9 Best Things To Do In Hulunbuir, China

best things to do in hulunbuir china
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Hulunbuir, a region in Inner Mongolia, hosts vast grasslands, national parks, and scenic views. Home to 32 ethnic groups, it’s rich in culture and history. It’s a remote area, far away from large cities and bustling streets. Bordering Russia, its vast bleakness holds an inexplicable appeal. Make a trip out to Hulunbuir to get away from society and immerse yourself in the openness presented by the clear skies and local hospitality. When you’re there, don’t miss these 9 locations that are sure to blow you away.

1. Hulun Buir Prairie

Naadam rider 2
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user user:InvictaHOG used under PUBLIC DOMAIN

The Hulun Buir Prairie is one of the best preserved grasslands. It’s called the ‘Grass Kingdom’. It’s vast and abundant with greenery. Its unpolluted environment produces milk, meat, leather, fur and other animal products. It also houses a famous tourist resort. So if you want to, you can stop in and stay the night to breathe in the untainted air and the clear skies. Just make sure to watch out for mosquitos. Gazing out at the prairie you will see the landscape dotted with yurts that have been built with modern amenities. You can go inside and fade into the Mongolian lifestyle of the past.

Hulun Buir Prairie

Address: New Barag Banner, Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, China

Entrance Fee: 20 CNY (3 USD)

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2. Hailar National Forest Park

Source: Photo by user drnan tu used under CC BY-SA 2.0

A small forest park located a few minutes away from central Hailar, the national forest park offers some entertainment when staying in town. If you decide to stopover in Hailar for the day, take a diversion to stop by the national forest park. Take the chance to walk through the trees to commune with nature. There are facilities to rent a few bikes and meander through the park if you wish. It’s a pleasant trip to make while driving by.

Hailar National Forest Park

Address: Xishan Mountain, Haila'er District, Hulunbuir 021000, China

Entrance Fee: In the range of 40 CNY (6 USD)

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3. World Antifascist War Park

One of the best attractions in Hailaer is the World Antifascist War Park. This memorial is a display of the tunnels that the Japanese forced Chinese laborers to build, then killing them to preserve the secrecy of the location. It puts the war tanks, weapons and history of the Sino-Japan war on display. You get a chance to walk through one of the tunnels and visit the museum which offers a further explanation of the difficult times people had to struggle through. It’s a flashback to a different time. You can almost imagine what it feels like to live in those times here.

World Antifascist War Park

Address: North of Haila'er District, Hulunbuir, China

Entrance Fee: 60 CNY (8.80 USD)

Opening Hours: 8 am – 5:30 pm

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4. Genghis Khan Square

This square is attractive and provides an interesting experience. Wonderful for kids, the square is filled with statues of Genghis Khan and other Mongols on horseback. It sports some entertainment rides for kids, and there are stands selling sweets and toys. It’s an amusing place to pass some time and divert the children, along with a beautiful green spot in the midst of the otherwise normal city atmosphere, it can be a worthy place to drop by during your journey.

Genghis Khan Square

Address: Hedong Shengli Street, Hailaer Area, Hulunbuir, China

Entrance Fee: Free

Extra Services: Any extra services involving kid’s sports may come at an additional cost

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5. Hulunbuir Old Town

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Fanghong used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Visit the Hulunbuir Old Town, as the ancient city has a lot to offer. During the day the town has many restaurants for you to choose from, but the real fun starts in the evening. During the evening there’s a street-food market selling all kinds of enticing treats and other exciting trinkets to take home. The square at the end of the street fills with people dancing, playing games and relaxing. It’s a great vibe to be a part of, so don’t miss out.

Hulunbuir Old Town

Address: Zhengyang Street, Haila'er District, Hulunbuir, China

Entrance Fee: Free

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6. Hulunbuir Nationality Museum

Shatar in Hulun Buir National Museum
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user 虞海 used under CC BY-SA 3.0

The nationality museum provides a lot of insight into the culture of the Ewanki people that settled in Hulunbuir. It traces the culture, religion and history of migrants who were originally reindeer herders. The museum displays the daily items used by the ancient Ewankcs, as well as the lifestyles of the Mongolians. They also display the weapons used against the Japanese during the Sino-Japanese war. Outside the museum they have erected replicas of the tents used in ancient times. It’s an educational experience, and it allows you to feel connected to how life in the grasslands used to feel.

Hulunbuir Nationality Museum

Address: Shengli Main Street, Haila'er District, Hulunbuir 021000, China

Opening Hours: 8 am - 5 pm

Entrance Fee: In the range of 60 CNY (8.80 USD)

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7. Moerdaoga National Forest Park

The draw at Hulunbuir Grasslands
Source: Photo by user llee_wu used under CC BY-ND 2.0

Unsurprisingly, the Moerdaoga National Forest Park is a picturesque location. Just driving through it will help you clear your mind of all unnecessary thoughts and feel at peace. The verdant landscapes and natural setting is a defining concept of the entire Hulunbuir trip. On the way back from the national forest park when driving towards Hulunbuir, come through the Enhe town, which is said to be the only true Russian village in China.

Moerdaoga National Forest Park

Address: Moerdaoga Town, Ergun City, Hulunbuir, China

Entrance Fee: 130 CNY (19 USD)

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8. Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia

Century square Manzhouli
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Alexander V. Solomin used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Manzhouli or in other words Manchuria portrays the stark contrast between Chinese and Russian architecture. Manzhouli is a border town in between Russia and China. It’s quite interesting to go and take a look at the border arch, just to see how insubstantial and manmade borders really are.

There are a lot of other fun attractions in Manzhouli to visit. You can take a look at the Russian Doll Market or the Russian Art Museum. The North Market is a small tented market that sells clothes and souvenirs. The city lights up at night and it’s dazzling to see. Spend a day in Manzhouli, it’s worth it. You could even end your trip here before flying out!

Manzhouli City

Address: Manzhouli, Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, China

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9. A’ershan National Forest Park

I have saved the best for last. The A’ershan National Forest Park is an exquisite location. You have to spend time in the park to see the rolling hills, forests, and lakes on top of the mountain, made by lava from an extinct volcano. Come and see the hot springs, that are said to be able to cure your ailments; it’s a location you should not miss. At night you have the chance to see the galaxy spread out above you. Photograph the Milky Way and wonder how insignificant you really are in the grand scheme of things.

A'ershan National Forest Park

Address: Lvyou Rd, Arxan, Hinggan, Inner Mongolia, China

Opening Times: Monday - Sunday: 8 am - 5 pm

Entrance Fee: 180 CNY (27 USD)

Recommended Time to Stay: 2 days

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Revel in the calm of Hulunbuir

Hulunbuir is a vast region that has something for all its visitors. Come to Hulunbuir to take your mind off of the stress of daily life and let loose in the midst of nature. Spend a minimum of a week driving throughout Hulunbuir to see all the sights. Revel in the picturesque landscapes and photograph the starry night sky you’re sure to see spread out above you. Take everything Hulunbuir has to offer, and these 9 attractions are a great place to start.

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