Paris Isn’t Just For Lovers: 20 Things To Do In Paris With Kids - Updated 2022

Paris Isn’t Just For Lovers: 20 Things To Do In Paris With Kids - Updated 2022

Paris is the capital of France, and is well-known for being the City of Love and the City of Lights. It’s also regarded as one of the top European cities anyone should visit. With its sophisticated and elegant vibe, it might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of a family-friendly vacation destination. Also, children might not think Paris is a fun city to visit, especially since there are other cities that have many kid-friendly attractions such as Orlando, Florida, USA. However, that’s far from the truth, so here are some of our favourite things to do with kids in Paris.

1. Play in the happiest place on earth

Sleeping Beauty Castle - Disneyland Paris
Source: Photo by user David Jafra used under CC BY 2.0

Let’s start this list off with a bang with one of the most iconic amusement parks in Paris, Disneyland Paris. While it isn’t the original Disneyland, it’s sure to keep your children in high spirits. Also, it’s celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2017, which makes it a perfect attraction to visit because of the many different activities that are happening. The amusement park consists of 5 different ‘lands’ just like the original Disneyland, and there are plenty to explore. With so many things to do, your kids will definitely be entertained and will certainly be exhausted at the end of the day. And who knows, you might enjoy yourself too!

Disneyland Paris

Address: 77777 Marne-la-Vallée, France

Price: from 96 USD (Adults), 88 USD (Children)

Opening Hours: 10 am - 7 pm (Monday - Sunday, Disneyland Park & Walt Disney Studios Park)

Website: Disneyland Paris

2. Take part in a treasure hunt at the Louvre

Louvre France
Source: Photo by user Kennito454 used under CC BY-SA 3.0

A trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete without visiting the iconic Louvre! However, your children might not be the most art-inclined, so how about capturing their interest by bringing them on a treasure hunt. Keep in mind your child’s interest and stamina while you’re choosing between the 12 themes, so they won’t get too tired. The treasure hunt is perfect as it is engaging, and helps educate the children on the art works. Just keep in mind that the treasure hunt price doesn’t include the museum entrance fee, so you have to buy tickets before entering the hunt.

THATLou @ The Louvre

Address: 75001 Paris, France

Price: Differs from the hunt you choose and admission fee into The Louvre is not included.

Opening Hours: 9 am - 6 pm (Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday), 9 am - 9.4 5pm. Closed on Tuesdays, New Year’s Day, Christmas and 1st May.

Duration: around 2 hours required.

Website: THATLou @ The Louvre

3. Explore contemporary art or the children’s gallery

The Centre Pompidou, Paris
Source: Photo by user Oh Paris used under CC BY 2.0

If you’re a fan of contemporary art, you’re in luck! Centre Pompidou, one of Europe’s top 10 contemporary art museums, is located in Paris. Your children might not share the same sentiment, but don’t worry because it’s a kid-friendly destination. There are activities for children of every age, from young kids to teenagers. Sometimes, there are even temporary, hands-on exhibitions that will help immerse your children in the experience. However, if your children aren’t interested in the museum, you can pay a small fee to visit the top of the museum where you can admire the gorgeous city view of Paris.

Centre Pompidou

Address: Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris, France

Price: from 15.10 USD, 5.40 USD (For the ‘view of Paris’)

Opening Hours: 11 am - 10 pm (Wednesday to Monday). Closed on Tuesday.

Website: Centre Pompidou

4. Let your child's inner chef out

Kids cooking class
Source: Pixabay

Photo is only for illustrative purposes

If your child has an interest in cooking or is a foodie, consider registering your child for a French cooking class. Parents won’t be able to take part in the class, but you can take your own cooking class or watch over them while enjoying some tea. From savoury to sweet, your children will learn how to whip up 4 delicious and iconic French recipes. The class is taught by a professional, experienced chef, so they’ll be in safe hands, and will learn relevant skills. At the end of the class, they can either tuck into their freshly-made meal or take it away.

French Cooking with Kids Class

Address: 6 Rue Baudelique, 75018 Paris, France

Price: from 80.90 USD

Duration: around 2 hours required.

Website: French Cooking with Kids Class

5. Admire some life-sized animal exhibits

La galerie de lEvolution (Museum National dHistoire Naturelle) (2593147609)
Source: Photo by user Jean-Pierre Dalbéra used under CC BY 2.0

Natural history might not be the most fascinating topic, especially for young children. However, this is one of the best natural history museums, and it is also extremely kid-friendly! We think that your children will be most entranced by the different types of animals, whether they be stuffed or skeletal. They look really cool, and it’ll definitely hold their attention! Even better, there are hands-on exhibitions to make sure your kids have an immersive and fun learning experience.

Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle

Address: 57 Rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris, France

Price: from 7.55 USD.

Opening Hours: 10 am - 6 pm. Closed on Tuesday, 1st January, 1st May, 25th December.

Website: Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle

6. Go wild in Paris' oldest amusement park

Jardin acclimatation DSC04371
Source: Photo by user [Unknown] used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Kids are always excited by the idea of visiting an amusement park, so how about heading over to Jardin d’Acclimatation! It’s the oldest amusement park in the whole of Paris, and has the typical amusement park attractions like the hall of mirrors and a small water park. The most iconic attraction is ‘The Little Train’, which will let you tour around the amusement park comfortably. Jardin d’Acclimatation also boasts a small farm, where your children can get up close and personal with many different animals. Your family can take part in their themed workshops, so you’ll leave here happy.

Jardin d’Acclimatation

Address: Bois de Boulogne, Rue du Bois de Boulogne, 75116 Paris, France

Price: from 3.30 USD (Admission to garden). Ticket prices for attractions vary.

Opening Hours: 11 am - 6 pm (Monday - Friday), 10 am - 6 pm (Saturday, Sunday, school holidays and public holidays)

Opening Hours of rides: 11 am - 5 pm (Monday - Friday), 10 am - 5 pm (Saturday, Sunday, school holidays and bank holidays)

Website: Jardin d’Acclimatation (French only)

7. Release some toy boats into a pond

There are many captivating features about Paris, and one of them is its overwhelming number of parks and gardens. It might not sound like the most fun thing to do while on vacation, but give the Luxembourg Gardens a shot. There are many beautiful, intricate statues littered about the garden, so you can explore them all with your kids. Or, if your children are more interested in playing, they can do that too! There’s a large, fenced-in playground with a flying fox where your children can hang out with other kids. There’s also a vintage carousel they can play on. Lastly, they can rent a toy boat and sail it on the boat pond, which is an iconic part of the garden!

Luxembourg Gardens

Address: Rue de Vaugirard, 75006, Paris, France

Price: Free-of-charge.

Opening Hours: 7.30 am - 8 pm (Summer), 8 am - 5 pm (Winter).

Website: Luxembourg Gardens

8. Learn all about chocolate

Macro Raspas de Chocolate
Source: Photo by user Thavlosk used under CC BY-SA 3.0

If you or your kids are chocolate lovers, then this chocolate museum is definitely worth a visit! Chocolate seems to be a way of life in Paris, which is why Parisians love this museum. Take a 1.5 hour self-guided tour, where you can explore your favourite exhibitions at your own pace. Explore the different exhibits, which track the history of chocolate and showcases different chocolate-related artifacts. You can also watch some chocolate-making demonstrations, taste the delectable chocolates and even sip on a steaming cup of hot chocolate if you choose.

Choco-Story- le musée gourmand du Chocolat

Address: 28 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, 75010 Paris, France

Price: from 12.01 USD

Opening Hours: 10 am - 6 pm. Last entrance at 5pm.

Duration: around 1.5 hours required.

Website: Choco-Story- le musée gourmand du Chocolat

9. Admire a gorgeous view of Paris

Eiffel Tower, view from the Arc de Triomphe
Source: Photo by user ros k @ getfunky_... used under CC BY 2.0

The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most iconic attractions in Paris, so it’s a definite must-visit! When you’re around the Arc de Triomphe, you’ll notice that the traffic is extremely wild. For safety, go via the underground walkway. You can first explore it from the ground, and just see how the Arc de Triomphe towers over everyone. You can also discover the different inscriptions on the attraction. If your children are adventurous and have tons of energy, the climb up the Arc de Triomphe will be fun! When you’re at the top, you can enjoy a gorgeous view of Paris. And before you leave, check out the museum or the gift store.

Arc de Triomphe

Address: Place Charles de Gaulle, 75008 Paris, France

Price: from 12.95 USD (Adults), 9.70 USD (Young Adults, ages 18 - 25), free-of-charge (Children, ages 18 and under)

Opening Hours: 10 am - 10.30 pm (2nd January - 31st March and 1st October - 31st December), 10 am - 11 pm (1st April - 30th September). Closed on 1st January, 1st May, 8th May (morning), 14th July, 11th November (morning) and 25th December.

Website: Arc de Triomphe

10. Be spooked out by all the skulls (from USD 101.0)

The catacombs Paris France 006
Source: Photo by user Riggwelter used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Children are often fascinated by some of the strangest and creepiest things. So take a tour to explore the Catacombs of Paris where you and your family can discover the dark side of the City of Lights. With this being one of the most popular attractions in Paris, the lines can be long, but you can skip the queues with a Catacombs of Paris Walking Tour. You’ll also be guided by an experienced, English-speaking tour guide to share all the dark stories!

Paris Walking Tour with Skip-the-Line Catacombs Admission

Duration: 2 hours

873 reviews

11. Perfect for science-loving families

Cité des sciences et de l’industrie
Source: Photo by user george kiwi used under CC BY-SA 2.0

La Cite des Sciences et de L'industrie is a science and technology museum that’s catered mostly towards children and teenagers. It’s extremely large, with many permanent and temporary exhibitions that will surely appeal to your children. Even better, many of the exhibitions are hands-on, so your children can learn about the topics showcased at the exhibitions. The entrance is timed, so keep up with your children as they go wild in this interesting museum. Also, there’s the Géode outside the museum, and it hosts an IMAX theatre where you can watch educational documentaries and movies for an extra fee.

La Cite des Sciences et de L'industrie

Address: 30 Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris, France

Price: from 12.95 USD (Adults), 9.71 USD (Children & Young Adults, ages 25 and under), 3.25 USD (Children, ages 2-5).

Opening Hours: 10 am - 6 pm (Tuesday - Saturday), 10 am - 7 pm (Sunday). Closed on Mondays, 1st January, 1st May and 25th December.

Website: La Cite des Sciences et de L'industrie

12. Hang out with your favourite celebrities

Musée Grévin (1)
Source: Photo by user Remi Jouan used under CC BY-SA 3.0

For some mindless fun and cool photo taking opportunities, head on over to the Grevin Museum, a wax figures museum that might enthral your kids. The museum features over 200 wax figures based on famous personalities from both the past and present. So point some of them out and see if your children can recognise any of them. For a fun souvenir, take a picture with your favourite ‘celebrity’. There’s another room called the Halls of Mirrors, a majestic ballroom where you can watch a gorgeous light and sound show. Sometimes, you can even see what’s happening behind-the-scenes and watch a master creator make a realistic wax figure!

Grevin Museum

Address: 10 Boulevard Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France

Price: 24.30 USD (Adults), 18.90 USD (Children), free-of-charge (Ages 5 and under).

Opening Hours: Differs on some days, check the website for more information.

Website: Grevin Museum

13. Have a taste of Paris' famous ice-cream

As you and your family go around exploring Paris, your children might get cranky. So how about treating them to a delicious scoop of ice-cream from the legendary Berthillon! Berthillon features a rotating selection of seasonal ice-cream flavours. So when you pop by during different seasons, you might be able to taste a new, unique flavour! You can either have a scoop of ice-cream on a cone and eat it while walking around Paris, or you can rest up in the tearoom and savour your ice-cream indoors instead!


Address: 29-31 Rue Saint-Louis en l'Île, 75004 Paris, France

Opening Hours: 10 am - 8 pm. Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Website: Berthillon (French only)

14. Feel at peace and watch cute animals

Source: Photo by user [Unknown] used under CC BY-SA 3.0

If you have some time on your hands, consider taking a day trip to the nearby Palace of Versailles. But more specifically, visit The Queen’s Hamlet, which is on the palace’s grounds. With it being in close proximity to the iconic Palace of Versailles, The Queen’s Hamlet is often overlooked, making it a secluded attraction to visit. The Queen’s Hamlet was created for the infamous Marie Antoinette who thought country life was quaint, and wanted to experience it for herself. It has now been restored and you can bask in all its former glory. And your children will have a relaxing yet entertaining time, while watching adorable animals grazing on the grass.

The Queen's Hamlet

Address: Place d'Armes, 78000 Versailles, France

Price: from 10.80 USD (Adults), free-of-charge (Children, ages 18 and under)

Opening Hours: 12 pm - 5.30 pm. Closed on Mondays.

Website: The Queen’s Hamlet

15. Admire some rare animals

Ménagerie - Jardin des Plantes 1, November 20, 2012
Source: Photo by user Andreas Hobi used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Most kids love visiting zoos, so it’s great that Paris has its own gorgeous Menagerie du Jardin des Plantes, which is one of the oldest zoos in the world. In the past, it was a large-scale attraction with many different large animals, but in modern times, it’s more of a smaller-scale place to visit. It’s now more focused on conservation and research of endangered species. They don’t hold the typical animals, like lions and giraffes, but currently house many rare small and medium sized animals. This is certainly a worthwhile and entertaining attraction to visit.

Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes

Address: 57 Rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris, France

Price: from 14 USD (Adults), 9.70 USD (Visitors from the ages of 3 - 25), free-of-charge (Children, ages 3 and under).

Opening Hours: 9 am - 5 pm (Winter), 9 am - 6 pm (Summer), 9 am - 6.30 pm (Sundays). Open daily.

Website: Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes

16. Ogle at some gorgeous and iconic murals

Musée de l'Orangerie February 28, 2009
Source: Photo by user LWY used under CC BY 2.0

This small museum might not be the most famous, but there’s a huge surprise just waiting inside that will captivate everyone in your family. The main reason many people visit the Musee de l'Orangerie is because of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. The paintings are displayed how Monet intended them to be, under diffused lights. There are two oval rooms that host all of the 8 murals, with every wall showcasing one piece of the mural. If your entire family can tear their eyes away from the breathtaking murals, take the time to explore the rest of the museum. Or just head out to The Tuileries Gardens where your children can play.

Musee de l'Orangerie

Address: Jardin Tuileries, 75001 Paris, France

Price: from 9.80 USD (Adults), 7 USD (Children, ages 18 and below & Adults, ages 18 - 25)

Opening Hours: 9 am - 6 pm. Closed on Tuesday, 1st May, morning of 14th July and Christmas.

Website: Musee de l'Orangerie

17. Arrange a playdate in this beautiful garden

Parc Floral de Paris
Source: Photo by user Alexandre Vialle used under CC BY 2.0

Parc Floral de Paris is another fantastic, beautiful garden, making it well worth a visit. The garden is well-maintained and has many different flower beds, so you can take the time to enjoy each and every one of them. However, the main reason we wanted to list this garden is because there are plenty of playgrounds for your children to play on. There are also other play areas for children of every age, and even a maze where you and your kids can enjoy getting lost. You can also play mini-golf on a Parisian-themed course. If you’re feeling tired, relax and unwind while watching your kids run around.

Parc Floral de Paris

Address: Route de la Pyramide, 75012 Paris, France

Price: from 6 USD (Adults on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 5th June to 25th September), free-of-charge (September - May, and for children under 7 years old)

Opening Hours: 9.30 am- 5 pm (1st January - end of February), 9.30 am - 6 pm (1st March to 31st March), 9.30 am - 8 pm (1st April - 30th September) and 9.30 am - 6.30 pm (1st October - 31st December).

Website: Parc Floral de Paris

18. View the City of Lights at night!

Paris at night, 4 July 2013
Source: Photo by user Shepard4711 used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Kids are lovely because they take pleasure in all the small things in life. They also love staying up past their bedtime, so how about treating them to a night tour of Paris with Paris Illuminations Tour? If you thought Paris was beautiful in the day, you’ll now know why the city is known as the City of Lights. Paris at night is vibrant, and the places of interest create beacons in the night sky. Sit comfortably in an air-conditioned bus and whizz past the different attractions. You’ll also be given your own personal audio guide from Paris Illuminations Tour to hear their recorded commentary.

Paris Illuminations Tour

Price: from 29.20 USD (Adults), 18.40 USD (Children, ages 3 - 11).

Opening Hours: 10 pm (1st April - 31st October), 8 pm (1st November - 31st March), daily.

Duration: around 1 hour 45 minutes required.


19. Shop at Paris' toy mecca

P1030055 Paris II Passage des Princes rwk
Source: Photo by user Mbzt used under CC BY 3.0

Which kid doesn’t love toys and games? Take them to Passage des Princes, where you can treat them to a souvenir they’ll definitely adore! Passage des Princes is a lovely, colourful building that also happens to be an awesome backdrop to take aesthetically-pleasing photographs. It’s also Paris’ toy mecca, with 10 stores that sell different types of toys. From cuddly soft toys to mind-boggling puzzles, your child will definitely pick something out for themselves.

Passage des Princes

Address: 5 Boulevard des Italiens, Paris 75002

Opening Hours: 8 am - 8 pm. Closed on Sundays.

Website: Passage des Princes

20. Buy some classic French pralines as souvenirs

If you don’t have any allergies, it’s seemingly impossible to turn down chocolates. For a tasty and chocolatey souvenir, drop by Maison de la Prasline Mazet! This cheerful store has 2 distinct areas — one focusing on chocolates and the other on sweets packaged in bright and pastel packaging. This shop also offers one of the oldest French sweets, pralines, which combines caramelised sugar and almonds. You’ll also find more unconventional and modern flavours like yuzu! Let your children and your inner child go wild in this delightful store!

Maison de la Prasline Mazet

Address: 37 Rue des Archives, 75004 Paris, France

Opening Hours: 10 am - 7 pm (Monday - Saturday), 11 am - 7 pm (Sunday).

Website: Maison de la Prasline Mazet

Have a perfect time in Paris!

These 20 sites and activities will allow for the most memorable family-friendly vacation ever. With all of these wonderful activities, your kids may never want to leave the City of Lights!

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