10 Best Things To Do In Casablanca, Morocco

things to do in casablanca morocco

Widely known as Casa for short, the magical coastal city offers visitors an incredibly wide range of activities that travelers will certainly keep in their memories forever. There are so many things you could do in around here. Just to illustrate, Casablanca invites you on a trip across the Moroccan art scene and rich cultural traditions! While rejoicing in its exceptional monuments and impressive architecture, don’t miss out on indulging in the mysterious and opulent culture of North Africa as well. We promise that you’re going to love this exotic experience!

1. Find Casa’s emblematic Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque. Casablanca, Morocco.

Posted by Joaquin Murillo Photography on Saturday, 17 September 2016

In case you’re wondering what the best feature of Casablanca is, it’s certainly none other than the Hassan II Mosque. Considered a vastly popular and quite legendary attraction, the significant landmark totally serves as a signature mark rising up to above 650 ft, or over 200 m. A mind-blowing fact about this symbolic spot is that non-Muslims are also welcomed inside. Naturally, visitors must wear proper clothes to enter the prominent Mosque.

Explore it: once inside, visitors may contemplate the marble fountains and the incredible, Moroccan style wooden masterpieces.

Hassan II Mosque

Address: Casablanca 2000, Morocco

Website: Hassan II Mosque

2. Casablanca Twin Center aka the sky-high towers

Oficina de Casablanca (8679712301)
Source: Photo by user Cuatrecasas Gonça... used under CC BY 2.0

If you’re currently in the beautiful coastal city of Casablanca, you should not miss out on visiting the extremely modern Twin Center, which is basically the representation of this contemporary and enterprising city. In case you haven’t heard of it, the famous Casablanca Twin Center is made up of two sky-high towers each, rising up to 377 ft (115 m). As for the authentic source of inspiration, it’s somewhat based on the conventional Moorish architectural approaches.

Visit them: Don’t skip the opportunity to explore the Casablanca Twin Center that offers incredible city landscapes once you reach the top floor. Besides, the Twin Center also amazes with its five floors, cozy bars, and exquisite restaurants.

Casablanca Twin Center

Address: Boulevard Al Massira Al Khadra, Maârif 20250,

3. Meet the ancient and epic Casablanca Cathedral

Posted by Rene Santos on Monday, 29 February 2016

Regarded to as a truly symbolic feature of the exotic city, the colossal size of the so-called Cathedrale Sacre-Coeur will simply take your breath away. With its splendid architectural properties and awe-inspiring nature, the Casablanca Cathedral is surely another worthwhile spot that totally deserves its place on your personal travel brochure. An interesting feature about the epic building is that it’s actually a disused church that absolutely catches the eye with its extraordinary character. Besides, its ancient architecture makes it feel like it’s in total controversy with the quite modern surroundings nowadays.

Visit it: exploring a legendary landmark as a beginning of your sightseeing tour will never be a bad idea. Besides, you can learn so many curious facts about this exceptional and boiling hot destination that way.

Casablanca Cathedral

Address: Casablanca 20250, Morocco

4. Get to know more about Maârif

Twin Center, Boulevard Mohamed Zerktouni, Casablanca
Source: Photo by user HombreDHojalata used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Maarif is surely a foreign word to us as it basically tells us nothing. We’re sure it’s exactly the same with you. So in order to make it sound a bit easier, here’s what you should know about it: El Maarif is actually an arrondissement of the splendid city. Located in the local Anfa district, the population of Maarif is approximately 180,000, according to a census in 2004. Fundamentally, this region is like the pulsating heart of the gorgeous Moroccan city gathering lots of people on a daily and annual basis.

Come by: Believe it or not, Maarif serves as a really fine spot for many summer events set in the exotic and unique style of Morocco. Come by and have some fun!


Address: located in the Anfa district

5. Take a break at the Place des Nations Unies

Place des Nations Unis, Casablanca by Karim Achalhi

Posted by Casablanca Cityscapes on Sunday, 19 January 2014

If you have no idea what this place is all about, you certainly need to stop by and explore its top features! According to many international visitors, it’s simply a wonderful place, which is usually crowded with locals during their lunch break. Besides, it’s the perfect stop for having meetings, so you’d better write this name down in case you have a similar idea.

Don’t skip it: do not hesitate to discover its charismatic nature while taking a break from the hustle and bustle of this coastal city.

Place des Nations Unies

Address: Casablanca 20250, Morocco

6. Stop at the business complex: Casablanca Technopark

Casablanca Technopark was founded in 2001 and since the very beginning, it has continued growing into the mighty business cluster complex it is today. Additionally, it’s the very first technopark that has ever been launched in the sunny Morocco. Naturally, if you’re interested in technology and industrialism, then you certainly need to pass by it on your way towards Casablanca’s other top features.

Visit it: note that the clustered complex has focused its efforts on developing Morocco’s software engineering and technology in general. Way to go, Morocco!

Casablanca Technopark

Address: Boulevard Dammam, Casablanca

7. Have fun at Sinbad Park

Amusement park Sinbad
Source: Pixabay

Are you already tired of your sightseeing tour across Casablanca’s top highlights? If so, then you’d certainly want to have a break and energize your body at the lovely Sinbad Park. Don’t think that it’s a traditional park which can be seen anywhere else. No, that is hardly that case at all. While being around here, you can travel back in time and recollect your hilarious and adventurous memories as a cute and curious child! Frankly, it’s the best Sinbad Park!

Have fun: ride a roller coaster or just stroll through the famous amusement park! It’s totally worth the adventure! You’ll thank us later.

Sinbad Park

Address: Casablanca, Morocco

Website: Sinbad Park

8. Taste the exotic atmosphere at the Quartier Habous

Posted by Quartier des Habous on Sunday, 2 April 2017

Well, if you think that we’re done with the authentic old sections of the city, you’re totally wrong. Alongside the old town aka the old Medina quarter, the Quartier Habous, which is Casablanca’s quite new and contemporary Medina, is another worthwhile spot that attracts international tourists and locals alike. It’s no wonder it attracts tons of attention since it offers delicate and neat alleys as well as really wonderful arcades.

Enjoy the French vibes: Laid out back in the 20s, Quartier Habous is just another gorgeous and ancient district which, by the way, still imbues the area with a French atmosphere.

Quartier Habous

Address: Casablanca 20490, Morocco

9. The Corniche: the perfect promenade for tourists

Boulevard de la Corniche, Dar-el-Beida, Morocco
Source: Photo by user Patrick Nouhailler used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Have you discovered it yet? Don’t let this chance pass by just like that! Given its fabled nature, there’s no way you’d miss out on it, right? The so-called famous Corniche is basically a wonderful promenade often crowded by many first-time visitors and locals. Additionally, the noteworthy La Corniche offers adventurous and a memorable experiences alongside a row of cozy cafes, hot beach resorts, and high-class restaurants. Doesn’t that sound pretty amazing to you?

Stroll along La Corniche: bring your travel companionship with you and have a nice walk together along this beautiful and quite popular beach line. Enjoy it!

The Corniche

Address: Boul. La Corniche, Casablanca

10. Old Medina aka Old Town of Casablanca

Posted by Magreata Imm on Saturday, 22 April 2017

If you happen to be around the medinas of two of Morocco’s top cities, namely Fes and Marrakesh, you absolutely need to stop by and enjoy the beautiful view surrounding you. If not, then you’ve got another charming option — the old city district of Medina. Undoubtedly, its features have nothing in common with the opulent sight of the other two medinas; however, it certainly deserves a visit or two. A really curious and mind-blowing fact about the Old Medina is its maze-shaped alleys, which are yet to be explored, of course.

You must see it: blend with the local folks and taste the exotic setting and dynamic atmosphere. You won’t regret it for sure!

Old Medina

Address: North-west corner of Place des Nations Unies, Casablanca,

What to expect

Now you’re totally aware of how compelling and unique this Moroccan coastal city truly is! Of course, there is a lot more to learn from this exotic destination. Besides, if you haven’t gotten the chance to taste the local cuisine, you have another reason to return! So, maybe you should do that next time you’re visiting, right?

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