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things to do in miri malaysia
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Miri is a city located on the coast of Sarawak, Malaysia, which is found on Borneo island. It’s Sarawak’s second largest city, with a population of around 235,000. Miri got its start thanks to an oil field which was first drilled in 1910. Today, visitors flock to Miri for a variety of reasons. There are lots of national parks in the area so the city has been a gateway to exploring these beautiful areas. There are also museums and temples to explore for those who are interested in history and culture. Tourists are offered amazing accommodations as well, including Airbnb vacation rentals. For a cozier place to stay, there are also homestays in Miri. And of course, there are plenty of treats for the foodies to enjoy, from sit-down restaurants serving up Chinese and Japanese food to markets selling local foods. We’ve put together a list of some of the top things to do in Miri, Malaysia. So keep on reading and explore the options.

1. Pamper yourself at Mandara Spa (from USD 46.65)

things to do in miri malaysia | pamper yourself at mandara spa

Do you need a holiday to restore not just your body, but also your mind and soul? Mandara Spa offers a wide range of treatments and massages that will nourish your very existence. The spa is part of the Miri Marriott Resort & Spa property, where you can spend a seaside holiday in sunny Borneo while. Place yourself in the care of highly skilled therapists who will ensure a refreshing and restorative experience.

This package offers choices from their Mandara Massage, the Balinese Massage, as well as their Fancy Footwork treatment. Aside from the massage itself, your spa day will include refreshing tea and energizing snacks to complement your recuperation.

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Mandara Spa Experience at Miri Marriott Resort & Spa in Sarawak - Klook

2. Admire sunset views at Sky Garden Dining Miri

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Located on the 17th floor of Meritz Hotel, Miri, guests can book a lovely dinner to wind down after enjoying the seaside escapades of Miri. This place offers interesting and amazing dishes. You can go for familiar favorites such as grilled seafood, beef burgers as well as spicy pasta. Admire the sunset and ocean from the terrace.

Take in the cozy ambiance and listen to live music with friends and family. Sip mocktails or cocktails to cool off, or try some of their more adventurous items at the bar.

Sky Garden Dining Miri

Address: Meritz Hotel 17th Floor, Lot 1079, Block 9, MCLD, Jalan Miri Pujut, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Website: Sky Garden Dining Miri

Opening hours: 2pm - 12am (daily)

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3. Watch the sunset at Coco Cobana

Coco Cabana is one of Miri’s most popular attractions. It’s an event space, putting on concerts, festivals, and other events. But even if there’s no event on, it’s a popular place to visit. You can often find a food market and art exhibitions on site. And it’s an excellent spot to take in the beauty of Miri. It looks out onto the sea and is the perfect place to watch the sunset over the water. So why not grab some food from the market and take a seat to watch the beautiful reds and oranges take over the sky?

Coco Cobana

Address: Lot 2260, Jalan Bandaraya, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Website: Coco Cobana

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 11am - 11pm; Sat - Sun: 8am - 11pm

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4. Learn about Miri’s history at Canada Hill (from USD 69.0)

A great way to learn more about this area’s history is to pay a visit to Canada Hill. It’s a limestone ridge from which you get stunning views over the city. But it offers more than pretty views. It’s also the site of the Grand Old Lady, a monument to oil in Miri. And nearby is the Petroleum Museum, where you can learn more about oil in this country and the technology used since the early 1900s. If this sounds great, you might be interested in this Viator tour which lasts three hours and visits a variety of additional attractions, including Miri Handicraft Centre.

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Half-Day Sightseeing Tour of Miri City

Duration: 3 hours

1 review

5. Talk a walk through the botanical garden at Miri City Fan Recreation Park

Named so because it resembles a fan from the air, Miri City Fan Recreation Park is a community park which spans 26 acres (11 hectares). Built in the 1990s, it offers residents and visitors plenty to do in the outdoors. You can stroll through the botanical garden and check out the pretty flowers. Or go for a swim at the pool on a hot day. There’s also an amphitheater, a promenade, Islamic and Chinese gardens, and a musical fountain. Plus, Pustaka Miri, the public library, sits in the park. On a beautiful day, spending the afternoon in the park is a great way to enjoy the weather and stretch your legs.

Miri City Fan Recreation Park

Address: Jalan Kipas, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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6. Learn about oil production in Miri at Petroleum Museum

Petroleum Museum (Malaysia)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Chongkian used under CC BY-SA 4.0

If you’re keen to learn more about Miri and its history, a visit to the Petroleum Museum is a great place to start. It sits in the area where oil was first drilled back in 1910. Since 2005, the site has been a museum. The museum has various exhibitions which tell the story of oil production in Malaysia. You can experience the movements of an earthquake simulator or check out models of oil rigs. The museum sits on top of Canada Hill, which looks out over the city so after exploring the exhibitions you can look out over the city.

Petroleum Museum

Address: Jabatan Muzium Sarawak, Canada Hill, Jalan Oil Well No. 1, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Opening hours: Tue - Fri: 9am - 4:45pm; Sat - Sun: 10am - 4pm (closed on Mon)

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7. Check out the historic landmark of The Grand Old Lady No. 1

Grand Old Lady Miri Malaysia
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Pierre cb used under CC BY 3.0

Also located on Canada Hill is The Grand Old Lady No. 1, a historic landmark which celebrates the founding of oil in the county. The landmark is actually the very first oil well, which struck oil way back in 1910. The petroleum industry is considered to be what brought Malaysia from an economically struggling nation to a prosperous one. Sitting atop the hill next to the Petroleum Museum, you can gaze at this tall structure and understand a bit of Miri’s history. You can also look out across the city from this tall vantage point so you can learn about some history and enjoy a beautiful view at the same time.

The Grand Old Lady No. 1

Address: 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Website: The Grand Old Lady No. 1

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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8. Gaze up at Tusan Cliff

We’ve talked about Tusan Beach in number 9 but now we’re going to discuss Tuson Cliff, which sits on Tusan Beach. This cliff is notable because the rocky formation takes the shape of a horse taking a drink of water from the sea. We definitely recommend taking a camera along and getting some good shots of this neat formation. And of course, while you’re at the beach, you can dip your toes into the ocean or try and catch the sunset. It’s a quiet beach so it’s likely to be a relaxing time.

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9. Go for a jog at Taman Bulatan Park

If you’re itching to get some exercise during your trip, why not go for a run? Taman Bulatan Park is just the place to do that. The rubbing track is wide and stretches along the park’s two man-made lakes so you’ll have nice scenery to enjoy while you move your legs. If biking is more your thing, there’s also biking lanes to use. There’s also a playground where kids can release some energy.

Taman Bulatan Park

Address: 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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10. Check out the architecture at Hai Long Si Temple

things to do in miri malaysia | check out the architecture at hai long si temple
Source: instagram

When you enter the Buddhist temple called Hai Long Si Temple, two large dragons greet you. It’s a large and colourful temple, providing a calm and serene environment to check out the architecture, take some photographs, and of course, say a prayer. Tiles line the walls and there are koi fish ponds in the lobby. It’s a great way to explore some of the religious history of Miri.

Hai Long Si Temple

Address: Lot 2595, Lorong 9, Krokop, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia, Malaysia

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11. Pick up some produce at Tamu Muhibbah, the local farmer’s market

Calling all foodies! If you want to check out some of the foods the Miri locals eat, then you’ll definitely want to head to Tamu Muhibbah, the farmer’s market. There’s plenty of local foods to check out, including Bario rice, durians, and ambangar, which has a taste similar to mango. You can even find foods from the jungle, including ferns, coconut hearts, and bamboo shoots. There are also a variety of knick-knacks which you could pick up as souvenirs. We’d also recommend taking along a camera so you can get some cool snaps of the local food.

Tamu Muhibbah

Address: 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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12. Pick up a new outfit at Bintang Megamall

If you’ve got some money burning a hole in your pocket, you can head to Bintang Megamall. This large mall opened in 1996 and offers plenty of retail stores, restaurants, a supermarket, and a cinema spread across five floors. If you’re looking for some new clothes, there’s plenty of stores to chose from including H&M and Uniqlo. There are a few bookshops if you like to read and when you’re craving a snack, there are bakeries and coffee shops. The mall is also host to events so do keep an eye on their website.

Bintang Megamall

Address: Lot 1264, Jalan Miri Pujut, Bintang Jaya, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Website: Bintang Megamall

Opening hours: 10am - 10pm (daily)

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13. Try the Ayam Penyet at Restoran Ayam Penyet Ria

Feeling hungry? Then head to Restoran Ayam Penyet Ria, a local restaurant known for serving up the best Ayam Penyet in town. It’s a fried chicken dish, known for being soft as a result of being smashed with a mortar and pestle. If fried chicken isn’t your thing, they serve up a wide range of food, including beef rendang, soups, and fried tofu. It’s known for being reasonably priced and having good service, in addition to serving up great tasting food.

Restoran Ayam Penyet Ria

Address: Lot 1326, Groundfloor , Block 9 MCLD, Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Website: Restoran Ayam Penyet Ria

Opening hours: 11am - 10:45pm (daily)

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14. Enjoy live music at Alice In Borneo Land

things to do in miri malaysia | enjoy live music at alice in borneo land
Source: instagram

Alice In Borneo Land is a great way to experience nightlife in Miri. This bar serves up plenty of drinks and a wide variety of live music. You can hear anything from acoustic music to DJ sets to hip hop. It’s a popular spot with locals so it can be a bit crowded. But if you want to see how Miri likes to relax on a Friday night, this is a great place to go. To see what bands are playing, head to the bar’s Facebook page.

Alice In Borneo Land

Address: 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Website: Alice In Borneo Land

Opening hours: 4pm - 3am (daily)

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15. Visit Southeast Asia’s largest Taoist temple, Lian Hua San Ching Tien Temple

San Ching Temple
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Puachengmien used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Lian Hua San Ching Tien Temple opened in 2003, and is the biggest Taoist temple in all of Southeast Asia. It sits on a 1.5 acre (0.6 hectare) site, and features decorations of dragons and the Three Pure Ones—the three highest gods in Taoism—which are imported from China. This large, colourful temple offers a great way to not only enjoy the architecture but also to learn more about Taoism.

Lian Hua San Ching Tien Temple

Address: Jin Chong Poh, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

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16. Pick up handmade souvenirs at Miri Handicraft Centre

If you’re looking to take a little piece of Miri with you when you go, then picking up some souvenirs at Miri Handicraft Centre is a great idea. You’ll be not only purchasing a unique, handmade item, but also supporting local industry. The centre offers a range of crafts from the northern part of Sarawak, with the creators running their own stalls. You can pick up woven baskets, textiles, pottery, and beadwork. There is also a cafe on site where you can relax with a drink before doing some more shopping.

Miri Handicraft Centre

Address: 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

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17. Look out onto the waves from one of the two piers at Tanjong Lobang Beach

Tanjong Lobang Beach, also called Brighton Beach, was Miri’s very first recreational park and the city’s first public beach. Today it still draws plenty of visitors in. You’ll see people jogging along the beach, having barbecuess, and gathering to watch the sunset over the water. The beach boasts two piers which make excellent spots to watch the waves, enjoy the sunset, or even go fishing. It’s also an excellent spot to grab a meal. At night, many restaurants around the beach open their doors so you can enjoy dinner with a great view.

Tanjong Lobang Beach

Address: 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

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18. Visit Tua Pek Kong Temple, the oldest temple in Miri

Tua Pek Kong Temple - February 2019
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Mx. Granger used under CC0

Being the town’s oldest temple, Tua Pek Kong Temple definitely counts as one of Miri’s top tourist spots. It opened its doors in 1913, following the rise in population of Miri after oil was discovered.

It is thought that in the early 1900s, an epidemic had hit the town, resulting in the deaths of many people. Many Chinese residents believed this mysterious epidemic occurred because evil spirits were in the area. A local man, Chan Chak, called in a monk, who carried out rituals near the Miri River. These rituals seemed to cause the epidemic to stop, and thus, it was decided the temple would be built.

This brightly coloured temple features pillars with sculptures of dragons and a plethora of red lanterns. Not only is the temple itself a beautiful place to explore, but it sits right next to a fish market where you can shop like a local.

Tua Pek Kong Temple

Address: Jalan Pasir Panjang, 32000 Sitiawan, Negeri Perak, Malaysia

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19. Enjoy a latte at Chapter One Cafe

If you’ve been running around exploring Miri all day, then sitting down at Chapter One Cafe is a great way to re-energise. The cafe has a library theme, with plenty of books lining its walls. The decor is very modern with a mid-century vibe. And there are plenty of drinks and treats to try. You can enjoy a coffee, matcha latte, or a pot of tea. And there’s no shortage of sweet treats to enjoy with your drink, including waffles and cakes galore! It’s a lovely spot to catch up on emails, chat with a friend, or of course cosy up with a good book.

Chapter One Cafe

Address: Lot 2288, Jalan Marina 2, 1, Marina Square 2, Marina Parkcity, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Website: Chapter One Cafe

Opening hours: 10am - 11:30pm (daily)

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20. Try skateboarding at Miri Public Park

Suspension bridge at Taman Awam Miri, also call as Miri Public Park, located 3km from Miri Resort City along Miri-Bintulu road.

Posted by Miri City Sharing Channel on Friday, October 21, 2016

If it’s a nice day out and you’d like to get some exercise in, why not head to Miri Public Park. This park offers plenty of recreation activities, including jogging trails and even a skatepark for those who feel like getting on a skateboard or putting on some rollerblades. If you’ve got kids with you, they’ll enjoy the playground and splash pool. There’s a viewing platform where you can look out over the city, pretty gardens to explore, and even a canteen where you can grab some food.

Miri Public Park

Address: Bintulu - Miri Rd, Taman Awam Miri, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

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21. Take a stroll along sandy Lutong Beach

Miri Beach - panoramio (3)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user jtx1000 dotnet used under CC BY 3.0

Last but certainly not least is Lutong Beach. One of Miri’s many beaches, Lutong Beach is a simple beach. It’s got sand but not much else, making it the perfect escape if you’re looking for some peace and quiet. You’ll find people strolling through the sand or gazing out onto the water. It’s a popular spot to watch the sunset in the evening. On the weekends, you’ll find food stalls selling snacks so you can pick up a treat if you’re hungry.

Lutong Beach

Address: Lutong, 98000 Lutong, Sarawak, Malaysia

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22. Enjoy a calming stroll through Piasau Nature Reserve

Posted by Piasau Nature Reserve on Sunday, 29 March 2020

Let’s start our list off with something low-key: a relaxing walk in Piasau Nature Reserve. This nature reserve aims to preserve the birds and other wildlife that call the place home, and to connect the people of Miri with that wildlife. There are a couple of trails to walk and a number of number of birds to watch out for, including eight types of hornbill. If you want to see the reserve as well as other attractions in Miri, you can join this Miri City and Piasau Nature Reserve tour. In addition to the reserve, you’ll get to see either Malaysia’s first oil well or the Grand Old Lady, a monument to the discovery of oil in the country. Then, you’ll head to a large Taoist temple, followed by a visit to Miri City Fan, a popular park with gardens and a pond. The tour ends with a trip to Piasau Nature Reserve where you can enjoy nature.

Piasau Nature Reserve Visitor Centre

Address: Lot 1274, Jalan Peninsula, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Website: Piasau Nature Reserve Visitor Centre

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm (closed on Sat & Sun)

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23. Learn about crocodiles at Miri Crocodile Farm

Curious about crocs? Miri Crocodile Farm is home to more than 2.000 crocodiles on their 22-acre (9 hectares) property. From a safe distance, this activity in Miri lets you watch the crocodiles go about their day in their enclosure which is set up to mimic their natural habitat in the wild. The farm also has information about crocodiles’ life cycles on display so you can learn more about these amphibians. In addition to crocodiles, you can also see monkeys, snakes, and peacocks.

If you book the tour through Viator, you’ll receive entry to the farm as well as pick-up and drop-off from your hotel. You can expect to spend a few hours at the farm and hopefully come away with a better understanding of crocodiles!

Miri Crocodile Farm

Address: 98000 Lutong, Sarawak, Malaysia

Website: Miri Crocodile Farm

Opening hours: 9am - 6pm (daily)

Price: 40 MYR or 9.14 USD

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24. Go for a swim in a waterfall at Lambir Hill National Park

Lambir Hill National Park spans a whopping 17,178 acres (6,952 hectares) and has a diverse ecosystem. This forested area is home to a wide range of flora and fauna, including more than 150 bird species, 1,100 tree species, and 1,200 insect species. You can also spot wild pigs, monkeys, flying squirrels, and loads of other wildlife. The park has a series of trails to walk, as well as a waterfall which falls into a pond. It’s a popular spot to go for a swim and is especially refreshing after walking the trails all day. An easy way to explore this diverse forested area is to join this Viator tour. It includes pick-up and drop-off at your hotel, and your guide will share information about the park. There will be time to go for a swim.

Lambir Hill National Park

Address: 1-76, Bintulu - Miri Rd, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Opening hours: 8am - 5pm (daily)

Price: 10 MYR or 2.28 USD

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25. Spend four days exploring the Mulu Caves and hiking the Mulu pinnacles

Caves of Mulu
Source: Photo by user Eric Lanning used under CC BY 2.0

For the thrill-seekers who love nature, we’ve got a tour which just might whet your appetite. This tour lasts a total of four days and will have you exploring caves and pinnacles (tall limestone formations). Your tour will start at Deer Cave, the largest cave passage in the world. You’ll explore the caves and get to see bats in their natural habitat. Day two includes more cave exploring as well as the chance to go for a swim. On day three, you’ll have the chance to climb the tall pinnacles. And on the last day, you’ll enjoy a jungle hike. The tour will only have a maximum of 15 people so it won’t be too crowded. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the price, and each night you’ll be taken back to your accommodation.

Gunung Mulu National Park

Address: Sarawak, Malaysia

Website: Gunung Mulu National Park

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26. Experience the rainforest at this tour of Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort

experience the rainforest at this tour of borneo tropical rainforest resort
Source: instagram

Located just 30 minutes from the city of Miri is Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort. This a tire resort sits in Lambir Hills, surrounded by tropical rainforest. On this tour, you’ll get to experience a waterfall, walking through the rainforest, and looking out for the flora and fauna in the rainforest. There is also the opportunity to ride a tractor around the resort’s farm and lunch will be served. It’s a nice option if you’re looking to get out of the city and immerse yourself in nature.

Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort

Address: KM36, Jalan Bintulu - Miri, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Website: Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort

Opening hours: 7am - 5pm (daily)

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27. Check out Southeast Asia’s deepest caves

GUNUNG API, MULU SARAWAK. Mount Api is a limestone mountain located in Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia....

Posted by Jeoxplorer on Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Up next we’ve got another cave-related activity: an adventure in Buda Caves. The Buda Caves are the deepest in Southeast Asia and is one attraction in Miri you shouldn’t miss. The caves are situated in Mount Buda National Park, and this three-day tour will acquaint you with the site.

Your first day will start with a hike to base camp where you’ll have a tea break before heading to Medalam River where you can go tubing and watch the sunset. Day two is all about the caves! You’ll go tubing in the caves and explore a secret river in a cave. On day three, you’ll make your way back to the hotel. It’s a great way for adventurers to learn more about these caves and this region.

Gunung Buda National Park

Address: Sarawak, Malaysia

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28. Unwind at Bario Highlands (from USD 248.0)

The Bario Highlands is an isolated plateau which sits around 3,500 feet (1,067 meters) above sea level. It’s a popular spot to visit for those who want to trek the surrounding jungle. If this sounds up your alley, you can join and tour and really get to experience the Bario Highlands. This tour includes plenty of hiking in the mountains, a trip to a farm, and meals and activities at a resort. It’s a great way to explore this area with a guide who can tell you everything you need to know.

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3 Days 2 Nights Bario Highlands Tour

Duration: 3 days

29. Watch the sunset from Tusan Beach (from USD 28.0)

If you’re looking to enjoy a romantic evening, then catching the sunset from Tusan Beach is the perfect option. The beach is famous for a couple natural phenomena: a rocky cliff which looks just like a seahorse taking a drink of seawater, and Blue Tears, which are luminescent plankton that makes the water look like it has bright blue sparkles. As you wait for the sun to set, you can walk the beach and grab a bite to eat from a food stall. And then as the sun goes down, you can watch the bright yellows, oranges, and pinks appear in the sky.

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Tusan Beach Tour

Duration: 1 to 2 hours

30. Explore the lake and forest of Loagan Bunut National Park (from USD 102.0)

You’ll get to do plenty of sightseeing on this tour of Loagan Bunut National Park. After a two and a half hours’ drive from your hotel to the park, you’ll start the tour by getting out onto the lake in a boat. This large lake is covered in peat swamp and penetrates the forest so you can view wildlife up close. Sometimes you’ll be able to watch the local fisherman carrying out their work. You’ll also be able to explore an ancient burial platform, which rises out of the waters. The tour includes lunch before you depart, and once it’s finished you’ll be transported back to your hotel.

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Loagan Bunut National Park Excursion

Duration: 8 hours

31. Go on a night safari at Kuala Sibuti (from USD 96.0)

Fancy looking for wildlife by moonlight? Then this tour is perfect for you. It starts at 3pm, lasting about six hours, and will bring you to three different locations. You’ll first start out at MYY Fruit Farm, where you will receive a tour of the farm which grows papaya, pineapples, and coconut. If the fruit is in season, you’re welcome to pick some and enjoy a fresh taste. Following the tour of the farm, you’ll head to Tusan Beach where you’ll watch the sunset over the water. Finally, you’ll make your way to Kuala Sibuti where you’ll enjoy a night safari after dinner. The night safari will take you on the river where you’ll watch for nocturnal animals like fireflies and crocodiles. This is a great way to experience three very different aspects of Miri.

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Kuala Sibuti Evening Tour with Night River Safari

Duration: 6 hours

32. Explore prehistoric cave drawings at Niah National Park (from USD 89.0)

The area that Niah National Park sits on human settlement dating back to 40,000 years ago. As such, it offers plenty of historic things to explore. There are caves to explore and the park boasts one of the largest cave entrances in the world. There are even cave drawings dating back to the Iron Age so you can explore prehistoric artwork. The caves are also the places where remains dating back 40,000 years have been found so you can really feel like you’re stepping back in history when you enter them. Of course, if caves aren’t your thing, you can also walk the trails in the park and enjoy the surroundings. Do be sure to bring appropriate gear, such as good walking shows, a headlamp if you intend to enter the caves, and water.

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Miri Nature Trails at Niah National Park

Duration: 8 hours

1 review

A plethora of attractions to explore in Miri

Miri certainly offers up a wide range of attractions to explore and enjoy. Whether you want to explore history at a museum, enjoy one of the many beaches, or do something adventurous like explore caves, there’s a little something for everyone. So choose your favourite attractions and start planning your trip to Miri today!

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Frequently asked questions about things to do in Miri

1. Which places in Miri are a must-see for history buffs?

History buffs and culture vultures shouldn’t miss visiting the various historical spots in and around Miri. The Bario Highlands Tour offers an up-close experience with the Kelabit people. For those curious about the local oil industry, the Grand Old Lady No. 1 and the Petroleum Museum are also places you should check out.

2. Which activities in Miri are suitable for families?

Miri has plenty of family-friendly activities available. Shoppers could should check out the stalls and stores at the Miri Handicraft Centre, as well as Bintang Megamall. Kids who love animals will definitely love to see the cold-blooded residents of the Miri Crocodile Farm, as well as the native wildlife at the Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort.

Any must-sees we missed? Tell us about them in the comments section or write a post here to help out fellow travelers!
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