Top 26 Things To Do In Dénia, Spain

things to do in denia spain

Dénia is certainly not among the top destinations that one will visit when they travel to Spain. However, its beautiful location on the Mediterranean coast and the countless ways that this relatively small town can keep you busy and happy are things to consider when you plan a trip to Spain. The cute town makes sure it receives, every year, Blue Flags for its clean and attractive beaches, while at the iconic landmark, the Castle, visitors can admire the architecture and the fabulous views. As for exercising outdoors, name a water sport and you have it, though hiking and biking might be more popular. So, if we convinced you it’s worth a visit, note down this list of the best things to do in Dénia, Spain.

1. Discover historic artifacts at Castillo de Denia

Denia, Spain
Source: Photo by user Roger Davies used under CC BY 2.0

Castillo de Denia is the symbol of the city and it sits atop a cliff overlooking the coast. The Castle has been inhabited since the Roman times and was predominantly constructed in Almohad style, although later different styles of architecture, like from the Renaissance period and the 18th century, were added to it. It’s one of the main attractions of the city and features three towers and an archaeological museum open to the public. Climb to the highest point to enjoy fantastic views of the harbor and the mountains.

Castillo de Denia

Address: Carrer Sant Francesc, S/n, 03700 Dénia, Alacant

Opening hours: 10am - 7pm (daily)

Price: 3.40 USD

2. Delve into 19th-century lifestyle at Ethnology Museum

¿Te gustaría conocer a fondo el Castillo y descubrir algunas de sus singularidades ocultas? El Deparatamento de...

Posted by Dénia Turismo on Thursday, 18 April 2019

Pay a visit to Dénia’s Ethnology Museum to travel back in time, in the 1800s. It was the period when Dénia began to fully flourish thanks to its dried raisin harvest, and this very evolution is represented in the museum. Spread across three floors, all worth exploring, visitors will find a great collection of elegant clothing and fine jewelry meant for the bourgeoisie of that time, as well as work tools and an old photography exhibition room featuring the raisin manufacturing process.

Ethnology Museum

Address: Carrer dels Cavallers, 1, 03700 Dénia, Alacant

Opening hours: Tue - Sat: 10.30am - 1pm, 4pm - 7pm; Sun: 10.30am - 1pm (closed on Mon)

Price : Free entrance

3. Take a dip in Platja de les Marines

Denia is an attractive destination partially thanks to its beautiful beaches. Les Marines is a 3-km (1.8-mile) stretch of coastline with a golden, sandy beach ideal also for kids. The Blue Flag beach boasts a number of beach bars and restaurants, while several resorts and apartments are popping up on the background. At Les Marines, visitors have the chance to take part in watersports activities, like kayaking, kitesurfing or windsurfing. Even though it can get crowded, you can still find a peaceful spot to relax.

Platja de les Marines

Address: Dénia, Alicante

4. Explore the Montgó Natural Park

Source: Photo by user [Unknown] used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Not far from the coast and 750m (2,460ft) above sea level, the imposing Montgó Natural Park is the mountain that separates Denia from Javea. A place of great natural wealth, the park is home to more than 650 species of flora, including the kermes oak and the Valencia rock violet, as well as over 150 species of vertebrates. Hiking and biking are the best ways to explore the park and its four different routes, while the hiking up to the top is not as hard as it might look, but no matter what, the stunning vistas are totally worth the effort.

Montgó Natural Park

Address: 03730 Xàbia, Alicante

Opening hours: 24hrs

5. Try out a segway tour

If you don’t feel that fit or you want to explore the area with minimum physical effort, then try the segway. Even better, if you never tried it before, don’t worry about that since you will have the chance to practice for 10 minutes till you figure out how to control this funny vehicle. When you are ready, you can choose between three equally fun routes, that each lasts an hour, more or less. An English-speaking guide, a helmet, and insurance are all included in the price.

Segway Tour

Address: Carrer Calderón, 8, 03700 Dénia, Alacant

Website: Segway tour

Price: From 33 USD

6. Experience scuba diving at the Marine Reserve

Scuba diving
Source: Pixabay

If you are into diving, there are several diving centers in Denia that can take you to see the pretty underwater world of this city. One of the best places for scuba diving is definitely the Marine Reserve at the San Antonio Cape, which happens to be a natural space of great environmental value. It is home to numerous species of fish and thus a protected area with a large ecological interest. You may also choose to snorkel in the stunning Cova Talllada, an oceanfront cave with pools for swimming too.

Cape San Antonio

Address: Ctra. del Cap de Sant Antoni, Km. 48, 03730 Xàbia, Alacant

7. Take a walk through the historical center of Denia

Source: Photo by user Jrr233 used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Taking a walk around the historic neighborhood of Denia feels almost like stepping back in time. The charming old buildings with the large doors and the wrought-iron balconies make the atmosphere pretty nostalgic. In this lovely area, visitors have the chance to enjoy a drink or typical Spanish food in one of the traditional bars, restaurants or street cafes, or visit the Ethnology Museum and even the church Nuestra Senora de Loreto. Take your time to wander around and watch for these little details that make the difference, like the colorful flowers and plants decorating the cute balconies.

Historical Center of Denia

Address: Dénia, Alicante

8. Watch a movie under the stars at Autocine Drive In

things to do in denia spain | watch a movie under the stars at autocine drive in
Source: quico_alvado on Instagram

If you want to experience watching a movie on the big screen while sitting in the comfort of your car, then don’t miss Autocine drive in. The trend of drive-in movie theaters that America started back in the ‘30s, has significantly eliminated those days, however, Spain seems to support this nostalgic icon. So, Dénia does offer this unique movie experience that features international as well as Spanish movies. Bring your food or your drinks, relax in the seat of your car and enjoy a movie under the stars.

Autocine Drive In

Address: Partida Devesses, 27, 03700 Dénia, Alicante

Website: Autocine Drive In

9. Check out art exhibits at Life Style Costa Blanca

Life Style Costa Blanca is your reference point for your trip to Denia. From simple city-related info to more in-depth real estate related questions, these guys have the answers for you. They also have a store selling souvenirs and design items, while a pretty art corner features paintings, photography exhibitions, ceramics, sculptures and more, that won’t leave you unmoved. Creativity at its best.

Life Style Costa Blanca

Address: Calle Loreto nº 6, Denia 03700 Alicante

Website: Life Style Costa Blanca

10. Enjoy sports at the beach in Platja Punta del Raset

Punta del Raset beach is the nearest beach town and its golden sand makes it ideal for all ages. Along the spacious beach, you will find multiple beach bars and restaurants to get a refreshment or even have lunch, but also lounge chairs and parasols. Also, to keep yourself (and perhaps your kids) energetic, there is a plethora of playgrounds, a beach volleyball court, and other outdoor gym equipment, while it’s possible to rent a canoe and skates.

Platja Punta del Raset

Address: Dénia, Alicante

11. Check out the architecture of St. Anthony Church

Located in the Plaza del Convento, which is named after the Convent of San Antonio, the Church of San Antonio was built on the 16th century. There is a sculpture of Saint Anthony de Padova, who was the head of the convent, while the facade is of Doric order. A number of celebrations, like weddings or baptisms, are often held here.

St. Anthony Church

Address: Plaza del Convento, Dénia, Alicante

12. Learn to master the waves at Windsurfing Dénia

Have you spent enough time sunbathing or exploring the city center and now you’re up for some action-packed excitement? Then consider Windsurfing Dénia. Whether you are a complete beginner or have a fairly small idea of windsurfing, these are the guys for you. The school offers private and group lessons for every age (above eight years old) and every level not only in windsurfing but also in kayaking, paddle surfing and Hobie-cat (small catamaran). Here, you can also rent equipment for the above-listed sports.

Windsurfing Denia

Address: Carrer Mar Mediterrània, 5, 03700 Dénia, Alacant

Website: Windsurfing Denia

13. Enjoy parasailing

Parasailing over the Water of the Riviera Maya
Source: Photo by user Grand Velas Rivie... used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Another option for making the most out of your trip to Denia is to try parasailing, a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. The package includes 1.5hrs boat tour (sailing) and another sensational 10-minute ‘flying’ in the air. The feeling of weightlessness and the unique bird’s eye view from up there will be something to remember long after you’re gone. Your flight adventure tour includes all the necessary equipment, including a life jacket, as well as insurance, while your guide may speak Spanish, English or French.


Website: Parasailing

Dates: 15th June to 30th September

Price: 56.70 USD

14. Go biking along the beaches

Beach biking
Source: Pixabay

Cycling and biking in Dénia are among the most popular outdoor activities to do around here, plus they are a great way to explore the surrounding area. There are several bicycle rides to choose from that give you the chance to bike along Dénia’s fine beaches. The cycle lanes around the city center and the beaches are pretty flat, so it won’t be an impossible mission. If you ride along the beach, you will find a lighthouse, sand dunes, a park, and multiple restaurants and bars, in case you want to take a small break.

Biking along the beaches

Address: Dénia, Alicante

15. Shop for local items at Mercado Municipal

Whether you are looking to buy quality food for cooking or you just love visiting local markets, a stroll at the Mercado Municipal will be a pleasant way to spend part of your morning. Fresh fish is brought straight from the fish market every morning, while organic fruits and vegetables occupy plenty of counters. The meats are also hand-treated and of high-quality raw materials. This food market is actually inside an air-conditioned building, and of course, features other items, like pastries and coffees.

Mercado Municipal

Address: Carrer Magallanes, 16, 03700 Dénia, Alacant

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 8am - 3pm (closed on Sun)

16. Sample Spanish food at Restaurante Tasca Els Tomasets

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Posted by Els Tomassets Denia on Saturday, 18 May 2019

We have all heard about Spanish gastronomy, and trust us, Dénia is not an exception. In fact, Dénia was designated by UNESCO as a Creative City of Gastronomy in 2015, so food addicts, you are in the right place. The criteria for this choice was not based only upon the quality of the food but also the ways that the city promotes sustainability. One such restaurant that takes good care of its clients is the Tasca Els Tomasets that features a pretty adorable setting and delicious dishes.

Restaurante Tasca Els Tomasets

Address: Carrer de Loreto, 35, 03700 Dénia, Alacant,

Website: Restaurante Tasca Els Tomasets

Opening hours: 9am - 12pm (daily)

17. Enjoy a few drinks at La Chica de Ayer

Se acerca el verano y ella se pondrá muy guapa...? #SeguimosTrabajando #Próximamente #LaChicaDeAyer

Posted by La chica de ayer on Tuesday, 28 May 2019

As for your late evening or night entertainment, we’ve got you covered. La Chica de Ayer is a lively pub that stays open until the early morning hours and guarantees tons of fun. Its theme is inspired by the ‘80s, so expect music hits from that era, along with current hits. There are a huge terrace and a lovely garden dotted with banana plants and palm trees, while live music makes the place vibrate on the weekends. Karaoke and DJs nights are also organized, and delicious tapas can be well paired with the cocktail of your choice.

Pub La Chica de Ayer

Address: Carrer de la Mar, 30, 03700 Dénia, Alacant

Website: La Chica de Ayer

Opening hours: 4.30pm - 4am (daily)

18. Pamper yourself at Elements Beauty Spa

Posted by Elements Beauty Spa on Monday, 8 May 2017

If you feel exhausted after walking, hiking or biking around Dénia, without hesitation, we recommend pampering yourself at Elements Beauty Spa. The inviting premises features an infrared sauna, a lovely garden, and a hot tub, while a pedicure and aqua detox zone are also among the facilities offered here. For their treatments, they only use 100% natural products and keep in mind that they work on an appointment-only basis.

Elements Beauty Spa

Address: Carrer Mabra, 3, 03700 Dénia, Alicante

Website: Elements Beauty Spa

Opening hours: Tue - Fri: 10am - 5pm (closed on Sat - Mon)

19. Check out vintage toys at Museo del Juguete de Denia

Posted by Amics del Joguet de Dénia on Friday, 18 December 2015

In 1904, the first toy industry was founded in Dénia by German merchants who brought machinery from Germany, and since then, different toy models have been constructed. The museum today boasts a collection of vintage toys dating back to its very start to the ‘60s, and it’s a great place for your kids but also for adults who feel rather nostalgic. Colored wooden toys were very popular across the globe, and included cars, tricycles, sailboats, and horse-drawn carriages, to name a few. Other cute toys featured here are wooden kitchens, planes, and hoops. The museum isn’t that big, so your kids won’t get bored.

Museo del Juguete de Denia

Address: Carrer Calderón, 2, 03700 Dénia, Alacant

Opening hours: 10am - 1pm, 5 - 8pm (daily)

Price: Free entrance

20. Ride a jetski

If you enjoy the outdoors and you consider yourself adventurous, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to raise your adrenaline for 2.5 hours, with this package. 30 minutes of jetskiing, an hour squad, and an hour kayaking or stand up paddling, along with endless fun is what you get. During these exciting activities, you will get to discover the fascinating Costa Blanca, the coastline of Denia and an offroad trip to Ondara. You can spread the three activities over your holidays, and what’s included is a professional guide, a life jacket, insurance, and a helmet.

Jetski ride

Website: Jetski ride

Price: 147 USD (two persons)

21. Take a stand-up paddle course

stand up paddle boarding
Source: Pixabay

A less pricey watersport activity, yet equally exciting, is the stand-up paddling. If you’ve always wanted to try it out then this is your chance. An introductory stand-up paddle surfing class with an experienced teacher takes an hour, during which you will explore the coastline of Denia by either standing, sitting, or kneeling on the board. The style and pace are up to you. If you are not a complete beginner, you can rent the equipment for an hour, after being given tips on noteworthy spots.

Stand-up paddling course

Website: Stand-up paddling course

Price: 28.30 USD

22. Experience the thrill of flyboarding

In case you wonder, no, we haven’t covered all the watersport activities one can find in Denia. There is still flyboarding, which actually might be the least common since it is a relatively new sport. Choose to flyboard for either 30 minutes or an hour, during which time you will jump over the waves and through the air, all the while soaking in marvelous views. Your professional guide will explain everything you need to know, so let him lift you up into the air for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Website: Flyboarding

Price: 113 USD

23. Visit the Town Council

things to do in denia spain | visit the town council

The Town Council of Dénia is a pretty beautiful, 18th-century building located in the city center, at the Constitution Square. The council office and the mayor and council chambers are hosted here, as well as services for the citizens. The town hall is well-connected with social media, where its followers may be informed about any events occurring in the town.

Town Council

Address: Plaça de la Constitució, 9-10, 03700 Dénia, Alacant

Website: Town Council

24. Get a panoramic view of Denia from Torre del Gerro

Every city has one or two brilliant viewpoints, and so does Denia. Torre del Gerro is a watchtower on the cliffs near Cape de San Antoni, the base of which is about 2.4km (1.5mi) from the city center. The ‘Jar Tower’ was built in the 16th century in order to watch out for pirates, and it is surprisingly kept in a very good condition. The pathway up to the tower might be a bit steep but once there, you will stand in awe admiring the sweeping views of the Mediterranean, the city, and Cape de San Antoni.

Torre del Gerro

Address: Torre del Gerro, Carrer de la Via Lactea, 03700 Dénia, Alicante

25. Enjoy shopping at Zona comercial Marques de Campo

This might be the street of the greatest importance in Dénia, since it is home to many headquarters of banks, a number of fine restaurants, cafes, fashion stores, and accessory shops. The lovely street is closed to traffic from Saturday evening to Monday morning, so visitors can enjoy all the street has to offer without car horns and noise disturbing them. The street has been quite a symbol for the city since many emblematic buildings of the previous century were located here.

Zona comercial Marques de Campo

Address: Carrer del Marqués de Campo, 22-24, 03700 Dénia, Alacant

26. Have a great night with friends at Pal Bailador

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by PA'L Bailador Discoteca on Thursday, December 28, 2017

Open only during the late-night hours, Pal Bailador is one of the largest party venues in Dénia. If you are a group of friends looking for a fun night out then this is definitely the place to be. As you can imagine, people here dance to the Latin rhythms, so be prepared to shake your bodies a lot if you don’t know already how to dance it. At their website, they also claim to offer liquor at affordable prices, so the full package is offered here.

Club Pal Bailador

Address: Carrer de la Mar, 25, 03700 Dénia, Alacant

Website: Pal Bailador

Opening hours: Wed - Sun: 11pm - 3.30am (closed on Thu & Fri)

A wealth of memories in Denia

Whether you prefer quiet holidays or more active ones, Dénia can make it the perfect getaway for you. And if you are not that much into the beach philosophy, then you can visit during winter, when the place is equally charming. What kind of activities would you like to do from the above-mentioned list?

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