Hot Springs with a Great View of Lake Toya! Feel the Season at the "The Lake View TOYA Nonokaze Resort!"

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The Lake View Toya Nonokaze Resort
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Many of you may know about Lake Toya from the summit held there in July of 2008. Toya Onsen (onsen is hot springs in Japanese), which has been named as one of “Japan’s 100 Views,” has an abundance of hot water and the highest number of hotels and inns in Hokkaido. Of these hotels, the “Lake View TOYA Nonokaze Resort” lets you enjoy the view of the lake from every room, with Mt. Yotei visible, Lake Toya right outside, and a sky full of stars at night. Check out their locally produced food and refined rooms at this first-rate onsen!

This is the Casual Type? A Spacious and Comfortable Standard Twin Room

hot springs with a great view of lake toya! feel the season at the "the lake view toya nonokaze resort!" | this is the casual type? a spacious and comfortable standard twin room

“The Lake View TOYA Nonokaze Resort” is separated into the “Nonokaze Club” and “Spa Resort” buildings, where the “Nonokaze Club” provides a premium visit with private baths with a view and special rooms, while the “Spa Resort” gives the casual, standard experience. This time we’ll be taking a look at the standard twin room of the “Spa Resort.” Although this is merely their standard room, just take a look at how spacious it is! Beyond the bed space is a sofa and table, designed to let you let loose and fully enjoy Lake Toya. Other than that, there is a shower booth, a useful sink, and a large storage space, making you want to make a home of this functional room. It is quite the comfortable space.

Even their public spaces like the lobby and halls have a free, refined interior, guaranteeing you a satisfactory stay.

Get a Great View of the Power Spot Lake Toya from your Bedroom Window!

hot springs with a great view of lake toya! feel the season at the "the lake view toya nonokaze resort!" | get a great view of the power spot lake toya from your bedroom window!

Sitting on the sofa in your room, Lake Toya jumps into your sights. “Toya” comes from the Ainu word meaning “the lake shore,” and in Japanese it is said to include the meaning “to eliminate and return to the wild.” Lake Toya is the perfect spot for people who want to escape old ties and face new challenges! Take a bath in the hot springs and wash away all your negative energy. Feel the effects of this famous “power spot” Lake Toya!

You can see the island afloat in the center of the nearly circular lake, and if the weather is good you can even see the sacred mountain of Hokkaido, Mt. Yotei. The trees that grow on the central island can show you the new leaves of spring, the beautiful colors of the fall leaves, and great sight of the winter snow, giving you a taste of the beauty of every season. Even in a single day, the reflection of the sun glistening on the surface, the trails of boats, the island floating in the sunset, and the lake covered by the morning fog will give you many different expressions of the lake, so you’ll never be bored just gazing at its beauty.

Their Long-Run Fireworks Show at the Lake Toya Onsen Winter Festival!

hot springs with a great view of lake toya! feel the season at the "the lake view toya nonokaze resort!" | their long-run fireworks show at the lake toya onsen winter festival!

Each year at Lake Toya from late April to late October, they host a long-run fireworks show, which takes place every night provided that the weather is good. They also have fireworks during their Lake Toya Onsen Festival, so you can enjoy some winter fireworks too. These photos of the fireworks were taken during the long-run fireworks show from the window of one of their rooms. The red light visible at the bottom is a tourist boat following the fireworks. If you want to get an up close look at the show, the boat is recommended, as you can even see the fireworks from behind. There is a pier in front of the hotel where the boat docks, so you can see it coming and going from your window.

You can enjoy the fireworks from your room as well, but the “Lake View Toya Nonokaze Resort” has an outdoor bath that overlooks the lake. It’s made to appear as if the hot spring water flows down to the lake, and watching the fireworks as you relax in the hot spring is quite the bath time.

The Lake Toya Onsen Winter Festival will take place for nine days between February 4th and February 12th in 2015.

The Many Flavors of Onsen! The Grand Bath with a Panoramic View, the Outdoor Bath, the Showa Bath, and private Baths!

hot springs with a great view of lake toya! feel the season at the "the lake view toya nonokaze resort!" | the many flavors of onsen! the grand bath with a panoramic view, the outdoor bath, the showa bath, and private baths!

If you stay at the “Spa Resort,” which does not include baths in its rooms, it’s recommended you reserve one of their hot spring-overflowing private baths to enjoy (3000 JPY for 50 minutes). The bath, large enough to comfortably fit three adults, looks out to the beautiful Lake Toya.

The water of the hot spring is a brown, chloride-sulfate-bicarbonate spring mixture, which is said to be good for cuts, burns, and keeping the skin young. The break room for relaxing after you back includes a TV, a sofa, and a refrigerator with cold water so you can rest your warmed body. The powder room and dressing room are both spacious as well, so you can comfortably enjoy your luxurious hot springs. Each building contains its own grand bath, and guests can use both. The outlook grand bath of the “Spa Resort,” EZOFUJI, lets you enjoy a laying bath, a medicine bath, a standing bath, and seasonal baths. The panoramic outdoor-bath of the top floor, TENCQOO, lets you feel completely free and like you’re one with nature. Meanwhile in the “Nonokaze Club,” their bath is branded with its name, “The Public Bath Showa,” that gives it a look reminiscent of the 20th century. They have everything from their entrance, their shoeboxes, their lockers, and the yellow plastic buckets in the baths that remind us of old Japanese public baths. The walls of this detailed, theme park-like bath is painted with Lake Toya and Mt. Yotei.

Each bath is unique in its own way, making you want to bathe again and again. Be careful not to get too warm!

Have their Locally Produced Food at their Lake View Restaurant!

have their locally produced food at their lake view restaurant!

The Japanese, Western, and Chinese buffet that uses local foods for both breakfast and dinner has enough choices to guarantee that even the pickiest of eaters will find something they like. The picture was taken at breakfast. Their riceballs are made on the spot with fillings you choose, and the apple juice is freshly squeezed before your eyes! The plates are shaped to let you get a little bit of everything without having them mix, which is nice.

Dinner includes a luxurious Hokkaido-beef steak, sushi, ramen, curry, and even freshly baked pizza with toppings you choose, making it a menu agreeable to people of all ages. This lively restaurant lets you see all the food being prepared, so you can always enjoy the freshest meals. The plates that display the names of the dishes also tell you where the ingredients come from, with many of them coming from Hokkaido, with seasonal foods coming from the Lake Toya area.

Enjoy this Extravagant Experience with the Beautiful View of Lake Toya!

Whether you are in the rooms, the lobby, the restaurant, the baths, or anywhere else on the grounds, you can feel the nature of Lake Toya and its power at the “Lake View TOYA Nonokaze Resort.” Let us leave you with a few things we weren’t able to talk about in this article. First is the café with its many patisserie-made sweets, like their seasonal fruit tarts, “Gâteau du bonheur.” The cakes here are great! The gift shop, “Select 108,” has a selection of stylish gifts, many of which are famous brands made in Hokkaido. Both of these are easily accessible to guests, which is convenient. They have a floor for pets, a floor for solo travelers, a spa, a hot stone spa, etc., meeting the needs of anyone. There are a lot of options at this hotel, so anyone from people who just want to relax, to people who want to see the “power spots” around Lake Toya can have the travel experience they want. Come enjoy the top quality hot springs and beautiful lakeside view at the “Lake View TOYA Nonokaze Resort”!

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The Lake View Toya Nonokaze Resort
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