Baltimore By Drone

The setting sun bleeding out into the harbor. Squat, red-bricked buildings standing proud and firm next to towering spires of glass. An expanse of streets and neighborhoods that finally open up into the harbor’s breathless sheen of blue. Baltimore is full of unexpected beauty, and Matthew Coakley has captured that in his aerial film of The Charm City.

Around the Inner Harbor, past and present collide. The Historic Ships bob majestically in the waters, while glitzy hotels, malls, and restaurants glitter with their glass-fronted facades. Move further inland, and the neighborhoods that make up Baltimore roll by. From the cobble-stoned streets of Fell’s Point to the grand campus of John Hopkins University, Baltimore has more to do and more to see than you could ever imagine.

Perhaps what is most charming about Baltimore is its refusal to follow the rest of the north-east crowd. This city sets its own pace and has its own quirky festivals and cultures, which it is fiercely proud of. So come to Baltimore; it’s sure to leave you feeling charmed.

Belicia is a clueless child in between polytechnic and university. She loves playing with words and cameras, and in her free time tries to stay curious and keep exploring the world. To her, the...Read more

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