Top 53 Things To Do In Seoul: Unique Experiences! - Updated 2024

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Seoul is a city that offers so many things to do and so many different places to see that a first visit can be daunting to plan. On your first trip to Seoul why not live like a Seoul-ite? To add to the unique experience, tourists can also enjoy staying in accommodations like historic guesthouses in a central location or themed hotels with awesome amenities. Keep reading this article for a list of the top 53 things to do in Seoul.

1. Go for an unforgettable Seoul photoshoot with your loved one (from USD 92.0)

Seoul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, showcasing the best of Korea’s modern and traditional sides. When in Seoul, you definitely shouldn’t pass up the chance to capture your stay here. You and your loved ones can go for an unforgettable photoshoot that will take you around the city’s most iconic spots, from the historic Gyeongbokgung Palace to the traditional market of Tongin. You will be able to learn more about these fascinating places from your knowledgeable guide and photographer. Of course, you can also take home photos of you and your loved ones looking your best while striking a pose at these famous spots!

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Unforgettable Photoshoot in Seoul♥

Duration: 2 hours

49 reviews

2. Have a picnic along Han river (from USD 35.0)

One of the most relaxing, family-friendly activities you can enjoy in Seoul is to go for a picnic along the scenic Han River. On this particular tour, you will be guided on a short walk through local Chinatown. Then, head to Norunsan Market where you can go shopping for some delicious, authentic Korean food and some fresh produce. You will also get to sample some popular street food like the mouthwatering tteokbokki. This tour will end at Han River Amusement Park, where you can set up a picnic, go for a leisurely bike ride, or a quick hike. If you wish to enjoy a drink with your meal, you are allowed to bring some beer to the park.

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Let-s picnic in the HanRiver

Duration: 2.5 hours

10 reviews

3. Hike the Seoul Fortress Wall (from USD 30.0)

Seoul Fortress Wall is another fascinating historic site in Seoul. First established in 1396, the wall was constructed to protect the capital city from invaders. Eager to learn more about Korea’s ancient history? This tour of Seoul Fortress Wall is a fun and exciting place to start. The tour starts right at the Independence Gate and will take you along one of the lesser-traveled paths along the wall. Take in all the breathtaking sights and even pose for pictures. Do remember that you need to wear comfortable shoes during this tour.

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Hike on the Seoul Fortress Wall

Duration: 3 hours

49 reviews

4. Play in a Korean drama (from USD 38.0)

Can’t get enough of K-drama? On your next trip to Seoul, live like a K-drama star for a day! Experience script reading and acting out selected scenes with a genuine K-drama director. You will be guided carefully through four different types of scenes, including your favorite scene from any drama of your choice. You will learn not just the basics of acting, but also how to speak some conversational Korean. No prior acting experience is necessary, nor do you have to be well-versed in the language. For keepsake purposes, you get to keep a recording of your stellar performance.

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Play in a Korean drama with a director

Duration: 2 hours

3 reviews

5. Take a Korean beauty class and design your own lip color (from USD 43.0)

K-beauty has taken the world by storm. Noted for its signature look—near-flawless skin, bright lips, and a fresh face—and top-notch products, anyone can look their best by taking some notes from K-beauty. In this class, you will learn the basics of Korean skincare, how to choose the right skincare products for you, and choosing the best lip color for your skin tone. The highlight of this experience is being able to make your very own liquid lipstick using all-natural ingredients, with two shades made to match your tone perfectly. Feel and look beautiful on this unique K-beauty experience.

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K-Beauty Class-Design Lip Color Products

Duration: 1.5 hours

242 reviews

6. Go on a night market tour (from USD 51.0)

Seoul is a city that is always buzzing with life—even after the sun sets. On your next trip, discover the sights and scenes of Seoul after dark by going on a night market tour. You will head down to Seoullo 7017, right in the heart of the city. Here, you will learn more about the historic Seoul Station and stop by Sungnyemun Gate, one of the oldest structures in the city. The tour continues on the exciting night market where you will indulge in street food, from handmade noodles to freshly made hotteok and kimchi. It is also worth noting that plenty of vegetarian options are available and anyone is welcome to enjoy the tour.

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Night Market and Moonlight Seoul Walk

Duration: 2.5 hours

142 reviews

7. Spend some time in nature at Bukhansan National Park (from USD 39.0)

Want to escape the bustle of the city and spend some time in nature? Fortunately, you won’t have to venture too far from Seoul to do just that. At Bukhansan National Park, located just from the city, you can go on a scenic hike and enjoy all the breathtaking sights. The tour begins at Gwanghwamun station, where you will take public transport to get to the park. The hike itself will take about five hours, but you are encouraged to go at a pace that feels comfortable for you. You will also stop at four different peaks, and even visit some Buddhist temples located along the way.

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Hike Bukhansan National Park

Duration: 6.5 hours

14 reviews

8. Try your hand at making kimchi (from USD 68.0)

Kimchi, a spicy fermented cabbage, is a staple in Korean meals and a must-try on your next trip to Seoul. In this class, you don’t just get to have some of this traditional side dish but also try your hand at making your very own kimchi. You will learn how to make four varieties, made with the freshest cabbage, cucumbers, and radish. The class will be led by a certified chef and is limited to just four participants per session. The class, which is usually conducted in English, will start with an early morning trip to the market and finished off with some home-cooked kimchi with pork.

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Korean Kimchi making day experience

Duration: 3 hours

311 reviews

9. Learn how to carve a stone seal (from USD 46.0)

Like many other Asian cultures, seals are an important part of Korean culture. Personal seals are not just used to authenticate documents but also considered important art forms. On your next visit to Seoul, you can learn to make your own seal in this stone carving workshop. The class will be led by award-winning calligraphy and print artist who will guide you through the intricate yet relaxing process of designing and carving your own stone seals bearing your name. Aside from the personalized seal, you will be given a complimentary postcard and an elegant case for your stone seal.

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Carve a stone seal with a craft woman in Insadong Seoul

Duration: 2 hours

262 reviews

10. Go on a Seoul pub crawl (from USD 20.0)

Seoul is well-known for its vibrant nightlife and exciting drinking culture. If you’re ready to hit the town, you should definitely go on a weekend pub crawl. Here, you get access to amazing parties at some of the most popular clubs in Itaewon and/or Hongdae. Spend your weekend enjoying some drinks, meeting new people from all over the world, and just dancing the night away. However, do note that due to the current situation, the groups will be limited to about five to ten members.

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Absolute: Seoul Pub Crawl & Party

Duration: 5.5 hours

944 reviews

11. Enjoy a bit of mystery on this ghost tour (from USD 39.0)

Do you love all things spooky, love learning about history, and enjoy a bit of mystery? This Ghost Walking Tour is going to be the perfect addition to your Seoul itinerary. The tour will take you through Seoul’s hidden alleyways and lesser-known areas while listening to chilling tales from your knowledgeable tour guide. You will be visiting Gyeonghuigung, which is believed to be one of the most haunted spots in South Korea. Of course, the tour isn’t all creepy as you will also get to stop by Jonggak Avenue of Youth, a street famous for vendors selling various goods.

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Evening Ghost Walking Tour in Seoul

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

454 reviews

12. Channel your inner idol in this K-pop dance workshop (from USD 46.0)

Channel your inner star in this fun K-pop dance workshop. The class will be held in Gangnam, one of the trendiest spots in Seoul. Don’t worry if you’ve got two left feet as the class is designed for beginners. You will learn a routine step by step, under the guidance of a skilled instructor, and dance to the most popular k-pop songs. At the end of the class, you will get to record a music video to show off your moves.

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Dance like a K-pop star for beginners

Duration: 2 hours

8 reviews

13. Make personalized leather accessories (from USD 31.0)

Looking for a productive yet relaxing way to spend a weekend in Seoul? This crafting class will teach you how to make classy leather accessories—no prior experience necessary. The class is taught by a talented artist; it is meant to be a laid-back experience, starting with some tea and a quick introduction to leather crafts. You will then learn to make your very own leather card case and passport holder, all by hand. You can choose the color of your leather and even add your initials for a more personal touch. You’re sure to love making your own one-of-a-kind accessories.

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The only leather goods in the world that I make with my hands

Duration: 3 hours

18 reviews

14. Learn more about Korean folk painting (from USD 53.0)

Minhwa, or Korean folk painting, is a relaxing art form that’s easier to learn than you think. If you’d like to get your creative juices flowing during your trip to Seoul, why not try your hand at it? In this painting class, you will learn how to create colorful and whimsical works of art, inspired by the things you see in everyday life. The class will be taught by a seasoned artist and is open to everyone, regardless of their skill level. All the materials will be provided and you will even be able to take home your painting as a souvenir.

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Let‘s learn Korean folk color painting

Duration: 3 hours

47 reviews

15. Join a tour of Korea Demilitarized Zone (from USD 55.0)

join a tour of korea demilitarized zone

South Korea has a long history with North Korea. To learn more about this on your next visit to Seoul, you can go on a one-of-a-kind tour of Korea Demilitarized Zone. Here, you will discover more about the Korean War and how the area separating the two nations was established. You can even climb up Ganghwa Peace Observatory and get a closer view of North Korea. After spending the day exploring the area, you can also indulge in a delicious Korean-style lunch.

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From Seoul: South Korea Demilitarized Zone Guided Tour

Duration: 7.0 to 9.0 hour

3443 reviews

16. Have a family fun day at Lotte World Theme Park & Aquarium (from USD 47.79)

have a family fun day at lotte world theme park & aquarium

If you’re traveling with kids or are simply a kid at heart, a visit to Lotte World is a must on your next trip to Seoul. Lotte World Theme Park & Aquarium is the largest indoor theme park in the world with an endless selection of family-friendly activities to enjoy. Some of the attractions you shouldn’t miss at this park are the heart-stopping rollercoaster, Atlantis, and the mesmerizing Camelot Carousel! To save a little more on your trip, you can also avail yourself of discounted one-day passes. The exciting Lotte World Theme Park & Aquarium is sure to leave you with plenty of fun and sweet memories.

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Lotte World Theme Park & Aquarium Discounted 1-Day Pass

25 reviews

17. Create a bouquet in a flower arrangement class (from USD 85.0)

Whether you’re looking to surprise your partner with a lovely bouquet or just wanting to learn how you can add a bit of color to your home, this flower arrangement class is ideal for you. This class is open to all, even those without any prior experience. You will be able to pick from a selection of beautiful local flowers, learn the basics of arranging a seasonal bouquet, and even try your hand at wrapping your bouquet as a gift! You’re also welcome to bring your camera and take lots of photos as you take this fun and inspiring class.

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Create your own bouquet with a florist

Duration: 1.5 hours

42 reviews

18. Feel the adrenaline rush at Sky X - Seoul Land (from USD 7.0)

feel the adrenaline rush at sky x - seoul land

Looking for some thrilling activities to do while in Seoul? If you are brave enough, you should definitely check out Sky X-Seoul Land. This popular attraction in Seoul combines bungee jumping and sky diving, which will raise you 50 m (164 ft) off the ground. The sudden drop will give you the maximum adrenaline rush. Can’t wait to get on the ride? Purchase skip-the-line tickets to take you right to the front of the queue.

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Sky X Ticket in Seoul Land, Seoul Philippines

19. Check out the famous seated statue of Buddha at Jogyesa Temple

Jogyesa Temple
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Francisco Anzola used under CC BY 2.0

Jogyesa Temple is one of the most important Buddhist temples in Korea, playing a key role in the practice of Buddhism in South Korea. The temple is located along Insa-dong, a street known for being home to cultural spots such as galleries and tea shops. One of the must-sees in the temple is the famous seated statue of Buddha in the main hall or Daeungjeon Hall. There is also a beautiful white pine tree on the temple grounds called baeksong, which is over 500 years old.

Jogyesa Temple

Address: 55 Ujeongguk-ro, Gyeonji-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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20. Get close to free-roaming raccoons at Raccoon Café

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and a soft spot for furry creatures, there’s a place in Seoul you definitely shouldn’t miss. Get close to the cute raccoons at Raccoon Café! Here, you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea and indulge in a sweet treat while interacting with free-roaming raccoons. Of course, the raccoons (as well as some adorable dogs) are kept in a separate room with plenty of space and jungle gyms to climb all over. You’re welcome to interact with them before and/or after your meal.

Raccoon Cafe

Address: 358-2 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 12:30pm - 10:30pm; Sun: 12:30pm - 9:30pm

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21. Participate in an outdoor yoga session (from USD 22.0)

Feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated in this calm outdoor yoga session! Led by a long-time yoga instructor, this class is held in a beautiful garden of a Hanok, a traditional Korean home. The 70-80 minute long session is designed to be meditative and restorative. It is open to everyone, even complete beginners at yoga. Some delicious local refreshments will be provided, though you will need to bring your own yoga mat and towels. If you don’t have a yoga mat, you may also request one in advance.

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Outdoor Yoga at a Traditional House

Duration: 2 hours

5 reviews

22. Learn some traditional Korean cooking techniques (from USD 80.0)

Korean food is known for being both delicious and healthy, often filled with greens, rice, and flavorful spices. Try your hand at making your own hearty meal in this traditional Korean cooking experience. This hands-on class will teach you the basics of preparing traditional Korean meals. You will stop by the market and learn how to pick out the best ingredients needed to make the recipes for the day. Then, you will head to a local home, where you will cook up some mouthwatering dishes. At the end of this small class, you will get to sit down and share your meals as a group.

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Seoul Market Tour and Korean Cooking Class with Small Group

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

350 reviews

23. Spend a day at Trickeye Museum Seoul

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Trickeye Museum on Friday, May 29, 2020

There’s more than meets the eye at Trickeye Museum Seoul. The museum is actually a complex that houses four different museums. You can almost see art come alive at AR museum using their special Trickeye app for a one-of-a-kind experience. There is also the Ice Museum, a winter wonderland where you can see life-sized ice sculptures, all-year-round. There is the Love Museum, an adults-only museum where you and your partner can explore intimacy in a fun, lighthearted way. You’re sure to have a blast discovering all the exciting surprises that Trickeye Museum Seoul has to offer!

Trickeye Museum Seoul

Address: 20 Hongik-ro 3-gil, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Website: Trickeye Museum Seoul

Opening hours: 10am - 7pm (daily)

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24. Make personalized accessories in a jewelry-making class (from USD 43.0)

In this jewelry-making class, you will create your very own accessories and learn how to make a pendant with your name in Korean letters—a perfect way to remember your trip. You will be using stainless steel and you can choose between a gothic and handwritten style. All the materials you need will be provided during the class, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. You will also be given a silver chain and some complimentary earrings to complete the look!

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One off, My name Jewelry in Korean

Duration: 2 hours

171 reviews

25. Bring your whole family to Seoul Zoo

If you’re looking for something fun to enjoy as a family or planning a cute, wholesome date to take your partner on, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Seoul Zoo. The largest in the country, this zoo is home to over 300 different species of animals. You and your loved ones can easily explore the zoo by taking the electric train, which will take you through a number of routes. You can take a stroll through the beautiful botanical garden and later visit the forest park. For more fun, you should also take a ride on the sky train and enjoy the scenic view from above!

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Seoul Zoo Ticket in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Duration: 1 Day(s) Duration

26. Look your best and learn about Korean fashion (from USD 127.0)

Seoul is one of the most fashion-forward cities in Korea, and you’d definitely want to look your best while exploring it. During your visit, why not try this private class in Korean fashion and styling? You will be guided by an expert in the fashion industry, who is sure to make you look and feel like a million bucks. Learn the hottest trends in Korean fashion, while finding the best cuts and fits for your body and taste. Best of all, your guide can help you find excellent pieces at the best price, so you’re sure to save a bit more without compromising the quality of your clothes.

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Private Fashion and Style Discovery

Duration: 3 hours

57 reviews

27. Learn Korean language and culture (from USD 33.0)

When going to another country, learning the language of that place is always an advantage. In this short class, you will learn some of the most basic phrases in Korean. You get to say phrases such as “Hello”, “How much?”, and “Where is this place?” Other survival tips are taught here too, like how to order food, ride a train, and use money in shops. You will even do real-world shopping, putting all you have learned to the test. The instructor will then give you other facts about living in the country before dismissing the class.

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Learn Real Korean Culture and Language

Duration: 2 hours

11 reviews

28. Shop for authentic Korean snacks at Dongmyo Flea Market

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Located near Dongmyo Park in the eastern part of the city, this market is a popular destination among weekend visitors looking for some great deals. You can buy all kinds of items here, from antique jars to shiny bracelets. There are even fur coats and handbags for sale if you want to step up your fashion game. Some stalls here sell your favorite Korean snacks, including mung bean cakes and rice cakes. Don’t forget to try the boiled duck eggs here, which is a favorite among the locals.

Dongmyo Flea Market

Address: Nangye-ro 27-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 2pm - 8pm; Sat - Sun: 10am - 9pm

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29. Make your own rice cakes (from USD 50.0)

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth while still learning something new? This two-hour class will give you the lowdown on making bean paste rice cakes. The instructor will guide you on how to use the ingredients and preparing the cakes. Different tools for molding and shaping will also be introduced, so you can add more shapes and colors to your creations. You will be able to make your own rice cakes after class and eat them too.

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Make rice cakes at a dessert studio

Duration: 1 hour

109 reviews

30. Know more about Korean history and culture at Seoul Museum of History

Seoul Museum of History
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Jjw used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Seoul Museum of History is an institution tasked with preserving Seoul’s heritage and history. It is the biggest museum in the country and has several buildings with exhibits of Seoul during different times, such as replicas and actual possessions of different rulers and heroes. There is also a large diorama of Seoul, showing different plans and improvements for the future of the city. You will learn a lot here, so take your time going around the museum.

Seoul Museum of History

Address: 55 Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03177, Korea

Website: Seoul Museum of History

Opening hours: Tue - Fri: 9am - 8pm; Sat - Sun: 9am - 7pm (closed on Mon)

Price: Free

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31. Browse through interactive exhibits at L'atelier Museum

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

L'atelier Museum is a digital art museum experience with interactive exhibits and bright displays. Before entering the museum, you can download their app which serves as a museum guide. Inside the museum, prepare to experience 19th-century art scene with Van Gogh’s room brought to life, La Madeleine’s flower market, and a scenic café is ready to serve you. There will be multiple photo opportunities, so be sure to have your camera ready. You can also watch any of the shows here too, giving you more insight into these paintings.


Address: 20 Jangchungdan-ro 13-gil, Gwanghui-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Opening hours: 10am - 9pm (daily)

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32. Learn traditional Korean calligraphy (from USD 62.0)

Calligraphy is not just a traditional way of writing but also a form of art. In this class, you will learn the basics of traditional Korean calligraphy with the guidance of an experienced calligrapher. You will learn how to do proper strokes, choose your brushes, and even make your own ink using inkstone. Aside from that, you also get to watch the artist make some beautiful writings and artworks! The whole lesson takes just three hours, and refreshments will be provided to keep you relaxed as you write and brush.

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Traditional Korean Calligraphy

Duration: 3 hours

52 reviews

33. Pamper yourself at the Spa in Garden 5

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

The Spa in Garden 5 is a relaxing spot on the top floor of a large mall in southeast Seoul. A whole range of services is offered with different rooms such as a sauna, ice room, and oxygen-bathing room to give you different modes of therapy. You also get multiple massage services such as foot, hand, and back massages. Oil and water baths are also offered using the highest quality oils. The spa is open 24-hours, so you can visit here even after your night food trips in the city.

The Spa in Garden 5

Address: 10 Chungmin-ro, Munjeong-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Website: The Spa in Garden 5

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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34. Go ghost-hunting around Seoul (from USD 39.0)

Even a big and busy city like Seoul has its fair share of ghost stories. The alleys and dark streets of the city have become ghost sites over the years. Haunted places such as Gyeonghuigung and Tapgol Park are part of the itinerary. Your guide will also tell you stories about ghosts and spirits. Capture photos of the landmarks at night while you look for ghosts on this three-hour tour.

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Evening Ghost Walking Tour in Seoul

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

454 reviews

35. Ride a simulated gastrointestinal tract at Poo Poo Land

ride a simulated gastrointestinal tract at poo poo land

Although this indoor-themed playground is literally about poo, your experience here will be anything but bad. In fact, kids of all ages can enjoy a day at Poo Poo Land. Colorful rides and fun slides, along with exhibits, show the importance of our digestive system and how it works. You can even ride a simulated gastrointestinal tract and descend from the fourth floor to the second floor—a quirky way to help kids understand our digestive system. There is also a second-floor store where you can buy cute souvenirs, including shirts, caps, and other cool gift items. Adorable and endlessly fun, Poo Poo Land is a great family-friendly spot and an excellent way for anyone to learn how to care for their bodies as well.

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Poo Poo Land in Seoul Philippines

Duration: 1 Day(s) Duration

36. Make your way out of Seoul Escape Room

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

, ~~ # # # #404 # # # # # # # # # # #SeoulEscapeRoom

Posted by Seoul Escape Room on Sunday, September 27, 2015

Make your daring escape out of this classic Escape Room right at the heart of the city. You can choose from a variety of themes including a spy thriller, a space mission, and an Egyptian tomb adventure. Each room will require different strategies in order to find clues, crack codes, and piece together keys for your ultimate victory. You can bring your friends and family along because two heads are better than one. You will have a time limit of one hour to make your escape. Once you complete the mission, you and your loved ones will get a souvenir to remember the experience.

Seoul Escape Room

Address: 3rd Floor, 325-26 Seokyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul

Website: Seoul Escape Room

Opening hours: 10:30am - 11:30pm (daily)

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37. Create your own signature scent (from USD 56.0)

Have you ever wondered how perfume is made? In this hour-long session, you will be able to prepare your own perfumes. The process of perfume-making will be taught by a professional, and the equipment is available for you to use. With over 300 different ingredients available for you to mix and match, you will be allowed to choose 8 of them. You can bring home the perfume of your own creation. Who knows? You might even want to create your own line.

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Making your signature perfume to recall the memories you lost in life with scent

Duration: 1 hour

297 reviews

38. Explore Yongma Land

Yongma Land
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Christian Bolz used under CC BY-SA 4.0

This abandoned amusement park is a popular tourist spot - but not for the reasons you might expect! Once filled with families zipping around in coasters and Ferris wheels, Yongma Land is now in ruins. However, this did not stop the landowner from turning the former theme park into an eerie exhibit where some of the rides can still light up and broken cars and models are on display. You can check out the rides, though they are no longer functional. Fortunately, there are functional vending machines and toilets for your convenience. If you wanted to know what an abandoned theme park looks like, this is the place to go!

Yongma Land

Address: 69-1 Mangu-dong Jungnang-gu Seoul South Korea

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39. Go on a unique Running Man experience

go on a unique running man experience

Seoul has its own Running Man, a popular variety show that tests contestants’ strength. Because of its popularity, an entire theme park was built to provide the same experience. In this activity, the goal is to get as many points as possible by completing multiple challenges. Some of these include a mirror maze, agility mazes, and ball-throwing. You and your companions have 60 minutes to complete Running Man. If you collect a certain number of points, you even get a certificate proving that you aced the challenge.

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Running Man Thematic Experience Center Ticket Seoul, South Korea Philippines

Duration: 1hrsDuration

40. Learn the basics of shooting at Myeongdong Shooting Range (from USD 29.0)

This celebrity shooting range is a popular sports destination in Myeong-dong. Here, professional marksmen from the national shooting team will guide you. There are over 100 different guns to choose from, used in different movies and shows. Each gun has a unique character, whether you use small pistols or large hunting rifles. You only get limited rounds of bullets, so be sure to take the lessons you learn here seriously.

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Myeong-dong Shooting Range Philippines

642 reviews

41. Visit the original jail cells at Seodaemun Prison History Museum

Seodaemun Prison

The Seodaemun Prison History Museum is an experience in itself. Many Koreans were imprisoned here while fighting for their independence from the Japanese. Seodaemun Prison was originally used to hold, torture and kill Koreans who followed the Independence movement. It has now been turned into a museum but you can still see the original jail cells, including the basement cell where Yu Gwan Sun (a famous historic figure) was tortured and later died. There are screen displays here showing information about the history of the property and how it developed over time into a prison. You can see how the prisoners lived and examples of different ways they were tortured. The exhibits are mostly inside, so any time of the year is good to visit this historical place. Tickets only cost 3,000 KRW (1.75 USD) and you can easily spend a whole afternoon or day here.

Seodaemun Prison History Museum

Address. 251, Tongil-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. 서울특별시 서대문구 통일로 251 (현저동)

Price: from 3,000 KRW (1.75 USD)

Opening Hours: Mar - Oct: 9.30am - 6pm. Nov - Feb: 9.30am - 5pm.

Duration: 2 - 4 hours required.

Website: Seodaemun Prison History Museum

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42. Enjoy petting animals at Themed cafés

Poop cafe!

No trip here is complete without a trip to a themed café since it’s one of the most fun things to do in Seoul. You have quite a few to choose from: the Poop Café, the Peanut Café, the Hello Kitty Café, and now a Meerkat Café! All pet cafes in Korea allow you to pet and socialize with the animals, while having a coffee, tea or dessert. If you are looking for a truly unique animal café experience, then I would suggest the Meercat Café or the Sheep Cafe.

If you are looking for a funny and photographic café experience, you can head to Insadong for the Dong Café (Poop Café). Once exiting from the metro station, head down the main Insadong art street to your left, and you will spot the multilevel complex of shopping on your left hand side. On the 3rd floor lies the Poop Café. Drink you favorite latte out of a toilet mug. It is really a cool experience! Don’t expect the coffee to be on point, but you have some interesting latte options such as rose, complete with flower accents. They also have poop shaped cookies, scones and tarts just in case you want a sweet (but questionable looking) treat with your coffee. If you want to take a little something home with you they also sell small knit poop keychains that are very cute and only 4,000 KRW (3 USD)!

If you are a huge Peanuts fan, don’t miss the Charlie Brown Café located in Gangnam, Seoul. After taking the metro to Gangnam station, go out exit 6, walk about three minutes down the road and you are there. You cannot miss the large Snoopy sitting outside the café! You can venture around taking pictures with the different Charlie Brown characters, hangout drinking coffee out of a Peanuts mug and enjoy the atmosphere. Drinks here start at 2,500 KRW (1.5 USD) and go up from there. If you need to buy some Peanuts merchandise, you can also pick up whatever you need at this café.

People from all over the world love Hello Kitty, and there is no better place to experience Hello Kitty’s pink world then at the Hello Kitty Café in Seoul. They offer a variety of sweets, such as cakes, waffles, yogurts, smoothies and coffees. If you choose a coffee, be ready to see your favorite Hello Kitty featured as latte art on the top! This café is a bit pricier than others in Seoul but for the Hello Kitty lover, I would still say it is a must-see.

Dong Café

Sheep Cafe

Hello Kitty Cafe

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43. Go on a shopping spree at Myeongdong Market

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Myeongdong Market and underground shopping is Seoul’s most extensive shopping area all in one place. If you are looking for clothes, souvenirs, socks, bags, jewelry, Kpop CDs or merchandise, makeup, sunglasses or contacts (to name a few) you can find just about everything here. Outside on the street you will find the market, with locals selling street food, next to socks, next to scarves and everything in between. If you are looking for cheap bargains, stick to the outside street markets or the underground shopping, where deals are to be had. If you enjoy brands, head in to one of the tons of shopping stores, well known or boutiques, that line the market area, from makeup shops (Missha, Innisfree, Tony Moly, Etude House, and Nature Republic) to clothing and shoe stores (Nike, Adidas, Uniqlo, Forever 21, etc.) This shopping area really has it all!

Myeongdong Market

Website: Myeongdong Market

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44. See interesting statues at Olympic Park

Follow the yellow brick road!

If you have an afternoon and want to see interesting statues and enjoy the outdoors, this is your pick. Take the metro to Olympic Park stop and exit towards the Handball Gymnasium. Head down the main street towards the Handball Gymnasium where you can admire the sunset, sit on a bench and enjoy the weather, or have a picnic in the park along the way. An afternoon can easily be spent here on a date!

Olympic Park

Website: Olympic Park

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45. Indulge in street food at Hongdae

Once an area for struggling artists and the not so rich, Hongdae has completely turned itself around into a bustling, popular and sought out travel destination. This area is now home to many students, hostels, cafes, shops and parks. Take the metro to Hongik University, exit 2 and head across the street for the mina (and busy) shopping area. This area has a lot to do and is complete with cafes, restaurants, the famous Kakao friends store, a Samsung store and an Artbox. Meanwhile, the area has also been littered with smaller shops selling all kinds of clothing, accessories, cell phone cases and street food. If you head the other direction, towards Prince Coffee and make a left, you are now in the other section of Hongdae, which has less to do but more space and will be less crowded for walking around in. There are paths to walk on, benches to sit on to reflect and of course there are still convenience stores everywhere, shops, cafes and a couple of restaurants lining both sides of your path.

Hongik University

Website: Hongik University

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46. Be part of the audience at The Show at SBS Prism Tower (from USD 108.26)

be part of the audience at the show at sbs prism tower

If you’re a huge fan of K-pop, you might already be familiar with The Show. The Show is one of the longest-running music programs in Korea. Locally, it airs on SBS MTV but can also be watched in over 18 countries. On your next trip, don’t miss the chance to see it live! You can be an audience member for the latest episode on this tour. The tour will give a behind-the-scenes look at how a live music show is being set up. Aside from that, you will also get to watch your favorite K-pop groups perform their latest hits live. Do note, however, that taking pictures and video recordings is strictly prohibited during the tour.

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Seoul: K-Pop The Show Live Recording at SBS Prism Tower

Duration: 1.5 hour

12 reviews

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47. Visit numerous galleries near N Seoul Tower (from USD 10.0)

visit numerous galleries near n seoul tower

A cool thing to do in Seoul is to admire the city with the marvelous perspective offered by N Seoul Tower. You can schedule a whole day to best enjoy all the attractions the place has in store for you and your crew. If you are an art aficionado, you’ll be delighted to know that numerous art galleries and interesting shops can be found around the venue. Set aside some funds and also check out the selection of high-end restaurants here. Whether you are spending intimate time with a special someone or bonding with the whole family, this tourist favorite is an ideal spot to keep you occupied for a few hours. The view from the tower alone promises lasting memories that will make you want to visit again. N Seoul Tower, after all, is said to be the second-highest point in the city, standing 236 meters (774 feet) tall.

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Seoul: N Seoul Tower Observatory Ticket

64 reviews

48. Learn more about Korean history at Namsangol Hanok Village

Namsangol Hanok Village
Source: Unsplash

Here you will find a Korean village filled with traditional houses - or ‘hanok’. These houses have been restored to their original form, so you can have an authentic experience of the country’s history and lifestyle in the olden days. Check out different types of houses belonging to high government officials and those suitable for commoners as well. These various accommodations are fitted with furnishings that accurately depict the social status of their supposed residents, whether royalty or the average citizen. Aside from sightseeing, the place also offers a number of fun activities and programs that you can look forward to joining. Some of the highlights include a traditional tea ceremony, trying out a hanbok (the traditional Korean dress), and writing in Korean, among many others. These activities are suitable for the whole family, so do invite them for an educational and culture-immersing adventure.

Namsangol Hanok Village

Address: 28 Toegye-ro 34-gil, Pil-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul

Website: Namsangol Hanok Village

Price: Free

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49. Participate in fun activities at National Museum of Korea (from USD 44.59)

participate in fun activities at national museum of korea

If you are planning on learning everything you can about Korean history and art, then head on over to National Museum of Korea. This venue is the premier cultural spot in all of South Korea, and most foreign tourists will tell you that it is one of their favorite sites in the country. The museum is, in fact, one of the largest of its kind in Asia. No wonder that the place receives millions of visitors each year. Furthermore, here you will find a children’s museum, where younger travelers can know more about South Korea through interactive educational programs. This destination is also famous for hosting social training, concerts, and other interesting activities that you and your travel party can join. Aside from the huge collection of artifacts found inside the museum, there are pagodas and stone artworks on the outdoor grounds too, which you can admire and even take pictures of.

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Seoul Hannam-dong Hallyu Tour

Duration: 3.0 hour

50. Take in stunning city views from Lotte Tower (from USD 23.86)

take in stunning city views from lotte tower

With a total of 123 floors, Lotte Tower is a Seoul attraction that offers you an incomparable view of South Korea. Currently the tallest building in the country, the tower features various exhibitions located on the 117th to the 123rd floors. If you have a whole day to spare, this venue is sure to keep you happily occupied. First on the list of things that will fascinate you while here is the sky shuttle, which is an elevator that can reach speeds of up to 600 meters (1,968.5 feet) per minute! If you get tired of all the picture taking, check out the many restaurants on-site, or explore the number of shops scattered around for souvenirs. You can also make the most of your visit by including a stop at Lotte World in your itinerary. Lotte World is an indoor theme park that is highly popular among foreigners and locals alike.

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Seoul: Lotte Tower Seoul Sky Observatory E-Ticket

20 reviews

51. Watch marvelous fireworks while on a cruise (from USD 24.6)

After all the hopping and moving about from one tourist site to another, you might opt for a change in pace, something more relaxed. Joining a cruise along the Han River is the perfect way to chill after a long day and a great option if you don’t know what to do in Seoul. If you’re hungry, you can feast on a mouthwatering buffet while listening to sweet tunes from a live jazz band. You can find the restaurant on the dock, and the meal is a separate activity from the cruise. You can choose to have your meal before or after the tour. You can also pick your schedule, whether you prefer a lunch or dinner buffet. There are options for dining on the boat, but you may have to prepare more funds. If you choose to book on a Saturday night, you’ll have the opportunity to see some marvelous fireworks. Children are welcome aboard too, so the whole family can enjoy feeding the seagulls.

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Eland Han River Cruise and Ashley Marine Buffet in Seoul

915 reviews

52. Visit Changdeokgung Palace (from USD 44.0)

Another must-visit place in South Korea is Changdeokgung Palace, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the Five Grand Palaces that were built during the Joseon Dynasty. Although the palace complex has seen decay over the years, especially during the Japanese occupation, there are still enough surviving structures to give you a glimpse of what the country was like in bygone eras. In fact, Changdeokgung Palace is the most well-preserved among the five Joseon palaces. Joining a group tour is recommended so that an English-speaking guide can point out important locations and explain their historical significance to you. The guides can also speak Chinese and Japanese upon request. Among the highlights of the palace grounds include Geumcheongyo Bridge, which was built in 1411 and is currently the oldest existing bridge in Seoul. Another point of interest is Huwon or the rear garden, which is home to trees that are over 300 years old.

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Seoul UNESCO Heritage Palace, Shrine, and More Tour

Duration: 4 hours

10 reviews

53. Immerse yourself in Korean culture at Bukchon Hanok Village (from USD 36.07)

immerse yourself in korean culture at bukchon hanok village

Bukchon Hanok Village is a village composed of traditional Korean houses. Here you will feel as though you’re back in the Joseon Dynasty. Take your pick from the numerous restaurants and tea houses on-site, and experience the Korean culture firsthand. Food is always a part of every good trip, and in this village, you can enjoy both sightseeing and a gastronomic adventure like no other. Make the most of your visit to this place by joining a group walking tour. A tour guide can answer all your questions about the Korean store signs and tell you some fascinating stories about the unique landmarks and food options around. Note that this venue is a real neighborhood that is home to locals, so bear in mind to be respectful of the houses and people at all times.

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Seoul Oraegage Bukchon Hanok Walking Tour

Duration: 2.0 hour

3 reviews

There's never enough time to see all of Seoul

All of these unique Seoul experiences are a great way to get your feet wet the first time you visit. No matter if you have 24 hours or 7 days to explore the city, these things to do in Seoul will have you wanting to come back time and again!

Frequently asked questions about the top things to do in Seoul

  • What are the top attractions to visit in Seoul?

    Seoul is brimming with must-visit attractions, and these include the two towers: N Seoul Tower and Lotte Tower, the fascinating Changdeokgung Palace, and the traditional villages of Namsangol Hanok Village and Bukchon Hanok Village.

  • What are the best outdoor activities in Seoul?

    Some outdoor activities you can enjoy when in Seoul include joining a Han River tour, visiting Olympic Park, or following one of the walking trails up Namsan Mountain to get to N Seoul Tower. You can also explore Bukchon Hanok Village since many of the houses sit on steep hills and require a bit of a hike.

  • What are the most popular things to do with kids and family in Seoul?

    If you’re visiting Seoul with family and kids, you can check out some of the themed cafes in the city like Charlie Brown Cafe or Hello Kitty Cafe. Another option is to visit Lotte World, which has an amusement park and a water park.

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