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5 Airbnb Vacation Rentals For Hippie Souls In Asheville, North Carolina

Updated Apr 18, 2018

The free spirit of art and creativity thrives in North Carolina’s city of Asheville. Street art is prominent here, in the forms of graffiti by the back alleys and soulful music performed on the sidewalk, adding a skip to your steps as you explore the rustic streets. What better way to appreciate this way of life than by experiencing it for yourself?

Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, live your dream of being in a Harry-Potter-like universe with 5 of the most soulful Airbnb vacation rentals in Asheville, NC:

1. “The Hidden Attic” in downtown Asheville (180 USD)

Source: Airbnb

This eccentric hideaway provides a unique place to stay, with unique copper accents and dreamy lighting streaming through the skylights. Adorned with twinkly lights, you’ll feel as though you have ventured into a wizard’s attic on Diagon Alley by accident.

Source: Airbnb

Located in a tranquil neighborhood, within walking distance of downtown Asheville, you can walk or bike downtown for some light exercise; it will take you about 15 to 20 minutes. Alternatively, take a relatively inexpensive Uber ride to the lanes of upscale boutique stores for some shopping to pamper yourself.

Source: Airbnb

Grab a morning coffee with your significant other at the Liberty House Coffee and Cafe only a few blocks away. The Honey Lavender Latte is lightly refreshing, and will provide you with enough of a caffeine boost for your fun-filled day.

Source: Airbnb

If shopping isn’t what you’re here for, take a walk around the local area and appreciate the historic homes around the neighborhood. The scenery is beautiful here in the wintertime; keep your eyes peeled and you may spot some of Santa’s elves hiding behind the pine trees!

At the day’s end, snuggle up with your partner in the heavenly queen-sized bed, or browse through the eclectic collection of books in the antique library. Choose from the wide selection of audio CDs available, and fall asleep to the calming tunes of ambient tracks.

Do note that the property is not suitable for children. Additionally, access to the loft is via two flights of stairs, which may not be suitable for people with mobility difficulties.

The Hidden Attic - Great location!

Area: Downtown Asheville

Price: from 180 USD

Number of Guests: 3

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2. Sanctuary in an ancient woodland in West Asheville (92 USD)

Home to lots of wildlife, this peaceful retreat is found in the middle of a woodland forest. Private and hidden from civilization, this studio apartment for two is easily accessible from downtown Asheville. Rent out a room here with your partner, and wake up every day to sleepy hums of the morning birds.

Equipped with basic kitchen amenities, you can heat up a warm meal and enjoy it on the patio outside, basking in the brilliant sunlight and looking beyond the dense forest floor. After lunch, borrow a bike from the hosts and zip into town. Pay a visit to the farmers’ market, where you can bring home a loaf of freshly baked bread and a jar of your favorite jam for your breakfast the following morning.

West A'ville sanctuary in the trees

Area: West Asheville

Price: from 92 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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3. Cozy mountain home by the French Broad River (85 USD)

Source: Airbnb

Located in an undisturbed area, find your new home on the mountaintops with this cozy apartment for 2 people. Take a private bath outdoors and the warm water will wash all your stress and worries away. Hear the gushing of the French Broad River when you wake up, and fall asleep to the calming hoots of the native owls that live in the nearby Carrier Park.

Source: Airbnb

With a handpicked selection of reading material from local guidebooks to light reads, learn more about the areas you would like to explore before heading out.

Source: Wikipedia

For explorers, the famed Biltmore Estate is just across the river. Completed in 1985, the 250-room château is a private estate that has been passed down through the generations and is currently owned by William A.V. Cecil, Jr, a third-generation member of the Biltmore family. Tour around their award-winning wineries, and take a wander through their rose gardens. Their stunning array of flowers and sweet scent of the blooming buds is bound to make you dizzy with joy.

Source: Pixabay

1BR btwn D-town & WAVL w/ hot tub

Area: By the French Broad River

Price: from 85 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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4. Riverside mountain cottage in East Asheville (90 USD)

Source: Airbnb

Like a fleeting dream, this picturesque cottage by the riverside is your ticket to your own private paradise. Bring your small family of 4 along and fish for your own dinner outside the house; the river is stocked full of trout and bass. Rent a kayak or float boat if you wish to drift along the serene stream, admiring the masterpieces that Mother Nature created in the heart of Asheville.

Live comfortably in the arms of nature in this spacious estate that can accommodate up to 4 people. Take a short 15-minute snooze on the massage chairs while the sun casts its soft glow on you, or make yourself a sandwich in the shared kitchen space if you’re craving a snack.

Source: Airbnb

Share a cold beer with the friendly host, Andy, on the deck overlooking the river, and grill some of your favorite side dishes at the outdoor firepit while you’re at it.

At the end of your day, sink into the luscious sheets on the queen-sized beds. Fall asleep to the view of the gurgling river at the tip of your toes, and dream of skipping stones with the elves by the stream.

Asheville Mountain Home ON RIVER!

Area: East Asheville

Price: from 90 USD

Number of Guests: 4

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5. Tiny teal house in Candler (78 USD)

Source: Airbnb

Just by looking at it, you would think it’s a house for mountain gnomes to rest in after a long day of harvesting! This quaint little house can fit up to 3 people and has many handmade touches across the house. With a cozy fireplace and a snug bed, it’s perfect for your favorite outdoor adventures away from traffic.

Featuring a compact space with all of life’s necessities, this little hut has a fully functional kitchen packed with organic food staples and spices. If the hens are laying, then you’ll get your own stock of fresh eggs for breakfast too!

Source: Airbnb

Venture outdoors to find a little swing by the pond. Spend your lazy Sunday afternoons here with a book in hand, or follow the hiking trail just past the house to say hello to the friendly local ducks residing in the area.

Source: Airbnb

End your day by climbing into the cushy sleeping loft. Not for the claustrophobic, this space fits 2 people just nicely, with a tiny window for you to peer out into the woods.

Amazing Tiny House 20min from Asheville

Area: Candler

Price: from 78 USD

Number of Guests: 3

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Healing for the soul

Take a healing trip this time round by re-connecting with your inner child, finding the magic in tall forests, and being in awe of old houses that we tend to whisper around.

Asheville is a serene and somewhat mystical world, so explore this beautiful part of the USA with a stay in one of these charming Airbnbs.

This article was originally published on Oct 20, 2016

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