8 Tips To Having A Perfect Camping Trip In Mexico

camping in mexico

The country Mexico has great beaches, archaeological delights of ancient civilizations, and modern and historic towns. Over the entire country, there are around 9,656 kilometers (6,000 miles) of coastline, along with the vast stretches of forests, mountains, deserts, and canyons. Planning a vacation in any particular part of the country is sure an injustice for the other parts of the country. Yet, discovering the whole country can be quite expensive and tedious. In this case, camping through the country is economic and it can give you the chance to explore the country and its culture firsthand. Camping in Mexico is a great way to enjoy the beach, surf and taste the local delicacies. You can interact with the locals, get to see how they are living, earning their livelihood and enjoying their lives.

If you are taking your own vehicle and staying in the campground, fix your itinerary and check the available campgrounds of the country. In some of the places, the campgrounds are specially designed for the campers. You may not find a typical camping ground in some of the remote areas, yet there are opportunities for independent camping. You can camp around the secluded beaches, jungle trails, riversides, etc. On the way, if you suddenly like some place to camp, but it’s marked as ‘Private’, you can ask permission from the owner to stay for a few days. Although camping in Mexico is not a hardship like any other countries, there are a few things that you will need to consider before you are ready for a trip like this.

1. About the drinking water

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Water in Mexico is not portable, so you cannot drink the tap water from anywhere in the country. Yet, due to the semi-humid climate, you should always stay hydrated. You need to be careful about dehydration while you are traveling under the hot sun. During your camping trip, it is very important that you have plenty of water bottles. While you’re setting up camp, locate safe sources of water or purchase litres of water. Before getting back on the road, you should check to see if you have a sufficient supply of water until your next stop.

2. Don't forget about clothes...

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Mexico is a country with various diverse attractions, which make it more attractive to discover. But being diverse also means that you may face different weather conditions during your camping trip. The mountain region can be colder, whereas the beach areas are more likely to be warmer. Our tip is to bring clothes for all weather conditions - layers are key!

As the climate of Mexico differs in various parts of the country, during the daytime, the weather can be unreasonably hot. Thus, as for daytime wear, you need to pack lightweight long sleeve shirts and pants. After sundown, although the weather generally becomes cooler, it is prime time for mosquitos to come out. So, your long sleeve shirts and full pants can be a savior during these times as well!

3. What to eat?

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Another very important factor related to camping in Mexico is food. The food in Mexico is famous worldwide, and most of the food available on the road is safe to eat. During your stay, you might want to cook on a campfire. Make sure to wash all of your vegetables properly. Buy your vegetables from the local market and wash them in a special solution (if you’re eating it raw) or water (if you’re cooking them).

4. Keep money handy

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While you are camping through the country, make sure you have enough pesos in hand. While traveling outside cities, you may not be able to use your credit cards. For places like remote beaches and small villages, you need cash-in-hand to purchase necessities. The best option is get enough cash out at every city you stop by and to have an emergency stash.

5. Be careful with your belongings

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While you are on the road or camping on remote grounds, you need to be careful with your belongings. You need to be prepared to keep your valuables safe. While camping, you should lock up your valuables such as your passport and emergency pesos or have them hidden safely somewhere.

6. Be prepared for connectivity issues

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The main cities in Mexico have WiFi and excellent cell phone service for you to use with ease. As soon you leave the city, however, be prepared to be out of cell phone range. Especially on beaches, or through the forests, cell phone connectivity can be a problem. Before starting your camping trip, communicate properly with your family and give them a rough plan of your route. Inform them that you may not be able to answer their calls or messages for some time. If you have an unhealthy obsession with social media, be prepared to say goodbye to that habit during the few days you are camping.

7. To relax and unwind, buy a hammock

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Before starting your camping trip, I highly recommend you to purchase a hammock. In the land of world famous beaches, you are sure to find an area of shade for the afternoon to relax or to take a nap under.

8. Lastly, learning Spanish helps....

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In order to camp through Mexico, you need to know some basic Spanish to get by. In the modern cosmopolitan parts of the country, you might be able to communicate with English, but as soon as you head towards the rural part, it will be extremely difficult to converse with no Spanish. Don’t be that tourist that shouts English words to a local, picking up some phrases will go along way.

To help you on your adventure, check out some great campgrounds and trailer parks below.

Rancho Ojai Campground

Address: Carretera Libre Mexicali - Tecate Km. 112, Tecate, Baja California, Mexico

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Camping in Boca Beach Camping & Trailer Park

Address: Carretera Federal, 48850 Costalegre, Jal., Mexico

Website: Boca Beach

Playa Saldamando Campground

Address: Escenica Tijuana-Ensenada Km.94, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Website: Playa Saldamando Campground

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Enjoy your Mexican adventure

Mexico is has some incredible landscapes that make for a perfect camping trip. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, so take these tips with you and enjoy your camping trip around Mexico!

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