Pratiti Home Chowdhury

Hello. I am Pratiti. Love to sleep and travel. Sounds familiar... Right!!! Additionally, like to write about the roaming around sessions as I take it as a story telling opportunity. Presently I am living in Japan in order to get a doctoral degree. I like to introduce myself as an environmentalist and trust me it is really a good combination with my nomadic soul. The things I can`t live without are night, coffee, red wine, sea food and any kind of meat, 70`s soft rock, sound of water (unbiased on river, ocean or water fall) and combination of all or some of it. (Ah!! Oxygen also comes in the list). Dream destinations to visit are at least 192 countries in this blue planet and if possible out of it. If you want to know why 192, then I would say born in India, studying in Japan and visiting Hong Kong and South Korea makes the count 196 i.e. the total number of nations we have in the world at 2015. Hope to meet you in your city. Till then… bye.

Good things are meant to be shared!