Top 29 Festivals In Prague, Czechia

festivals in prague

One of the reasons why millions of tourists visit Prague every year is the diversity of both international and local traditional festivals taking place in the Czech capital throughout the year. These special events have different subjects to suit everyone’s taste - from music, dance, and theatre to beer, cars, and design. Most of the festivals hosted in Prague became a tradition and both local citizens and foreign visitors look forward to attending their favorite events every year. Keep reading and find your special event in Prague to get a new festive experience and discover rich Czech culture through its best events. Planning a trip any time soon? You may be in town just in time for any of these top festivals in Prague, Czechia. Learn more about them below.

1. International Jazz Festival

Posted by Peter Vit on Friday, 21 September 2018

International Jazz Festival is a historical music event that was established in 1964 and takes place in the equally historical Reduta club - the oldest jazz club in Prague. Such jazz legends as B. B. King, Dave Brubeck Quartet, Rhoda Scott and many others graced the stage on the festival stage over the last half-century. Following the tradition, every year it gathers jazz professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world to celebrate the art of soulful music in a friendly atmosphere. If you’re an enthusiast of the genre or just a general music lover, you would definitely enjoy your time at this vibrant fete.

International Jazz Festival

Address: 20 Národní, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Takes place:: September to October

Price: 10 USD (250 CZK) onward

2. Prague International Film Festival - Febiofest

Uvedení snímku Šťastný to muž režisérem Billem Augustem.

Posted by Febiofest on Friday, 29 March 2019

Febiofest is the largest film festival in Czechia that brings cinema enthusiasts together every March since 1993. Along with the best movies of the past year, the festival showcases premieres for distribution, tributes, and retrospectives. Upon visiting the Febiofest festival, you will get to enjoy movie screenings, engage in discussions with filmmakers, attend award ceremonies, and make new friends among the true fans of the cinema world. Check for updates on the official website and social networks of the festival to get your ticket to the cinematic heart of Prague.

Prague International Film Festival - Febiofest

Address: 13 Růžová, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Website: Prague International Film Festival - Febiofest

Takes place:: Usually held in March

Price: From 30 USD (700 CZK)

3. Prague Writers' Festival

Since 1991, writers from various countries participate in Prague Writers’ Festival to take the stage and share their works through public readings, discussions with the audience, and various presentations. Along with the main program, the festival is accompanied by other supporting events - book signings, concerts, and film projections. As the Prague Writers’ Festival has been held for years, it became an important cultural event of the Czech Republic, and eventually became attended by notable guests, such as Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize, and Man Booker Prize winners.

Prague Writers' Festival

Website: Prague Writers’ Festival

Takes place:: October

Price: Up to 43 USD (1000 CZK)

4. Prague Spring International Music Festival

Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse

Posted by Festival Pražské jaro / Prague Spring Festival on Tuesday, 4 June 2019

The spring comes to Prague with the music. If you happen to visit the Czech capital during this beautiful season, it is highly recommendable to visit the most important performing arts event in the whole country - the Prague Spring International Music Festival. The great part is that during the festival, performances take place all over the city, making it possible for the visitors of Prague to explore the sights while attending grand concerts of brilliant performers and symphony orchestras. Lovers of classical music, take heed.

Prague Spring International Music Festival

Website: Prague Spring International Music Festival

Takes place:: June

Price: From 27 USD (630 CZK)

5. Masopust

Source: Pixabay

Attending Masopust is a great opportunity to blend into the local culture of Czechia. Come and celebrate this fun, traditional event, which is included on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. The celebration dates back to the 13th century and announces the farewell to winter and subsequent preparations to ring in the spring season. During Masopust, numerous receptions and entertainment events take place in the streets of the city - there are balls, concerts, horse rides, dances, and even gondola cruises along the river Vlatva. But the most essential elements of the celebration are symbolic mask and costume parades that take place during the Bohemian Carnevale - a spectacular celebration of creativity, talent, joy, and artistry. It’s a magical gala time when shows take place in the museums, theaters, palaces, squares, galleries, and many other public places. Other important attributes of the festival are feasts of pork meals, beer, wine, and kobliha (pastry similar to a doughnut but with no holes in the center).


Takes place:: February

Price: Free

6. Designblok

DesignBlok '05
Source: Photo by Flickr user Wendy used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Designblok, Prague’s annual international design festival, is the most important festival for designers from all over the Czech Republic. Every year, there are hundreds of exhibitions arranged around more than 35 locations in Prague, 3 of which - the Superstudio, the Openstudio, and the Art House, comprise the main events of the festival. Since 1999, Czech and international designers present their works in such areas as fashion, architecture, interior, light, accessories, landscape and others. The event takes up to a week, during which designers and festival visitors can attend to fashion shows, workshops, seminars, discussions, theatre, and music performances.


Website: Designblok

Takes place:: October

Price: From 8 USD (200 CZK)

7. Prague Kizomba Festival

Posted by Balumuka Events on Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Get your dance shoes ready and join the celebration of Angolan culture! Prague Kizomba Festival is a unique and very fun dance event that shares the story of Angolan culture through music and dance. The main ingredient of the event is a passionate kizomba dance, which is translated as a “party” from the Kimbundu language. The name speaks for itself and the party involves master classes, dance workshops, art installations, and fashion shows. The fun is guaranteed.

Prague Kizomba Festival

Website: Prague Kizomba Festival

Takes place:: November

Price: 11 USD (250 CZK) onward

8. Strings of Autumn

Since 1996, the international music festival, Strings of Autumn, stages performances in a mix of genres, such as jazz, hip-hop, classical, electronic, experimental, and world music. Every autumn, bold music experiments attract people from around the world to listen to aspiring and legend performers. This festival is a huge must-visit, must-listen, and must-dance-to show for true music lovers who are open to some new music experiments. Discover this happening music event and have a blast.

Strings of Autumn

Website: Strings of Autumn

Takes place:: September to October

Price: From 30 USD (700 CZK)

9. St. Matthew's Fair

Fair attraction
Source: Unsplash

A perfect destination for family travelers and local citizens in Czechia is also known as the most visited and the most popular fair in the country. St. Matthew’s Fair is an event of pure happiness that combines 130 attractions, restaurants, and food stalls (try gingerbread hearts!), music performances, show programs, and colorful fountains. The popularity of the St. Matthew’s Fair has made it a good tradition - every year during the spring season, friends and families gather together and spend the entire days cheering and laughing.

St. Matthew's Fair

Address: 67 Výstaviště, 170 00 Prague 7, Czechia

Website: St. Matthew’s Fair

Takes place:: February to April

Price: From 1 USD (30 CZK)

10. Khamoro

Foto: Irena Šormová

Posted by festival KHAMORO on Tuesday, 16 July 2019

If you are walking on the streets of Prague in May and hear the joyful rhythms of guitars, violins, and drums, that must mean you are about to join a colorful celebration of the gypsy culture known as Khamoro - the World Gypsy (Roma) Festival. Khamoro, meaning “the sun”, is a big event that takes place in squares and various venues of Prague and stages music and dance performances, holds seminars and workshops, and showcases traditional clothing exhibitions and films.


Website: Khamoro

Takes place:: May to December

11. Magnetic Festival

12 Magnetic Festival Prague
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ondhrd used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Founded by John Culter, Magnetic Festival is a vibrant electronic music festival that gathers world-known DJs in Prague twice every year - in May and December. Such famous DJs as AVICII, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, and many others performed on the Magnetic stage, energizing huge crowds with dynamic beats. The festival was first held in 2012 and since that time, it became one of the most recognized electronic music events within Central Europe. If you’re up for a vibrant party featuring some great live music, this event is definitely for you.

Magnetic Festival

Address: 1 667 Beranových, 199 00 Prague, Czech Republic

Website: Magnetic Festival

Takes place:: May and December

Price: From 34 USD (790 CZK)

12. Prague Burlesque Festival

Photo: Marek Musil ©2019

Posted by Prague Burlesque Festival on Thursday, 2 May 2019

Glaring lights, sensual dances, stunning performances, fabulous outfits, and elaborate make-up… all of these can’t describe all the extravagant energy that happens at the Prague Burlesque Festival. It’s an event that unites open-minded people to celebrate the variety of arts and burlesque, and that endorses respect to gender equality since 2016. Although the festival is relatively new, it honors the historical role of Prague as one of the richest and most cultural places in Europe, where burlesque, cabaret, vaudeville, as well as huge film productions took place.

Prague Burlesque Festival

Address: Vlašimská 6, 101 00 Prague 10, Czech Republic

Website: Prague Burlesque Festival

Takes place:: March

Price: From 25 USD (590 CZK)

13. Prague Fringe Festival

Three's a crowd by Be•wilder Theatre Lauren Mercier

Posted by Prague Fringe Festival on Monday, 27 May 2019

Fringe is a nine-day festival showcasing English-language theatre, comedy, cabaret, music, dance and storytelling performances across the Malá Strana district of Prague. The festival started as a small event in 2002 and since that time the number of participants and audiences grew by at least 10 times. Today it gathers hundreds of talented artists from all around the world and presents over 200 stunning performances every year. It’s a festival worth visiting for at least experiencing an atmosphere and vibe of a huge family united by the great love for theatre.

Prague Fringe Festival

Website: Prague Fringe Festival

Takes place:: Usually held in May

Price: From 4 USD (100 CZK)

14. United Islands of Prague Festival

Posted by UNITED ISLANDS on Saturday, 1 June 2019

United Islands of Prague Festival is an open-air music festival that combines various genres such as pop, rock, jazz, folk, indie, and electronic music since 2004. The festival aims to present to the public talented young singers and musicians, who perform on 10 stages throughout the parks and squares of Prague. Besides the main concert program, festival visitors have an opportunity to engage in sports activities for a whole family, attend theatre performances, and even participate in guided tours. The great bonus of the event - it’s free.

United Islands of Prague Festival

Website: United Islands of Prague Festival

Takes place:: June

Price: Free

15. Summer Festivities of Early Music

A very special music event that celebrates baroque arts at their finest. Along with the music of the early centuries, the atmosphere of the historic period is complemented with costumes, make-up, choreography, and rhetoric in ancient styles. In addition to that, a unique feature of the event lies in the choice of the venues where performances take place - such historical churches, monasteries, palaces, and theaters as Troja Chateau, Rudolfinum, Sts. Simon and Jude Church, The Church of Our Lady of the Slavs, and Prague Conservatoire, which beautifully and perfectly complement to the whole atmosphere of aesthetic celebration.

Summer Festivities of Early Music

Website: Summer Festivities of Early Music

Takes place:: July to August

Price: From 24 USD (550 CZT)

16. International Prague Car Festival

Další povedená momentka z představení Škody RSJ300... Věděli jste, že vůz váží pouhých 700 kilogramů a je poháněn...

Posted by Prague Car Festival on Friday, 11 October 2019

All car enthusiasts will be excited to attend the International Prague Car Festival, a dynamic show that exhibits more than 700 unique automobiles and provides entertaining programs that will be interesting to people of different ages. The main part of the event displays autos in such sections as Tuning Cars, Racing Cars, Classic Cars, American Classic, and Electric Cars, and beyond the exhibition, festival visitors can watch competitions and beauty contests, play video-game consoles, drive simulators, and even test some of the cars in the outdoors! Car lovers should not miss out on this.

International Prague Car Festival

Address: 667 Beranovych, 199 00 Prague 9, Czech Republic

Website: International Prague Car Festival

Takes place:: October

Price: From 11 USD (250 CZK)

17. Metronome Festival Prague

Metronome Festival Prague is a huge two-day music event that gathers thousands of fans together to jump to the beats of rock and pop singers, musicians, and DJs from all over the world. From year to year starting from 2016, Metronome’s impressive lineups set up spectacular live shows that make Metronome festival one of the most anticipated events in Prague. Get ready to be wowed by their amazing line-up.

Metronome Festival Prague

Website: Metronome Festival Prague

Takes place:: June

Price: From 55 USD (1280 CZK)

18. Festival of Microbreweries at the Prague Castle

Posted by Festival minipivovarů na Pražském hradě on Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Every year, the Czech-Moravian Microbrewery Association organizes the Microbrewery Festival at Prague Castle. It is an event that celebrates the art of brewing and aims to introduce different kinds of beer to the public. Over 60 best beer brands brewed in Czech and Moravian and foreign microbreweries participate in the event, and for the past few years, along with the local microbreweries, there have been brews from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Austria. Visitors of the festival have an opportunity to try different kinds of beer and ask brewers and owners any questions of their interest. Since the number of visitors is limited, those who want to join the festival are advised to purchase the ticket in advance, which includes a brewery catalog, a tasting glass, and cheerful unlimited tasting.

Festival of Microbreweries at the Prague Castle

Address: 52/1 Mariánské hradby, 11800 Prague, Czech Republic

Website: Festival of Microbreweries at the Prague Castle

Takes place:: June

Price: From 26 USD (600 CZK)

19. Signal Festival

Signal festival 2017 Riegrovy sady, Prague
Source: Photo by user Martin2035 used under CC BY 3.0

Signal Festival is an unforgettable four-day show that presents light as a form of art. Using modern technologies, the festival’s organizers and lighting designers turn historical buildings, streets, and public spaces of Prague into the stunning colorful installations. But Signal Festival is more than just a simple colorful light-show - it turns back to the past and looks ahead into the future by creating images and patterns that make humanity reflect on its past mistakes and achievements, and inspires future generations to accept challenges for a future.

Signal Festival

Website: Signal Festival

Takes place:: October

Price: From 13 USD (300 CZK)

20. Prague Food Festival [Last event in 2019]

Prague Food Festival 2010 02
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Palickap used under CC BY-SA 4.0

To the great excitement of gourmet and foodies, Prague Food Festival is an annual event, where guests can taste haute cuisine at an affordable cost. For international visitors, it is also an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with Czech culture through its best culinary delights. During three days of the festival, festival visitors can try dishes prepared by top restaurant chefs, which in its perfect combination with the open-air format, guarantees a truly enjoyable experience.

Prague Food Festival

Website: Prague Food Festival

Takes place:: July

Price: From 19 USD (450 CZK)

21. Bohemia Jazz Fest

Enrico Rava – trumpet Francesco Diodati – guitar Gabriele Evangelista – bass Enrico Morello – drums

Posted by Bohemia JazzFest on Monday, 16 July 2018

Bohemia Jazz Fest was first organized in 2005 upon the initiative of jazz guitarist Rudy Linka and over the last years, it has grown to one of the largest and most anticipated summer music festivals in Europe. The open-air music event takes place in different historic squares in Prague, creating an amazing setting that combines modern jazz tunes and remarkable medieval scenes. What makes this festival particularly special is that it showcases high-quality shows of talented jazz performers - for free.

Bohemia Jazzfest

Website: Bohemia Jazzfest

Takes place:: July

Price: Free

22. Bachata Magic Festival

Posted by Bachata Magic Prague on Monday, 22 July 2019

Right in the festive halls of the National House of Smichov, Bachata Magic Festival brings energy and rhythms of bachata dance and music. Bachata Magic is a series of workshops and parties with the best bachata trainers and performers, and everyone - from beginners to amateurs and professionals are welcomed to join the cheerful show. Along with performances and workshops, the program of the festival includes ladies’ and men’s bootcamps, friendly competitions, great service, and lots of fun!

Bachata Magic Festival

Address: 14 Náměstí, října 16, 15000 Prague 5, Czech Republic

Website: Bachata Magic Festival

Takes place:: March

Price: From 56 USD (1290 CZK)

23. Let It Roll Winter

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Right at the end of winter season, when spring is about to come, Let It Roll Winter announces the upcoming season with its loud drum and bass party. For two days straight and in the heart of Prague, artists and DJs tell their stories through innovative music accompanied with world-class audio-visual production. Let It Roll Winter became a traditional event since 2002, which also became known as a pre-party show for the main summer Let It Roll festival.

Let It Roll Winter

Website: Let It Roll Winter

Takes place:: August

Price: From 20 USD (450 CZK)

24. Summer Shakespeare Festival

Devoted to Shakespeare and his masterpieces, Summer Shakespeare Festival is one of the most culturally valued and anticipated summer festivals in Czechia. It is also known as the oldest and largest open-air theater show in Europe, which lasts for four months and stages more than a hundred performances to hundreds of spectators every summer. The festival was established in 1994 and since its most acclaimed performance of King Lear in 2002, Summer Shakespeare Festival gains more and more popularity among audiences from different parts of the world.

Summer Shakespeare Festival

Website: Summer Shakespeare Festival

Takes place:: June to September

Price: Frp, 270 USD (6000 CZK)

25. Troja Wine Festival

Troja, the suburb of Prague, is known for its long winemaking tradition, and for the last two decades, it has been organizing an event dedicated to this good old tradition - Troja Wine Festival. During the festival, winemakers present their best Czech, Moravian, and foreign wines and local products. The event is family-friendly so that every guest at the Troja Castle Garden will find exciting activities - wine tasing, seminars, live music, dance, puppet theatre, games, and other fun activities await Troja visitors every fall season.

Troja Wine Festival

Address: ¼ U Trojského zámku, 171 00 Prague 7, Troja, Czech Republic

Website: Troja Wine Festival

Takes place:: September

26. Dvořák Prague International Music Festival

Attending Dvořák Prague International Music Festival is a great opportunity to explore Czech culture through works of Antonín Dvořák, the great Czech composer. The festival annually presents the world-class soloists, conductors, and the most internationally acclaimed orchestras performing feature pieces by Dvořák and other well-known international composers. The whole program goes on for several days, during which compositions of Romantic and Classic periods as well as the 20th and 21st century compositions are performed to international audiences.

Dvořák Prague International Music Festival

Website: Dvořák Prague International Music Festival

Takes place:: September

Price: From 21 USD (490 CZK)

27. Czech Beer Festival [Event has passed]

Posted by Český pivní festival on Thursday, 24 May 2018

Every May in Prague thousands of people participate in the biggest beer festival in Czechia. This event takes 17 days and during this time festival visitors have a chance to try and taste more than 70 kinds of top-quality Czech and foreign beer. And it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that the whole celebration of the hops-based beverage is always accompanied by the noisy and cheerful atmosphere with people drinking beer and eating some delicious fare, while joyfully singing and dancing. Unfortunately, the event was canceled once in 2019 but the festival might be held again in the following years (check their social media accounts for the official updates to make sure - and then get your booze on)!

Czech Beer Festival

Website: Czech Beer Festival

Takes place:: May

Price: From 17 USD (400 CZK)

28. Prague Winter Festival [Event has passed]

Narodni Divadlo, Estates Theater, Prague - 8598
Source: Photo by user Jorge Royan used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Imagine this - the new year has just begun and you are walking on the snowy streets of Prague. By the end of the road, you see a grand theatre glowing in the darkening evening. And once you enter its doors, a fairy tale becomes real and the magical atmosphere of the theatre leads you to the world of classical music, opera, and ballet. This event is called the Prague Winter Festival, a beautiful celebration of the classical arts of music and dance that dates back to 1972 and creates a magical winter atmosphere every January since then. During the festival, some of the finest and world-famous dance, opera, and classical music performances are staged in The National Theater, The Prague State Opera, Estates Theater, and Dvorak Hall of the Prague Rudolfinum.

Prague Winter Festival

Website: Prague Winter Festival

Takes place:: January

29. Prague Autumn International Music Festival [Event has passed]

Lascar Detail of the opera roof's sculptures - Prague State Opera (4501621019)
Source: Photo by user Jorge Láscar used under CC BY 2.0

Prague Autumn International Music Festival is an accompanying event to the Prague Spring International Music Festival and the final event of the European summer music festival season. Along with the modern and classic compositions, the festival presents opera and choir performances featuring local and international performers to their classic music fans. The festival takes place at various venues of Prague, such as Prague State Opera, Municipal House, and Rudolfinum.

Prague Autumn International Music Festival

Takes place:: September to October

Discover your favorite festival in Prague

Prague is the Czech capital that is not only a naturally beautiful and culturally rich destination for travelers, it also offers its citizens and visitors a full range of festivals that will keep everyone entertained. Many festivals are even associated with different seasons throughout the year, holding special value for its visitors who eagerly await for the events. This diversity makes it a good reason to visit Prague and discover your special festival.

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