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5 Things You Must Do In Hoi An, The Ancient Town in Vietnam

5 Things You Must Do In Hoi An, The Ancient Town in Vietnam

Hoi An is a well-preserved ancient town located in central Vietnam. It is known for its beauty, especially after the night falls when its many colorful lanterns light up to add a special flair to this historical town.

Compared to many cities in Vietnam, it is less crowded with countless motorbikes that normally would fill every street. It attracts many international travelers, who all aim to catch a glimpse of this special town, so there have been many changes that have taken place to accommodate more travelers. It is simply fun to just walk around Hoi An, but let’s find out 5 things you must do when you visit this iconic ancient town.

1. Walk around and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Hoi An is an ancient town recognized by UNESCO that travelers must visit when in central Vietnam. It is a melting pot of a port town that is dated from the 15th to 19th century where a mixture of cultures has created a unique atmosphere that one cannot forget.

When you walk around the well-preserved ancient town, you’ll see the influences of Vietnam, China, France, and Japan. There is an entry fee at the gate of this preserved area. It is 120,000 VND (5.38 USD) and the ticket is valid for 24 hours, thus if you visit the town for two days, you can come back with the same ticket for the next day. The ticket comes with mini 4 tickets for the temples within the preserved area. The entry fee is used for the preservation of this World Heritage Site.

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2. Be struck by the beauty of colorful lanterns

When you visit Hoi An, you definitely have to visit the ancient town after the night falls. It is still fun to walk around the town during the day, but once the sun sets, the mood of the town changes dramatically with colorful lanterns hung on many buildings. In addition, on a hot day, even in April, it can reach as high as 30 degree Celsius (86 Fahrenheit), thus it is much easier to walk around once the air cools down a little bit. Of course, everyone thinks the same, thus the number of visitors increases dramatically once the sun sets, but regardless, it is still quite an experience to venture out to this historical town.

For those people who wish to take these beautiful lanterns home, you can purchase a lantern at various shops along the streets. There are different sizes of lantern so you can add Hoi An colors to your home décor.

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3. Try a Hoi An specialty: White Rose

Before traveling to Vietnam, I only knew a few kinds of well known Vietnamese food, which you often find served in different countries such as pho, bahn mi, and Vietnamese coffee. Those types of food can be eaten anywhere in Vietnam, but if you wish to try something local in Hoi An, you’ll want to try White Rose.

White Rose is a local food in Hoi An, which as the name suggests, resembles the shape of rose. It is a shrimp dumpling with a translucent white dough making it easy to consume. There are many restaurants in Hoi An so walk around and pick a restaurant and see if they have White Rose on their menu.

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4. Venture into the ancient town with a cyclo

Inside the gated Hoi An, the preserved historical ancient town, the streets are narrow and no cars are allowed. However, instead of cars, you see many people on cyclos traveling by. You can totally walk around Hoi An no problem, but if you get little tired from the heat, you can hop on a cyclo and let the driver take you around.

You see cyclos at many tourists centered areas in Vietnam and Hoi An is no exception. When I walked on a narrow street, I found it a little scary to see aggressive cyclo drivers pass by you, but it is one of those experiences only be done in a tourist area, so why not give it a try!

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5. Purchase a custom made summer dress or get 100% Vietnamese silk scarf

When you walk around Hoi An, you will probably realize that there are two kinds of shops that you’ll see over and over again. These are leather shops and clothing stores where you can get cheap custom made tailored clothes. Hoi An is particularly famous for making cheap tailored clothes, so if you are looking for something very personal for your time in Vietnam, this is where you can get a bespoke summer dress or a business suit. At my time of visit, for a summer dress, it costs 350,000 to 400,000 VND (15 to 18 USD) to have a seamstress make me a bespoke dress. If you are staying in Hoi An for a few days, you may want to consider getting something made for yourself as well!.

In addition, for those of you who are willing to spend little extra, but get something high quality and fashionable, you should visit Metis to purchase 100% silk items. Metis has stores in Hoi An, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City, and the main store is located here in Hoi An. The quality and styles of Metis silk products are very modern. Fashionable travelers will have a hard time passing by this store. If you get a scarf, a flower accessory, and a handbag at Metis, it costs roughly around 180 USD (4,012,483.28 VND).

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The must visit ancient town, Hoi An

There are many ways to describe how special this ancient town is, but simply, it is a beautifully preserved historical town that you must visit if you travel to Vietnam. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is growingly attracting more visitors each year.

With dramatic development taking place in today’s Vietnam, it is very likely that this special location will attract even more visitors from all around the world. One can only hope that this well-preserved historical site is protected for a long time in the future to be enjoyed by many travelers from around the world and to be cherished by Vietnamese people.

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