17 Best Airbnb Vacation Rentals In Taipei - Updated 2021

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In Taipei, the new and old mesh together in unpredictable and often charming ways. There’s nowhere where this is more obvious than in its housing. Neighborhoods blend into shopping districts and night markets, and apartments can be found atop restaurants, tailors, and florists. Nearly all of Taipei’s residents live in apartments, and oftentimes the buildings are a little weathered. Inside, however, homeowners have done their best to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. While hostels and themed hotels in Taipei are available for tourists, Airbnb hosts have taken the experience up a notch further.

If you’re looking for an Airbnb to stay at in Taipei, look no further; here are the top Airbnb vacation rentals in Taipei that range from starkly minimalist to cozily overdecorated. Located in different parts of the city, and full of quirky features, these rooms are places that you’ll be glad to call home.

1. Wilson’s Aurora Loft

Wilson's loft has two beds to maximise space
Source: Airbnb

98 USD / night for 1* | 3 beds | 6 guests
*11 USD for each additional guest after 4 guests

We are very satisfied with the cleanliness, location and amenities of the apartment. Will definitely be back if we are going to Taiwan again! Chloe (Guest Review)
One of the best Airbnbs in Taipei is Wilson’s Aurora Loft. This is a cozy, comfortable loft that is located next to Ximen MRT. To maximize space, a loft bed dominates the upper half of the room. It’s a fun and quirky decision that really adds another dimension to the room.

The loft is lovely, with lots of thoughtful little touches like cutesy bedsheets and nice decorations. All the small touches help to create the loft’s warm personality.

This loft has a prime location nearby Ximending, one of the most popular shopping districts. However, it’s far away from the busy streets of Ximending that the noise won’t bother you. It’s within walking distance from the Ximen MRT Station. Ximen is also an interchange, so getting around is convenient.

Free WiFi is provided, along with amenities such as a fridge, hair dryer and free drinking water. Wilson is an attentive and helpful host, who is always quick to respond if you need any help.


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2. Yingyu’s Adorable Apartment

This apartment in Ximending is small but adorable
Source: Airbnb

57 USD / night for 2 guests | 1 bed | 2 guests

It would be hard to find a better location in Ximen or possibly all of Taipei. The place is very centrally located to make it easy to explore the sights. Kyle (Guest Review)
Yingyu’s apartment is an adorable, minimalist room near to Ximen MRT. It’s just a three-minute walk from the MRT, making getting around really convenient. Besides that, the apartment is located right in Shinjuku Plaza, so you’ll be right above some of the most popular and busy streets in the Ximending area.

The exterior of the apartment might be a hive of activity, but the inside has a peaceful and cosy vibe. The room is white-washed and tidy, with cute little decorations and fake plants punctuating the white walls. The apartment is a little small, but a row of windows lets in plenty of light. A row of high seats by the window makes it a perfect place for chilling out and people watching.

The host is willing to let you check in early if possible, or you can put your luggage there before check-in time. Some people have found the room a little small, but still enjoyed their stay.

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3. Gorgeous Boutique Loft

This boutique loft is near to Houshanpi MRT Station
Source: Airbnb

67 USD / night for 2 guests | 1 bed | 2 guests
*15USD cleaning fee This modern and contemporary loft has a living room, an upper level, and a kitchen and laundry area. The interior is beautifully decorated; the furniture is tastefully chosen and the entire apartment feels well put together. Do note that the loft is a popular choice, so the furniture does have some wear and tear.

There is a lot more space in this loft as compared to the more centrally located Airbnbs. However, that doesn’t mean that you compromise on accessibility. This loft is located only 6 minutes away from Houshanpi MRT Station. Houshanpi is in a quieter area of Taipei, so this is perfect if you’re looking for a relaxing, laid-back holiday.

Wi-Fi is available, along with amenities such as a hair dryer, refrigerator, and bath gels. Best of all, this Taipei Airbnb accommodation also comes with a hot tub so you can soak and relax after a long day.

The host can also arrange an airport shuttle for you for a fee, so you won’t have to worry about making it to the airport.


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4. Vintage Suite in Central Taipei

This suite is beautifully decorated in a retro style
Source: Airbnb

70 USD / night for 2 guests | 1 bed | 2 guests
*13 USD cleaning fee

You won’t regret booking this awesome trendy apartment with a vintage flair. Candace (Guest Review)
This has got to be one of the coolest Airbnbs in the city. It’s a refurbished industrial loft, and every bit of it screams retro. The loft has been redone with brick accents, wood panelling and vintage decorations that all add to the theme. Aside from the fantastic interior, guests also have access to a roof-top sky garden that is overlooked by Taipei 101.

The suite is located 5 minutes away from the Taipei 101 MRT station. It’s an eight-minute walk from the apartment to Taipei 101. There are convenience stores nearby, as well as a grocery store. The suite also has amenities such as Wi-Fi, a hair dryer, and an iron. For longer stays, a washer will make cleaning your clothes convenient.

An airport pick-up service can be arranged for 900 TWD (28 USD). Do note that the suite is on the fourth floor of a building with no elevator, so be prepared to climb!

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5. Dreamy Sky Garden near Taipei Station

The apartment has been decorated with a charming garden theme
Source: Airbnb

92 USD / night for 2 guests* | 2 beds | 4 guests
*no additional charge for guests

Every corner inside the room can be taken as a wonderful picture, not to mention the splendid night view outside the French window. Yu Ting (Guest Review)
As the name might suggest, this is a beautifully decorated apartment that follows a garden theme. The room is fun and quirky, with little lanterns and fake plants adding a homey touch. Following the garden theme, the main colour in the room is green, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

The apartment is just 30 seconds away from Taipei Main Station, which is in the centre of Taipei. It’s right next to the famous shopping mall Shin Kong Mitsubishi and is ten minutes away from the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. The room also has amenities such as Wi-Fi and shower gels.

Staying here will give you breathtaking views of the city, since it’s located on the 20th floor of the building. At night, you can turn on the little lanterns strung up at the window, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy the view of the city below.

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6. Moo Moo Apartment

The Moo Moo Apartment is an entire home for a small group
Source: Airbnb

85 USD / night for 2 guests* | 6 beds | 6 guests
*9 USD for each guest after 2 guests
*9 USD cleaning fee
No, the name is not a joke. Moo Moo Apartment is a tidy little home that is ideal for families or big groups. It’s a small house that has 2 floors. It has a living room, dining area, pantry, and a washing machine. The whole home is simple and neatly decorated. Wood floorings and furniture lend a touch of colour to tidily painted white walls, and the minimal decorations make for a refreshing space.

The bedroom is located on the second floor. In order to maximise space and the number of guests that can fit, the beds provided are Japanese futons, which can be rolled out on the floor. Don’t worry, you’ll definitely still get a good night’s sleep!.

If you need anything, the hosts work next door and will be glad to attend to you.

Moo Moo Apartment is a 5-8 minute walk from Taipei Main Station. The super central location of the apartment makes getting to other parts of Taipei really easy. There are also a lot of restaurants and shops in the area.


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7. Stylish apartment with a hot tub

This apartment features an open concept bathroom
Source: Airbnb

55 USD / night for 2 guests| 1 bed | 2 guests
*15 USD cleaning fee

Location was perfect, in the center of many shops and restaurants. Also close to the MRT and not far from Taipei 101. Fred (Guest Review)
This stylish apartment is a designer home with an all-white interior and thoughtful furnishings. The huge windows let in lots of natural light, which helps the small space feel roomier. The room is minimal and clean, creating a cosy environment.

At the same time though, the size of the room makes it intimate and perfect for couples. It has an open concept bathroom and a big tub, which is a rarity in Taiwan. After a long day of exploring, you can unwind in the tub. The room also has a little balcony for you to enjoy the view.

Located in the heart of Dong Qu, this Airbnb in Taiwan places you near to many malls, trendy themed cafes, and fashion outlets. It’s located a few minutes from Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT Station.

Transport from the airport can be arranged for a fee.

Do note that some guests have said that there can be a bit of a smell because of the bathroom’s open concept. However, that problem can be solved by opening the window to air it out in the day.

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8. The Moustache House

The Moustache House might be a bit small for four people
Source: Airbnb

60 USD / night for 2 guests* | 2 beds | 4 guests
*17 USD for each additional guest after 2 guests
*19 USD cleaning fee

What is it with Taipei’s Airbnbs and their cute / weird names? The Moustache House is a cute and funky loft, just like its name suggests. The place is small but cosy, with a style that mimics exposed rafters. The loft is decked out in vibrant blues and yellows that create a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

It’s very close to Ximen MRT Station, and the Ximending shopping area, making it easy to get around. One bonus of this Airbnb is that you’ll be given a pocket Wi-Fi, so you won’t have to go Wi-Fi hunting around the city. It also has a washing machine and dryer, so it’s ideal for longer stays. Reviewers have said that the hosts are helpful and informative, and they’ll also pass you some maps to help you navigate your way round the city.

The second bed is a sofa bed. The loft is a bit small, so it’s more ideal for 2 people rather than 4, unless you don’t mind a bit of a squeeze.


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9. Elegant loft with a roofotop garden in Shihlin

The loft is elegantly designed, with space being efficiently used
Source: Airbnb

79 USD / night for 2 guests | 1 bed | 2 guests
*19 USD cleaning fee

Very cozy apartment, just the right size for couples. Shi Hui (Guest Review)
This elegantly designed loft feels more like a hotel. It has wood accents, glass panels and white tiles. The loft really maximises space and all the elements, such as the bathroom or the cupboard, fit seamlessly into the overall design. It’s a small apartment that’s perfect for two people who want comfort and a tinge of luxury.

It’s located at Shihlin, near to the biggest and most popular night market in Taipei. You can walk to the night market in three minutes, and to Shihlin MRT in five. There’s a small roof-top garden for you to enjoy the view of Shihlin.

There’s a gym nearby that you can use. This cool Airbnb in Taipei also has amenities such as Wi-Fi, a hair dryer and a washing machine. There is a separate kitchen area where you can eat, but it’s not meant for cooking.

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10. Modern Designer Studio

Nothing says 'fancy' quite like a canopy bed
Source: Airbnb

63 USD / night for 2 guests | 1 bed | 2 guests
*15 USD cleaning fee

I cannot stress how conveniently located his apartment, especially since the MRT station is literally a stone throw away. Walter (Guest Review)
This is an intimate apartment with a beautiful canopy bed. If you’re looking for something with a little extra fanciness, this is a good choice. There’s nothing that feels quite as fancy as a canopy bed.

The apartment is minimal and modern, with a yellow wall that adds a pop of colour to the place. The furnishings are minimal, but you won’t find yourself wanting. There’s a cute little dining table so you won’t have to eat on the floor, and a fully-furnished kitchen if you want to cook. It also has a washer, but no dryer. Other amenities such as Wi-Fi and a hair dryer are available.

It’s located in Dong Qu, an area with lots of malls, cafes, and fashion outlets. It also has 7-11 convenience stores on nearly every street corner. The Airbnb rental is just a few minutes away from Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT Station, making getting around easy.


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11. Spacious studio in a brand new building

This loft has a lot more space compared to other lofts in Taipei
Source: Airbnb

86 USD / night for 2 guests* | 2 beds | 4 guests
*15 USD for each additional guest after 2 guests
*15 USD cleaning fee If you’re the kind who desperately needs personal space, even while on vacation, then Taipei’s apartments might leave you feeling a bit suffocated. Thankfully, this bright and spacious studio has a lot more room compared to other places in Taipei. It has a kitchen area, a living room, and two sleeping spaces.

Different walls in the studio have been given coats of pastel paint, adding cheerful vibrancy to the place. Out of all the different Airbnbs, this one most resembles a home. It has amenities such as Wi-Fi, a washer and dryer, and shower gels. It also offers 24-hour check-in, if there isn’t a guest leaving on the day you arrive.

It’s within walking distance of many attractions, such as the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Hsing Tian Kong, one of Taipei’s famous temples. It’s located one minute away from Zhongshan Elementary School MRT Station.

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12. A white house in Ximending

The white room is aptly decked out in white
Source: Airbnb

91 USD / night for 2 guests | 1 bed | 2 guests

Great record player, great art, and great location! Brittany
No, this isn’t Washington. You’re still in Taipei. This house, however, is the true meaning of minimalist. It has white walls, a white bed, white drapes, and a white floor. You can probably guess why it got its name. Thankfully, the whiteness is punctuated by black and white decorations, and a simple wooden table for dining. Aside from that, the apartment is bare, but spacious.

The apartment has large windows that let in a lot of natural light. Even the amenities in the apartment are white. The fridge, table, fan, sink, and cupboards are all white. Besides the white amenities, there’s also Wi-Fi, a hair dryer, and all the things you’ll need for a comfortable stay. The host also provides a record player, so you can play some tunes and chill out on the small balcony.

This Airbnb property is a short six-minute walk from Ximen MRT, and it’s near to the Ximending shopping area.

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13. A cosy room near the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

This is a private room in a shared apartment
Source: Airbnb

34 USD / night for 1 guest* | 1 bed | 2 guests
*13 USD for each additional guest So far, all the Airbnb properties in this article have been private apartments. While those are great for privacy, if you want to be a little more sociable, you can opt for this cosy room in a shared apartment. Your room is private, but you’ll share common spaces such as the bathroom, living room, and basement with other guests and the host.

The room is spacious, with a sofa and table. The sofa can also double up as a sofa bed. The rest of the house is spacious and well-furnished, with plenty of spaces for guests to eat and chat. There’s also a multi-media room in the basement. Free coffee, tea, and toast are available in the mornings.

You can walk to attractions such as the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall or the Taiwan Botanical Gardens. You can also cycle there – the hosts provide up to three bikes for guests to use. Otherwise, you can head to Chiang Kai-Shek MRT Station and access the rest of Taipei from there.


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14. double beds near Zhongxiao Dunhua

Joleen's apartment can easily fit four people
Source: Airbnb

57 USD / night for 2 guests* | 2 beds | 4 guests
*8 USD cleaning fee Joleen’s apartment is a warm and cheerful place with all the basic necessities for a comfortable stay. It’s a single room, but it’s spacious and will comfortably fit four people. The room is simply furnished, but all your basic amenities, such as cups, cutlery and a hair dryer are provided. The bathroom is a bit small, but not to the point where it’s claustrophobic.

The apartment is within walking distance from Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT Station. It’s surrounded by many convenience stores, restaurants, and fashion outlets. Lots of street food can also be found in the area, especially in the mornings and at night. The street where the Airbnb property is located is quiet but safe.

Do note that the apartment is located on the third floor of a building with no elevator. The host will be glad to help with things such as early check-in, or giving you a space to store your luggage prior to checking in.

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15. The Twilight Room

The Twilight Room is painted in bold colours
Source: Airbnb

39 USD / night for 2 guests* | 1 bed | 2 guests
*10 USD cleaning fee

The space itself could not have been more conveniently located. Easy walk to several subway lines, though there is more than enough to see in the surrounding area. Sara (Guest Review)
No, there aren’t any vampires here. The Twilight Room was so named because of the dark blues and greens the room is painted in. It’s a private room in a shared apartment, so you’ll share common spaces like the living room, kitchen, and bathroom with the hosts and other guests.

Despite its name, the Twilight Room still gets plenty of light thanks to large windows. It has a queen-sized bed, so it’s best suited for two people.

The apartment is in a prime location. It’s just a five-minute walk from the Taipei 101 MRT Station and Xinyi Anhe Station, so you’re right in the middle of some of the best shopping areas in the city. Nearby, there are plenty of convenience stores, a supermarket, and the Tonghua Night Market.

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16. Twilight Room (from 26 USD)

Stay where the action is! This Airbnb in Taipei is conveniently located within walking distance from the 101 metro station, which will make navigating and exploring the city significantly easier. Additionally, the city’s nightlife - bars, restaurants, night market- is only a short away. When you are not out having a grand time in the city, you will enjoy the many comforts and amenities available to guests such as the extra pillows and blankets, well-stocked kitchen, cable television and washer and dryer. You will also love the bright colors in the room, which provide a playful ambiance!

SUPERHOST "Twilight" MRT Taipei 101

Price: from 26 USD

Number of Guests: 2

17. Luxurious apartment

Some travelers prefer simplicity and love minimalist, no-frills accommodations. Others prefer glamour and elegance. If you are in the latter group, then consider this chic . and luxurious Airbnb. The decor mixes textures, patterns, and shades of brown, creating an elegant, vintage look. Guests have access to a hot tub, washer and dryer, balcony, and fully equipped kitchen. The apartment is located in the heart of the city, close to the Taipei 101 a financial center that is one of the city’s major landmarks.

Luxury room with Taipei 101 View
Taipei City, Taiwan
586 reviews
Entire apartment 3 Beds 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom
Top guest reviews
Amenities & Room:
but has a great view from the balcony and was cozy
we also can enjoy our breakfast with day time view in your balcony
lovely apartment with an incredible view and lots of space to relax
this apartment was very nice and has great view from the little deck outside
nice view and wonderful bathroom love this place so much
clean and comfortable
everything was very modern and clean
awesome clean and serene property
the house is clean and very cozy
rooms are big and clean
host is responsive and ready to help in any scenario
great place from a great host
very friendly and helpful hosts
she is super responsive and helpful
apartment is huge and can host more than 2 people
great place with great location and scenery
the location was great for us since it is very close to where my parents live
great location for a few days with a family
walking distance to taipei zoo but far from taipei city attractions
being so close to the zoo is very nice
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A comfy place to call home

Real estate is a precious commodity in Taipei, and a lot of Airbnbs are actually single rooms in an apartment, but with a private bathroom. Despite that, there’s no shortage of great Airbnbs to stay at. You can choose a place whose location best suits your itinerary, or pick an Airbnb property that has something that will make your trip extra special. The hosts have innovatively maximised space and comfort, and you’re sure to have a great stay wherever you go!

Frequently asked questions about Airbnbs in Taipei

1. Which are the best Airbnbs near Taipei 101?

While there are many great accommodations in Taiwan, only a few are both wonderful and near the famous Taipei 101. If you want to stay close to this cool Taiwan tourist staple, take a look at this luxurious apartment or at the Wilson’s Aurora Loft.

2. Which are the most unique Airbnbs in Taipei?

Taipei, Taiwan has many Airbnbs and accommodations that add a unique flair to its interior or exterior design, making each of them interesting. A good example of such unique places is this luxurious apartment, so make sure to check it out.

3. Which are the best Airbnbs for families in Taipei?

Traveling with your family to Taiwan for a nice get-together? You don’t have to worry about accommodations! Some options you can check out include Wilson’s Aurora Loft or the Moo Moo Apartment.

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