Debra Feinberg

The stories that captivated me as a kid were those of eccentric characters who took wild adventures and dared to be different; ever since, I’ve wanted to be one of them. Two years ago, I grabbed life by the reins, left my teaching job in Charlotte, North Carolina and went off to explore the world. Since then, I’ve backpacked my way across Africa, Asia and the Middle East, teaching, blogging and experiencing the most incredible places in the world. From the slums of Mumbai to the wilderness of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, if you’re looking for adventure travel pointers, I’m your girl. You can join my journey vicariously by following my blog,, and when you’re ready to get out from behind your computer and experience the world, I hope my Trip 101 reviews, guides and itineraries will help you have an adventure as fulfilling and life changing as mine. Happy travels!

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