Things to do things to do summer holidays Slovenia

Best Things To Do Over The Summer Holidays In Slovenia

Best Things To Do Over The Summer Holidays In Slovenia

One of Europe’s smallest but most stunning nations is Slovenia, a strategically located sovereign state. An important trade route and cultural centre, Slovenia is all about stunning sceneries, magnificent architecture, fantastic holiday destinations, and rich historical significance. Home to a homogeneous mix of ethnicities, all aspects of the place drip with exuberance. Its beautiful landscape adds to the overall charm, with the glacier-carved valleys and snow-covered peaks in the alpine to the north and sprawling farmlands and palm-fringed Adriatic resorts to the south. If you’re looking for a summer holiday packed with adventure and relaxation, Slovenia is the place to be. Scroll through our best picks of activities to try in the country and you’ll have yourself an unforgettable summer holiday. Here are the best things to do over the summer holidays in Slovenia.

1. Soothe your soul at Ljubljana's nature reserves (from USD 118)

Wanting some time engulfed in the quietude and beauty of nature? We have something for you. Given the harmonic blend of valleys, hills, lakes, rivers, karst caves, and forests across the country, excursion trips to one (or several) nature reserves in Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana, is quite a treat. You’ll find many a flora at display, and diverse species of fauna hidden within them. One such fantastic tour is that of the alpine town of Kranjska Gora. Planned tours and trained guides add to the amazing experience, so forget all else and embrace the natural beauty Slovenia offers.

Private tour to Kranjska Gora Excursion with Vintgar Gorge

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2. Delight yourselves on an exploratory tour of Ljubljana's castles (from USD 51)

Ljubljana is also famous for its five charming castles. Set in idyllic locations, atop hilltops and other main locations, each of them are a haven of tranquility and repositories of the past. First and foremost is the Ljubljana Castle – the city’s main castle, it houses two museums and the Ljubljana Castle Time Machine, which boasts of guides dressed as historical figures, taking you back up to 900 years back in history. Automobile enthusiasts, the Bistra Castle is home to a collection of Yugoslavia’s former president Marshal Tito’s once-owned limousines set up for display. Similarly, the Zaprice Castle is famous for its museum showcasing a collection of Velika Planina’s history. Also impressive in their appeal are the Bogenšperk Castle and Polhov Gradec Manor.

Ljubljana and Ljubljana Castle Sightseeing Tour

Number of Reviews 22

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3. Have a straight-out-of-a-storybook experience at Lake Bled and Bled Island

Among the top-rated tourist attractions in Slovenia is Lake Bled. Although a small lake, it is picturesque in every way and offers an almost fairytale-like ambience. You can book yourselves on a tour of the lake where you’ll not only be able to soak in the beautiful Slovenian landscape, but also explore the Vintgar Gorge and quaint Bled Castle on Bled Island. You can get to the island on a pletna boat or even rent a private rowboat. You can even choose to explore the island – just make sure you select your tour accordingly. This one’s a must-do for first timers.

Bled All in One Day: Castle - Vintgar Gorge - Island

Number of Reviews 4

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4. Enjoy a bird's-eye view of the Alps in a Slovenian Gondola

Cable car rides are fun regardless, but if they’re coupled with an absolutely breathtaking scenery down below, it can make for quite an unforgettable experience. One such phenomenal experience is the view of the Julian Alps from cable cars, or gondolas, running back and forth Mount Vogel. Once at the destination, you’ll be spoilt for choice with fabulous views of the valley below, enveloped by the snow-capped alpine peaks all around. Find yourself a spot and marvel in the unique beauty of nature, one that only your eyes will be able to do justice to; cameras are able to capture just one-tenth of the beauty. There’s even a bar atop, so you can sip on some warm toddy to keep the chills in control. We recommend you plan this for a sunny day for the best of visibility and experience.

Vogel Ski Centre

Address: Žičnice Vogel Bohinj, d.o.o. Ukanc 6 4265 Bohinjsko Jezero

Website: Vogel Ski Centre

Opening hours: 9am - 4pm (daily)

Price: 8-25 EUR

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5. Admire the "pearl of the Slovenian Mediterranean" – Piran (from USD 91)

One of the most picturesque towns of southwestern Slovenia is Piran. With its comforting atmosphere, winding alleyways, humbling sunsets, and bustling restaurants, a trip here is every bit worth it. If you’re an architecture buff, the Venetian Gothic architecture at the tip of the Piran peninsula will simply spellbind you. Tour through the city and get a panoramic insight into its countless tales, deep-rooted traditions, colourful landscape, and bustling harbour fringed by turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. Local food, too, is absolutely delicious here, so don’t forget a stop (or many stops) at the several restaurants/cafes along your tour route. Enjoy budget-friendly wines, delicate white truffles, and fresh seafood–it’s a superior culinary affair!

Piran: Panoramic Slovenian Coast Tour from Koper

Duration Wheelchair accessible

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6. Discover old-world charm in Koper (from USD 160)

Also located in Southwestern Slovenia, Koper is coastal Slovenia’s largest town. What appears to be an ordinary port-town at the first glance is an oasis of medieval secrets waiting to be unveiled. Get a private walking tour of this legendary historical town which is loaded with history, enthralling legends, and splendid Venetian architecture. Not only these, the seaport offers some smashing food in its Istrian cuisine. The tours are a great way for you to cover all significant things and they can be tailor-made to accommodate your preferences as well. So, no need to go bumbling about the place. Get yourself on one of the tours and consider this part of your summer holiday in Koper sorted.

Koper Private Walking Tour with a Local Guide

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7. Tour the Postojna Cave Park and Predjama Castle (from USD 85)

Among other intriguing experiences in Slovenia is a trip to Postojna Cave Park which has stunning, 24-km-long (15-mile) karst caves that make for an absolutely dazzling sight. Making the experience even delightful is the world’s only cave railway line inside, taking you through most parts of the underground cave system. Book yourself a guide and you’ll be amazed to learn a number of things about the various formations and halls within. There’s also about a 100 different animal species that you’ll find here – the most intriguing one being the “baby dragon”, or olm. Its unsual appearance makes it look like a cross between fish and dragon, thus captivating the fascination of the visitors. Another interesting part of this park is the dramatic Predjama Castle, located about 9 km (6 miles) away from the cave system, which can also be visited by tourists. The medieval fortification sits atop a cliff, about 123m (404 ft) high and is something like 800 years old. Listed among 10 most fascinating castles across the world, it has something to excite visitors of all age groups.

Ljubljana with Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle Excursion from Zagreb

Number of Reviews 7

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8. Time for some thrilling adventures in Bovec (from USD 74)

Pack your holiday with some adrenaline-pumping activities that’ll not only thrill but also put you to test. Located in West Slovenia, Bovec attracts adventure enthusiasts from across the continent. Bike your way through 100-year old mule tracks or raft through the incredible, emerald-green waters of the River Soča. You can go in for kayaking, zip lining, or even canyoning as well. The tours and guides are very customer-friendly, so you’ll not need to worry about anything.For those of you not looking for so much excitement, cave-exploration tours here are also superb!

Bovec: Rock Climbing Tour

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9. Traverse through the Slovenian Alps one bike ride at a time

Bordering Western Slovenia are the awe-inspiring Julian Alps that are well worth your time and we can’t think of a better way to go about exploring them than on a bicycle! There are several self-guided biking tours, especially dedicated to enthu-cutlets, that are not only safe but also offer some glorious views of the limestone peaks, Lake Bled, the valleys, and the greenery of Slovenia. The terrain is also not very difficult but you do need to be careful about the road signs and make sure that your biking gear is in order. This experience will add every bit to your summer holiday in Slovenia, so we strongly suggest you not miss it.

Life Adventures

Address: Zelezniska ulica 5, 4248 Lesce Slovenia

Website: Life Adventures

Price: 398 EUR

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10. Take your kids kayaking or canoeing across Lake Bohinj

Posted by Pac Sports & Hostel pod Voglom & Cottage Suha on Saturday, 26 April 2014

Thinking of a specific activity in Slovenia that’ll not only entertain you but also your little one? There’s nothing more riveting and refreshing than kayaking or a canoe ride which will not only jog your muscles but also abound you with some spectacular views. Lake Bohinj makes for an ideal location for this. Located in the Triglav National Park, paddling on the lake’s calm, greenish waters, strewn with tiny islands and beaches is a rewarding experience for adults and kids alike. Make your little ones’ summer holidays in Slovenia unforgettable and take them kayaking or canoeing. Experience level-based and time-based courses are available if you’d like to hitch one.

Pac Sports

Address: Ribčev Laz 60, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia

Website: Pac Sports

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Discover this earthly paradise

Whether you trod the untrodden paths or go in for touristy things to do, your summer holiday in Slovenia will leave you not wanting to return home. Culture, cuisine, countryside views, and comfort, it offers everything on a platter for you to pick and make a memorable experience for yourself. If you’ve not had much headway with the planning already, use this guide as a start and you’ll find many wonderful things to do along the way.

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