdoor areas where guests can barbecue or enjoy drinks around the fire pit.

It is also possible to explore the greater Nova Scotia area by booking cabins instead of hotels during your holiday. Cabin rentals in Nova Scotia take visitors away from the larger cities such as Halifax and allow them to explore smaller villages and towns such as Margaree Forks and Lunenburg.

• Muskoka

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Lakes, snowmobile trails, and sightings of abundant wildlife have helped cement the region of Muskoka as an outdoor enthusiast’s playground. Visitors can use their time at cabins in Muskoka to enjoy peace surrounded by acres of woodland. Budding astronomers can bring their telescopes because the low population in the area means a clear night sky for star gazing. With over a thousand lakes, it is easy to find lakefront cabins for a summer getaway, where guests can spend their days kayaking and paddle boarding.

Destinations with cabin rentals in the United Kingdom

• Cotswolds, England

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England is dotted with charming villages and towns that can help travelers slow down and enjoy their holiday one day at a time. There is no rush to run through the itinerary. Close to London, Cotswold is a region of rolling hills and meadows interspersed with these very towns and villages. If you are unsure where to stay, this curated list of the best villages in the Cotswolds will surely help narrow down your search. Visitors can stay in rustic-luxe cabins surrounded by private land, promising utmost privacy for guests. Log cabins with hot tubs are also available for a romantic getaway in the county.

• Northumberland, England

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The stunning coastline and the vast outdoor spaces of Northumberland allow visitors a ride on the wild side, with ziplining, surfing, coastal kayaking, and quad biking all possible in the region. For those who prefer a more laidback holiday, things to do in Northumberland include visiting romantic castles and dense forests. What truly sets this county apart is the International Dark Sky Park, the largest in the UK, which offers some of the best night sky views. It is even possible to view the northern lights from here.

But these extraordinary galaxy views are also possible from secluded luxury cabins tucked away from the bright city lights. For a more rustic appeal, visitors can book log cabins in the country. However, these are not your basic accommodations and some even come with hot tubs.

• Isle of Skye, Scotland

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Connected to the mainland by a bridge, the Isle of Skye is a breathtaking destination that includes unique and interesting things to do. Visitors can visit the colorful buildings in Portree, take walks on Coral Beach, and explore the rolling hills of the magical Fairy Glen. While there are plenty of hotels, visitors should book a cabin for an authentic natural escape on the island.

Destinations with cabin rentals in other European countries

• Iceland

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If you are in the country for a quick stay, a cabin near the famed Golden Circle can be your base as you explore the top attractions, which include the Thingvellir National Park.

If you are on a winter holiday, you can view the dazzling Northern Lights from the comfort of your secluded luxury cabin. Or you can view it while soaking in your outdoor hot tub. Since the majority of the Icelandic population resides in the capital, Reykjavik, visitors are guaranteed a secluded stay no matter where they visit. But at the same time, they can walk or drive to explore hot springs, geysers, and national parks.

• Finland

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As one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, Finland is the perfect destination for those who wish to explore uncrowded and off-beat destinations. Interestingly, the country is 70% forest land, making it one of the top choices for sustainable travel. Visitors can also book secluded cabins with picturesque surroundings during their time in the country as they explore the coast and historic towns in the south and then head to the arctic wilderness of Lapland in the north of the country.

• Ireland

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Ireland offers adventure, scenic attractions, and historic sights, making it an attraction destination for tourists. If you love road trips, Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way is one of the best ways to experience the Irish coast. Along the way, visitors can book cabins along the scenic route in places such as Leitrim and Mayo. Moreover, Ireland is a dog-friendly country with many pet-friendly beaches and hiking trails. If you never leave your furry friend behind while traveling, there are several pet-friendly cabins available for your Irish holiday.

Destinations with cabin rentals in Oceania

• Victoria, Australia

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Victoria might be one of the most visited states in Australia, but it is possible to curate a personalized stay even with the millions of tourists touching down. Exquisite cabins here take guests off the tourist trail and close to lakes and national parks that might otherwise be missed. Honeymooners can even book romantic cabins with hot tubs and views for miles.

Surprisingly, the state capital, Melbourne, also offers cabin rentals that allow tourists to experience the city away from the main tourist attractions. These can also be an excellent option for a staycation or a romantic getaway for Melbourne residents.

• Ballina, Australia

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Ballina is a small coastal town in New South Wales that serves as the gateway to exploring destinations such as Byron Bay. The town offers wonderful surfing beaches and miles of biking trails. Within an hour’s drive from Ballina is Nightcap National Park, which is part of the World Heritage Site of Gondwana Rainforests and Killen Falls Reserve.

Visitors can find plenty of cabins in and around Ballina that can serve as a base to explore the coastal region. If you are traveling with your four-legged friend, pet-friendly cabins are available for rent near the area. These can also be treehouse and off-grid accommodations.

• Wanaka, New Zealand

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This resort town is a vacationer’s dream, offering water sports on the namesake lake during the summer and skiing in the Southern Alps during the winter. Things to do in Wanaka also include canyoning, jumping off waterfalls, and swimming in crystal-clear natural pools.

While Wanaka is a popular destination, booking a cabin will offer privacy and seclusion away from the crowds. These are a mix of modern and rustic chic cabins offering modern amenities.

Factors to consider when planning a cabin stay

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• Location and accessibility

Before booking a cabin, travelers must choose whether they want to be close to the mountains, a water body, or forest land. This can help narrow down destinations. Cabins are generally away from major cities, but some can be miles from even a small town, which should also be taken into consideration. In such instances, visitors need to pack and bring everything they might need for their stay.

Since cabins are generally off the main highways, it is essential to have a vehicle for the duration of your stay, as public transportation might not service the area. Even if you are away from cities, cabins usually have plenty of natural attractions and outdoor activities to keep guests busy during their stay. If you are in doubt, speak to the host and have them recommend things to do during your stay.

• Type of cabin

Since there are a variety of cabins available, visitors should research them before booking their stay. A rustic cabin might look charming surrounded by open fields, but using an outhouse is not for everyone. If you are used to camping, rustic cabins should not pose a problem. However, if you are planning a family reunion, a luxury cabin with a game room and a backyard might be a better idea.

• Amenities available

Depending on the price and type, each cabin offers a varied range of amenities. All cabins generally include sleeping quarters, a living area, and a kitchen. Cabins also include outdoor spaces with a fire pit and barbecue grill. Waterfront cabins might also offer kayaks and boats, while ski cabins often have hot tubs and saunas. Check the amenities list and go through the photos to make sure your must-haves are available.

• House rules and policies

Make sure to check the house rules before making a booking. If you are traveling with your pet, ensure the rental is pet-friendly. Some cabins are also adults only due to the nature of the design. If you are booking a cabin for a celebration, make sure they allow events to take place. If you are unsure, email the owner and get written permission. Also, check if any noise restrictions are applicable.

• Features for guests with disabilities

Not all cabins are designed to accommodate disabled travelers. If you are traveling with a guest who might require wheelchair assistance, check to make sure the cabin includes a ramp and has wide doors for a wheelchair to pass through.

• Reviews and ratings

There is no better place to judge the cabin than by reading the guest reviews. These give travelers a general idea of what to expect at the destination and what activities they can undertake. The reviews are the best way to determine if the cabin is worth your time and money.

Ready to book a cabin?

At Trip101, we take pride in curating a wide selection of cabins in stunning locations across the globe. Whether you are yearning for a peaceful mountain retreat or a lakeside getaway, we have an extensive range of options to suit your preferences. Want to reserve a cabin accommodation? Take a look at the instructions below.

Step-by-step instructions for making a reservation:

Experience an extraordinary blend of tranquility and comfort

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Booking a cabin rental is more than just finding a place to stay. It's a one-of-a-kind experience that lets guests enjoy nature while staying in a cozy and private place. Explore our listings and embark on a memorable cabin experience that combines comfort, natural beauty, and unforgettable adventures.

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FAQ's about Cabin Rentals

  • What amenities are typically included in a cabin rental?
    Cabin rentals often include amenities such as fully equipped kitchens, heating/air conditioning, private bathrooms, comfortable beds, living areas, and outdoor spaces like decks or patios.
  • How do I make a reservation for a cabin rental?
    Reservations can usually be made online through the cabin rental company's website or by contacting their reservation team via phone or email. Follow the provided instructions to secure your reservation.
  • Are pets allowed in cabins?
    Pet policies vary among cabin rentals. Some cabins are pet-friendly, while others may have restrictions or additional fees for bringing pets. It's important to check the specific pet policy of the cabin you're interested in.
  • Is there a minimum stay requirement for cabin rentals?
    Cabin rentals often have minimum stay requirements, especially during peak seasons or holidays. It could range from a one-night minimum to several nights, depending on the property and time of year.
  • Are linens and towels provided in the cabins?
    Most cabin rentals provide basic linens and towels. However, it's recommended to confirm this information beforehand or bring your own if you have specific preferences.
  • Can I have a campfire or use a grill at a cabin?
    Campfire and grill regulations depend on the location and cabin rental guidelines. Some cabins allow campfires in designated areas or provide grills for outdoor cooking. Others may have restrictions or local fire regulations that need to be followed.
  • Are there any additional fees or taxes associated with cabin rentals?
    Cabin rentals may have additional fees, such as cleaning fees, security deposits, or taxes. These details are typically outlined in the rental agreement or on the company's website. Make sure to review all associated costs before making a reservation.
  • Is there internet access available in cabins?
    Many cabin rentals offer WiFi, but the availability and quality of the connection may vary. Check with the rental company or property listing to confirm if internet access is provided.
  • Are cabins equipped for different seasons?
    Yes, cabins that are available for booking around the year are well-equipped for all seasons. These include air-conditioning for the summers and heating for the winters. At these cabins, guests can also undertake different activities depending on the season of their stay.
  • What activities can I enjoy during a cabin stay?
    You can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities when you book a cabin. These include hiking, biking, snowboarding, fishing, and skiing depending on the destination and the season. Cabins also include outdoor spaces where guests can barbecue, read, and stargaze.
  • What should I pack for my cabin stay?
    Since you are going to be spending the majority of the time outdoors, pack shorts, hiking pants, comfortable t-shirts, and a good pair of shoes for a summer destination. For winter cabin stays, pack thermals, snow pants, warm socks, snow boots, and fleece jackets. If your rental does not provide activity equipment, make sure to pack those as well such as kayaks and fishing rods.

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