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Adults-only Accommodations

What are adults-only accommodations?

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Sometimes, you just need to take a breather and escape from all the noise. If that’s what you’re after, a fantastic solution is to book a room at an adults-only accommodation. This accommodation type, as per the name, means that children — often below 18 years old — are not allowed. It is best suited for couples looking to have a more intimate experience, may they be celebrating a birthday or an anniversary. It also allows people to unwind in peace, even just for a few days.

Types of adults-only accommodations

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Adults-only hotels/resorts

These hotels or resorts are just some of the most common adults-only accommodations. They’re usually on the luxurious end, with amenities that include swimming pools and spa and wellness services.

Honeymoon resorts/couples-only resorts

Are you celebrating a very special occasion with your significant other? Search for resorts that specifically cater to couples. While it’s like a typical adults-only accommodation, honeymoon resorts have even more unique offerings for couples to appreciate. One of the most common services offered is a couples’ massage at the on-site spa or in the room. Hot tubs for two are also quite normal. You can check out the best honeymoon destinations here.

Clothing-optional resorts

If you’re looking for a more unconventional and free-spirited accommodation, you can opt for a resort where clothing is optional. People love booking a room here as they are free to move around without being judged, especially in the beach area.

Party resorts

Do you love to dance the night away and meet new people? Party resorts are the way to go! This accommodation provides lots of entertainment options — from happy hour to live performances. It's perfect for those who are outgoing and want to have a wild time.

Adults-only vacation rentals

Adults-only vacation rentals often come with fully equipped kitchens, an outdoor area, and a bathtub. Staying in a rental allows you to have more privacy than a typical hotel or resort room.

Typical features of adults-only accommodations

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Age restrictions

Since it’s an adults-only accommodation, it’s expected that there are age restrictions in place. A lot of these accommodations only allow people who are 16 or 18 years old and above.

Amenities and facilities

Many adult-only accommodations have exquisite amenities for guests to enjoy. These amenities include hot tubs, bars, and private beaches. There are also often on-site spas offering various massages and facials. And for those who like to keep up with their workout regimen, some accommodations also feature fitness centers.


Many adults-only accommodations lean towards the luxurious side, so guests can enjoy unparalleled hospitality and top-notch services. Live like a royal with the help of a butler service and take advantage of the evening entertainment. Whatever you want to do, the dedicated staff will do what it takes to help you.

Special packages

A lot of accommodations offer special packages, allowing you to save up and have a more targeted experience. If you just got married, you can check if the accommodation of your choice provides honeymoon packages. Bachelor and bachelorette events can be availed in a few hotels. You can also make your evenings more romantic by availing yourself of a private dining experience.

Advantages of choosing an adults-only accommodation

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Privacy and exclusivity

One of the top reasons why people opt for an adults-only accommodation is because it offers absolute privacy. A lot of these properties are situated in uncrowded areas, allowing you to indulge in an exclusive experience like no other. Security measures are also tight, keeping you and the other guests as safe and secure as possible.

Peaceful atmosphere

Adults-only accommodation allures people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle, even for a few days. Since most of these properties have access to a beach, which is a perfect place to unwind, you’ll be able to admire the spectacular horizon without any distractions.

Personalized experiences

There are numerous unique experiences that this type of accommodation offers to keep you entertained and engaged. One example is themed dinners, such as breakfast for dinner, taco Tuesdays, and more. This also gives you the excuse to dress up! Those who seek peace can book a yoga class. And for those who like to party and meet new people, pub crawls are also available in some accommodations. Don't want to leave the comfort of your room? Take advantage of the personalized room service, too.

Romantic ambiance and activities

Adults-only accommodations, especially those catered to couples, also have plenty of activities for lovers. It starts with booking a romantic suite or room, where you can also avail of chocolates, wines, and more. Other possible activities are private dining, massages, and even vow renewals. Couple's massages are also a fantastic way to relax your muscles!

Opportunity to meet like-minded people

Solo travelers or even groups will appreciate that adults-only accommodations provide all sorts of fun experiences where socializing is involved — especially in on-site bars and lounges. These spaces give guests the chance to get out of their comfort zone and meet new people.

Destinations with adults-only accommodations around the world

Destinations with adults-only hotels and resorts in the United States

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With the soothing waves crashing on the shore and birds blissfully chirping a song together as your background, it’s no surprise that Hawaii is considered one of the most romantic places in the world. Couples go to Hawaii for their wedding and/or honeymoon, especially in Maui. Aside from the beautiful Ka’anapali Beach, people can also visit the ʻĪao Valley State Monument and the Pipiwai Trail. Moreover, the state has several adult-only accommodations, and you can even have more options on the island of Maui.


Florida has a lot to offer, including incredible beaches, gorgeous lakes, and huge party scenes. If you go to cities such as Miami and Orlando, you’ll be able to find numerous beaches to explore — one of which is the iconic South Beach. If you're here with your significant other, you can check out the romantic things to do in this place, such as enjoying a sunset cruise in Key West and visiting the best distilleries. Moreover, if you’re looking for fun rides, head to Walt Disney World Resort. You can check out adults-only accommodations in this US state, including in places such as Fort Lauderdale, Florida Keys, Hialeah, Miami Beach, and South Beach.


Located in the Western United States, California is teeming with wonders, such as monasteries and historical places, that many people just seem to love. If you’re a fan of pop culture, then a trip to the bustling city of Los Angeles will be a dream come true — especially if you go to Hollywood. National landmarks also abound here, such as Joshua Tree National Park and Balboa Park. For a hassle-free stay, find one-of-a-kind, adult-only accommodations in California, including places in Anaheim, Monterey, and Southern California.


Welcome to The Silver State! This US state is brimming with exciting activities and fascinating experiences that adults will certainly want to try. Of course, a holiday here wouldn’t be complete without visiting Las Vegas, which is undoubtedly one of the most famous cities in Nevada. This area has numerous casinos and an overall bustling nightlife, perfect for those who love to party. You can even purchase some interesting souvenirs while here. Las Vegas also has adults-only hotels and resorts to choose from.


History is rich in Pennsylvania. This state is where the Declaration of Independence was written and signed, which is one of the most groundbreaking achievements of all time. You won't even run out of things to do while here. In Philadelphia, you can visit the historic Liberty Bell, the Independence Hall, and the Museum of the American Revolution. Moreover, the city has a wide range of accommodations for adults, as well as in The Pocono Mountains.

Destinations with adults-only hotels and resorts in Mexico

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Yucatan Peninsula

In Southeast Mexico lies the Yucatan Peninsula, a destination that will leave you speechless. It also continues to allure travelers with its long stretch of beaches, blue waters, and hospitable people. For high-quality adults-only accommodations in the Yucatan Peninsula, book a stay in Isla Mujeres, Tulum, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, or Cancun. Once settled in your accommodation, you can roam and discover interesting places here. History enthusiasts will even love to visit Chichén Itzá, Tulum, and the Zona Arqueológica de Ek Balam, among many others.

Baja California Peninsula

Separating the Gulf of California from the Pacific Ocean is the Baja California Peninsula. This peninsula boasts a lot of attractions, so you won’t run out of places to explore. For fun beaches, head to Playa El Coromuel or Playa Balandra. Other noteworthy attractions include The Arch of Cabo San Lucas, La Bufadora, and Wild Canyon Adventure Park ®. Additionally, Cabo San Lucas has a couple of adults-only accommodations you can check out.

Destinations with adults-only hotels and resorts in the Caribbean

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Get into the holiday groove when staying in Jamaica. Adults can make their time here more unforgettable by booking a room in an adults-only accommodation, such as in Negril and Montego Bay. This island nation also welcomes visitors from all over the world, and you can expect incredible experiences from hiking the world-famous Dunn's River Falls & Park to learning more about the life of the late Bob Marley at The Bob Marley Museum. Plus, you can try the different street food here.


Apart from being the birthplace of the famous singer and entrepreneur Rihanna, Barbados lures visitors with a promise of excitement, relaxation, and wonder. The beaches here are known for having incredible waves, making them a haven for surfers. Barbados is also where rum was made! Elevate your stay in Barbados by staying in an adults-only hotel. If you want to explore, visit the attractions and try out some things to do in Oistins.


Cuba is the place to be if you’re looking for a magnificent destination where you can properly unwind. This island country is filled with dancing and music, so your feet will almost always be tapping away to the beat. Some of the interesting things this place is known for include the stunning capital city of Havana and high-quality cigars and handicrafts, among others. Plus, adults-only accommodations are plenty in Varadero.

Antigua and Barbuda

An authentic Caribbean experience awaits you in Antigua and Barbuda, as it offers several things to do. Attractions here include the Devil's Bridge, Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, and the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, among others. To cool off, you can head to Dickenson Bay or Darkwood Beach. You can also check out the best adults-only hotels and resorts in places such as Turner's Beach and Long Bay.

Destinations with adults-only hotels and resorts in the United Kingdom

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The natural beauty of Scotland, its scenic drives, iconic wildlife, as well as its accommodations, are incomparable. From the National Museum of Scotland to The Royal Yacht Britannia, you’ll be able to learn new information about Scotland’s origins and wonders. There are also plenty of castles here, such as Stirling Castle, Urquhart Castle, and the famous Edinburgh Castle. Along with its adults-only accommodations, it also has some in Edinburgh.


The UK is flocked by visitors, and it’s understandable why. Lovers of history and art will have a blast exploring The British Museum, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and, of course, the Buckingham Palace. Places in England with wonderful adults-only accommodations include London, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Liverpool, Oxford, Leeds, Isle of Wight, York, Bournemouth, Lake District, and Cornwall.


The mountainous country of Wales is one of the UK’s finest. If you plan to visit soon, you can check out the best adults-only accommodations in places such as the towns of Barmouth and Ruthin. Apart from having an impressive rugby culture, this place boasts a lot of theme parks and amusement parks — each with its unique bearings. Moreover, you can head to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which provides scenic views of hills, estuaries, and woodlands.

Other European destinations with adult-only hotels and resorts

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Apart from being the filming location of Mamma Mia!, Greece is known for its vibrant waters and fantastic cuisine. One of the most famous destinations here is Mykonos, with must-visits such as Paradise Beach and the Windmills of Mykonos, among others. Santorini, on the other hand, boasts lots of museums and wineries. Level up your stay here by checking out the adults-only accommodations near Chania, Corfu Island, Zakynthos Island, Crete, and Kos.


Live your best life in France! This European country is one of the most visited destinations in the world because of its timeless elegance. If you want to visit Saint-Tropez and Cannes, head to the French Riviera. On the southeastern coast of France, you can find the romantic city of Nice, where you can see lots of fascinating museums. Don’t forget to explore the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. During your time there, you and your loved ones can book an adults-only accommodation in Paris and Corsica.


Italy is known for its delectable cuisine, architecture, rich culture, and literature. It’s a place where you can simply walk around and see lots of little to big attractions. After enjoying pizza or pasta, head on over to the Colosseum or Pantheon — important historic landmarks here. You can also make a wish in Trevi Fountain, like in the movies. If you’re looking for accommodations that only allow adults, check out the ones in Rome, Sorrento, Sicily, and Sardinia.


The diverse offerings of Spain make it a sight to behold. For your stay, check out the best adults-only accommodations in the Balearic Islands, Cala Bona, Playa del Ingles, Costa Brava, near Playa Blanca and Alicante. Each autonomous region has its standout features, catering to all kinds of travelers. If you want to see the art of flamenco in its authentic form, head to Salamanca. Valencia is also an underrated destination with numerous beaches and delicious paella.

Factors to consider before booking an adults-only accommodation

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Be sure to thoroughly check the location before hitting the “book” or “reserve” button. This way, you’ll have an idea of how to get there and near attractions. You can book accommodation with beach access or one that’s within the hustle and bustle.


You must also consider what season you'll be having your vacation because some accommodations and/or amenities might not be available during certain times. For instance, some pools in properties are only open during the summer season.


Another thing to prepare before booking your accommodation of choice is your budget. This factor is very important to take note of because it’ll make or break your vacation. Make sure to list your expenses carefully and keep extra money in case of emergencies. You also have to consider the price of the room, transportation, and food.

Type of accommodation

To have complete amenities, such as a kitchen and private laundry facilities, you can opt for a vacation rental. However, if you want something fancier and all-inclusive, then resorts are the right call for you. The atmosphere or the overall vibe of the accommodation is also an important thing to consider. Those who like something serene can book a room in a property where you’ll feel like you’re in a wellness retreat. Meanwhile, those who love parties can opt for accommodation that hosts parties or live entertainment. You have to know what kind of vacation you’re after.

Rules and regulations

Some adult-only accommodations uphold strict rules to avoid any possible issues. So, it's better to go through the rules and regulations of a property for a hassle-free experience. Common rules include pet policies, the maximum number of guests per room, and parking. And, of course, one should keep in mind that most adults-only accommodations permit people who are aged 18 and above, so you must check carefully whether you’re of the right age or your companions are within the allowed age. Some accommodations even have a higher age minimum.

Local cultural norms/restrictions

All countries have their own norms and restrictions. For instance, traditional accommodations in Japan encourage you to follow a set of rules to adhere to their culture, such as taking off your shoes before going inside and having proper dining etiquette. So, if your idea of a vacation is heading to another country or even another town, it’s ideal that you do enough research on that place to avoid doing the wrong things.

Accessible features

Some adult-only accommodations also have accessible features, such as wheelchair ramps, roll-in showers, and pool hoists. These facilities make for an inclusive stay.

Guest reviews and ratings

If you want to hear some comments regarding the accommodation you’re eyeing, it’s best to get the information from the previous guest reviews as they give the firsthand experiences you may want to know. This will allow you to determine whether the adults-only accommodation is worth a book.

Discover undisturbed peace

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Adults-only accommodations are a fantastic way to have an unforgettable vacation experience as they offer more privacy, fewer disturbances, and an overall peaceful atmosphere. Prepare for your next couples' getaway or group vacation and find out which destination and type of adults-only accommodation is best suited for you.

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