Gerard Nicolau

Hello everyone! My name is Gerard, I'm 22 and I live and love in Barcelona. I am passionate about traveling and whenever I do so, I always carry a notebook with me: to me, traveling and writing are indissociable! I think traveling is one of the most interesting things a person can do since it teaches you tolerance and cleans your prejudices away. I have visited countless cities in 22 countries around 5 continents (can't wait to go to Oceania and Antarctica!) and all of them have had an influence on the way I understand life. I have lived in Bordeaux, France, for almost a year and I've spent three months in the USA. Besides traveling and writing I love music, specially Jazz (I play guitar and drums), reading, hanging out with anyone who wants to join me and discovering new food and drinks, so if there's something you think I should try, don't hesitate to tell me!

Good things are meant to be shared!