7 Best Things To Do In Chifeng, China - Updated 2021

best things to do in chifeng china

Chifeng is a city in the People’s Republic of China, which is also known as Ulanhad. Chifeng also means Red Mountain. With Xiliao River, and Yan Mountains around, Chifeng is truly a place with many discrete natural habitats. It also has a huge amount of mineral resources. The city is also prominently known for its amazing grassland section.

Let us have a look to discover what are the best things to do in Chifeng:

1. Prairie Festival

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This festival is all about the pride and cultural display of prairie people. Prairie Festival is widely known as Prairie Cultural Tourism Festival. The entire festival is about experiencing and seeing the Mongols culture. The festival includes an opening ceremony, local herdsman visiting, living and being Mongol for a day and much more. You can experience the nomadic life by staying with the locals. You get to experience the traditional Mongolian wedding performance and Wulanmuqi performances too. There are also musical evenings, art exhibitions, karaoke concerts and many business activities.

When you experience the Prairie culture for a day, it will definitely give you insight into the diversity of the human world. The festival is held in Gong Geer Prairie and Hexigten Banner area between June and September each year.

2. Liao and Hongshan Cultural Tourism Festival

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The Hongshan Cultural Tourism Festival is held in Hongshan District and Xincheng District. The entire festival is about experiencing the Hongshan culture. With a beautiful opening ceremony, the festival opens its gate to welcome tourist from all across the world. There are great theatrical performances along with a fireworks party. There are a large number of Hongshan essential relics exhibitions. Apart from that, there are art performances from various foreign art groups, and municipal art groups. The festival also holds an economic trade fair and exhibitions of paintings and photography along with calligraphy. There are many sightseeing areas around, so after the festival you can indulge yourself with hiking or sightseeing in the natural scenery.

The festival is held in August every year and is the best form of cultural exchange in Chifeng.

3. Visiting Gongger Grassland

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The Gongger Grassland is located in Hexigten Banner near Beijing. With beautiful landscapes and amazing scenery around, Gongger Grassland is truly a jewel of Chifeng. The Gongger Grassland is a unique place to experience and see the sunrise. With abundant grass, water and greenery around, this place offers an absolutely stunning vista of the entire land. The greenery is spread across far distances. The extremely colorful flora and fauna give this place a distinct look. When you visit Gongger Grassland during the daytime, the Mongolian people will welcome you with local songs. During the evening, there is a bonfire party where you get to eat traditional Mongolian food and drinks. To add to that, the locals sing and dance with ethnic ancient songs.

There are many options to stay in Gongger Grassland for tourists. You can stay in villas, wooden cottages and local yurts to gain an insight into the core experience of living a nomadic life.

4. Arshihaty (Asihatu) Stone Forest

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Arshihaty Stone Forest is located in the north of Hexigten Banner and is around 60 miles (100 km) from Jingpeng town. The Arshihaty Stone Forest is the most important place in Hexigten World Geological Park. The reason being the Geo-park is a kind of a quaternary glacier relic, carved by wind and sand through millions of years. Looking like an ancient castle, the stone forest is located amidst vast grassland. The meaning of Arshihaty in Mongolia means ‘steepy peaks’. This place is considered a rare forest and hailed by experts as geological wonder of the world.

There are a total of five sections of the Arshihaty Stone Forest. Moon castle, eagle with folded wings, swear brothers, the Siege and entertainment and living area. Groups of cattle and sheep with numerous huts in the background, along with a flowing river, makes the entire scene quite extraordinary. The Arshihaty Stone Forest opens at 8am in the morning and closes at 5.30pm in the evening.

5. Experience Dari Lake

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Dari Lake is also known as Darryl Lake, which is located in Hexigten World Geological Park. The Dari Lake comes under the National Nature Reserve and it is consistently making efforts to protect rare birds and ecosystems around, which includes forests, lakes, wetlands, grasslands and sand. The natural reserve in this place comes under the list of one of the most important wetlands in Asia. The entire lake covers a wide area of meadows and wetlands.

There are more than 152 kinds of birds here. Because of the huge number of swans around in the lake, this lake is also called ‘Swan Lake’. The lake area opens for general public at 8am in the morning and closes at 6pm in the evening.

6. Yulonshahu Scenic Spot

Located in Wengniute Banner, which is around 65 miles (104 km) from Chifeng City, Yulonshahu Scenic Spot is open between May and October. This place is also called Yulong Sand Lake tourist zone. The place has large grasslands, mountains, lakes, and deserts around. The most vital aspect of Yulong Sand Lake tourist zone is the sand lake and pines. The lake here is known as ‘eight hundred sand sea’. On the other side of the lake are beautiful mountain peaks and an endless desert area. There are two famous mountains around, which are Huanghua Mountain and Black Mountain. If you visit Chifeng between May and October, then Yulonshahu Scenic Spot should definitely be on your list!

7. Hongshan National Forest Park

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Located amidst the Chifeng City at Yingjin Riverside, the Hongshan National Forest Park is a quiet getaway from the busy city. The mountain and greenery will take your breath away. The entire city is visible from a certain point on the mountain. For people who wish to dive into nature and have a quick escape, you will certainly admire the Hongshan National Forest Park.

Chifeng is truly a distinct place for a wide cultural exchange experience!

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Being located in the southeastern Inner Mongolia, Chifeng offers stunning opportunities to dive into the Mongolian culture and get first-hand experience. Plan your next vacation for beautiful Chifeng!

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