What To Buy In Malta

what to buy in malta
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The picturesque beauty of islands is not a surprise to any of us and Malta, also known as the Island country, resides in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Malta was heavily bombarded by German and Italian air crafts during world war II and it survived the massive devastation, which tells a lot about the bravery of the Maltese people. The Maltese society was ruled by a few ancient civilizations including the Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Sicilians, Swabians, Aragonese, Hospitallers, French, and British which had a terrific impact on the whole community. It has become an amalgam of all this cultural richness, which makes it an exceptional group of Islands. So, without any further delay, let’s look at what to buy in Malta.

1. Maltese wine

Egy csésze Málta
Source: Photo by user Európa Pont used under CC BY 2.0

For splendid wine production, indigenous as well as international grape varieties are planted in the local areas of Malta and carefully fermented. The native grapes, Girgentina and Gellewza, are exceptional and the sparkling wines made from them are just out of this world. There are five major wine producers on the island: Marsovin, Emmanuel Delicata, Camilleri Wines, Montecristo and Meridiana, and all of them have their own secrets of wine production. Marsovin is one of the biggest wineries in Malta, which is always trying to tweak the recipes. Maltese people take pride in their sophistication and wine-producing skills and so they even have wine festivals to spread the word of the fantastic Maltese wines. When in Malta, make it a point to buy some spectacular local Maltese wine because you would not find it in a lot of places outside of Malta, so don’t miss out on a lifetime opportunity.

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2. Pottery & ceramics

Source: pxfuel

The craftsmanship of the Maltese people is just exceptional; Maltese pottery is a reflection of the tradition of the Maltese people and they are very proud of it. From creating highly decorative ceramics and pottery items to exquisite glassware, your eyes will just keep popping out just looking at them. While exploring Malta, you should visit the island’s Arts and Crafts Village in Ta’ Qali to get a glimpse of the fine craftsmanship. Mediterranean Ceramics and Bristow Potteries are the best places to delve deep into the history of Malta and take some souvenirs from your trip. They have a unique array of products that will satisfy each and everyone’s heart’s desire. So, take out your purse and go on a splurge.

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3. Public transportation replicas/toys

Source: Pexels

Transportation is the heart and soul of any city as it makes a vital connection between the neighboring cities. Malta is a group of islands and is essentially connected by an extensive bus network. Since the buses play such an important role in tourism and day to day life of Maltese people, there are cute little public transportation toys created as a respect for the transport system. These toys are a must to purchase because when in Malta, you will spend a lot of your time traveling on buses and you can take a replica toy with you to relive the memories.

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4. Limestone art

Limestone art
Source: pxfuel

Maltese people are brilliant sculptors and have loads of patience because carving a stone requires a huge amount of skill, patience, and dedication. The Limestone Heritage Park and Gardens is a spectacular place that gives the opportunity to anyone of creating your own stone art, how amazing is that? You can purchase the materials which are available at an affordable price and get to work. Working amongst splendid sculptors in a peaceful environment makes you feel like you are in your own personal cave. They even allow you to exhibit your limestone art free of cost. Pick up your bags and buy a piece of this brilliant art to adore endlessly.

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5. Gozo cheese

Malta Gbejniet
Source: Photo by user Chattacha used under CC BY 3.0

The mere mention of cheese makes your mouth water and your taste buds start getting excited. Gbejna is the name of the cheese of the Maltese Island and the best ones can be tasted on the smaller island of Gozo. The making of Gbejna is more than making food, it is a heritage that pours from one generation to another. There are various scrumptious varieties of Gozo cheese, which are just amazing. Every type of Gbejna has it’s own unique texture and flavor but all of them are worth a taste. So, go on and devour the specialty of the Maltese islands and thrill your taste buds.

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6. Filigree jewelry

Green Onyx Vintage Filigree Earrings ~ Briolette Earrings Jewelry
Source: Photo by user Naomi King used under CC BY 2.0

Filigree is exquisite jewelry that involves the use of fine threads that are entangled together making a beautiful piece. The intricate designs are really beautiful, and the artisan’s skills are to be adored for that. And the fascinating part is that you can see this masterpiece being created, whether at the Ta’ Qali Crafts Village, or any obliging jeweler, and you will fall in love with it immediately. Ladies, what are you waiting for? Grab the finest jewelry in town and add more stars to your sparkling collection.

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7. Cactus liquor

Edmond Briottet Cactus Piment Figue de Barbarie Liqueur
Source: Photo by user Dominic Lockyer used under CC BY 2.0

Any type of liquor has two important things, one is the texture and the other is the taste. Cactus liquor is the most unique and intriguing liquor that you will have in your entire life. It is made from a unique fruit (Prickly Pear), which belongs to the cactus family and this is the most unique thing about this. The fruit is a staple in the US and Mexico but was transplanted to the Mediterranean area where it has been flourishing since then. The drink is sweet in taste and can be enjoyed either neat or with some of your favorite liquor. When in Malta, don’t forget to have a sip of this unique blend and take some for the journey.

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8. Maltese nougat

Maltese tradition has always incorporated the importance and delicacy of the food. They are so invested in the recipes that one bite will make your taste buds fall in love with it. And of course, a traditional sweet is always welcome by everyone around the world. Nougat is the sweet dish that cannot be skipped in any feast or gathering of the Maltese people. It is such an exceptional dish that you will never have enough of it. This ancient almond and honey (or sugar) based confection is a treat to your palette. Freshly made nougat is sold almost every day and you must have your share because every bite is worth it.

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9. Hand-blown glass

Blown Glass
Source: Photo by user DDauri used under CC BY 3.0

Glass sculptures are such a delicate but stunning piece of beauty that you can’t stare enough at it. Maltese skill of creating some exquisite glass pieces is valued throughout the world. The ancient glass-blowing techniques have been passed on through the generations, and have evolved into something marvelous. One of the most skilled artists have dedicated their lives to creating anything and everything from glass and one of those companies is Valetta Glass. From jewelry to Christmas clowns to traditional Maltese landmarks, the skilled artists in Valletta glass can create an intricate piece of glass. Explore the beautiful islands of Malta and be sure to take these with you because you will be hypnotized by their beauty.

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10. Bizzilla lace

Maltese lace
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Joedkins used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Lacemaking is a very delicate and beautiful skill and the Maltese people have adopted it marvelously. In the early times, lace was introduced as a fashion accessory and it made a gorgeous impact on people. This art started to decline but Maltese people have tried to keep this tradition alive by weaving some intricate designs that have now become a commercial commodity. If you are a lace lover, then you must visit the Ta’ Qali Crafts Village, where you will be able to see the fine workmanship of all the craftsmen and be awed by the beautiful designs they come up with. All the lace is handwoven and no, there is no use of machines, which is all the more fascinating.

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Collect beautiful memories

The islands of Malta hypnotize you with their exotic beauty and the skillful artists who prevail there. A trip to Malta should be on your list because the beauty is endless and the souvenirs that you will get to collect will be worth all the beautiful memories.

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