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things to do in lapland finland
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Lapland, Finland is widely known to be the home of Santa Claus. If the prospect of meeting Santa Claus isn’t enough motivation to visit this town, then the other amazing attractions should be. The possibility of seeing the Northern Lights is especially incredible. The awe-inspiring beauty of the Arctic woodland, the never-ending days in summer, and the cold, yet beautiful winter are some reasons to come to this beautiful place. There are several other activities to do for an avid traveler. Enjoy cross-country skiing, ice floating, sleigh rides, hiking through the icy wilderness, and so much more. Here are some of the best things to do in Lapland, Finland.

1. Go hiking at Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

The Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park is a national park in Finland and holds the distinction of being the third-largest in the entire country. With a landmass of up to 394 square miles (1,020 square km), this park is an attraction you must experience while in Finland. It is an incredible place to go hiking with friends. If you crave for fresh air, away from the polluted air in the cities, this is where to be. A report in 2016 revealed that it has the cleanest air than anywhere on the globe. It is home to various hiking trails which are easy to navigate and offer a splendid time.

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

Address: Muonio, Finland

Website: Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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2. Have a magical experience at Santa Claus Village (from USD 129.35)

things to do in lapland finland | have a magical experience at santa claus village

The Santa Claus Village in Lapland is an amusement park that offers a magical experience to all and sundry. Come here to celebrate Christmas all year round! There are several attractions in this beautiful village. You can take photographs in the Arctic Circle, or visit Santa’s House of Snowmobiles which is a museum about snowmobiles in this cold region. You can even visit Santa Claus himself in his office. As a bonus, you can watch the aurora borealis, which is one of the most awe-inspiring and magical experiences anyone can have on the planet.

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Rovaniemi: Santa Claus Village and Arctic Circle

Duration: 3.5 hour

227 reviews

3. Visit the incredible Arktikum

things to do in lapland finland | visit the incredible arktikum
Source: instagram

Arktikum is a museum and a science center where you can relive the past culture and learn about the history of Finnish Lapland. Located in Lapland, this museum offers several exhibitions that highlight the beauty of Finnish nature, the people, and their culture and customs. Aside from exhibitions, Arktikum also organizes several enjoyable festivals, meetings, and seminars for the locals and tourists. After you have enjoyed learning about the beautiful town of Lapland, you can enjoy special beverages and coffees from the café located in the science museum. To serve as a reminder of your visit, the shop within the museum offers many products including jewelry and handmade goods you can purchase as souvenirs.


Address: Pohjoisranta 4, 96200 Rovaniemi, Finland

Website: Arktikum

Opening hours: Tue - Sun: 10am - 6pm (closed on Mon)

Price: 14.50 USD

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4. Be entranced by nature at Urho Kekkonen National Park

things to do in lapland finland | be entranced by nature at urho kekkonen national park
Source: instagram

Named after the late president and Prime Minister of Finland, Urho Kekkonen National Park is one of the most significantly protected landmasses in Finland. It covers 985 square miles (2550 square km) and offers tourists and hikers a surreal experience. In the park, you will find little forests, giant mushrooms, and gem-like rocks that can make you feel like Alice in Wonderland. The park is open to hikers, and there are paths provided for walking as well as cross country ski tracks.

Urho Kekkonen National Park

Address: Kelotie 1, Saariselka 99830, Finland

Website: Urho Kekkonen National Park

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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5. Go ice-karting with Access Lapland

Posted by Beckie Williamson at Hays Travel on Friday, 7 December 2018

Access Lapland Ice-Karting offers a unique experience to all its visitors. It is a private track that provides enough twists, turns, and corners to get your adrenaline boost and provide maximum fun. Access Lapland Ice-Karting delivers something for everyone. The adult track is 500 m (1640.42 feet) long, and the kiddie track is 100 m (328.084 feet) long. Come with your family and friends and enjoy safe undiluted fun. You can even enjoy a pleasant time with friends in the “Kota” which has an open fire and warm drinks.

Access Lapland Ice-Karting

Address: Ounasjoen itäpuolentie, 96900 Rovaniemi, Finland

Website: Access Lapland Ice-Karting

Opening hours: Mon - Wed: 1pm - 2pm; Thu: 1pm - 2pm, 7pm - 8pm; Fri: 1pm - 2pm (closed on Sat & Sun)

Price: 28 USD

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6. Browse through Sami artifacts at Siida Museum

Posted by Eglė Česnakavičiūtė on Friday, 28 October 2016

Located in Northern Lapland, Siida Museum is home to ancient artifacts depicting the heritage of the Sami people of Finland. It is the national museum of these lovely people and is open to the public. The museum aims to support and preserve the identity of the Sami and enlighten the world about these folks. Siida Museum house a collection of publications, and it also hosts several exhibitions you and your family can learn from and enjoy. After your tour, you can have a dish of Sami food at the restaurant located on the second floor of the museum.

Siida Museum

Address: Inarintie 46, 99870 Inari, Finland

Website: Siida Museum

Opening hours: 9am - 7pm (daily)

Price: 11 USD

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7. Visit Reindeer Farm Petri Mattus (from USD 200.19)

things to do in lapland finland | visit reindeer farm petri mattus

Reindeer Farm Petri Mattus is a local reindeer farm owned by Petri Mattus, a Sami reindeer farmer. The farm is located in the Hammastunturi wilderness area. Come and see the reindeer in their natural habitat and see what they are up to when not pulling Santa Claus’s sled. Aside from the farm, you can enjoy a stunning view of the Lemmenjoki National Park. To further enhance your experience, you can join the farmer in feeding the reindeer. You can also enjoy a taste of the life of the reindeer farmer; sitting by an open fire, enjoying freshly brewed coffee, and chatting about a host of topics. You can also indulge in a snowmobile tour, enjoying a safari-like experience.

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Rovaniemi: Snowmobile Safari to a Reindeer Farm

Duration: 3.0 to 4.0 hour

86 reviews

8. Have an arctic adventure at Hetta Huskies

The sun is melting the snow a little bit more every day ☀️ We are about to transition from the ‘snow spring’ to the ‘wet...

Posted by Hetta Huskies & CAPE Lapland on Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Hetta Huskies is located high up in the Arctic Circle in Finland. It is a kennel for sled-dogs and it is known for the high-quality of sled-dog care, client satisfaction, and so on. Come and enjoy a magical arctic adventure with these lovable canines. Enjoy a safari-like experience into the tundra of Finland. You can also learn how the dogs are cared for and have a general overview of sledding. The dogs are treated well, and the energy and excitement they display are highly contagious. Tag along the family and enjoy loads of fun.

Hetta Huskies

Address: Hetantie 211, 99400 Enontekiö, Finland

Website: Hetta Huskies

Opening hours: 10am - 6pm (daily)

Price: From 80 USD

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9. Indulge in a retreat at Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature Ltd. (Kätkätunturin Erä ja Luonto Oy)

Reindeer Rides (5315654673)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Timo Newton-Syms used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature Ltd. is a company that provides visitors and tourists with nature-related services. It offers a plethora of fun services that are sure to make your trip to Lapland a great experience. The services are provided all year round and include diverse activities. In the winter, you can join the company and enjoy reindeer rides and ice fishing. You can also have a taste of the remarkable salmon soup - a delicacy in this part of the world. If you are in for the summer holiday, you can still enjoy fishing, albeit in the lake and not on the ice. You can also go on a hike with your family and friends.

Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature Ltd. (Kätkätunturin Erä ja Luonto Oy)

Address: Kätkäjärventie 407, 99131 Kittilä, Finland

Website: Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature Ltd. (Kätkätunturin Erä ja Luonto Oy)

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10. Be a musher at Husky Ranch Lapland (from USD 245.88)

be a musher at husky ranch lapland

Husky Ranch is a family-oriented and family-owned husky farm deep in the heart of Lapland. The farm offers unique adventures for little groups of visitors. Come and enjoy a husky safari and several other tours you can take around the ranch. Enjoy playing with the friendly animals and feel what it’s like being a husky owner. You can enjoy an entire day being a musher and leading your pack of huskies through the snowy wilderness. If you like, you and your friends can also spend a night in a wilderness cabin and tour the wilderness on dogsleds during the day.

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Rovaniemi: Snowmobile Safari, Reindeer & Husky Sleigh Ride

Duration: 4.5 hour

685 reviews

11. Enjoy a sleigh ride at Kopara Reindeer Park

Kopara Reindeer Park Lapland . Northern Finland in Winter Dec.2016 Foto by our Travel mate Sridhar Babu Tiru

Posted by Natarajan Pillai on Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Kopara Reindeer Park is a local reindeer farm in Lapland and if you are looking for an authentic reindeer experience in the heart of Lapland, look no further. Come and enjoy Lapland in all its icy majesty. Kopara Reindeer Park offers a lifestyle free of worries and full of nature. Come and be Santa Claus in his sleigh! The ride through the heart of this icy wilderness will leave you in awe of nature’s beauty. The farm teaches visitors about reindeer, what they like, and how to take care of them. It is an exciting experience for the whole family!

Kopara Reindeer Park

Address: Luostontie 1160, 98530 Pelkosenniemi, Finland

Website: Kopara Reindeer Park

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12. Try a quad bike ride in the Arctic Circle (from USD 136.0)

try a quad bike ride in the arctic circle

A bike ride in the Arctic Circle? Yes! Head into the nature fields of Lapland on this four-hour ATV tour. On a sunny day, one of the most exciting things you can do in this beautiful town is going on this tour. The surroundings offer a beautiful and picturesque view of the area. Before you set out, a professional will guide you on how to ride an ATV safely. Once mastered, you and your friends can head for the highest points where you can inhale fresh air and have an unobstructed view of Mother Nature in all her majestic glory.

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Rovaniemi: Delightful Quad Bike Ride in the Arctic Circle

Duration: 3.0 hour

2 reviews

13. Go hiking and snowshoeing (from USD 85.95)

go hiking and snowshoeing

One of the best things to do to have fun in Lapland is to go hiking and snowshoeing in the forest. You will see wildlife and other interesting sights. The hike is open to the entire family and takes just three hours. If you want to experience the culture and truly feel one with nature, this is one of the best ways to do it. The tour includes a campfire barbecue and some hot tea to warm up your cold bones. The trail will take you along frozen lakes, forests, and waterfalls.

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Rovaniemi: Hiking and Snowshoeing Adventure in Lapland

Duration: 3.0 hour

420 reviews

14. Experience ice floating in Lapland (from USD 107.71)

experience ice floating in lapland

Ice floating is an otherworldly experience that many tourists believe is the soul of the cultural experience in Lapland. And what an experience it is! You will go on a quest to see the famous Northern Lights while floating on a secret lagoon. To keep you safe from the cold, insulated suits are provided. To enhance an already incredible experience, an underwater music show is presented, and you can float around next to your loved one listening to the music. If you are fortunate, you might get a view of the aurora borealis. The tour also includes information about the phenomenon of ice floating and the aurora borealis.

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Ice Floating in Lapland With Northern Lights

Duration: 2.5 hour

385 reviews

15. Get lost in the magic of the aurora borealis (from USD 103.36)

get lost in the magic of the aurora borealis

This list is never complete without highlighting the aurora borealis or Northern Lights, one of the most awe-inspiring and otherworldly sights in the history of humankind. One of the best places to enjoy this magical light show is Lapland. Run away from the hustle and bustle of the city and its artificial lights and enjoy this memorable experience. The Northern Lights are not guaranteed to appear but with the guides on this tour, your chances of catching a view of them drastically improve. While you hunt for a view of the lights, you get treated to a comprehensive Lappish cultural experience and learn about the area’s culture and rich history.

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Rovaniemi: Aurora Borealis Tour

Duration: 3.5 hour

5 reviews

16. Immerse yourself in an Arctic Circle fishing experience (from USD 183.87)

immerse yourself in an arctic circle fishing experience

Relax from the stress of the city and take a break in the Arctic landscape. This experience is thoroughly enjoyable and will bring a smile to your lips whenever you remember your experience. The tour starts from when you leave your hotel or lodgings. You will enjoy a view of the wilderness while driving a snow mobile through the woodland. Your guide will help you in setting up your camp, and will also share tricks and tips about Arctic Circle fishing. When you are ready, you can have a go at catching some fish. Afterward, enjoy a delicious meal of smoked fish from the traditional smoker in the camp.

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Rovaniemi: Half-Day Snowmobile & Ice Fishing Experience

Duration: 4.5 hour

69 reviews

17. Enjoy a guided canoeing trip (from USD 260.02)

enjoy a guided canoeing trip

Come and enjoy a slow slide across the many lakes in Lapland. This trip will take you across different lakes where you can catch sight of a variety of local wildlife. It offers a great view of the surrounding area and provides Instagram-worthy shots. After your canoeing trip, you can take some time out to visit local attractions like the reindeer or husky farm nearby. The entire family or group is sure to enjoy and remember this trip fondly.

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Lapland: Canoeing Trip with Reindeer and Husky Farm Tour

Duration: 6.5 hour

6 reviews

18. Explore the landscape on a snowmobile safari and have an evening campfire in the woods (from USD 137.08)

explore the landscape on a snowmobile safari and have an evening campfire in the woods

Enjoy a magical evening in Lapland by indulging in a snowmobile safari. Enjoy the sight as you drive through the white, beautiful, and majestic landscape in Lapland. Head into the dark forest and enjoy a lovely evening of food, music, games, and fun at a campfire. Share stories with the group, and if you are fortunate, catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. This experience will leave an indelible mark on you and will make you remember Lapland with fondness.

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Rovaniemi: Snowmobile Safari & Campfire Evening Escape

Duration: 3.0 to 4.0 hour

129 reviews

19. Have fun skiing in Pello village (from USD 249.14)

have fun skiing in pello village

As the days are long in Lapland, one of the fun places to go to is Pello. This village is situated in a beautiful valley in Lapland just by the border of Sweden. Whether you are an experienced skier or a newbie, skiing here is so much fun. Since Pello village is located in a valley, there are many downhill sites you can roll down. Come to Pello village with your family and friends and enjoy an entire day of skiing. To ensure your safety, an instructor is provided to guide you.

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Rovaniemi: Full-Day Alpine Skiing Experience

Duration: 8.0 hour

7 reviews

20. Be enthralled by the animals at Ranua Zoo (from USD 162.11)

be enthralled by the animals at ranua zoo

Ranua Zoo is the second northernmost zoo in the world. It boasts of a collection of about 50 species of animals, some of which are exclusive to Arctic regions. If you want to see a polar bear up close in a safe environment, then head to Ranua Zoo. It is a beautiful zoo that attracts thousands of people every year. When you are in Lapland with your family, this zoo is a great place to go and make memories. It offers safari-like services and other exclusive services for you and the family. It is open all year long so you can always come and have a great time here regardless of the season.

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Rovaniemi: Day at Ranua Wildlife Park Arctic Zoo

Duration: 5.5 hour

11 reviews

21. Feel the spirit of nature at Snow Village (from USD 35.15)

feel the spirit of nature at snow village

Snow Village gives tourists and guest a magical experience that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. The village is located in Santa Claus village and features amenities that are meant to wow visitors. Snow Village has a real estate area of around 20,000 square meters (215,278.21 square feet). Among the structures and amenities include a Snow Hotel, Ice restaurant, Log restaurant, cocktail bar, and so on. One main attraction is the ice sculptures, which are made by master sculptors from all over the globe and will blow you away! Come here in your warm clothes (as everything is made of ice) and enjoy a nice experience with your friends or family.

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Rovaniemi: Snowman World Winter Zone Ticket

Duration: 1 day

29 reviews

22. Delight in a unique dining experience at Snowman World Ice Restaurant (from USD 116.54)

delight in a unique dining experience at snowman world ice restaurant

The Ice Restaurant is located in the heart of Santa Claus Village and offers a respite from the cold. It is the only ice restaurant in the world and is next to Santa Claus’s home! Come and enjoy a piping hot meal of bread and the local salmon soup. After your meal, you can settle with some dessert or tea. Aside from the meals, the primary draw of the Ice Restaurant is the beautiful ice sculptures in the building. It creates a beautiful, surreal experience. When here, you must try out a drink from an ice glass! It is an unforgettable experience.

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Rovaniemi: Ice Restaurant Dinner Experience

Duration: 2 hour

29 reviews

23. Discover hidden trails on an electric fat bike tour (from USD 112.0)

This bike tour is enabled by high-quality electric fat tire bikes that can move even on rough terrain. Enjoy a tour of the hidden trails of Lapland and who knows just what you might find on your adventure? The ride will take you along the beautiful land of Lapland and you will have a view of its unseen and unmarred beauty. Come and ride your electric fat bike in the middle of majestic forests, fells, and experience an adventure like no other.

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Rovaniemi: Midnight Sun Electric Fat Bike Tour

Unfold the majestic beauty of Lapland

Aurora borealis over Lapland (Unsplash)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user vingtcent used under CC0

Whether you come in the winter, summer, or autumn, you will find something to take your breath away in Lapland. This beautiful place is home to dark forests, fells, gorgeous lakes, and hills. The national parks offer a view of nature you will find nowhere else. While you stay in Santa Clause Village and have the closes view of the Northern Lights, you will get to witness real magic in our world. Come and enjoy all loads of exciting things to do in Lapland, Finland.

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