Adventure In Cebu: Best Outdoorsy Things To Do In Cebu

Adventure In Cebu: Best Outdoorsy Things To Do In Cebu
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Jamie Casallos
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Jamie Casallos

Are you the outdoorsy, adventurous type? If you are, you’re in luck: Cebu has a lot of activities and places to go where you can stretch your muscles and explore. From historical sites to majestic waterfalls, Cebu’s great outdoors is truly, well – the great outdoors. Visit these must-see places for some sunny, outdoor fun!

1. Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro, Barangay San Roque, Cebu
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Raschid Salting used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Located along A. Pigafetta Street, Fort San Pedro is the oldest and smallest fort in the Philippines. In this historical site, you can learn more about Philippine history – in particular, when the Spaniards came to the Philippines. Fort San Pedro is a park and museum in the middle of the city all in one, and entrance here is only PHP 30 (0.60 USD).

Fort San Pedro

Address: A. Pigafetta Street, Cebu City, 6000, Philippines

Price: from 0.60 USD

Opening Hours: 7am -7pm everyday

Website: Fort San Pedro

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2. Magellan’s Cross

Cebu Magellan's Cross
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Editor999999 used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Anyone who ever planned an itinerary to experience all of what Cebu has to offer has Magellan’s Cross on their list of things to do. Ferdinand Magellan, the first Spanish explorer to have landed in the Philippines, erected this cross when Cebu’s rajah and his followers were baptized into Catholicism. Various murals telling the story of Magellan’s arrival also hang around this landmark, and for a free entrance you can experience history right before your eyes right here at Magellan’s Cross.

Magellan's Cross

Address: Magallanes St. Cebu City

Price: Free

Opening Hours: 8am-6pm everyday

Duration: around 3 hours required.

Website: Magellan’s Cross

Traveler's tips

Good Tip

You cannot visit Cebu without seeing Magellan's Cross. It is located in a pavilion in Plaza Sugbo near the Basilica del Santo Niño. This is usually a part of the city tour in Cebu if you choose to avail of one. Upon arrival at the plaza, you'll be welcomed by many candle vendors asking you to buy candles. In return, they will take your picture with the cross and pray for you afterwards. Mind you, they take the best photos, so make sure you buy candles from them.

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3. Rappelling at Danasan Eco Park

Source: Pixabay

For those looking to quench a wild thirst for outdoor activities and some adrenaline, you can visit Danasan Eco Park at Brgy. Danasan in Danao City, Cebu. And if you find that you have more energy, you can try out the park’s many activities too – like riding their ATV, mountain climbing, and even riding their zip line. Aside from these, you can also go horseback riding, waterfalls trekking, wakeboarding and go-karting. Danasan Eco Park also has numerous waterfalls and caves too, all of which you can explore. Truly perfect for adrenaline junkies, Danasan Park offers all of these and more at a bang-for-your-buck starting rate of PHP 760 (15.14 USD) per head.

You can also choose to spend more than one day at the park, as they have various accommodations available. These rooms can accommodate from 3 up to 26 people, and room rates start at PHP 1,200 (24.00 USD) for smaller, non-aircon rooms.

Danasan Eco Park

Address: Brgy. Danasan, 6004, Danao City, Cebu

Price: from 15.14 USD

Opening Hours: 8am-5pm

Website: Danasan Park

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4. Lapu-Lapu Shrine

Lapu Lapu
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Nino Verde used under CC BY-SA 4.0

If you’re a history buff and you want to experience more of Cebu’s rich cultural history, you can pay a visit to the Lapu-Lapu Shrine located along Punta Engano Road. Lapu-Lapu is one of the first heroes of the Philippines, who was considered such for protecting his tribe and his lands against invading Spaniards during his time. Aside from learning more about Philippine history, you can also host a picnic, read a book, or simply enjoy a calm chat with your special other. There are no entrance fees here – just a park and monument to enjoy.

Lapu-Lapu Shrine

Address: Punta Engaño Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu, Philippines

Price: free

Opening Hours: N/A

Website: Lapu-Lapu Shrine

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Cebu Island Tour Guide

Alpha Jr.

Alpha Jr.

I was a former concierge staff of one of the prestigious hotels in Cebu. I had a training in Tour Guiding from the DOT (Department of Tourism). With my experience for over 10 years in hospitality industry and with the training I had from DOT. Hence, gives me the passion to show my city, neighboring islands and the cultures to my visitors. This is to ensure them for a Memorable, Priceless visit and to Love the Philippines.

Cebu Island Tour Guide



5. Osmena Peak (24 USD per person)

Osmena Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu-19
Source: Photo by Flickr user Faith Mari used under CC BY-ND 2.0

The highest peak in Cebu, Osmeña Peak is known to be the haven for anyone and everyone who loves nature and breath-taking views. This stunning mountainside has a great view of jagged cliffs and a faraway ocean. Osmeña Peak has a rugged rock formation and cool weather, so aside from being perfect for planting vegetables, Osmeña Peak is also a great way to spend the day outdoors if you’re down for a hike – don’t worry, the hike isn’t that hard, as it’s only a 700-meter climb and is reachable using vehicles in 20 minutes. When you reach the top, you can eat, take photos, and just take in the majestic view. Entrance is free, and Osmeña Peak is located at Pico Osmeña, Badian.

Osmeña Peak tour

Price: 24 USD per person

Duration: 18 hours


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6. Basilica del Santo Nino

Basilica del Santo Nino
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user TheCoffee used under CC BY-SA 3.0

The oldest church in the Philippines, Basilica del Santo Nino is a must-visit for anyone fascinated by Philippine history. Pass by for a short while to pray, reflect, or even admire the intricate architectural design inside Basilica del Santo Nino. And even if you’re not Catholic, you’ll be welcome here, as is the Filipino custom to welcome everyone from all walks of life. Entrance is free, but do remember to bring a water bottle and a face towel just in case it gets hot while inside the church. Basilica del Santo Nino is located along Santo Nino Chapel Lane, Cebu City.

Basilica del Santo Nino

Address: Santo Nino Chapel Lane, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines


Opening Hours: N/A

Website: Basilica del Santo Nino

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7. Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ryan Mago used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Sure, you may have seen waterfalls before in your previous travels, but nothing can quite come close to the picturesque Kawasan Falls. Located in Barangay Matutinao, Badian, Kawasan Falls has three levels of waterfalls where you can hang out and take photos. The first waterfall is the biggest and most crowded, but you can climb to the other levels too if you’re feeling adventurous. Marvel at Kawasan’s clean waters, serene atmosphere, and fresh breeze. You can also rent a raft to go through the pool and be nearer to Kawasan Falls’ fresh waters. All of these come at a small entrance fee of PHP 10 (0.20 USD).

Kawasan Falls

Address: Barangay Matutinao, Badian

Price: from 0.20 USD

Opening Hours: None mentioned

Website: Kawasan Falls

Tip from Content Creator

Kawasan Falls, Alegria

Photo of Kawasan Falls shared by content creator from the Philippines, Mark Cuyos.

Tip from Content Creator

Kawasan Falls Kawasan Falls Kawasan Falls
My best experience in the Philippines was a canyoneering adventure at the Kawasan Falls. Here, you can enjoy ziplining, swimming, and cliff jumping!
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8. Spelunking at Igotan Cave

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Crawl inside a cave and explore underground waterfalls: for only PHP 25 (0.50 USD), you can go Spelunking inside Igotan Cave. Located in Barangay Jaclupan, Talisay City, Igotan Cave is not only home to many explorers but also many interesting stories. Locals have many interesting legends about the Igotan Cave. One, for example, tells of how Igotan Cave was used by Japanese invaders as a hiding place during World War Two. Some locals also say that the Igotan Cave serves as a dwelling place for spirits of the dead, giving off an eerie and haunting feeling while you’re inside. But whatever the case may be, Igotan Cave remains to be one of the best spots in Cebu for spelunking, especially with their affordable entrance fee of PHP 25 (0.50 USD) and PHP 5 (0.10 USD) fee for the tour guide.

Igotan Cave

Address: Igotan Cave, Barangay Jaclupan, Talisay City, Cebu

Price: from 0.50 USD

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9. Go mountain biking (from 120 USD per person)

adventure in cebu: best outdoorsy things to do in cebu | go mountain biking

Take a trail mountain bike tour of Cebu if you want to see the other side of the city. People of all experience levels can take this tour but the trail will vary on your experience. The tour starts with a quick orientation and some information about the gears and the bike. Ensure that the provided protective gears fit you and you feel comfortable in them. A service vehicle will take you to the start point of the trail and at the end of the experience you’ll be served lunch in a traditional Filipino way called “boodle fight.” This Filipino way of eating meals means that food will be served on banana leaves, eaten with bare hands and shared with everyone else.

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure

Price: from 120 USD per person

Duration: around 8 hours required.


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Cebu’s great outdoors

Osmeña Peak, Cebu, Philippines
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Tyrll Adolf Itong used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Cebu is many things, but “boring” is definitely not one of them. From adrenaline-inducing outdoor activities at Danasan Park to historical tours at Magellan’s Cross, activities for the lover of the outdoors run abound in Cebu. Fill your itinerary with these eight activities, and you’re all set!

Dakit-Dakit Island

Contributed by Content Creator, Mark Cuyos

Dakit-Dakit Island
Source: Mark Cuyos

Dakit-Dakit Island was part of a Cebu island hopping tour and it’s a great region for snorkeling. The island has a spot where you can clearly see diverse marine life because it’s not too deep here. Be very careful not to step on the corals!

Lake Bensis

Contributed by Content Creator, Mark Cuyos

Source: Mark Cuyos

Lake Bensis offered a memorable experience as I was able to jump into the refreshing emerald waters of this concealed lake surrounded by mountains in Toledo City, Cebu. The lake used to be a mining pit but was abandoned decades ago. Now, this man-made lake has become a fish farm and a popular camping site for mountaineers and adventurers.

Mantayupan Falls

Contributed by Content Creator, Johnny Ferniz

Mantayupan Falls, Cebu
Source: Johnny Ferniz

Mantayupan Falls is also known as Ambakan Falls and is a great spot to relax. It is one of the highest waterfalls in Cebu with a height of 98 meters!

Any must-sees we missed? Tell us about them in the comments section or write a post here to help out fellow travelers!
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