Taylor Boyle

I have a passion for yoga, mindfulness, meditation. As a yoga teacher, my goal is to use yoga philosophy and techniques to foster positivity and self-love, and create a happy, healthy, harmonious world full of balance, grace and compassion. I believe giving is the best gift you can receive and love to volunteer with and contribute to local causes whenever I can. I believe that all people around the world are reflections of each other with similar essential needs, emotions and relationships, experiencing the world through their own unique lens of culture. I have traveled both domestically in the US and internationally, striving to bridge cultures and bring people together. I studied in Costa Rica, Chile and Australia and have visited Sri Lanka, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Czech Republic, U.K., Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Guatemala, Belize, St. Maarten, Peru and Ecuador. I am currently traveling in Southeast Asia with the goal of increasing my knowledge in Eastern medicine. In writing for Trip101, I strive to connect beautiful people with mindful, health conscious activities during their travels. I hope my articles bring you peace, fun and cultural adventure. Have a wonderful day.

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