18 Amazing Boutique Design Hotels In Frankfurt - Updated 2023

18 Amazing Boutique Design Hotels In Frankfurt - Updated 2023

Most hotels look similar, not that it’s a bad thing, but it can get kind of dull to stay in hotels that look the same. In a seemingly boring city like Frankfurt, you wouldn’t have guessed that there are so many beautiful hotels to stay in, each with their own unique charms. Make your stay more interesting with these 18 amazing boutique design hotels in Frankfurt!

1. ours Hotel by Levi's (from USD 455)

A hotel by Levi’s? If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, what would?! 25hours Hotel by Levi’s has a unique jeans theme, and has a great location as well, just 3 minutes away from Frankfurt Central Station by foot. This unique hotel has rooms decked in different shades of blue (or denim), reflecting art, fashion, and design of the 20th century. The rooms are aesthetically beautiful, with each room having its own charms. 25hours Hotel by Levi’s doesn’t compromise quality over design; its rooms are soundproof and the staff are excellent and hospitable, ensuring you have a comfortable and pleasant stay. If you are a denim-lover (and, who isn’t?!), you should totally check this place out!

25hours Hotel The Trip

Wifi Available

Address: Niddastrasse 56-58
Accommodates: 2

Restaurant Pets allowed Meeting/banquet facilities Bar 24-hour front desk Fitness centre Terrace Non-smoking rooms

2. Gerbermuhle Hotel (from USD 207)

The building of the Gerbermuhle Hotel was originally a flour mill built in the 1520s. The present hotel is designed with a lovely mashup of medieval and contemporary Frankfurt, as seen in the stark contrast between its sleek and modern rooms compared to the rustic stairwells and old brick walls in the lobby. Its minimalistic rooms feature dark wooden flooring with white walls against rich red colours. Rooms are spacious and leave you plenty of room to move about. For those who are looking for a peaceful and quiet place to stay, the Gerbermuhle Hotel may be right for you! It has a fantastic location near the riverbank, where you can go for a nice stroll or jog. Gerbermuhle Hotel is also known for its onsite riverside restaurant, which is also popular among locals, so be sure to check that out during your stay!

Hotel Gerbermühle

Wifi Available

Address: Gerbermühlstraße 105
Accommodates: 10

Parking Restaurant Pets allowed Room service Meeting/banquet facilities Bar Garden Terrace

3. Roomers (from USD 337)

Classic curves meet progressive designs at Roomers. Step foot into the hotel and you’ll be transported to a world of luxury, with its interior featuring dark tones and lots of leather. As if that isn’t luxurious enough, the hotel features electrifying designs, such as an illuminated bubble-domed wellness center on the rooftop. It is located less than a 5-minute walk away from Frankfurt Central Station, making it convenient to get around. For those who want to stay luxuriously, this hotel is it.

Roomers, Frankfurt, a Member of Design Hotels

Wifi Available

Address: Gutleutstr. 85
Accommodates: 10

Parking Restaurant Pets allowed Room service Meeting/banquet facilities Bar 24-hour front desk Sauna

4. Roomers Loft

The mother of Roomers, Roomers Loft is situated just around the corner of the hotel and caters specifically towards those who want five-star service in a single standalone suite. Roomers Loft is an urban oasis, and can be used for other events such as conferences, photo shoots and more. The service is exceptional; you can get a personal butler, a private chef, or bartender on request. Its rooms are decked in luxurious materials and feature carefully crafted furnishings. And just like a cherry on a cake, you can use their Audi A8 to get around.

Roomers Loft

Address: Kaiserstrasse, 73, Frankfurt 60329, Germany

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5. The Pure (from USD 119)

When you take a footstep into The Pure, you wouldn’t have guessed that this building used to be a former textile factory. Renovated and painted with white walls and decked with artsy elements and furniture, The Pure is an amazingly designed hotel that reflects the cosmopolitan city that present Frankfurt is. Featuring basic colours and light fabrics, its rooms are kept minimal, yet far from plain. It’s located only a 6-minute walk from Frankfurt’s Main Station, making it really easy to get around, especially for those who have business outside of the city. If you’re extremely into art and minimal designs, you should totally check this hotel out!

The Pure

Wifi Available

Address: Niddastr. 86
Accommodates: 10

Parking Pets allowed Room service Bar 24-hour front desk Sauna Fitness centre Garden

6. ours Hotel The Goldman (from USD 125)

At first glance, your attention would have been easily attracted by its quirky prints and colourful designs. 25hours Hotel Goldman spans over 7 floors and is decked in a flamboyant mix of details. Each of the 7 floors has its own consistent colour scheme. Its quirky and flamboyant appearance definitely stands out but what makes this hotel different from the rest is the design behind each room. Each room is thoughtfully designed, by celebrities who express their personal stories through decorating the room. You can expect to see a wide variety of vintage eclecticism and to spice things up even more, they have fun themed rooms like Princess, Paris, and Casino rooms. They also have an onsite restaurant specialising in Mediterranean dishes, so do give it a try during your stay!

25hours Hotel The Goldman

Wifi Available

Address: Hanauer Landstraße 127
Accommodates: 2

Restaurant Pets allowed Meeting/banquet facilities Bar 24-hour front desk Terrace Non-smoking rooms Business centre

7. Innside Frankfurt Eurotheum (from USD 465)

In a city like Frankfurt where convenience is key, Innside Frankfurt Eurotheum is just a 2-minute walk away from the Taunusanlage S-Bahn train station. Starting from the 22nd story of one of Frankfurt’s tall skyscrapers, every room at Innside Frankfurt Eurotheum boasts a spectacular view of the city. Their white-walled rooms have sleek designs, with a combination of basic colours like black brown and white, and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide an exceptionally breathtaking view of the city at night. If having a beautiful panoramic view is a must, you’ve found your cup of tea.

INNSiDE by Meliá Frankfurt Eurotheum

Wifi Available

Address: Neue Mainzer Straße 66-68
Accommodates: 10

Parking Room service Meeting/banquet facilities Bar 24-hour front desk Sauna Fitness centre Non-smoking rooms

8. Innside Frankfurt Niederrad (from USD 371)

Unlike its chic sister, Innside Frankfurt Eurotheum, Innside Frankfurt Niederrad has rooms with slightly more colour. Its lobby is decorated with red couches and neon lighting. Though its rooms are largely white, they are brightened up by a yellow or red chair. Yet it still retains its chic character, with glass bathroom doors, floor-to-ceiling windows and spectacular views. The onsite restaurant serves international dishes, catering to the flavours of even the most pickiest eater. You can also chill at the stylish bar, adding plus points to the overall relaxing ambience.

DoubleTree by Hilton Frankfurt Niederrad

Wifi Available

Address: Herriotstr. 2
Accommodates: 3

Parking Restaurant Pets allowed Meeting/banquet facilities Bar 24-hour front desk Fitness centre Terrace

9. Bristol Hotel Frankfurt (from USD 249)

Bristol Hotel Frankfurt
Source: Booking.com

Shoo away all homesick feelings when you step into the Bristol Hotel. With its lobby illuminated by neon pink lights and its wooden flooring, it gives off a warm and homey feeling that will make anyone feel welcome. You’ll be well-assisted by their friendly staff who are more than willing to make you feel at home. The rooms at Bristol Hotel are modern, decked in warm beige and brown. A striking twist about the room is the stripped carpet flooring, which gives the room an overall unique look.

Bristol Hotel Frankfurt City

Wifi Available

Address: Ludwigstr. 15
Accommodates: 10

Parking Restaurant Pets allowed Room service Meeting/banquet facilities Bar 24-hour front desk Garden

10. Schlosshotel Kronberg (from USD 256)

Get ready to be treated like royalty when you stay at Schlosshotel Kronberg. When you take a step into the hotel, you’ll feel as if you’ve had a blast to the past when it was common to have people living in palaces and majestic castles. A charming place with character, surrounded by sculpted trees and gardens, this will surely be an unforgettable stay. Its rooms are decorated really English-like, with antique looking ornaments and flower-printed wallpapers. World-class services also await you, where you get to enjoy free shuttle service and entry to the Königstein Spa. For those who love hiking, the Hoch-Taunus Nature Park is nearby, which means you can easily go trekking when you feel like it.

Schlosshotel Kronberg - Hotel Frankfurt

Wifi Available

Address: Hainstraße 25
Accommodates: 4

Parking Restaurant Pets allowed Room service Meeting/banquet facilities Bar 24-hour front desk Golf course (within 3 km)

11. Jumeirah Frankfurt (from USD 212)

Source: Booking.com

Jumeirah Frankfurt is the epitome of what an elegant hotel is: marbled flooring, large interesting art paintings to spice up the interiors, dark tones, and sleekly designed bedrooms. It is a modern and grand hotel. From the bedrooms, you get sweeping views of Frankfurt’s beautiful skyline, and you also get complimentary access to the Premium Fitness First gym nearby. The beds are topped with multiple pillows for extra comfort. The hotel is also located just 100 metres (328 feet) away from Hauptwache Underground and S-Bahn train station. If you’re looking for an accessible hotel with amazing interiors, put this hotel on your list!

Jumeirah Frankfurt

Address: Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 2

12. Hotel Villa Oriental Frankfurt (from USD 53)

Hotel Villa Oriental Frankfurt
Source: Booking.com

You’re up for a one of a kind experience when you stay at Hotel Villa Oriental. A Morrocan-themed hotel situated in the heart of Frankfurt, it sure gives off a unique vibe. When you step into the hotel, it feels as if you’ve been transported to some place else in the Arabic world. The rooms showcase traditional Arabian designs with hand-painted tiles and Moroccan ornaments and decor. To maximise your experience, you may want to try their breakfast, which has some exotic influences. Some say that it’s a hidden gem because it’s quite difficult to find the hotel, but when you do, it’s worth it.

Metro Boutique Hotel by Trip Inn

Address: Baseler Str. 21

13. Hotel an der Messe (from USD 111)

Hotel an der Messe provides a unique experience for all kinds of travellers. Their rooms are decorated based on different themes and styles. They have rooms that are chic, decked in beige and brown. Others have an Asian feel, with patterned wallpapers. They also have themes based on different countries. With intricate decorations and ornaments, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another place during your stay in the Thailand-themed room. Hotel an der Messe has a wide range of rooms, each unique in their own style. Check this hotel out if you’re keen on a fun and unique stay!

Villa Westend Hotel an der Messe

Wifi Available

Address: Westendstr. 104
Accommodates: 4

Parking Pets allowed Room service Bar 24-hour front desk Garden Terrace Non-smoking rooms

14. Libertine Lindenberg (from USD 118)

A beautiful boutique hotel located in the heart of Alt-Sachsenhausen district, Libertine Lindenberg is a well-designed and comfortable accommodation. Each suite is individually designed with custom fittings and furnishings. Food wise, there’s an upstairs kitchen which serves breakfast until 3pm, a living room café and an in-house grocery.

Libertine Lindenberg

Wifi Available

Address: Frankensteiner Straße 20
Accommodates: 3

Pets allowed Meeting/banquet facilities Fitness centre Terrace Non-smoking rooms Laundry Facilities for disabled guests Internet services

15. Lindenberg Rückertstraße

The sister hotel of Libertine Lindenberg, Lindenberg Rückertstraße is a rennovated 1874 mansion located in in Alt-Sachsenhausen. There’s the option of booking a one or two-bedroom suite, with only ten suites available. All the suites, much like Libertine Lindenberg, are individually designed and not a single detail is overlooked. There’s a communal kitchen for guests to use, which is equipped with everything from a teppanyaki pan to a wine cooler. For those looking for a quiet night in, the hotel also has an in-house cinema that has a popcorn machine and honesty bar.

LINDENBERG Rückertstraße

8.42 User Rating

Address: Rückertstrasse 47, Frankfurt, Germany

16. Innside Premium Suites (from USD 450)

Innside Premium Suites is one of the more bigger boutique hotels in the city. Located in the city’s historic area, there’s a total of 74 suites and apartments available for booking, and each unit comes with a kitchenette and mini-bar - perfect for long-term stays. If you prefer a hassle-free meal, breakfast is included in the rates and there are plenty of restaurants nearby. The best part of your stay will be the fantastic views of the city, as the hotel is located on the top floor of a skyscraper.

Innside Premium Suites

Address: Neue Mainzer Straße 66-68,Ecke Junghofstraße, Frankfurt

Free wi-fi Wi-fi (charges apply) Self service parking (charges apply) Off street parking Bar Room service Sauna Gym

17. Villa Kennedy, a Rocco Forte Hotel (from USD 217)

The building of Villa Kennedy is a majestic castle with tall, sturdy brick walls and a beautiful inner courtyard. It’s impossible not to feel like a king (or queen) when you step into Villa Kennedy. The rooms are spacious and decked with warm, earthy colours. The rooms have bathrooms decorated with elegant marble mosaic with heating. Living up to its “royalty” image, you can expect exceptional treatment during your stay with friendly and hospitable staff and world-class facilities including a high-tech gym and luxurious pool. Luxury spa treatments are also available. To set the atmosphere, live funk, jazz and soul music will be played at the onsite bar in the evenings (except for Sundays). For those who appreciate great vibes, this hotel is for you.

Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy

Wifi Available

Address: Kennedyallee 70
Accommodates: 10

Parking Restaurant Pets allowed Room service Meeting/banquet facilities Bar 24-hour front desk Sauna

18. Villa Rothschild Kempinski (from USD 4359)

Villa Rothschild Kempinski
Source: Booking.com

Just like in fairytales, the building of Villa Rothschild Kempiski is a castle on the slopes of Mount Taunus, surrounded by an abundance of greenery and gardens. You’ll have access to some of the best scenery, and that also means many places to take your Insta-worthy shots within the hotel’s compounds! It’s interior is extravagantly decorated, with mostly the use of Chinese red and white. You will feel like a queen (or king) under those thick blankets with gold-threaded flowery embroidery, having a fireplace to yourself, being surrounded with antique wooden furniture and bright chandeliers. If living in luxury is your kind of thing, this hotel is for you!

Villa Rothschild, Autograph Collection

Wifi Available

Address: Im Rothschildpark
Accommodates: 3

Parking Restaurant Pets allowed Room service Meeting/banquet facilities Bar 24-hour front desk Sauna

More than just a roof over your head

These hotels are more than just a place to sleep. Go for a sweat-sesh with their world class facilities, pamper yourselves with amazing spas, make friends with their friendly and hospitable staff, and, most importantly, these hotels are also memorably beautiful! Instead of staying at clichéd hotels, check out these 18 amazing boutique-design hotels that will leave you with an unforgettable experience in Frankfurt.

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