19 Best Things To Do In Seattle At Night - Updated 2024

best things to do in seattle at night
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The city of Seattle is one of a kind, surrounded by its beautiful water and mountains, evergreen forests and thousands of acres of land, this place is one of the fabulous destinations to travel! Determined by its beautiful weather during summers, it has some of the most exciting things to do after enjoying some of the tourist attractions during the day. And plenty of amazing accommodation options are available here - from the best seaside hotels in Seattle to the top Airbnbs near Space Needle. Do you love exploring the city when the night is young?! Well, you are absolutely at the right place as this city is the hub of night entertainment. If you are looking for the best nightlife experience in Seattle be sure to check at some of these incredible things to do during the evening. Read on to find out about the best things to do in Seattle at night.


CityPASS allows you to save money on multiple top attractions which are carefully hand-picked so that you’re not missing out on the city’s best sights (like Space Needle and the Seattle Aquarium). The pass gives you entrance to five attractions and allows you to skip ticket lines too. Purchase CityPASS to save 50% on admission pp - so you not only save time but money too.

1. Join this Haunted Seattle ghost and pub walking tour (from USD 38.0)

If you are looking for some unique things to do while in Seattle, you can go on a ghost tour with a local guide. Through this two-and-a-half walking tour, you will learn more about the area’s history as well as its interesting stories regarding the paranormal.

Afterward, you will be taken to three different bars in the area, where you can enjoy some local brews. Some of the most prominent attractions you can visit during this tour are Pike Place Market and The Gum Wall, where you can also take pictures.

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Haunted Seattle Ghost and Pub Walking Tour

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

367 reviews

2. Enjoy a Lake Union cocktail cruise (from USD 750.0)

Traveling with a group of friends? You and your companions can enjoy a two-hour cruise on the stunning Lake Union while you take in the gorgeous views of some of the most prominent attractions in the area, such as Fremont Bridge and Space Needle. It is also a great activity for those who are traveling with family as it welcomes all ages. This tour comes with drinks, offering both cocktails and mocktails.

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Private Lake Union Sightseeing Cocktail Cruise

Duration: 5 hours

11 reviews

3. Concoct your own cocktails or mocktails (from USD 78.0)

Head over to Greenfire Loft at Melrose Market for an engaging Seattle evening activity. Feel like a scientist working in a lab and learn to mix your own delicious cocktails or mocktails if you want your drinks alcohol-free. As you enter the place, a lab coat will be given to you, as well as safety goggles, to really get the authentic experience of working in a lab. Participants will learn some delightful drink recipes and be instructed on how to use the equipment. For maximum enjoyment, be sure to taste all the concoctions made by the group to get the most out of this experience.

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Mad Scientist Cocktail and Mocktail Lab

Duration: 1.5 hours

189 reviews

4. Tea and tisane tour and tasting (from USD 45.0)

Love the idea of trying different kinds of fragrant, soothing teas? This activity lets you experience just that. Various flavors of tea will be brewed and presented to you, such as black, oolong, and green teas, and all you have to do is enjoy them. Learn all about the process of tea making and discover what makes each blend unique. Compare the floral notes of each tea and enjoy every sip. You will definitely have a wonderful time whether you are already a tea lover or just starting to appreciate this beloved drink.

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Tea & Tisane Tour and Tasting

Duration: 1.5 hours

267 reviews

5. Design your own custom fragrance (from USD 329.0)

Interested in learning the luxurious craft of perfumery? This activity will certainly pique your interest. At Molly Ray Fragrance Lab, you will see what really goes inside a bottle of perfume and experience firsthand what it is like to create your own fragrance. An engaging activity that takes place in the early evening, you can also enjoy a glass of champagne or espresso while you work on your perfume. This experience will surely be a memorable one for you.

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Custom Fragrance Design with Perfumer

Duration: 2 hours

25 reviews

6. Experience new worlds and realities (from USD 120.0)

Have you ever wondered how virtual reality works? Experience an entirely different world through this highly engaging activity. Step into the future and discover fascinating simulations. Your experience will be tailored to your liking, so expect to enjoy the amazing things you will be seeing. You can dive to the bottom of the ocean, fight robots, and even do a 3D painting. There are some virtual worlds that are better seen with friends, so if you are traveling with them, you should definitely book this eye-opening experience.

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Immerse into New Worlds and Realities

Duration: 2 hours

89 reviews

7. Learn the craft of glassblowing (from USD 175.0)

Discover the basics of glassblowing and create your own masterpiece. With a variety of designs and colors to choose from, you will surely enjoy making your own beautiful pieces. If it is your first time doing this, do not fret! You will be taught everything you need to know about the craft, including safety procedures, so rest assured this amazing experience will be worry-free. Enjoy this unique activity in Seattle and take your pieces home as souvenir.

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Craft Glass Smoking Accessory Pieces!

Duration: 2 hours

97 reviews

8. See the world from the Seattle Great Wheel (from USD 84.0)

The Seattle Great Wheel

One of the most amazing tourist attraction is the Seattle Great Wheel. Do you love riding? Well, this Ferris wheel is something you are going to love, as you will look at the beautiful sightseeing of Seattle as it rotates 360 degrees and 53 meters (175 feet) above the ground! This place is best enjoyed during the evenings, as the city is lit with beautiful lights making this place wonderful! Be sure to visit this place with your family and friends.

Seattle Great Wheel

Address: 1301 Alaskan Way, 98101 Seattle, WA

Website: Seattle Great Wheel

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Seattle Half-Day City Tour

Duration: 3 hours

1395 reviews

9. Take a stroll through Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park
Source: Photo by Flickr user Seattle Parks and... used under CC BY 2.0

If you are in for a picnic with your friends or family, you can visit the Waterfront Park, which is one of the most popular Seattle attractions. Here you can enjoy the beautiful views of the city, its waterfront, ships in the dock, Blake Island the bridges and much more.

This place is perfect for an evening walk or a small picnic where you can enjoy your food and spend some time admiring the beauty Seattle offers! This park is designed with some amazing lamps, benches and also high-curved railings. This should be on your checklist for the night!

Waterfront Park

Address: 1401 Alaskan Way, 98101 Seattle, WA

Website: Waterfront Park

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10. Climb to the top of Space Needle Tower (41.29 USD)

Space Needle

For those who love to see the scenic beauty of the city from the top, Space Needle Tower is for them! With its 360-degree view, you can take a look at the entire city and also see the Snow-Capped Mountain on the east and the Olympic Mountain range in the west. With access to a telescope, you can look at the most amazing view that Seattle offers with an extraordinary view at night! This is certainly one of the most fun things to do in Seattle at night.

Space Needle Tower

Address: 400 Broad St, 98109 Seattle, WA

Website: Space Needle Tower

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Seattle: Book a Local Host

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 41.29 USD

Seattle Full-Day Tour with Space Needle and Pike Place Market

Duration: 5 to 7 hours

10 reviews

11. Listen to live jazz music at Dimitriou's Jazz Alley

Average White Band @ Dimitriou's Jazz Alley
Source: Photo by Flickr user Johan Broberg used under CC BY 2.0

If you’re a jazz fan, a visit to the famous Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley in Seattle is a must-do activity for you. The popular spot features well-known jazz acts from across the country and offers multi-level seating to guests. A lovely ambiance and scrumptious fare will add to your experience at this club. This live music venue is perfect for a date night as well as an evening spent in the company of like-minded jazz fans.

Dimitriou's Jazz Alley

Address: 2033 6th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, United States

Website: Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley

Opening hours: Sun - Thu: 6pm - 10pm; Fri - Sat: 5:30pm - 10pm

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12. Dine on yummy Italian fare at The Pink Door

Seattle - The Pink Door interior
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Joe Mabel used under CC BY-SA 3.0

After a day full of sightseeing, head over to The Pink Door for dinner and a show. This Seattle favorite is a great spot to nosh on authentic Italian fare while taking in a burlesque or trapeze show. The dining room of the restaurant is gorgeous with an intimate ambiance and offers a seasonal menu. An outdoor deck with views over Elliott Bay is also accessible in suitable weather. If you’re in the mood for fine-dining and impressive live entertainment in Seattle, be sure to visit The Pink Door.

The Pink Door

Address: 1919 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

Website: The Pink Door

Opening hours: Wed - Sun: 11:30am - 9pm (closed on Mon & Tue)

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13. Sample craft beer at Pike Brewing Company

Pike Brewing Company and The Pike Pub
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Zanatpike used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Pike Brewing Company is a great place to hang out with your buddies at night in Seattle. This brewery offers a seafood restaurant, a pub, brewery tours and a beer museum. You can sample the amazing craft beer produced at this brewery, tuck into seasonal and delicious seafood at Tankard & Tun or enjoy an authentic pub atmosphere at The Pike Pub. Live music is also often available at Pike Brewing Company.

Pike Brewing Company

Address: 1415 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

Website: Pike Brewing Company

Opening hours: Sun - Thu: 11am - 11pm; Fri - Sat: 11am - 12am (closed on Thu & Fri)

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14. Taste fine wines at The Tasting Room

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Mixing isn’t for everyone, but Treveri Blanc de Blancs Brut Zero makes a great French 75. Combine 1.5 oz gin, .75 oz...

Posted by The Tasting Room - Seattle on Sunday, April 5, 2020

Located in the world-famous Pike Place Market, The Tasting Room is a wine bar that offers a range of local wines from Washington. This classical style wine bar has several wine flights to choose from that are beautifully paired with local fare. The knowledgable staff will guide you in selecting the right vintages and food pairings. End your night in Seattle by enjoying the best wines from Washington’s wineries in an intimate and chic ambiance at The Tasting Room.

The Tasting Room

Address: 1924 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

Website: The Tasting Room

Opening hours: Sun - Thu: 12pm - 8pm; Fri - Sat: 12pm - 10pm

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15. Dance the night away at Century Ballroom

Masters of Lindy Hop and Tap 2009 - 05
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Joe Mabel used under CC BY-SA 3.0

If you are looking for a perfect night out full of entertainment, then Century Ballroom should be on your checklist. It offers you with the finest forms of dance and dining. If you love to dance, then this place is the best to show your moves and participate in these events. The dance session begins at 9 p.m. followed by dinner as well. There is also a one-hour session of learning for those who are a beginner in dance. So, what are you waiting for?! Show them what you got!

Century Ballroom

Address: 915 E. Pine St., 2nd floor, 98122 Seattle, WA

Website: Century Ballroom

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16. Sing out loud at Rock Box

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Have you checked out our new food menu yet? Here’s one of our staff’s favorites, the deliciously sweet and savory,...

Posted by Rock Box on Monday, January 11, 2021

Do you love singing? Well, this is the right place for you to showcase your talent! It’s a Japanese-style karaoke, where you can sing your favorite tunes in Japanese, English or Spanish! This place is ideal for a group of friends where you can spend your evening doing karaoke and enjoy the happy hour! This place is something you don’t want to miss.

Rock Box

Address: 1603 Nagle Pl, 98122 Seattle, WA

Website: Rock Box

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17. Go bowling at Garage Billiards

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Who’s coming to hang out tonight? #bowling #seattle #restaurant #bar #happyhour

Posted by Garage on Sunday, October 14, 2018

Are you wondering what to do in Seattle at night and looking for an exciting activity? Why not go bowling? Garage Billiards is something that will make your night out amazing! it’s a sleek bowling alley in Seattle which is crowded the most during weekends and gives you great vibes of game night. So, don’t wait further! Grab your pair of shoes and roll your ball down for the perfect strike! You can play and also enjoy a round of billiards with its great ambiance and happy hours served!

Garage Billiards

Address: 1130 Broadway, 98122 Seattle, WA

Website: Garage Billiards

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18. Have a laugh at Jet City Improv

Jet City Improv, 2014-10-13
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Sage Ross used under CC BY-SA 4.0

If you’re looking for places to go in Seattle at night and love comedy, then Jet City Improv is the best place for you. Known for Seattle’s best comedy acts, it's​ a 90-minute show which includes activities like improvised games, skits, and music, that audience of all age groups would enjoy! If you are a die-hard fan of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” then you will love the shows put up. This place is best to enjoy on Fridays and Saturdays at 10:30 pm. If you want to really laugh out with your family and friends this place is worth it!

Jet City Improv

Address: 5510 University Way NE, 98105 Seattle, WA

Website: Jet City Improv

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19. Enjoy the high life with Argosy Dinner Cruise (from USD 38.0)

Royal Argosy Dinner Cruise
Source: Photo by user Prayitno / Thank ... used under CC BY 2.0

Want to do something romantic? Well, you can give your loved one a perfect surprise for a dinner cruise! On Argosy Dinner Cruise, you can enjoy some of the most incredible city views and also cruise around the Lake Union and Lake Washington. Not only this, you can also enjoy the finest wines and cocktails served to you! This is a perfect way to make your night special and you will also relish your delicious meal.

Argosy Dinner Cruise

Address: 1101 Alaskan Way, 98101 Seattle, WA

Website: Argosy Dinner Cruise

Visited this place?

Lake Union Cruise from Seattle

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

10 reviews

Exciting night activities in Seattle

Seattle night Rizal Park
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user [Unknown] used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Seattle is one of the favored spots that offer both day and night time tourist attractions. If you are looking for something exciting to explore, do visit all the places listed above and make your evening a memorable one! If you want to go off the beaten path and discover hidden gems of the city that only locals know about, then book a city tour with a local guide to bring you around.

Any must-sees we missed? Tell us about them in the comments section or write a post here to help out fellow travelers!
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