20 Amazing Dating Spots In Tokyo – One Of The Best Cities In The World

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Tokyo is one of the most well-known cities in the world, and the cosmopolitan city is filled with amazingly designed sites. Its endless attractions and activities are rivaled with great accommodations, including pod hotels and hotels with family rooms.

Here are 20 of the best dating spots you can find in the city

1. Tokyo Skytree - the newest symbol of Tokyo

Tokyo Skytree_11
Source: Photo by Flickr user hans-johnson used under CC BY-ND 2.0

It is no exaggeration to say that Tokyo Skytree is today the most iconic landmark in Tokyo. It was opened in 2012 and has a height of an astounding 634 meters (693 yards) - it is the tallest manmade structure in Japan. There are two observatory decks in Tokyo Skytree which both offer breath-taking panoramic views of Tokyo, and viewing the fantastic sunset from the top will be an amazing experience!

Tokyo Skytree

Address 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida Ward

Opening Hours: 8:00am - 10:00pm

Access: 1-minute walk from Tobu Skytree Line Tokyo Skytree Station

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2. So many jellyfish at Sumida Aquarium

Source: Photo by Flickr user Haya_BS used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Sumida Aquarium is located at the 5th and 6th floor of Tokyo Skytree and it is hence recommended that you visit the two places in one go. Over 400 species of marine creatures are exhibited at Sumida Aquarium, including various types of fish, prawns and jellyfish. At the Yurikago Zone, over 10 species of jellyfish can be enjoyed in the darkness, creating an extremely dreamy atmosphere.

Sumida Aquarium

Address 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida Ward

Opening Hours: 9:00am - 9:00pm

Access: 1 minute walk from Tobu Skytree Line Tokyo Skytree Station

Website: Sumida Aquarium

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3. Tokyo Tower - the iconic building

Tokyo Tower_2
Source: Photo by Flickr user hans-johnson used under CC BY-ND 2.0

Despite being overtaken by the Tokyo Skytree as the tallest building in Japan, Tokyo Tower still stands tall as what used to be, and what still is the icon of Tokyo. At night, illuminations will be held at the Tokyo Tower which can be appreciated both from the outside and inside of the tower. You can enjoy the beautiful illuminations at the 150 meter (164 yard) high observatory deck, an amazing date spot in Tokyo while viewing the stunning night view.

Tokyo Tower

Address 4-2-8, Shibakoen, Minato Ward

Opening Hours: 9:00am - 11:00pm

Access: 9 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Kamiyacho Station

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4. The amazing night view of Tokyo from Roppongi Hills!

Sakura illumination @ Roppongi Hills
Source: Photo by Flickr user Guilhem Vellut used under CC BY 2.0

At the Roppongi Hills observatory deck, you will be able to enjoy an unobstructed 360 degree view of Tokyo, including both the Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower, as well as the nature surrounding it such as Mount Fuji. It is especially recommended to visit this place during festive seasons such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, as both towers will usually be illuminated beautifully. This definitely is a fantastic way to express your love!

Roppongi Hills

Address 6-1-1, Roppongi, Minato Ward

Opening Hours: Weekdays: 7:00am - 9:00pm, Weekends: 8:00am - 9:00pm

Access: 2 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Roppongi Station

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Tours by Ayano

5. The best sunset view in Tokyo? Spend your evening at Harumi waterfront Park

Harumi pier park
Source: Photo by Flickr user Hajime NAKANO used under CC BY 2.0

Harumifuto (Harumi waterfront) Park is the “entrance of Tokyo”. Huge ships including cruises pass by Harumifuto to enter the waters of Tokyo, and this serves as a great spot for a stroll in the evening, especially for couples who love photography! There are no nearby train or bus stations to Harumifuto Park, so it is recommended that you either drive or take a taxi from one of the train stations.

Harumifuto Park

Address 5 Harumi, Chuo Ward

Access: 20 minute walk from Toei Oedo Line Kachidoki Station

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6. Fantastic reflections of Tokyo city - Tennozu Isle

Tennozu Isle @ Shinagawa
Source: Photo by Flickr user Guilhem Vellut used under CC BY 2.0

The Tennozu Isle region is located conveniently from various regions in Tokyo such as Shibuya and Odaiba, as well as Haneda Airport. Today, the place is saturated with various restaurants and cafes, making it an amazing place already to have a great dinner. What makes this place better is the amazing view it offers of the city, and being a spot surrounded by the sea, you can enjoy the great cityscape of Tokyo.

Tennozu Isle Region

Address 2-3-8, Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa Ward

Access: Rinkai line and Tokyo monorail Tennozu Isle Station

Website: Tennozu Isle

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7. Observe the beauty of Earth’s night sky at Konica Minolta Planetarium!

Konica Minolta Planetarium is located at the top floor of World Import Mart building at Toshima. It was opened in 2015 and has since then been popular amongst couples and families. There are several themes at the Planetarium which change across the years, and an interesting harmony of music and star projections can be enjoyed there. It is recommended that you book your tickets in advance due to popular demand.

Konica Minolta Planetarium

Address 3-1-3 Higashiikebukuro, World Import Mart Building, Toshima Ward

Opening Hours: 10:00am - 7:00pm

Access: 9 minute walk from Toden Arakawa Streetcar Line Higashiikebukuroyonchome Station

Website: Konica Minolta Planetarium

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8. A star themed café!? Visit the Planetarium Starry Café at Haneda Airport!

Planetarium Starry Café
Source: 安藤 美紀

Haneda Airport is a place full of surprises and entertainment, and one of them certainly is Planetarium Starry Café. Not only can you savor in fantastic food and beverages such as original cocktails here, a short 10-15 minute program will be projected on the ceilings of the café with various themes that will change across the year. If you happen to access Haneda Airport during your trip, going to Planetarium Starry Café is an awesome date idea in Tokyo.

Planetarium Starry Café

Address 2-6-5 Haneda Airport, Haneda Airport International Flight Terminal 5th Floor

Opening Hours: 7:30am - 11:00pm

Access: Within Haneda Airport

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9. The perfect place for plane lovers! Jonanjima Seaside Park

Beach @ Marine Park @ Jonanjima @ Ota City
Source: Photo by Flickr user Guilhem Vellut used under CC BY 2.0

Haneda Airport is currently the biggest airport in Japan, and it is an airport that never sleeps. Planes depart and arrive almost every few minutes, and it is a location that plane lovers could virtually spend the whole day in. At Jonanjima Seaside Park, not only will you be able to have fantastic close-up views of the planes in Haneda Airport, you can also have a barbecue and spend an amazing time at the beach! Definitely a must go for couples who love planes!

Jonanjima Seaside Park

Address 4-2-2, Jonanjima, Ota Ward

Access: 5 minute walk from Jonanjima Yonchome Bus Stop

Website: Jonanjima Seaside Park

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10. Aqua Park Shinagawa - the best dolphin show ever

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user 星組背番号10 used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Aqua Park Shinagawa is conveniently located just 2 minutes from Shinagawa Station and was reopened in 2015, and is an aquarium that emphasizes on the harmony of sound, light and life. The dolphin show there is like no other – the show creates an unbelievable atmosphere through the use of colors and music to add drama as the dolphins pull off their amazing tricks. At other sections of the aquarium, such as the “Wonder Tube” section – a 20-meter (65-feet) long tunnel – you will be able to watch rare marine creatures swimming right beside, and even above you!

Aqua Park Shinagawa

Address 4-10-3-, Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Takanawa, Minato Ward

Opening Hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm

Access: 2 minute walk from Yamanote Line Shinagawa Station

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11. Play with over 200 squirrels at Machida Squirrel Garden!

Source: Photo by Flickr user yoppy used under CC BY 2.0

Machida Squirrel Garden is the perfect place for couples who love animals. Over 200 Formosan Squirrels freely run around the garden, and you will be able to feed them directly from your hand! It is best to go early in the morning right after opening hours as that is when the squirrels are most hungry and you will get to interact with them more. There are also other animals in Machida Squirrel Garden such as rabbits and guinea pigs too.

Machida Squirrel Garden

Address 733-1, Kanaimachi, Machda City

Opening Hours: 10:00am - 4:00pm (closed on Tuesday)

Access: 20 minute bus from Odakyu Odawara Line Odakyumachida Station

Website: Machida Squirrel Garden

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12. Adachi Ward Biological Garden

Adachi-ku Biological Garden
Source: 赤木 リン

Adachi-ku Biological Garden is a small zoological garden located in Adachi, and is one that can keep you entertained for the whole day despite its small size. There are various marine creatures, reptiles and insects on display at Adachi-ku Biological Garden as well as a section where you can meet animals like kangaroos, wallabies and owls. This is another place worth considering for couples who love animals!

Adachi-ku Biological Garden

Address 2-17-1, Hokima, Adachi Ward

Opening Hours: 9:30am - 4:30pm (closed on Monday)

Access: 6 minute bus from Tobu Skytree Line Takenotsuka Station

Website: Adachi-ku Biological Garden

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13. Ride the Ferris Wheel at Odaiba Palette Town!

palette town & DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
Source: Photo by Flickr user Dick Thomas Johnson used under CC BY 2.0

Odaiba Palette Town is conveniently located just 1 minute from Aomi Station on the Yurikamome Line. There is a huge mall there “Venus Fort” designed with the theme of 18th-century Europe. Over 190 shops including fashion shops and restaurants can be found in Venus Fort. Furthermore, automobile lovers can spend their time at the “MEGA WEB” in the middle of Odaiba Palette Town where many nostalgic and antique Toyota cars are placed on display. Of course, don’t forget to end your day on the symbol of the town – the Odaiba Palette Town Ferris Wheel!

Odaiba Palette Town

Address 1-3-15, Aomi, Koto Ward

Access: 1 minute walk from Yurikamome Line Aomi Station

Website: Odaiba Palette Town

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14. Discover the beauty of science at Sony ExploraScience

Editor’s note: Establishment is permanently closed

Sony ExploraScience is an experienced based science museum located at Daiba, and is a place loved by couples and families. The museum is split into four sections - information; sound; light and theatre - where you can explore various concepts of science through experience.

Sony ExploraScience

Address 1-7-1 Daiba, Mediage 5th Floor, Minato Ward

Opening Hours: 11:00am - 7:00pm

Access: 8 minute walk from Yurikamome Line Daiba Station

Website: Sony ExploraScience

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15. Hanayashiki Amusement Park

Hanayashiki Amusement Park
Source: Photo by Flickr user Jeremy Thompson used under CC BY 2.0

For couples who want to experience an amazing amusement park while on a budget, Hanayashiki Amusement Park is the perfect place. It is the oldest amusement park in Japan which opened in 1853 - that’s a history of over 150 years! Despite the small scale of the amusement park, the rides there are as exciting as ever, and it is definitely worth a visit!

Hanayashiki Amusement Park

Address 2-28-1, Asakusa, Taito Ward

Opening Hours: 10:00am - 6:00pm

Access: 4 minute walk from Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station

Website: Hanayashiki Amusement Park

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16. Enter the world of Ghibli at the Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum

With hits including “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”, the Ghibli Studio Series have millions of fans worldwide. The Ghibli Museum hence is a dream come true for such Ghibli lovers. Here, not only will you be able to experience a life in the Ghibli universe, you will also be able to view various blueprints and artifacts regarding the Ghibli studio history.

Advanced booking of tickets is required to visit the Ghibli Museum, which can be done so at their official website.

Ghibli Museum

Address 1-1-83, Shimorenjak, Mitaka City

Opening Hours: 10:00am - 6:00pm (Closed on Tuesday)

Access: 15 minute walk from Chuo Main Line Mitaka Station

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17. Fine dining and great art at The National Art Center, Tokyo

The National Art Center
Source: Photo by Flickr user Yasuhiro Chatani used under CC BY-SA 2.0

The National Art Center, Tokyo is conveniently located just 1 minute from Nogizaka Station of the Chiyoda Line and is a museum where you can not only indulge in the beauty of art and history, but also in great food! A wide variety of art work can be appreciated at this museum, and several restaurants and cafés can be found at the various sections, making this a great place for couples who love art and food to spend their day at. This is the one of the romantic things to do in Tokyo with your date.

The National Art Center

Address 7-22-2, Roppongi, Minato Ward

Opening Hours: 10:00am - 5:30pm (Closed on Tuesday)

Access: 1 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Nogizaka Station

Website: The National Art Center

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18. Aoyama St. Grace Cathedral - where love is granted

Aoyama St. Grace Cathedral

Aoyama St. Grace Cathedral starred in several famous dramas and movies and is known to be one of the symbolic sites for couples to visit. The beautiful cathedral will be lit up at night, creating an ideal atmosphere of romantic things to do for couples. Several restaurants and bars are there such as the Bar Lounge “The Trinitey Club” and restaurant “Asia De New York” where great cocktails and international cuisine can be savored.

Aoyama St. Grace Cathedral

Address 3-9-1, Kitaaoyama, Minato Ward

Access: 4 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Omotesando Station

Website: Aoyama St. Grace Cathedral

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19. Tokyo Disneysea Hotel Miracosta - the best hotel for Disney lovers!

Tokyo Disneysea Hotel Miracosta
Source: 安藤 美紀

A trip to Disney Resort doesn’t necessarily end once you step out of the compound. At Tokyo Disneysea Hotel Miracosta, you can continue immersing yourself in the fantastic world of Disney. Located just 3 minutes from the Disneysea Station, this is one of the recommended hotels to stay in if you plan to visit the Disney Resort for several days. The hotel is designed with a Disney theme and there are many Easter eggs within the hotel, such as hidden mickeys all over the place!

Tokyo Disneysea Hotel Miracosta

Address 1-13, Maihama, Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture

Access: 3 minute walk from Disney Resort Line Tokyo Disneysea Station

Website: Tokyo Disneysea Hotel Miracosta

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20. A luxurious date at The Cruise Club Tokyo

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

The Cruise Club Tokyo is located at the Bay of Tokyo, and is a place which offers fantastic view of the entire city. Landmarks such as the Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower can be viewed from The Cruise Club Tokyo. At the chic restaurant “Club House”, marvelous French cuisine can be savored while admiring the great landscape of Tokyo city. A lunch cruise can also be enjoyed at cruises such as “Lady Crystal”, as well as many other plans that you can select, such as Afternoon Cruises, Dinner Cruises and Anniversary Plans.

The Cruise Club Tokyo

Address 2-3-16 Sea Fort Square, Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa Ward

Opening Hours: Weekdays: 6:30am - 10:30pm, Weekends: 12:00pm - 2:00pm and 6:30pm - 10:30pm

Access: 8 minute walk from Rinkai Line Tennozu Isle Station

Website: The Cruise Club Tokyo

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Plan the best trip ever - book in advance

There are many great spots and romantic places in Tokyo that you can enjoy together with your date. Make sure you add these locations into your itinerary and plan your trip in advance as many of them are popular locations. Have fun planning and see you in Tokyo!

Any must-sees we missed? Tell us about them in the comments section or write a post here to help out fellow travelers!
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