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5 Soulful Airbnb Vacation Rentals In Santa Barbara, California

Updated Oct 22, 2016

Santa Barbara, a beautiful Californian city nestled in between the majestic Santa Ynez mountains and the Pacific Ocean, is speckled with brick-red rooftops, Spanish architecture, and lots and lots of good seafood restaurants. It’s a place where souls jaded after too many hours spent in grey office buildings should visit to feel alive again. Here are some interesting Airbnb recommendations to help you rewind and feel a sense of childlike wonder again:

1. Step into another world: a yurt (from 209 USD)

There’s a hole in the roof, no Wi-Fi and it feels almost isolated. At most, you can only bring one other person. Sounds questionable, doesn’t it? But take a look inside and you’ll see why it’s so special …

Source: Airbnb

The yurt is a magnificent tent whose origins can be traced back to the nomadic people of Middle Asia. This yurt, which costs 209 USD a night, near the heart of Santa Barbara, is likewise a place for wandering souls to take some rest. The unique skylight on the top allows plenty of refreshing light to flood the place.

Source: Airbnb

Listen to the rain as it pitter patters on the yurt’s canvas. The structure of the tent creates a great surround sound system for you to play any music you wish. There is no Wi-Fi here, as the host states that this is where people can truly come to re-calibrate. After all, in a place so otherworldly and comforting, such as this, why would you want any?

Source: Airbnb
Jennifer was an amazing host with an incredible space. I brought my wife up to Santa Barbara for a birthday weekend getaway and it was absolutely magical. Can't thank her enough for providing such a wonderful experience. Karl

If the yurt gets too warm for you, hop on over to the compound’s pool. A cold dip on a hot day in the midst of nature is divine. And if you feel like you’ve been away from civilization a little bit too long, don’t worry. This yurt is located just 12 minutes away (by car) from downtown Santa Barbara, so you are free to enjoy all the attractions of the city too.


Price: from 209 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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2. Just chill: glamping (from 82 USD)

You’re going to be on the ground, surrounded by trees, and in a tent. You’re also going to have to walk everywhere from here. But, this isn’t your regular, mosquito-bite-ridden camping ground. This is a cool glamping recommendation. For 82 USD a night, by yourself or with another soul-searching buddy, you’ll get access to a great homestay with the chillest vibes and a really convenient location.

Source: Airbnb

The spacious tent is meant for 5 people, but it is rented out for 2 guests only, so you’ll be sure of having plenty of room to move around. Be surrounded by the lush Santa Barbara greenery as you take photos with the fairy lights and candles.

Source: Airbnb

No need to worry about data use because this tent comes with Wi-Fi. It also has an indoor bathroom. No need to worry about transport either; there is free use of bikes, and many popular spots in Santa Barbara are accessible by foot from here, including the Santa Barbara Bowl. You might even fall asleep to the distant sounds of music and cheering from the large concert venue.

Source: Airbnb
We had a very nice time staying here. There was a comfortable air bed in the tent. Being able to park in the driveway was very convenient. The location is great - we walked to brunch and shopping. Kate

The host assures that you will be in a safe neighbourhood; they don’t even lock the door themselves. With all of this in mind, you can just relax and enjoy all the fun of Santa Barbara at your own pace.

Glamping! Downtown SB Oasis,FreeBikes, 5 Stars!

Address: 1705 San Marcos Pass Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Price: from 82 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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3. Be moved: mountain view apartment (from 149 USD)

Mountains: those towering mounds of stone make us feel small and human again. They fill us with awe and respect, and we travel great distances just to see them. But, how great would it be if we could wake up to the sight of one every day?

Source: Airbnb

This apartment up a mountain is meant for a family stay, and it holds up to 6 guests. From the bedrooms, you can see rolling shapes of the mountains out the window, and, because of the city’s unique structure, it is only a 5-minute car drive away from the beach.

Source: Airbnb

The host is happy to introduce good hiking trails for you to appreciate more of the city’s natural beauty. The property is also within a few miles of State Street in downtown Santa Barbara. You get the best of the sun, shopping, and the soil in one apartment for the low price of 149 USD a night.

Source: Airbnb
Beautiful location, amazing views, and plenty of opportunity for peace and quiet. Note that this is a multi-unit property with other tenants. The unit was new, clean, and well-maintained. Stefan's friend, Marti, was communicative over text and allowed us to come a bit earlier than the check in time - which was great. Bahareh

It’s recommended that you get a car if you plan to stay at this place, as the apartment is on a mountain, after all. The breathtaking views are definitely worth it.

Unbelievable Ocean view mountain retreat

Price: from 149 USD

Number of Guests: 6

Access: Car recommended

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4. See new sights: seaside apartment (from 110 USD)

Built in 1912, this building was first used as the Santa Barbara Yacht Club, but then became a bed and breakfast venue. It now has more than 30 years of experience of serving customers. Here, you definitely know you are getting your money’s worth with hosts who know how to make their guests truly happy.

Source: Airbnb

This apartment has a large variety of amenities. It has a fully stocked kitchen, kitchen equipment, a flat-screen television, and a gas fireplace. It is right next to the beach, which is within walking distance, and the rooms are tastefully decorated to reflect the seaside theme.

Source: Airbnb

There are other guest residences within the Yacht Club Inn, and you can meet other guests downstairs to talk about your travels and add some new stories to your memories.

Source: Airbnb
This is a unique Airbnb experience where you get much more of a BnB feel. This was a refreshing change up on our road trip where we stayed in all private residences. The communal area downstairs ended up being a great meeting point where we got to know travelers from all over! We all ended up eating dinner together, sharing wine and sharing travel stories. Also very close to the beach which was a huge plus. Amanda

Canopy King w/ Balcony by Beach

Address: 431 Corona Del Mar, Santa Barbara, CA 93103, United States

Price: from 110 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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5. Clearly a dream: a glass house in nature (from 199 USD)

You know that mixed feeling of wanting to be surrounded by trees and nature, but also wanting to be indoors and feeling protected at the same time? Here is a unique Airbnb listing that can provide that special experience. A glass house, standing in the middle of the woods, is yours to stay in for 199 USD. It's like something right out of a child's imagination.

Source: Airbnb

The house was designed by two incredible architects from Berlin. The Birch Glass House comprises a birch wood framework and two solid one-way glass walls to give the feeling of being outside, while you remain cosily indoors and hidden from outside eyes. The compound also has a hammock for you to rest on. There are other similar houses nearby for other guests, but they are spaced apart enough for you to feel like you have enough privacy.

Source: Airbnb

The host also has 14 chickens that lay eggs daily, and she is willing to give her guests a few for their breakfast. Bask in the sounds and sights of nature from a new perspective.

Source: Airbnb
My girlfriend and I wanted a night away from the city and the world so we figured a dreamy glass house could fulfill such a desire. AND THIS PLACE WAS ABSOLUTELY HEAVEN. We had such a wonderful time and were blown away by the grounds and our perfect little glass cottage. Going to sleep amongst the trees and waking up to a perfect little nature right in front of us was so wonderful. William

Even if this location feels very off-the-grid, it is, in reality, a mere 2 miles (3.2 kilometres) from shopping malls, great wine tasting, and groceries.

Dreamy Glass Cottage in Nature Paradise

Price: from 199 USD

Number of Guests: 2

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Santa Barbara: a city to wind down in

Maybe it’s the romantic Spanish-inspired buildings, maybe it’s the incredible breathtaking location, but something about Santa Barbara just makes you want to slow down and take in everything around you. These Airbnb accommodations may just be what you need to get started in discovering this beautiful Californian city.

This article was originally published on Oct 20, 2016
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