23 Best Things To Do In Cannes, France - Updated 2024

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This famous resort town on the French Riviera is in the news annually for the prestigious film festival that it hosts. Having come a long way from its humble beginnings as a fishing village, Cannes now attracts world leaders and celebrities by the hundreds. Long counted among the playgrounds of the rich and the famous, this seaside town is home to plenty of luxury establishments including hotels, designer boutiques, and restaurants. With Ferraris and Porsches zipping down the roads and luxury yachts docked at the port all year round, there is never a dull moment in Cannes. Apart from the glitz and glamor, the city has an abundance of natural beauty and attractions for you to explore and experience at your own pace. Here is a list of some interesting things to do in Cannes, France.

1. Walk through the Museum of Castre at your own pace

Posted by Naza Kadyrova on Saturday, 27 February 2016

Set on a vantage point on Suquet Hill overlooking the town, this museum is housed in an ancient castle. The castle is a historical monument and was home to the monks of Lerins in the 12th century. It has a vast collection of art, antiques, and sculptures with special emphasis on items from the Middle East and the Mediterranean region. This museum has exhibits from various parts of the world such as Africa, Asia, and the Americas. After you explore the museum, make your way up the 109 steps that lead to the square tower for panoramic views of the town below.

Musee de la Castre

Address: 6 Rue de la Castre, Cannes 06400, France

Website: Musee de la Castre

Opening hours: Tue - Sun: 10am - 1pm, 2pm - 5pm (closed on Mon)

Price: 4 - 7 USD

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2. Soak in the views of the picture-perfect Old Port

⚓#jeudiphoto au #VieuxportdeCannes #portlife #CotedAzurFrance

Posted by Vieux Port de Cannes on Thursday, 6 June 2019

Also known as the Port Cannes or Vieux Port, this is where all the cruise ships dock. It is also where the yachts that Cannes is famous for can be found. Located at the heart of the town, this port is close to markets and shopping areas. The well-sheltered port is near the train station and just a short drive from Nice airport. An annual yachting festival that sees over 500 boats participating is held here in a grand manner. The port is also a popular venue for various events on stationary yachts and major festivals like the Royal Regattas and the Cannes Film Festival.

Vieux Port

Address: Promenade de la Pantiero, Cannes

Facebook: Vieux Port

Opening hours: 8am - 6pm (daily)

Price: Free

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3. Catch an enthralling jazz performance at Villa Domergue

This historic mansion was once home to painter Jean-Gabriel Domergue. Built in 1934, this mansion served as a museum in his honor for a few years before being converted into an official venue for events by the town. It is here that the jury of the annual Cannes Film Festival meets to decide on the winners. During the summer month of August, the villa is a popular venue for numerous jazz performances. The concerts take place in the beautiful garden of the property built in the Art Deco style of architecture. It is definitely a great way to unwind and relax after a day of busy activity.

Villa Domergue

Address: 15 Avenue Fiesole, 06400 Cannes, France

Website: Villa Domergue

Opening hours: 11am - 7pm (daily)

Price: 11 - 27 USD

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4. Relax in nature's lap at Croix-des-Gardes

Parc de la Croix-des-Gardes, Cannes (2014)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Florian Pépellin used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Enjoy the verdant beauty of this forest land right at the heart of the town. A favorite with walkers and joggers, this sprawling park has over 12 miles (20 km) of trails. Fitness areas have been set up at various points across the land. Vantage lookout points let you enjoy gorgeous vistas of the Bay of Cannes, the islands and surrounding areas. There is also a hill within this park at the summit of which you will find a huge cross. You can also bike up there or take a taxi and simply walk down on your way back.

Croix-des-Gardes Nature Park and Forest

Address: 166 Boulevard Leader, 06400 Cannes, France

Website: Croix-des-Gardes Nature Park and Forest

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

Price: Free

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Cannes Tour Guide

Patricia Bollinger

Patricia Bollinger

<p>My name is Patricia Bollinger and my family is French. I have always had a passion for art and history and I chose to study them when I went to university. I have been a licensed tour guide for the last 30 years and I work in French, English and Italian. My passion and also as part of my work I travel a lot. For this reason, I have a good idea of visitors expectations. Naturally I want to share this passion for my country and its heritage with foreign visitors.<br>I also love cooking and I am a foody.</p>

Tours by Patricia

5. Stop by the historic Church of Our Lady of Hope

The Church of Our Lady of Hope is an impressive Gothic structure set atop Le Suquet Hill in the old part of town. Dating back to the 17th century, this building houses a bell tower that you can climb up to for stunning views of the town and the bay. Known as the Church of Our Lady of Esperance, this historic site is enclosed by a well-maintained garden. A charming Baroque-style square invites you to enjoy lunch in the shade. Music performances can also be often enjoyed here.

Notre Dame De L’esperance

Address: 1 Rue de la Castre, 06400 Cannes, France

Website: Notre Dame De L’esperance

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

Price: Free

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6. Discover the beautiful exhibits at Centre d'art La Malmaison

Posted by Lola Cabello on Sunday, 29 January 2017

Situated in a former hotel, this art gallery is home to individual exhibitions of 20th and 21st century artists. These temporary exhibitions keep changing and each one usually features nearly a hundred works sourced from public or private collections. The building which was the former Grand Hotel is spectacular in itself. You can also browse through the souvenirs on offer after you have toured the small, albeit well-organized museum. Also, there are quite a few stairs to be accessed and it can be difficult if you have mobility issues.

Centre d'art La Malmaison

Address: 47 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes, France

Website: Centre d'art La Malmaison

Opening hours: 10am - 7pm (daily)

Price: 6 USD

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7. Get glimpses of everyday life at the Forville Market

After all the glitz and glamor, if you seek a down-to-earth experience, then Forville Market or Marche Forville is the place you must head to. From fresh produce to seafood to cheese, this indoor market has everything you need to concoct a great meal. Situated at the foot of Le Suquet and near the famous La Croisette boardwalk, this bustling market is also a great place to sample or takeaway delicacies such as paella, sauerkraut, and Italian food. Do not eat a heavy breakfast or lunch if you would like to sample the items on offer at this market.

Marche Forville

Address: 6 Rue du Marché Forville, 06400 Cannes, France

Website: Marche Forville

Opening hours: Tue - Sun: 7:30am - 1pm (closed on Mon)

Price: Free

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8. Marvel at the exemplary architecture of La Mairie (the Town Hall)

Cannes - Mairie
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Christophe.Finot used under CC BY-SA 2.5

Located in a strategic spot opposite the beautiful harbor this magnificent building dates back to the 19th century. Retaining its stately presence over the years, this Neo-Classical building was designed by architect Louis Durand. Easily accessible from the old part of town and the Old Port area, this restored building is surrounded by well-maintained gardens. The likelihood of you running into newlyweds clicking photographs in front of this building is quite high given its popularity as a superb backdrop! If that happens you can just sit on one of the pretty benches there and wait for them to finish so you can click pictures!

Mairie de Cannes

Address: 1 Place Bernard Cornut Gentille, 06400 Cannes, France

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5:30pm; Sat: 8:30am - 12pm (closed on Sun)

Price: Free

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9. Admire the scenic coastline at Palm Beach

This is a cozy little public beach located right across from the now defunct Hotel Palm Beach. Tucked into a corner of Pointe Croisette, this quiet beach offers excellent views and opportunities for pursuing water sports. It is an ideal spot to enjoy a picnic and spend some quality time with family. Bathrooms, a large car park, and a kiosk selling sandwiches and refreshments add to the charm. The shallow and clear water makes it a great place for families with children looking for some safe fun in the sun and surf.

Palm Beach

Address: Place Franklin Roosevelt, 06400 Cannes

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

Price: Free

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10. Explore the extremely interesting Museum of the Sea

Posted by Dam Quang Tuan on Thursday, 16 October 2014

Housed within the Royal Fort on Saint-Marguerite Island, this fascinating museum has exhibits and displays related to underwater and terrestrial archeology. Murals and remains from Roman ruins can also be seen here. Set overlooking the beautiful bay and tucked into forests with eucalyptus and pine trees, this museum complex also includes the state prison. Take a look at the prison cell where the mysterious Man in The Iron Mask was held for 11 years. There is a little shop on the premises and large bags or backpacks are not allowed inside. Be sure to capture some great images of the stunning views seen from here.

Musee de la Mer

Address: Ile Sainte Marguerite, 1 Place Bernard Cornut-Gentille, 06400 Cannes

Website: Musee de la Mer

Opening hours: 9:30am - 10pm (daily)

Price: 6 USD

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11. Satisfy your shopaholic soul at the Rue D'Antibes

Shop till you drop is the mantra when at Rue D’Antibes, the primary shopping street in this famous town. It runs parallel to La Croisette and is lined with glitzy stores featuring high-end names in French perfumes, fashion, jewelry, and interior design. Tea rooms, confectionaries, and premier beauty institutes can also be found here. There are plenty of outdoor cafes on this street if you’d prefer to go light on your pocket and people instead of shopping! And do not miss out on the fine examples of exquisite architecture on either side of the road.

Rue D’Antibes

Address: Rue D’Antibes,06400 Cannes

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12. Admire the artwork on the painted walls

The gorgeous painted walls across the city pay tribute to the town’s close ties with the world of films. Featuring giant murals on walls of buildings across town, this was an initiative by the municipality to beautify the town. Featuring movie themes, these paintings are primarily concentrated in the area between the old town and the marina. Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, and James Dean are just some of the personalities you are likely to come upon. Stop to look at these and wonder at the effort that must have gone into each of these creations.

Les Murs Peints

Address: Cannes

Website: Les Murs Peints

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

Price: Free

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13. Organize a private photo shoot in Cannes (from USD 216.37)

things to do in cannes france | organize a private photo shoot in cannes

One great way of memorializing your fantastic trip to this beautiful resort town is with a professional photoshoot. This private photo shoot that lasts for an hour will provide you with unique souvenirs of your visit. The professional, bilingual photographer will accompany you to the different picturesque localities in town such as Le Suquet and Vieux Port. After the conclusion of your photoshoot, you will be able to view your photos online in a private gallery. A portfolio with a maximum of 60 photo prints will be compiled for you and delivered within five days of the shoot.

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Cannes: Private Photo Shoot and Professional Images

Duration: 1.0 hour

14. Enjoy quality family time at Fun City Cannes

Posted by FUN City Cannes on Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Have some indoor fun with the kids at this fun arcade, especially if it’s not great weather to be out. Kids of all ages can have fun here as the attractions are age-specific. While the toddlers under three years can enjoy to their heart’s content in the soft play area, older children will have a whale of a time with the trampolines and electric mini karts. You can relax with refreshments from the café while you surf the internet using the free WiFi.

Fun City Cannes

Address: 47 Avenue Maurice Chevalier, 06150 Cannes la Bocca, France

Website: Fun City Cannes

Opening hours: 10am - 7pm (daily)

Price: 7 - 11 USD

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15. Dabble in intriguing games at the Curious World

? Besoin d'une idée CADEAU de dernière minute ? ? Offrez à vos proches un chèque cadeau Curious World valable 1 an !...

Posted by Curious World on Wednesday, 19 December 2018

This interesting escape game promises over an hour of edgy excitement for older children and adults. Choose from the various scenarios on offer and set off to find your way out of a sticky situation. Ideally, teams are comprised of four to six members and it would be a private game meaning you will not have to play with strangers. There is an initial briefing followed by up to an hour of play and a debriefing at the end.

Curious World

Address: Chemin de la bastide Rouge, The Tourrades, 06150 Cannes

Website: Curious World

Opening hours: Wed - Mon: 9:30am - 10pm (closed on Tue)

Price: 27 USD

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16. Experience fine dining at La Palme d'Or

things to do in cannes france | experience fine dining at la palme d'or
Source: instagram

Feel like a celebrity as you relish fine dining at this elegant restaurant situated on the first floor of the Hyatt Hotel Martinez. With dining on the balcony overlooking La Croisette available, this restaurant with two Michelin stars and four Gault and Millau Toques offers you gourmet cuisine. One unique aspect of dining here is that the tableware here has been created by the chef and his wife! Set menus are available and the chef does come around regularly to check up on guests.

Restaurant La Palme d'Or

Address: 73 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes, France

Website: Restaurant La Palme d'Or

Opening hours: Tue - Fri: 7:30pm -10pm; Sat: 12pm – 2pm, 7:30pm – 10pm (closed on Sun & Mon)

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17. Explore the highlights of French Riviera (from USD 771.0)

Set off on this customized private tour of the French Riviera where you can get a look at the attractions that appeal most to you. Relish scenic views of the coastline as you drive to various destinations. Visit the Fragonard factory in the medieval village of Eze for a firsthand look at the art of making perfumes. At your next destination, enjoy panoramic views of Monaco before heading into the old part of town. Stroll around the Oceanographic Museum and soak in the ambiance at the cathedral where Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier. You will also visit Monte Carlo Casino and the Formula 1 track apart from other popular stops during this tour.

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Cannes French Riviera Including Monaco Private Shore Excursion

Duration: 8 hours

41 reviews

18. Experience the nightlife of Cannes at Morrisons Irish Pub

A great place to catch live rock band performances, this has been a popular venue for night owls since 1997. Ladies get great deals on Sunday nights while Tuesdays are for you to take the stage. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the best time to catch live bands playing great music late into the night. The drinks are good and it is usually a crowded place, so you might want to get there a little early and find a good spot.

Morrisons Irish Pub

Address: 10 Rue Teisseire, 06400 Cannes, France

Website: Morrisons Irish Pub

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 5pm - 2am; Sat - Sun: 1pm - 2am

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19. Explore the Croisette area (from USD 74.83)

things to do in cannes france | explore the croisette area

Hop on an electric bike to explore the beautiful architecture and other attractions in this city. Cycle by the old port, pass through Suquet neighborhood and ride along La Croisette boulevard. See the many grand hotels, luxurious boutiques, and fine dining restaurants that dot the town. Follow the lead of your knowledgeable professional guide and learn interesting facts and tidbits about the localities that you pass by. Stop to click pictures of the various landmarks and scenic vistas that take your fancy so you can have memories to cherish once you are home.

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Cannes 2.5-Hour E-bike Tour

Duration: 2.5 hour

64 reviews

20. Zoom across the old quarters of Suquet (from USD 97.28)

zoom across the old quarters of suquet

Keep your driving license handy as you set off on this fun tour of the old town district of Le Suquet. Hop on a Vespa scooter as the driver or a passenger and follow your experienced local guide on this two-hour tour. Start off by riding parallel to the Mediterranean Sea and stop en route as much as you want to savor the scenic views and to click some great photographs. Travel the breadth of the town and soak in the ambiance of the old-world charm of Le Suquet with its cobbled streets and quaint restaurants.

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Cannes Sightseeing Tour by Vespa

Duration: 2 hour

3 reviews

21. Discover the underwater world in Cannes Bay (from USD 48.8)

discover the underwater world in cannes bay

Explore the fascinating underwater world that exists in the bay of Cannes. During this four-hour tour, you will head to a dive site near the Islands of Lerins or along the Esterel. You can swim, snorkel, and bask in the sun for two hours before it is time to turn back. All snorkeling equipment will be provided and an expert instructor will brief you on the routs as well as safety methods before setting off on the boat. Drinking water is available in plenty and you will need to carry along any other personal stuff that you might need.

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Cannes: Boat and Snorkeling Tour

Duration: 3.5 hour

196 reviews

22. Enjoy a Segway tour of the Cannes Film Festival venue (from USD 59.73)

enjoy a segway tour of the cannes film festival venue

Set off on this exciting Segway adventure with your experienced local guide to effortlessly explore the town. During the two-hour tour, you will get to see various attractions and landmarks including the red carpet at the Palais des Festivales where international celebrities gather each year for the famed film festival. This tour will cover the old port, the Croisette, and Palm beach besides others. And don’t worry if you’ve never been on a Segway before – your guide will ensure that you know the right way of traveling and handling your ride before you set off.

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Cannes 2-Hour Segway Tour

Duration: 2 hour

33 reviews

23. Get a bird’s-eye view of the stunning beaches (from USD 132.87)

get a bird’s-eye view of the stunning beaches

Hop into a small private plane for this fabulous aerial tour of the gorgeous beaches of Cannes. During the one-hour flight, you will get to see panoramic views of the city. Click pictures of the French Riviera, Esterel Massif with its red rocks standing out against the azure water, and the Lerins Islands. On your headset listen to the communications between the pilot and the control tower making you feel like an actual pilot! You will have so much fun on this personalized flight that before you know it, you will be preparing to land on terra firma.

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Cannes: French Riviera Discovery Flight

Duration: 1 hour

7 reviews

Unraveling the mystique of Cannes

These are just some of the things that this sparkling city has to offer visitors. Delve a little more and you are sure to turn up quite a few more activities and attractions to add to this list of things to do in Cannes.

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