Sarah Aboulhosn

A self-proclaimed pop culture expert with passion for writing, music and television. I have recently also discovered my love for traveling. Whether it be across town, across the country or across the world, I want to see it all. Like most millennials, I believe in the power of social media. I find myself naturally critiquing movies, discovering new music using the latest platforms, and live-tweeting tv shows. I spend my days doing yoga, writing, and binge watching your favorite TV shows. One thing about is me is that I love concerts. One thing about where I live is that there are few. I have spent a lot of the past year in my Prius with my best friend driving as far as it will take us to see our favorite artists. Like most millennial's, I am determined to follow my passions wherever they may take me and am not afraid to be tripped up along the way.

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