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Airbnb Florida: 15 Best Neighborhood And Places to Stay In Florida - Updated 2020

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A south-eastern U.S. state with hundreds of miles of beaches, a notable arts scene, vibrant nightlife, and popular theme parks, the overwhelming number of attractions Florida has is no secret. As locals say, Florida is a ‘no-brainer’ choice for solo travellers, couples, families, and friends; whatever you aspire to do in Florida, there is a high probability that you can do it all. With endless possibilities of things to see and do, we bring you the best and most fantastic places you can call home with these top 10 Airbnb vacation rentals.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach
Source: Pixabay

Daytona Beach is a great spot to set up base on when spending some time in sunny Florida. Stay by the gorgeous Daytona Beach and enjoy the best family-friendly spots for those traveling to Florida with children. Best known for NASCAR’s founding town, Daytona Beach is a place travelers will enjoy for its unique motor racing scene, the bustling architecture scene, and the wide selection of cuisines to check out in dining establishments like The Cellar and Sessions Restaurant to name a few crowd favorites.

Local cities to explore for short term and long term stays in AirPort Orange connected to the Dunlawton Bridge, with historic features and the famous Sugar Mill Botanical Gardens. Another hot spot is Holly Hill, popularly known as “The City with a Heart”, where travelers will enjoy being by the fishing piers. Many Airbnbs in Florida are also close to great local attractions that include the Stetson Mansion and the Copper Botton Distillery for those who wish to do some history tours and beer tasting respectively. Outdoorsy folks will enjoy spending early mornings hiking the stunning greenery and canoeing through the Cracker Creek for some time with nature.


Kissimmee FUMC01
Source: Photo by user Ebyabe used under CC BY-SA 2.5

Another popular spot to set up base in during the summers in Florida is Kissimmee. This part of Florida is ideal for travelers who enjoy theme-park thrills and superb outdoor activities in unspoiled natural territories. Some activities to consider include ziplining, treetop adventures, and hot air balloon rides. Popular areas in Osceola County apart from Kissimmee include St. Cloud where the popular East Lake Taho is fund. There is also the Poinciana where all the best parks are and no traffic as the area is a rather secluded and quiet place. Kissimmee is scattered with tourists who like to be close to Disney World, as some of the popular people visit Florida.

What many people don’t know is that Kissimmee is filled with history and is a town that’s blended with classic to midcentury architecture, from trendy new cafes to long-time bar establishments, there’s a whole variety in dining and drinking places to check out. For those who value convenience, Kissimmee is a very convenient place to stay where many of the best Airbnbs in Florida reside, also close to local shops, groceries, and specialty shops for those who wish to stay long term and need services acquired.


Jacksonville, Florida - downtown
Source: Photo by user AndrewAvitus used under CC0

When making your way to Jacksonville, getting an Airbnb rental in Florida is best if you wish to stay near the water. Travelers will enjoy multiple morning strolls on the bridges all over the river city and still be close to the local attractions people come to Jacksonville for. A few of these popular areas like Downtown Jacksonville, Southpoint, and North Jacksonville are scattered with sights. Several wildlife preserves, historic residential neighborhoods, and golf courses are found in every corner of Jacksonville, great for family trips and retreats during the summer. Hot sunny afternoons can be spent on the beaches with soft sand and warm blue waters, it’s definitely inviting to those who enjoy water sports like surfing and kayaking.

A great brewery scene is in the works at Jacksonville, alongside many up and coming pubs that offer a wide variety of beers, wines, and cocktails. Some of the popular bistros include Jax Ale Trail, Dos Gatos, and Cowford Chophouse to name a few. Jacksonville is scattered with many specialty shops, supermarkets, tour services, and cafes for travelers to easily get access to for short term stays or long term stays. Indeed, it’s no doubt Jacksonville gets a lot of tourists all year round.


Tallahassee FL old and new capitol01
Source: Photo by user Ebyabe used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Nature wanderers will have a ball when setting up base in Florida’s much-underrated town of Tallahassee. Filled with lush greenery and picturesque views of nature’s best, there’s no doubt many tourists and locals enjoy these parts of Florida. Staying in the capital city is a great opportunity to see more than just the greenery, it’s also a vibrant town that brings culture, convenience, and history to the table. Some of the most frequented spots tourists enjoy include Northeast Tallahassee, a secluded and peaceful area where Killearn Lakes reside. Levy Park is another area adjacent to Lake Ella and is great for families traveling to Tallahasseee.

From museums like the Florida Historic Capitol Museum to local landmarks like the St. Mark’s Lighthouse, as well as go-to restaurants such as Sage, Backwoods, and Midtown Caboose to name a few. The nightlife is also one to tap into with Pockets Pool and Pub, and HalfTime Pie Pub just around the corner for a few drinks after a long day exploring the scintillating Tallahassee sightings.

Panama City Beach

The Beach - Panama City Beach Florida
Source: Photo by user Bart Everson used under CC BY 2.0

Beach babies and sun junkies are best welcomed to stay in Panama City Beach when flying to Florida for the Spring break. It’s not only filled with beaches boasting stunning royal blue waters, but it’s also a small beach town that older people enjoy spending time at. Similarly, nearby districts travelers enjoy staying in are the Upper Grand Lagoon, and Laguna Beach where convenience and comfort lie. It’s not just a Spring break destination for many Americans and travelers, it’s also a midtown between Tallahassee and Pensacola that offers a delightful array of dive bars for those who enjoy basking in the night scene.

Foodies will also enjoy its local dining establishments like Montego Bay Seafood House and Oyster Bar, as well as the Firefly for a more intimate setting. Catch a sports game live at Mehdi’s Sports Bar or dance the night away at Foghorn’s Liquors. Brave the sights the following day and see Panama City Beach’s Conservation Park and Zoo World Zoological Conservatory get your daily steps in while seeing the best natural attractions in the city.

St. Petersburg

Downtown St. Petersburg Florida from Marina
Source: Photo by user John O'Neill used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Not exactly like Russia’s St. Petersburg, but Florida’s version is the “Sunshine City” that boasts 361 days of clear skies in a year. Popular areas include Kenwood and Snell Isle which both offer opposite architectural feats, the former being an iconic old town, and a modern luxury area. St. Peterburg is scattered with natural attractions and picturesque skylines which locals can never get enough of, and something tourists continue to enjoy time and again.

A great way to maximize your trip is by booking boat rentals in Florida for a relaxing stay by the water. Enjoy a morning surf at the Ft. De Soto Park, try hiking up to the popular Pinellas Trail, which is 37 miles long. Museum and art lovers will truly find majesty in the iconic Dali Museum where they will see an impressive collection of artist Salvador Dali’s work. St. Peterburg is also decked with Airbnbs, vacation rentals, and hotels like the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront and the Hollander Hotel St. Peterburg Downtown are just a few options of the many private accommodations in Florida travelers can choose from.

West Palm Beach

Aerial view of Royal Park Bridge in West Palm Beach FL opened for a boat (2014)
Source: Photo by user Don Ramey Logan used under CC BY 4.0

If you’re the type of traveler who enjoys a little bit of everything when new to a place, then a great option to stay put in is at West Palm Beach. Decked with a bustling nightlife, a live music scene, and an array of local attractions, there’s definitely a sense of variety and convenience first-timers in West Palm Beach will have. Situated in Palm Beach County, this part of Florida has a ton of impressive restaurants, cafes, and shops where travelers can find a ton of things to buy for souvenirs and whatnot.

Stay along Flamingo Park, the Southend, and Prospect Park for historic landmarks and impressive architecture. The Grassy Waters Nature Preserve and Winding Water are two great nature attractions to check out in the same vicinity for those who wish to go for a morning run or walk in West Palm Beach. Those who enjoy art and history can go check out the Anne Norton Sculpture Gardens, and the Box Gallery for unique modern midcentury art, great for a snapshot on your Instagram.


Pensacola Beach, Florida
Source: Photo by user David Henderson used under CC BY 2.0

Travelers who are spending summer vacations in search of luxury accommodations and vacation rentals in Florida can make their way to Pensacola. The Days Inn by Wyndham and Hyatt Place Pensacola Airport, are some highly suggested accommodations to consider. Pensacola is great for beach trips with stunning blue waters, great for water sports, and other mega-resorts, theme parks, and heritage attractions for tourists to explore. Popular neighborhoods include Downtown Pensacola, Cordova Park, and East Hill for those who wish to get quieter yet still be close to the best locale.

Great spots for foodies to go check out include Fish House and Atlas, as well as the Melting Pot for those who enjoy eating most during travel. Other things to go see include the Seville Square and the Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park for those who wish to see the natural side of Pensacola. There are also private tours around the Historic Pensacola Village to see how locals have lived for centuries.


Clearwater Beach, Florida
Source: Photo by user rcgtrrz used under CC BY 2.0

Clearwater is a great spot to stay in when in Florida, not only is it known for being one of the oldest cities in Florida, over 100 years old, this is a historic town filled with crowd favorite beaches and dining establishments many people come to Clearwater for. Some of the best neighborhoods to stay are Mission Hills, Clearwater Beach, and Harbor Oaks. These areas are surrounded by the best family-friendly sights like aquariums, and theme parks for kids to enjoy. There’s also the famous Pier 60 for those who like to stay active and have morning runs by the beach.

Many Airbnbs can be found in Clearwater with condos, apartments, townhomes, and luxury houses for those who wish to have more flexible access to a home. Hotels like Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa, Clearwater Beach Marriott Suites on Sand Key are two top-rated hotels to consider when in this part of Florida. Rumba Island Bar & Grill, and Poke Havana are some highly suggested restaurants to dine at for lunch and dinner in the vibrant town of Clearwater.


Secretary Carson Visits Sarasota Florida
Source: Photo by user U.S. Dept. of Hou... used under PUBLIC DOMAIN

Another great option for travelers to consider when vacationing or visiting Florida is Sarasota. This holiday go-to is great for those who enjoy seeing the culture and local art scenes. Located on the southwest coast of Florida, Sarasota is popular amongst tourists who value convenience with the best shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes just within walking distance. The best spots to stay at are Downtown Sarasota, Bird Key, and Lakewood Ranch, all at close proximity to The Siesta Bay Beach for those who want to get that perfect sun tan or try out water sports like surfing and paragliding to name a few activities.

Several tour groups offer day excursions to popular nearby spots like Everglades National Park, Cabbage Key, and Boca Raton. There are many fishing piers for those who want a quiet afternoon getting a fresh catch and spending some quality alone time. There are also superb dining establishments to finish the day at like the popular La Violetta, and Element: Modern Mediterranean Grill.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Florida Photo D Ramey Logan
Source: Photo by user Don Ramey Logan used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Best known for its diverse jazz concerts and pubs, For Lauderdale is great for weekend trips amongst friends making their way to Florida. It’s decked with many music establishments where many locals and international performers frequent. Fort Lauderdale is a great spot for beach lovers and ferrying tourists who wish to stop by for a superb food scene in Las Olas Boulevard. Tourists usually stay around Victoria Park, Rio Vista, and Coral Ridge. It’s popularly coined as “The Venice of America”, Fort Lauderdale stands out on its own for its unique culture.

Other popular activities include dining at the Blue Moon Fish Company for some fresh seafood, as well as the Aruba Beach Cafe for some fresh and tasty grub with great live music. Museums in Fort Lauderdale are dynamic and filled with a rich history like the Stonewall National Museum & Archives, as well as new and distinct galleries like the Young at Art Museum for something different young travelers will enjoy.

Miami Beach

Boardwalk South Beach, Miami Beach Florida
Source: Photo by user Hubo used under CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the most frequented holiday destinations in the US is Miami Beach. Best known for its diverse Latin-American community, crystal-clear Atlantic waters, vibrant clubs and bars, and many more, it’s no doubt Miami Beach is a crowd favorite. Apart from an iconic party scene, stunning blue waters, Miami Beach is also filled with beautiful parks like Coral Pine Park, and the Dante Fascell Park for those types of travelers who enjoy morning jogs and afternoon walks.

Popular neighborhoods in Miami Beach include South Beach, Wynwood, and the Miami Design District where many young people frequent. Comfortable accommodations with superb amenities are also scattered all over Miami Beach, some of which include the Holiday Inn Miami Beach Oceanfront, Freehand Miami, and Fontainebleau for topnotch hotel experiences. Many Airbnbs in Miami Beach offer just as many impressive amenities, topnotch interiors, and ideal facilities in every corner of this part of Florida, great for keen travelers eager to see the best of Miami Beach.


Tampa, Florida
Source: Pixabay

Another crowd-favorite when vacationing in Florida is Tampa. This sprawling city is definitely a tourist destination and is best known for popular local attractions like Tampa Bay, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, the Tampa Riverwalk, Ybor City, and Lettuce Lake Regional Park to name a few. Frequented breweries like Cigar City Brewing and the Brew Bus are some famous breweries beer lovers will enjoy when in Tampa.

Highly recommended spots to stay at are Harbour Island and Palma Ceia for travelers who like to stay somewhere with rich Latin-American influences, from food to music, these spots are great to check out. Interesting things to do and check out is the ZooTampa Lowry Busch Gardens Tampa and MOSI for those traveling with kids and wish to keep them preoccupied. Hotels like Hilton Tampa Downtown, Tampa Marriot Water Street are two frequented hotels by tourists in this part of Florida, a great spot for friends and families vacationing for the summer.


Miami, Florida
Source: Photo by user Josué Goge used under CC BY 2.0

Miami is a golden spot that many people around the US and around the world are probably familiar with. Crowd-favorite Airbnbs in Miami are all over the city with townhouses, apartments, condos, and villas available to travelers. The best districts to stay at are Downtown Miami, and Coconut Grove for a variety of things to do and stuff to see. From superb night clubs, live music, and a fusion of different Latin American cultures, Miami is a great spot to set up base for travelers who wish to experience something different every day they are vacationing in Miami.

It’s not just a popular party spot, it also has a promising nature scene with popular greeneries to check out, like Key Beach Park, and Tropical Park. Crowds make their way to vibrant culinary cuisine, with fusion restaurants like KYU, NIU Kitchen, and the traditional taqueria locals and tourists enjoy, Taquiza to name a few grub spots for topnotch French, Asian, and Mexican food respectively. The art scene in Miami is a commendable one with Lock & Load Museum, Miami Design District for contemporary art selections to enjoy.


Orlando Florida
Source: Photo by user Sean Yu used under CC BY-ND 2.0

Dubbed as the most popular Floridian escape, Orlando is a tourist destination people from all over the world come to experience. Airbnbs in Orlando is highly recommended to consider when vacationing in groups in this part of sunny Florida. From the Magic Kingdom to Disney theme parks, Universal Studios, this part of Florida is filled with stuff to do and sights to see. Stay in Orlando CBD to be close to the best attractions, or Lake Nona Region for a secluded area and stunning community gardens to see.

Enjoy staying in a convenient and superb spot with the best dining establishments, drinking spots, and huge shopping malls to explore. Some of which include La Luce, Victoria & Albert’s, and The Melting Pot to name a few grub spots. Hotel accommodations in Orlando boast a variety of vacation rentals, Airbnbs, and hotels like Monumental Movieland Hotel for a unique and memorable stay in Orland’s finest.

Life in Florida is always fun filled!

With a hundred worlds all trapped on one flat peninsula, it is wondrous how so much can happen in this fascinating city. From magical kingdoms and Caribbean capitals to mangrove islands and so much more, Florida is a place that is hard to comprehend but easy to explore. Grab your favourite swimsuit and hiking boots, and book your favourite Airbnb vacation rental now, this seaside fantasy mosaic will forever be welcoming.

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