The 10 Most Haunted Places In Indiana, USA - Updated 2021

haunted places in indiana
Swadeep Singh
Swadeep Singh 

Most of us are aware of the successful Netflix series, Stranger Things. Long story short, this is a show about supernatural occurrences that happens in a fictional town named Hawkins, Indiana. Although there are no real reports of the ‘Upside Down’ anywhere in the world and the plot is not based on any real incidences, the state of Indiana is a hot search topic on Google. Indiana does have some famous haunted places and we are going to cover the very best of them in this article. Go ahead and pay a visit if you are brave enough. We can’t say for sure that ghosts are real and can’t guarantee that you’ll have any paranormal experiences during your visit, but they’ll certainly be thrilling. Take a look at the most haunted places in Indiana, USA, and keep reading if you’re really curious about them.

1. Whispers Estate -- Mitchell

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Whispers Estate was built in the year 1894 and a couple bought this property a few years later. Their succession of tragedies began with one of their adopted children. A 10-year old girl in this house due to a fire, another infant girl died only some months later, and their foster-mother also passed away from pneumonia in the home’s master bedroom. Two more deaths were reported in later decades, who also happened to be the new owners.

There are stories that people have seen a little girl running around here, as well as smelled the scent of baby powder, heard pneumonic coughing, saw black shadows, and more.

Whispers Estate

Address: 714 W Warren St, Mitchell, IN 47446, United States

Website: Whispers Estate

2. The Story Inn -- Nashville

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This haunted house offers a total of 18 rooms for rent to anyone who would like to experience the paranormal. Each of its rooms has maintained a guestbook since the mid-1900s, which tells about the supernatural encounters of the past lodgers. Although the ghostly encounters can be felt anywhere, one of the rooms is best known – the Garden Room aka the Blue Lady Room. Here, a female spirit is reportedly felt whenever anyone turns on a blue light and summons her by name. She never harms anyone and people have claimed that she often leaves behind blue-colored objects after the rendezvous.

The Story Inn

Address: 6404 IN-135, Nashville, IN 47448, United States

Website: The Story Inn

Opening hours: Wed - Thu: 9am - 2:30pm & 5pm - 8pm; Fri: 9am - 2:30pm & 5pm - 9pm; Sat: 8am - 2:30pm & 5pm - 9pm; Sun: 8am - 2:30pm & 5pm - 8pm; (closed on Mon & Tue)

3. Avon Haunted Bridge

Avon Haunted Bridge
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Michaeldavisson used under CC BY-SA 4.0

There are two popular spooky stories associated with this bridge – one says that a construction worker fell to his death into one of the bridge’s support columns and couldn’t be lifted out. Another legend says that a woman was walking along this bridge to take her infant to a doctor. She lept off to avoid a fast-moving train and both the mother and child died instantly. Allegedly, these events happened in 1906/07, but locals claim that they still hear either screams or mourning under this bridge. Motorists also often honk when crossing this bridge to muffle any chance of hearing these disturbing voices, especially at night.

4. Willard Library -- Evansville

Willard Library
Source: Pikrepo

Building this library was the dream project for a famous tycoon named Willard Carpenter. He began construction in 1876, but didn’t live long enough to see it completed. As his dying wish, he donated his inheritance to completing this noble cause, which enraged his daughter Louise Carpenter. She sued the library to gain the bequest, however, she lost the case. Nothing happened for decades, but unexpectedly, a lady in grey clothing appeared to a janitor during his midnight shift in the 1930s. He resigned right away, but the occurrences of seeing this ‘Lady in Grey’ still continues. People believe she is Willard’s furious daughter and you may also take a chance if you want to see her.

Willard Library

Address: 21 N First Ave, Evansville, IN 47710, United States

Website: Willard Library

Opening hours: Mon - Tue: 9am - 8pm; Wed - Fri: 9am - 5:30pm; Sat: 9am - 5pm; Sun: 1pm - 5pm

Price: Free

5. 100 Steps Cemetery -- Brazil

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This cemetery has a spooky story to tell. A legend says that people can feel the paranormal in this cemetery by performing a few simple steps. First off, you have to arrive here alone at midnight, especially during a full moon. Then, you are supposed to make your way from the graves to the top of the stairs while counting your steps, eventually turning around and facing the open field. The ghost of the cemetery’s first undertaker should appear and he will give you the vision of your death. Now you have to repeat the process, but in reverse, otherwise, you will die instantly as you did in that vision.

100 Steps Cemetery

Address: 7114-7140 N County Rd 675 W, Brazil, IN 47834, United States

Website: 100 Steps Cemetery

Opening hours: Always open

Price: Free

6. French Lick Springs Hotel -- French Lick

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The French Lick Springs Hotel was built in the year 1845 and, allegedly, it is said to be haunted by its owner Thomas Taggart. He was forever loyal to this hotel and the staff says that he still takes care of his possession. Thomas is said to operate the service lifts frequently when the hotel gets busy and people can smell a spooky tobacco scent, even when no one is smoking a cigar.

He has been reportedly heard partying with his ghostly friends in empty ballrooms. The staff claim that the entire sixth floor is ghostly. They see shadows here and the front desk even receives calls from vacant rooms.

7. Old Blackford County Jail -- Hartford City

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We all know how prisons were used as torture centers in the past. Although jails still had standards back then, such facilities were rarely checked. Old Blackford County Jail is one such detention center in the state that is allegedly haunted by the prisoners who never left their suffering grounds. The jail remained operational for over 100 years and was closed down in the year 1995, however, it would be wrong to say that the jail is completely inactive today. Plan a private investigation here for a full night and discover the paranormal by yourself.

Old Blackford County Jail

Address: 120 E Main St, Hartford City, IN 47348, United States

Website: Old Blackford County Jail

Opening hours: 12am - 10am (daily)

8. Washington Hall -- University of Notre Dame

Washington Hall, Notre dame
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Eccekevin used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Multiple untimely deaths have made this auditorium among the most haunted places in the University of Notre Dame. In the year 1886, a steeplejack fell and died immediately – his footsteps can be still heard here on quiet nights. Professor Jim Minavis also passed away here in the year 1919 and he has a notorious reputation of making trumpets blast from empty music halls. The most famous tragedy happened here with a talented footballer named George Gipp. He died of pneumonia after he had to sleep on the stairs of the hall one cold night. Gipp is often seen and felt here in Washington Hall.

Washington Hall

Address: Notre Dame, IN 46556, United States

Website: Washington Hall

Price: Free

9. Elkhart Civic Theatre -- Bristol Opera House

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

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Posted by Elkhart Civic Theatre on Thursday, January 28, 2021

This place is believed to be haunted by a man named Percy, aka Percival Hilbert, and his daughter. During the depression era, the owner of this theatre allowed a homeless man and his family to live in the basement of this building. The family stayed here for a long time, but Percy died somewhere else. People say that the man was very attached to this property, so he came back to stay again. His apparition has been seen here many times and the staff claims that he sometimes moves things, levitates small objects, and grabs you from behind. Shadows of a little girl are felt here as well, who is believed to be Percy’s daughter.

Elkhart Civic Theatre

Address: 210 E Vistula St, Bristol, IN 46507, United States

Website: Elkhart Civic Theatre

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 1pm - 5:30pm (closed on Sat & Sun)

10. Highland Lawn Cemetery -- Terre Haute

Highland Lawn Cemetery
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Christina Blust used under CC BY-SA 2.0

This cemetery has a famous story about the death of an old man named John Heinl and his beloved bulldog Stiffy Green. Somehow, this loyal dog located the mausoleum of his owner and refused to leave the cemetery grounds. Regardless of people offering him food and shelter, Stiffy gave up his life next to this tomb. Amazed by this loyalty, locals raised funds to stuff this dog in order to unite him with his owner again. Now, people reportedly hear phantom barks and growls in this graveyard at midnights. The caretaker of this cemetery even claims seeing apparitions of both the dog and his owner.

Highland Lawn Cemetery

Address: 4420 Wabash Ave, Terre Haute, IN 47803, United States

Website: Highland Lawn Cemetery

Opening hours: Always open

Price: Free

The most crucial advice

London, Indiana
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Chris Flook used under CC BY-SA 4.0

We understand that some people will visit these places to show off their courage and we sincerely wish good luck to them. But, at the same time, we strictly advise against this mission to all people suffering from any form of mental disorder or illness. They should not forget that these are known to be the most haunted places in Indiana and such places can make an impression upon such personalities.

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