19 Best Things To Do In Piran, Slovenia - Updated 2021

things to do in Piran Slovenia

Slovenia is mostly a landlocked country, with a tiny splinter of land that touches the Adriatic Sea. Compared to most of the countries in Eastern Europe, it is relatively small but packed with lots of history, culture, and attractions that draw in thousands of tourists every year. Of the three coastal towns that border the Adriatic Sea, Piran is the most popular one, owing to its richness in medieval history, a vibrant harbor, enviable diversity in seafood and its association with the Republic of Venice that ran for more than 500 years. If Slovenia is on your bucket list for your Eastern Europe trip, read below to find out about some of the best things to do in Piran, Slovenia.

1. Take an electric bike tour of Piran & the salt pans (from USD 83.81)

things to do in piran slovenia | take an electric bike tour of piran & the salt pans

The electric bike tours in this city are designed to help you access all the best spots and attractions in the city in less than three hours. Once you get instructions of the tour, you will head straight to the hills where you will not only have a panoramic view of the city below but also you will catch a glimpse of Italy, Croatia, the Dolomites, the Alps and much more. The tour will also take you through tourist hotspots such as Fiesa Lake, the famous Santa Gorgas Church, a ride through Tartini Square, right through Portoroz – the port of flowers. These tours will give you a good introduction to the beauty and the depth of the attractions that Piran has in store for her visitors.

Electric Bike Tour Piran & Salt Pans

Duration: 4 hour

2. Marvel at the grandeur of the Town Hall

Town Halls in most cities are known for their opulence and grandeur, and a visit to the Piran Town Hall will not be disappointing. It is a modern hall that dominates the upper sections of Tartinijev Trg. Other than being the administrative center of the Piran municipality, the town hall is also a popular site among tourists due to its size, design, and architecture. Initially, the hall was designed and constructed by the Venetians in the 13th century, but it was later torn down and rebuilt using a more contemporary style. However, you will still find a coat of arms belonging to the original building still on display.

Town Hall

Address: 6330 Piran, Zelenjavni trg, Piran 6330, Slovenia

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

Price: Free

3. Take photos with the Giuseppe Tartini statue at Tartijev Trg

picturesque Tartini Square, Piran, Slovenia

Posted by Slovenian Consulate South Australia on Sunday, 9 April 2017

Tartini Square, also known as Tartinijev Trg is the largest and the main square in Piran. The square was named after Giuseppe Tartini who was a renowned violinist and composer from the region. His monument was erected in 1896, and it is a hot photo spot for most visitors, who also love having the magnificent Town Hall in the background. The square is normally a beehive of activities in the evening, as locals gather to enjoy street food and drinks while interacting with each other.

Tartijev Trg

Address: 6330 Piran - Pirano, Slovenia

Opening hours: 24 Hours (daily)

Price: Free

4. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Piran from Zvonik Campanile Bell Tower

Zvonik Campanile Bell Tower

Posted by Daniela Moreira on Friday, 27 September 2013

Climb up to the top of the Zvnik Campanile Bell Tower for the most amazing views of not just Piran, but the whole world (personal opinion). Accessing the tower will be a real challenge, but you will commensurately be compensated by the beautiful views and the rich history that you will learn, about the church and the tower. The church is relatively small, and though the entrance fees will cover both, the major highlight will be the climb to the top. Just be sure that you are strong physically before you embark on this challenging but rewarding journey to the top of the world.

Zvonik Campanile Bell Tower

Address: 6330 Piran, Slovenia

Opening hours: 8am - 8pm (daily)

Price: 2 USD

5. Take a walk around the Walls of Piran

Posted by Walls of Piran on Monday, 26 June 2017

Walls of Piran was the main fortification of the town against attacks from the sea, especially from the Turks. It is believed that the walls were constructed during the 10th century to provide the town people with a place they would retreat to when the city was under attack. The walls feature towers on the southeast part, which would be used as lookouts for enemies during the time, and you can now explore these, and other medieval characters of interest strewn all over the town fabric for less than 2 EUR when visit Piran.

Walls of Piran

Address: Town Walls, Piran 6330 Piran

Website: Walls of Piran

Opening hours: 8am - 8:30pm (daily)

Price: 2 USD

6. Learn the beautiful love story of Benecanka Venetian House

Posted by Venetian House Piran on Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A visit to Benecanka Venetian House will make you fall in love with the mid-15th-century architecture, but what will intrigue you the most is how the house came to be. Currently, it is the most beautiful house that was built in the mid-15th century using classic Venetian-gothic styles. When the Venetians still had Piran under their control, the town fast became a place where wealthy merchants would meet to make deals. Dell Bello, a prosperous Venetian man, fell in love with a young, beautiful, simple Piran girl. As a sign of his love, he decided to build what was then, and still is, the most beautiful house in town and made it their home. Check it out and discover the affectionate displays of love that the Venetian had for the simple girl from Piran.

Benecanka Venetian House

Address: enečanka Ulica IX. korpusa 2 6330 Piran, Slovenia, EU

Website: Benecanka Venetian House

Opening hours: 10am - 1pm (daily)

7. Find out about the history and culture of Piran at Mediadom Pyrhani

Mediadom Pyrhani is where you go to when you want to learn about the entire history of the town of Piran. You will find entertaining and informative displays, including 3D film projections, motion-sensing displays interactive projections, all telling the various aspects of the town’s history.

Mediadom Pyrhani

Address: Kumarjeva ulica 3, 6330 Piran, Slovenia

Website: Mediadom Pyrhani

Opening hours: Thu - Sun: 10am - 4pm (closed from Mon - Wed)

Price: 6 USD

8. Discover Slovenia’s maritime history at Sergej Masera Maritime Museum

Traces of samurai on Slovenian soil to be explored at Metelkova Open from 31 May to 5 Novemer 2017 Ljubljana, 30 May -...

Posted by Slovenian Music, Art, & Culture on Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Sergej Masera Maritime Museum is located in the 19th century Gabrielli Palace right on the waterfront, and it is a rich source of maritime history and culture of the region. It has a humongous collection of both tangible and intangible exhibits that best tell the history of Slovenia’s maritime exploits. Some of the unique attractions you can expect to find here include the 2000-year-old Roman amphorae, antique model ships, old figureheads, medieval maritime weapons, and folk paintings made by sailors and placed on the altar of the pilgrimage church to offer them protection against shipwrecks.

Sergej Masera Maritime Museum

Address: 6330 Piran - Pirano, Slovenia

Opening hours: Tue - Sun: 9am - 5pm (closed on Mon)

Price: 2 USD

9. Explore Piran Minorite Monastery

Minorite Monastery in Piran, Istria, Slovenia, Nikon Coolpix B700, 4.3mm,1/640s, 1/800s, 1/1000s, 1/1600s, ISO100,...

Posted by Tibor Kassai on Saturday, 23 June 2018

For all religious and history buffs visiting Piran, you have no reason not to visit Piran Minorite Monastery. It is a Roman Catholic Monastery constructed on top of a hill which overlooks the town. Attached to the monastery is the Church of St Francis Assisi believed to have been originally built in the early 14th century but has undergone several renovations over the centuries. It was in this monastery that the legendary Giuseppe Tartini got his musical education in 1700 AD. You will not only love increasing your religious knowledge at the monastery but since the atrium is usually used as a venue for the Musical Evenings of Piran, you are sure to enjoy the soothing performances by the town’s artists.

Piran Minorite Monastery

Address: 6330 Piran - Pirano, Slovenia

10. Visit the historic church of St. Clement

Church of St. Clement and Punta Madonna lighthouse

Posted by Traveler's Corner on Saturday, 15 November 2014

The first mention of St Clement Church was in the 13th century, and what you find in the town of Piran now is a result of centuries of renovations that have had a significant impact on its appearance. It is the church of one of the very first Roman Popes – Pope Clement. However, the church was renamed Our Lady of Health Church after a plague that wiped out a huge part of the population during the 17th century. A visit to the church will tell you more about the pope after whom it was initially named, and will also tell you more about the plague that necessitated its renaming. Other than those, you will have the pleasure of being on a site whose existence started years ago.

The church of St. Clement

Address: Piran, Slovenia

Price: 2 USD

11. Learn about the life of Giuseppe at Tartini House Museum

Voilà!🤩 Chi arriva oggi a Pirano può vedere la facciata restaurata di Casa Tartini che dà sulla piazza. Un colore...

Posted by Comunità degli Italiani Giuseppe Tartini on Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Originally known as Casa Pizagrua, Tartini House is located next to St. Peter’s Church, east of the Tartini Square. The imposing palace was the birthplace of Giuseppe Tartini – one of the finest violinist and composer of his time. Currently, the palace is the seat of Piran’s Italian community and the venue for most of their events and cultural exhibitions. On the first floor of the palace is Tartini Memorial Room where you will find his violins, music scores, and other relics that tell the story of his life.

Tartini House Museum

Address: Tartinijev trg 7, 6330 Piran - Pirano, Slovenia

12. Discover the rich religious history of St. George’s Parish Church

St George's Parish Church Piran, Slovenia

Posted by Churches and Chapels on Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Out of all the churches around Piran, the Church of St. George happens to be one of the most important ones. It is only one room, but it contains extremely precious and very rare artifacts. Its display consists of about 20 religious artifacts, and these include fragments of St. George’s shinbone and a piece of the shawl believed to have belonged to St. Mary. Also present in this museum is the Tree of Life – a part of the cross that was used to crucify Jesus.

St. George’s Parish Church

Address: Primož Trubar 18a, 6330 Piran - Pirano, Slovenia

Price: Free

13. Feed the fish and admire marine life at Akvarij Piran

Ker je v poletnih mesecih obisk akvarija povečan in težko izpeljemo delavnice hranjena živali, smo se odločili, da z...

Posted by Akvarij Piran on Friday, 7 June 2019

Visit Akvarji Piran and learn about the diverse creatures that roam Slovenia’s waters. Expect to find great sea crawlers, various types of big fish in different colorful mouthpieces and other types of animals that reside in the undersea world. If you are willing to pay a little extra and if you visit on Wednesdays or Sundays, you may have a chance to feed the fish in the aquarium.

Akvarij Piran

Address: Kidričevo nabrežje 4, 6330 Piran - Pirano, Slovenia

Website: Akvarij Piran

Opening hours: 9am - 7pm (daily)

Price: 6 USD

14. Learn about Slovenia’s underwater activities at The Museum of Underwater Activities

Posted by Muzej Podvodnih Dejavnosti on Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The museum is slightly hidden but worth looking for, especially if you harbor dreams of becoming a professional diver. What you will find in this place is a decent collection detailing the history of diving and diving related activities on the Adriatic Sea. Some of the artifacts you’ll find in this museum include Slovenian submarines, cavers, and several artifacts obtained from shipwrecks.

The Museum of Underwater Activities

Address: Župančičeva ulica 24, 6330 Piran, Slovenia

Website: The Museum of Underwater Activities

Opening hours: Fri - Sun: 10am - 5pm (closed from Mon - Thu)

Price: 6 USD

15. Shop for souvenirs at Nika’s Tiny House

Lunin sij / moonlight 🌙

Posted by Nika's tiny house on Sunday, 11 August 2019

With the uniqueness of the town, a trip to Piran would not be complete without picking a few souvenirs for your trip back home. The best place to go souvenir shopping is at Nika’s Tiny House. The house is a fantastic little shop, managed by Nika – a lovely young lady who happens to be the owner. Nika is a fantastic artist who makes the tiny little houses that visitors love buying. The houses are very cute, and Nika puts in a lot of thought and work, as well as her charming personality in designing and making them. Getting one would be a permanent reminder of not just your trip, but the wonderful personality that Nika has.

Nika’s Tiny House

Address: Ulica IX. korpusa 9, 6330 Piran - Pirano, Slovenia

Website: Nika’s Tiny House

16. Sample the culinary delights at Pri Mari Restaurant

Posted by Pri Mari on Monday, 15 February 2016

Enjoy authentic seafood experience at Pri Mari Restaurant. This is taunted as one of the best seafood joints in the Slovenian coast, and a must-visit for every food junkie. The restaurant specializes in a variety of seafood, with select authentic Slovenian traditional foods. Expect to indulge in foods such as sumptuous dorade, squid, fillet of sole and Sea Bass among other delicacies. The service is fast and friendly and you don’t need to make any reservation to visit.

Pri Mari Restaurant

Address: Dantejeva ulica 17, 6300 Piran, Slovenia

Website: Pri Mari Restaurant

Opening hours: Tue - Sun: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm (closed on Mon)

17. Get a fish foot massage at Fish Spa

Posted by FISH SPA PIRAN on Thursday, 9 June 2016

Have you ever imagined fish massaging your feet? Fish Spa is a fish pedicure facility where tiny fish nibble away the dry cells from your skin, leaving your feet soft and smooth. The experience tickles a bit, but there are no dangers whatsoever because the fish don’t have teeth, so you don’t have to worry about getting fish bites.

Fish Spa

Address: Župančičeva ulica 2, 6330 Piran - Pirano, Slovenia

Website: Fish Spa

Opening hours: Sun - Thu: 11am - 9:30pm; Fri - Sat: 11am - 10pm

18. Enjoy a night out at 80s Café Bar

Posted by 80s Caffe Bar Ana Plantak on Monday, 18 September 2017

80’s Café is a beautiful café tucked away in one of the backstreets of Piran. The café has the 80s theme and look, which also gives it a bit unusual quirky feel, but for a good reason. The café serves a variety of drinks, including coffee at very affordable rates, making it very popular among both visitors and locals. To accentuate the 80s vibe, the café plays only 80s music and other golden oldies to make the patrons feel just how it felt like back in the 80s.

80s Café Bar

Address: Tomšičeva ulica 11, 6630 Piran, Slovenia

Website: 80s Café Bar

Opening hours: 7am - 10pm (daily)

19. Swim in the cool waters of the Adriatic Sea at Piran Beach

Piran Beach
Source: Pixabay

It would be a great injustice to yourself if you visit Piran and you fail to take a dip in the cool blue waters of the Adriatic Sea at Piran Beach. Slovenia, in general, doesn’t have many beaches, but the few it has are very charming, with Piran Beach being one of them. The beach is perched on the edge of a narrow peninsula. It is not sandy, but cleanly paved, and equipped with beach facilities to guarantee you the most refreshing swims and views of the Adriatic Sea.

Piran Beach

Address: Piran, Slovenia

Website: Piran Beach

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

Price: Free

A small town with rich history and culture

Piran, Slovenia
Source: Pixabay

You may not consider it a leading tourist destination in Eastern Europe, but the town of Piran in Slovenia will amaze you with is little treasures. The deep history and the rich culture are worth every second of the trip. Use our recommendations of the things to do in Piran, Slovenia, as a base for getting the most out of your visit to this beautiful Slovenian coastal town.

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