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With Sri Lanka’s natural beauty, quiet setting, and plenty of experts in mind, body, and spiritual wellness, it’s not surprising that this tropical island is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations for those dedicated to their wellbeing. Yes, adventure is tagged with ziplining, surfing, mountain climbing, and other physical activities. Meditation retreats offer another sense of adventure, where you can relax and connect with your inner self: both mind, body, and soul. Whether you are aiming to take a break from the world or you want to connect to nature, Sri Lanka has you covered. Check out this list of the best meditation retreat in Sri Lanka.

1. Sanatha Suwaya Meditation & Retreat Center

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Posted by Sanatha Suwaya on Sunday, December 13, 2020

Nestled peacefully above the mountain in Kandy (the second biggest city in Sri Lanka), you will find Sanatha Suwaya Meditation & Retreat Center. True to its name “A Center for Mind & Body Balance,” Sanatha Suwaya provides retreat programs, meditation sessions, and “Like practices” for enhancing human health, like yoga, Ayurveda (traditional Hindu system of medicine), reiki (energy healing technique), and acupuncture. Overall, it promotes holistic therapies and practices in mindfulness traditions, in an oasis style environment for individuals who believe in mind and body balance.

Sanatha Suwaya Meditation & Retreat Center

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2. Rockhill Meditation Center

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

This is the group photo of the retreat

Posted by Rockhill international meditation centre on Sunday, May 21, 2017

Set on a mountainside surrounded by nature and spring water, Rockhill Hermitage is a great place, if you are interested in learning meditation and Buddhist studies. Founded by Venerable P. Kassapa (Bhante), Rockhill Hermitage promotes “Vipassana meditation.” It is an “ancient method of meditation” used and developed by Buddha 2,500 years ago. This practice aims to purify the mind from the gross impurities of negative emotions like fear, selfishness, anxiety, to name a few. It is a 10-day training course, which includes breathing techniques.

Rockhill Meditation Center

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3. Nilambe Buddhist Meditation Center

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Identify the sensation.... Most meditators, as soon as they sit, try to find the breath. Then it is difficult. Let it...

Posted by NIlambe Buddhist Meditation Centre on Sunday, May 3, 2020

Nilambe Buddhist Meditation Center is consistently known to be the place for laypeople who aim to learn Buddist meditation. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, everyone is welcome in this retreat. All programs and instructions are in English and facilitated by experienced practitioners. It is an authentic Buddhist meditation retreat, which is based on “silence and sitting meditation” in a peaceful environment. Mindfulness of breathing (Ānāpāna Sati) is also included in the program. The goal of this practice is the “complete release of heart and mind” through awareness of breathing.

Nilambe Buddhist Meditation Center

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4. Ulpotha Yoga Holidays

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Ulpotha Yoga Holidays offers a world-class yoga experience in a beautiful natural setting. Situated in the jungle heartland of Sri Lanka, Ulpotha Yoga provides a wide range of Yoga styles suited for an individual’s personality, from Vinyasa to Hatha Vinyasa. The retreat focuses on conscious breathing, poses, meditation, and relaxation. All programs are facilitated by some of the world’s leading Yoga teachers like Samantha Duggal and Malaika MaVeena Darville. The learnings don’t stop at the center. Additional knowledge and motivation are included to continue your practice at home.

Ulpotha Yoga Holidays

Price: From 2,940 USD

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5. Nisala International Meditation Center

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Posted by Nisala Foundation - Center for Energy and Consciousness Practices on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Located at the top of a hill, offering scenic views of Knuckles Mountains, Nisala International Meditation Center is part of the Nisala Foundation Trust that provides learnings about yoga and consciousness. It is surrounded by an ancient village, paddy fields, and Victoria-Rantambe forest reserve - all contributing to making this wellness center perfect for spiritual practice. Founded by Acharin G. Wijenayake, it offers a four-day intensive retreat to help individuals reach their inner clarification and truth of existence. The main components of the retreat are meditation, nada (sound induction), emptiness, catharsis, and deepening of emptiness and beyond.

Nisala International Meditation Center

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6. Paramitha International Buddhist Meditation Center

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Posted by Paramita Meditation Centre on Sunday, December 23, 2018

Situated atop a hill offering scenic views of the sprawling valleys is Paramitha International Buddhist Meditation Center. This center is built to become a spiritual home for laypeople and individuals devoted to mind, body, and spiritual wellness. It is known to be a place that offers Buddhist meditation, which can be done in a group or at an individual level. The retreat promotes the value of simplicity, wherein participants are taught that there is joy in detaching oneself from worldly things and encouraging all to have an honest and simple life. Another value to observe is noble silence. It helps the participants to maintain calmness and understand Buddha’s teachings about seeing things as they truly are.

Paramitha International Buddhist Meditation Center

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7. Talalla Retreat (from USD 94)

Ocean, wildlife, incredible accommodations, serenity, activities - all of these contribute to making Tallalla Retreat a perfect place to take a break from the world and reconnect with your inner self. The retreat activities are facilitated by experienced yogis, wellness experts, Reiki masters, to name a few. They will be assisting you throughout your journey to attain enlightenment and develop your mind, body, and soul wellbeing. Who would have thought that surfing and yoga are a good combination? Yes, this is one of the activities that you should never miss. The yoga retreats are seven days and six nights.

Talalla Retreat

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Talalla Retreat

Wifi Available

Address: Sampaya House, Talalla South

Parking Restaurant Room service Meeting/banquet facilities Bar Garden Terrace Non-smoking rooms

8. Dhamma Kuta Vipassana Meditation Center

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Posted by Dhammakuta Vipassana Meditation Center on Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dhamma Kuta Vipassana Meditation Center offers Vipassana Meditation, which is “one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation.” This retreat center, through their team of experts, will guide you on self-transformation by deepening your mind and body interconnection. Throughout your 10-day journey, you are required to adhere to Sila (commitment to harmony and self-restraint). The focus of the first three days of the retreat is the observation of your breath and concentration of the mind (Anapana Meditation). Afterward, participants will practice Vipassana. The best part is that the vegan meals are a real treat.

Dhamma Kuta Vipassana Meditation Centre

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9. Amuna Ayurveda Retreat - Sigiriya

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If you truly want to immerse yourself in traditional and ancient treatments, there’s no better way to experience healing at Amuna Ayurveda Retreat. Once called the “Mother of All Healing,” Ayurveda is an ancient technique of treatment in Sri Lanka from 3,000 years ago. It helps to revitalize your mind, body, and soul through plenty of treatments like yoga, meditation, treatment for rejuvenation and detoxification, to name a few, that will guide you to a holistic path to achieve a balanced life.

Amuna Ayurveda Retreat

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10. Ashram Sri Lanka Meditation and Yoga Retreat Center

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Nestled in a beautiful and peaceful setting surrounded by nature, Ashram Sri Lanka Meditation and Yoga Retreat Center promotes simple living. This retreat center offers all your needs to achieve Zen, which simply means being free from mind-attachment. It can be achieved through reflection, yoga, meditation, contemplation, to name a few. Overall, this retreat house offers the simplicity of life, nature, connecting to oneself and surrounding, and yes, organic foods!

Ashram Sri Lanka Meditation and Yoga Retreat Center

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Soul searching in Sri Lanka

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If you are dedicated to finding a holistic path to transforming yourself by reconnecting with your soul, there’s no better place on earth than Sri Lanka. Meditation retreats on this tropical island are simply one of the best. Book now.

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