Jana Marková

Hi, my name is Jana and I am a Czech girl currently living in Paris. Student of cinema and dance, I love to meet new people all over the world, to speak with them in different languages and to experience other cultures. That’s why I love travelling so much – I’ve visited a big part of Europe, mainly its western and southern regions. I’ve travelled by train through Italy, by bus in Greece, by walk in Spain. Everywhere I had a great time full of new experiences. I’ve visited also the south region of India that is called Karnataka - I've been there for a classical indian dance workshop led by a local indian teacher. I've tried also the life in San Francisco where I went to study english. And that’s not all..Actually, rather than simply visiting the monuments and historical sites, I am looking for and I try to discover the local way of life. I love to taste food and drink specialities of the regions. I am also enjoying a simple wandering around the places and taking pictures with my old analogue camera called Practica. I have already a great collection of unique pictures !

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