10 Best Nikko Souvenirs To Buy Home To Share Sweet Travel Memories - Updated 2021

10 Best Nikko Souvenirs To Buy Home To Share Sweet Travel Memories - Updated 2021

Nikko is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the mountainous area north of Tokyo. Renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery and beautifully preserved temples and shrines, it is a charming city with a long list of photogenic sights for an idyllic holiday. In addition, this is a city where you will be able to taste various traditional local cuisines and bring home lovely souvenirs for your friends and family as sweet mementos. Here are the 10 best souvenirs in Nikko, categorised into famous food produce such as Yuba (beancurd skin), Soba (buckwheat noodles) and Sake (Japanese wine) related mementos, as well as traditional crafts that you can buy when in the enchanting city!

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Classic local food specialities

1. Fried Yuba

deep fried edamame wrupped with yuba (soybean casein paper)
Source: Photo by user baron valium used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Without doubt, the most popular food in Nikko has to be Yuba, which means beancurd skin in Japanese. Their love for this nutritious dish is transformed into the delightful omiyage (お土産), nicely wrapped gifts of the tasty fried beancurd skin in boxes for that special one back home.

Not only can you taste the protein-rich delight fresh in the Japanese restaurants in Nikko, you can now bring home the nutritious fried yuba in many shops across the city. For the best unforgettable taste of this delicacy, get it from Nikko Fujiya Yuba (日光湯波 ふじや), established since the Meiji Period. Often, you will find long queues in front of the shop. For a longer shelf life, store it in the freezer.

Nikko Fujiya Yuba (日光湯波 ふじや)

Address: 809, Shimohatsuishi-cho, Nikko-city, Tochigi Prefecture

Price: 13.90 USD (1,430 JPY for 12 pieces); 22.40 USD (2,310 JPY for 20 pieces)

Open: 8.30am - 5.30pm. Irregular holidays.

Access: 10-minute walk from Tobu Nikko Station.

Contact: +81 288-54-0097

Nikko Fujiya Yuba (Japanese Only)

2. Sweet fried yuba bun

Fried Yuba Manju, which is sweet azuki bean paste wrapped with Yuba into a bun, is deep fried for a savoury yet sweet flavour. This traditional Nikko speciality enhances the flavour of the classic Fried Yuba with its sweet bean filling. Get the crispy fried Yuba Manju from Sakeya (さかえや), a popular confectionery that does this omiyage really well. The shelf life of this delicious delicacy is only 3 days but keep it in the freezer to keep it fresh for a longer period. Just reheat it in the oven before eating, and the exquisite taste of this freshly fried bun will return again.

Sakaeya (さかえや)

Address: 10-1 Matsubara-cho, Nikko-city, Tochigi Prefecture

Price: 19.40 USD (2,000 JPY for 10 pieces)

Open: 9.30am - 6.30pm. Irregular holidays.

Access: In front of Tobu Nikko Station; 3-minute walk from JR Nikko Station.

Contact: +81 288-54-1528

Sakaeya Info

3. Nikko Jingoro rice crackers

Posted by 日光甚五郎煎餅本舗 石田屋 on Tuesday, 3 July 2012

For those who prefer something salty rather than sweet, the Nikko Jingoro rice crackers will be a great choice. Founded over a century ago, the Ishidaya Imaichi factory uses fresh local ingredients to create this crunchy rice crackers that feels light on the palate with a pleasant buttery flavour. Not only are the crackers great to eat as a snack, the gift box with a cute cat drawing is eye-catching and also serves as a lovely gift for your family and friends back home.

Nikko Ishidaya Imaichi Main Shop (日光甚五郎煎餅本舗)

Address: 4-18 Hon-cho, Nikko-city, Tochigi Prefecture

Price: From 5.20 USD (540 JPY) for 18 pieces

Open: 8.30am - 5pm. Irregular holidays.

Access: 5-minute walk from Chuzenji Onsen Bus Station.

Contact: +81 120-25-1195

Nikko Ishidaya Imaichi Main Shop (Japanese Only)

4. Tochitome cheesecake

Posted by Hiroyuki Tamura on Friday, 24 November 2017

Tochigi Prefecture, where Nikko is located, is the largest producer of strawberries in Japan. Therefore, it is not surprising that you will find the Tochitome cheesecake with strawberry jam from Saikai Honten especially delectable. The jam is made using fresh and sweet strawberries grown locally. The cake is moist and fluffy but not overly sweet. This is a limited edition cheesecake only available in Tochigi prefecture so don’t forget to buy some home before leaving Nikko!

Saikai Honten

Address: 3-3-4 Utsunomiya, Nikko-city, Tochigi Prefecture

Price: 9.70 USD (1,000 JPY) for 1 box.

Open: 8.30am - 5pm. Closed on Wednesdays.

Access: In front of Toshogu Shrine.

Contact: +81 288-54-0272

Saikai Honten (Japanese Only)

5. Nikko Sake

Nikkō - Sake drums

Posted by Emma Rose Strauli on Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Nikko is not just known for its silky smooth and healthy yuba cuisine, but it is also famous for the locally produced sake (Japanese wine). The difference between sake in Nikko and other parts of Japan is because of the use of abundant pure hot spring water in the mountainous region. The sake is brewed at traditional breweries located at the feet of the Nikko Mountains, produced by using local rice, high-quality water and yeasts. If you are a Japanese wine lover, you must try the most popular Nikko Homare when in the city. The popular Ginjoshu wine has no alcohol added to it and has a refreshing taste. If you like, you can take a tour in one of the many breweries in the city too.

Katayama Shuzo Co. Ltd. (片山酒造株式会社)

Address: 146-2 Segawa, Nikko-city, Tochigi Prefecture

Price: 19.40 USD (2,000 JPY) for a 720ml bottle.

Open: 8am - 6pm.

Access: 8-minute walk from Kamiimaichi Station.

Contact: +81 288-21-0039

6. Sake Manju

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Besides being able to buy the refreshing Nikko Homare home, don’t miss the opportunity to get some unique Sake Manju (元祖日光酒饅頭, Japanese wine-flavoured bun) from Yuzawaya too. Established since the Edo Period, Yuzawaya has been religiously following the same process to make these local specialities. It takes 7 days to complete the making of Sake Manju with a distinct sour taste, because of the fermentation process of the dough. As there is no preservative or additive added to the bun, it has a short shelf life of 3 days. So remember to eat it as soon as you can!

Yuzawaya (湯沢屋)

Address: 946 Shimohatsuishi-cho, Nikko-city, Tochigi Prefecture

Price: From 11.60 USD (1,200 JPY) for 8 pieces.

Open: 8am - 6pm. Irregular holidays.

Access: 15-minute walk from Tobu Nikko Station.

Contact: +81 288-54-0038

Yuzawaya info and review

7. Nikko cold soba

In Japan, areas around temples and shrines will usually have excellent soba (buckwheat noodles) options, and Nikko is no exception. In this heritage city, cold soba is a very popular local dish. It is made by exposing the buckwheat in cool water of one degrees Celsius (33.8 Fahrenheit). This process reduces the intense taste of buckwheat and gives it an outstanding sweet taste. If you like what you tried in the soba restaurant, buy some dried soba noodles so that you can prepare the dish and reminisce about the great Nikko holiday back home, together with your loved ones!

Yoneyama Soba Company (そば問屋治平庵)

Address: 1900-5 Kanuma Takeko, Tochigi Prefecture

Price: 5.80 USD (600 JPY) for a pack of 300g dried soba noodles.

Access: 23-minute drive from JR Nikko Station.

Contact: +81 289-65-3531

Yoneyama Soba Company (Japanese only)

Traditional handicrafts

8. Three-wise-monkey souvenir

Japanese Three Wise Monkeys
Source: Photo by user Man On Mission used under CC BY-SA 3.0

At Nikko’s main attraction Toshogu Shrine, there is the well-known “See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil” carving of the Sanzaru (Three Wise Monkeys) in the building. It is now possible to take these adorable wise monkeys home! Well, not the actual monkey carvings on the shrine grounds, but you can purchase figurines, mugs or teacups of the monkeys from souvenir shops around the main Nikko attraction. Bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones back home with these cute figurines.

Nikko Asaya Rest House (あさやレストハウス)

Address: before Toshogu Shinkyo, Nikko-city, Tochigi Prefecture

Price: From 3.20 USD (330 JPY).

Access: In front of Shinkyo Bridge.

Contact: +81 288-54-0605

Nikko Asaya Rest House (あさやレストハウス)

9. Nikko wooden sword

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

In the bygone Edo Period, the Samurai used swords as their weapons. While it is not possible to travel back to that era and live the life of a Samurai, buy a hand-crafted wooden sword with the Japanese words “Nikko” inscribed for that Samurai feeling. Such souvenirs are especially popular with school-going children. It’s a safe and fun toy that they will love.

Harumoto Hotel souvenir shop (ホテル春茂登)

Address: 5-13 Yasukawa-cho, Nikko-city, Tochigi Prefecture

Price: 6.50 USD (670 JPY).

Access: 10-minute walk from Toshogu Shrine.

Contact: +81 288-54-1133

Harumoto Hotel souvenir shopa

10. Nikko antique kimono

Antique kimono
Source: Photo by Flickr user tonko43 used under CC BY 2.0

The kimono is a Japanese traditional clothing worn on special occasions such as weddings and festivals. Buying an antique kimono home is certainly befitting in a historical heritage site like Nikko. At the Utakata main shop, you can rent and wear the beautifully woven kimono for a great photo-shoot in such a picturesque city. In addition, you can also purchase the delicate antique kimono, along with accessories to pair with the kimono and other elegant handicrafts such as handkerchiefs and pouches. Take your pick from the wide range of products available in this lovely Japanese handicraft shop!

Utakata main shop

Address: 918 Nakahatsuishi-cho, Nikko-city, Tochigi Prefecture

Price: From 4.85 USD (500 JPY).

Open: 10am - 6pm. Irregular holidays.

Access: 15-minute walk from Tobu Nikko Station.

Contact: +81 288-536-465

Utakata main shop

Delight your family and friends with these great Nikko souvenirs

With the creative Japanese minds, almost everything that got you mesmerised in alluring Nikko can be purchased home as pleasant mementos in one form or another. As you distribute these lovely gifts to your family and friends when you get home, don’t forget to share with them the unique travel memory in relation to the souvenir you bought for them. The souvenirs you give will appear even more valuable with the beautiful stories shared. Happy shopping!

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