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Rosenheim, Germany – a picture-book city where tradition meets progress and where being German also means being Italian. Located in Upper Bavaria, Rosenheim has a rich Italian history as seen in its architecture and its charming pastel-colored galleries and fasciae. The city is also a great place to get lost in the view of the magnificent Italian Alps, making the city one of the best places to stay because of its economic progress and recreational activities. Today, Rosenheim is one cherished secret waiting to be discovered. So if you decide to visit and experience the city, begin with a sixteen-day long Rosenheim Herbstfest, and then tick off these awesome things to do from your list.

1. Watch hockey team Starbulls Rosenheim play at Kathrein-Stadion

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Who doesn’t love hockey? If you’re not into it yet, then perhaps watching Rosenheim’s pride, Starbulls Rosenheim, will get you to change your mind. Hockey is a big thing in the city because of the famous hockey players, the thrilling playoff format and of course, that sheer admiration of the athletes’ speed and agility. Anytime locals need to fill in that need for the adrenaline rush, they would watch a game of hockey at Kathrein-Stadion. The arena was founded in 1973 and holds about 6,200 people at once. If games aren’t played, Kathrein-Stadion is also home to ice skating and figure skaters.


Address: Jahnstraße 1, 83022 Rosenheim, Germany

Website: Kathrein-Stadion

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2. Ride a cable car or railway at Mount Wendelstein or go hiking at the magnificent Kampenwand

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Herbert Ortner used under CC BY 2.5

Upper Bavaria is truly a refreshing escape especially with the majestic Mount Wendelstein and Kampenwand. These are two feats that any outdoor junkie has to conquer. Mt. Wendelsten is famous for the historical Wendelstein rack railway that Bosnian workers used to ride, that passes through seven tunnels, eight galleries, and twelve bridges. The Wendelstein cable car, on the other hand, is the counterpart to the modern trains. Since the 1960s, it is these cabins that take visitors up and down the mountain to experience the fantastic German Alps. Also in Wendelstein are the Wendelstein House, Cold Trap, the Cave Cathedral, GEO-Park, and Kircherl, Germany’s highest consecreated church.

Another great option for some recreation is to go hiking at Kampenwand, being one of the most extensive in the Bavarian Alps. Depending on your mood and fitness level, there are various trails to sign up for. A special feature here is the flat panorama path from the mountain station to Steinlingalm. It is specially developed for untrained mountain hikers to discover the beauty and splendor of its peaks. While enjoying the mountain trails, hikers will definitely love the view of the Hohenaschau Castle. Anyone who finds themselves hungry will be happy to know that Kampenwand has rustic huts for in-between pit stops.

Mount Wendelstein

Address: Postfach 1161, 83094 Brannenburg, Germany

Website: Wendelstein


Address: An der Bergbahn 8 Aschau im Chiemgau, Germany

Website: Kampenwand (in German)

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3. Visit Holztechnische Museum and Städtisches Museum to understand Rosenheim’s most cherished heritage

The Rosenheim City Museum (Städtisches Museum Rosenheim) is home to the city’s artifacts and monuments from earlier times. Today, there are about 5,000 exhibits of various collections including ceramics, earthenware, porcelain, tin, copper, brass, paintings, glass pictures, sculptures, coins and medals, textiles, weapons, furniture, wax, technical equipment, instruments, and more.

Another museum of equal importance is Holztechnische Museum. What makes this facility special is that it showcases Rosenheim’s history of wood technology. The museum is in a 16th-century town house where families can learn everything about wood. Workshops on the craft are also offered by the museum. So, to get in touch with what Rosenheim is really about, visiting these awesome spots is a must.

Städtisches Museum Rosenheim

Address: Ludwigsplatz 26 83022 Rosenheim, Germany

Website: Rosenheim City Museum (in German)

Holztechnische Museum

Address: Max-Josefs-Platz 4, 83022 Rosenheim, Germany

Website: Rosenheim Wood Technology Museum (in German)

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4. Have some coffee at Dinzler and Aran and be inspired

Source: Pexels

Ah, coffee! The elixir of life, the one true muse of creativity and insight. Here in Rosenheim, the best places to get that perfect brew is at Aran and Dinzler. It is urgent to visit these cafes. Up first is Dinzler Kaffeerosterei. The shop has an important history which began in a coffee shortage in the 1950s. Otto Dinzler decided to open a coffee shop then, as a leap of faith in business. Since that day, their coffee started brewing, not only for Dinzler’s hometown, but for the top restaurants and established companies in the country. Dinzler’s coffee varieties are part of Rosenheim’s culture and to truly understand why, you would need to have a cup of their best brew.

Aran Brotgenuss & Kaffeekult opened in 1999 and since then has been setting up cafes throughout Germany. Aside from its exquisite brew, Aran is famous for its special sourdough bread. Made without extra yeast, this ancient home recipe bakes six pound loaves daily in wood-fire ovens, best enjoyed with their home spreads. Aran also makes pastries and ice cream – a one-stop sweet shop.

Dinzler Kaffeerosterei

Address: Kunstmühle, 83026 Rosenheim, Germany

Website: Dinzler Kaffeerosterei

Aran Brotgenuss & Kaffeekult

Address: Innstraße 1a, D - 83022 Rosenheim, Germany

Facebook: Aran Kafee

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5. Appreciate brine sculptures while taking a stroll at Salingarten

Salingarten KuKo Rosenheim
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Allie Caulfield used under CC BY 2.0

Salingarten is located in front of the Culture and Congress Center Ku’KO. It has been a sculpture garden since 1987. It showcases various works by important brine sculptures from Rosenheim. Taking a stroll in the early mornings along the park is actually very refreshing, especially when you get to see Rosenheim’s craftsmanship and artistry.


Address: Münchener Str. 12, 83022 Rosenheim, Germany

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6. Take an Instagrammable picture at Max-Josefs-Platz

Max-Josefs-Platz Rosenheim-1
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Rufus46 used under CC BY-SA 3.0

A visit to Rosenheim is never complete without taking a picture of the vibrant town center, Max-Josefs-Platz. This busy pedestrian zone is actually a shopping haven as well as a hangout for anyone who loves to eat or spend time in cafes to read or write. It is quite relaxing knowing that you can easily go from one shop to another without any fuss. At certain times of the year, wine-fests and other cool events happen. Plus, the architectures is beautifully unforgettable.


Address: 83022 Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany

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7. Enjoy some time off and take a leisurely stroll at Mangfallpark

Landesgartenschau Rosenheim 2010 Mangfallpark Süd
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user LepoRello used under CC BY-SA 3.0

For a dainty and lazy day, the best thing to do is to take some time off and have a picnic at Mangfallpark. While on the grass, it is easy to enjoy a book or take a walk where it’s bright and breezy. Such a leisurely stroll will surely be a delight as you pass by Noah’s Ark or get a glimpse of the mini golf course. Cycling along the riverbanks is also a great idea as well as watching people kayak.


Address: Rathausstrasse, Rosenheim, Germany

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8. Go for some art therapy at Stadtische Galerie

Max-Bram-Platz 2, 2a Staedtische Galerie Rosenheim-2
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Rufus46 used under CC BY-SA 3.0

At Stadtische Galerie Rosenheim, you can get the best of Rosenheim’s art culture. What is distinct about this gallery is advocacy for art in public spaces. They go for the unconventional by committing to “on the spot” projects. An example of this is the recent graffiti campaign along the Mangfall cycle path. They redesigned the area, bringing instant life and meaning. The gallery also offers workshops and other contemporary art forms.

Stadtische Galerie Rosenheim

Address: Max-Bram-Platz 2, Rosenheim, Germany

Facebook: Stadtische Galerie

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9. Visit one of Rosenheim’s oldest beer cellars, Mailkeller am Roßacker

Source: Piqsels

Amazingly, this beer cellar began in 1645. Throughout the years, it has been a place of solace for up to 80 guests featuring its several dining rooms, the Mediterranean winter garden and a number of historic rooms. Today they are famous for serving the delicious Steinofen pizza variations and Bavarian cuisine. It is also a well-known gathering spot of a community of sports fans who would watch a game of rugby or soccer with their buddies while enjoying craft beer.

Mailkeller am Roßacker

Address: Schmettererstraße 20, 83022 Rosenheim, Germany

Facebook: Mailkeller

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10. Live like a German and experience the Rosenheim Herbstfest

Herbstfest Rosenheim Wiesn
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Casey Hugelfink used under CC BY-SA 2.0

The great Oktoberfest spirit is real. August is the month of the Rosenheim Fall Festival. Simply referred to as “Wiesn” within Rosenheim, this festival welcomes over a million visitors every year. It is held at Loretowiese which is a huge public space in the city. It used to be a public park during the medieval times where fairs and other forms of public entertainment were held. During the Oktoberfest, this space just bursts with life with its beer festivals, rides, games, food hubs and yes, even its very own Miss Herbstfest pageant. Traditionally, men wear a pair of leather pants (Lederhosen) while women wear Dirndls (an apron that kinda shows if you’re married or not). The festival opens on the last Saturday of August and will be open for 16 days.

Rosenheim Herbstfest

Address: Loretowiese, Rosenheim, Germany

Website: Rosenheim Herbstfest

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Rosenheim: the German city that never sleeps

Well, there you have it. With these ten things to do, it is possible that your trip to Rosenheim should at least be a period of two weeks. But if not, then whichever you choose to see and try is always promising. When in Rosenheim, always be sure to be your most vibrant self. Boring people are not allowed here at all.

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