10 Foods To Try In Vienna, Austria

food to try in vienna

The city of Vienna is one of the gourmet capitals of Europe for its exotic range of cuisines and wine. The city also happens to be the home to several delectable local treats. In fact, the culinary scene of the city can even give a tough competition to cities like London and Paris. Vienna is a great city to sample some of the most unique sweets and dishes of Austria. People who are fond of locally produced dishes will love the fact that most of the cuisines here are made from locally sourced and fresh ingredients in a majority of the eateries and restaurants in Vienna. The icing on the cake is that the capital city of Austria has also embraced several specialities from different corners of the world and has added a special touch to them. Lip-smacking sausages, cakes, stews, and schnitzels are some of the delicacies one should definitely try out. These are the top 10 foods to try in Vienna when you are vacationing in the city.

1. Tafelspitz (Veal or meat boiled in broth)

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user RobertK used under CC BY-SA 2.5

Tafelspitz is a popular specialty in the locality, especially for meat lovers. This quality Austrian delicacy is prepared with a filet of veal or beef after boiling in a broth. The dish is usually served with some seasonal veggies and it is relished by all across the nation, particularly in winter and fall. It is typically accompanied by a spicy red or white Austrian wine and is an excellent choice for all those visitors who want to savor one of the national dishes of the nation but also wish to settle for a healthy option. You can visit a historic restaurant called Plachutta Wollzwille, which is famous for this traditional Austrian dish.

2. Wiener Schnitzel (Veal cutlet)

A Wiener Schnitzel is one of the national dishes of Austria and is undoubtedly a popular export. It is typically made from a veal cutlet, which is usually pan-fried in fat, oil, or butter and is lovingly served in various eateries and restaurants in and around Vienna. The dish originates from Austria but it is also popular in several other nations. The cutlet can also be made using pork, beef, chicken, mutton, or turkey.

3. Goulash (Beef stew)

Originally a Hungarian import, it is now one of the hot favorite dishes in Vienna, as well as, around Austria. The delicacy is typically a beef stew, which is seasoned primarily with onion, paprika, and tomatoes and frequently includes dumplings. The dish is ideal to savor on a wintry day and goes well with a glass of Austrian red wine or beer. In case you wish to try out different varieties of this dish, you can dine at the Gulaschmuseum, which is in proximity to the Wien Mitte railway station.

4. Kaiserschmarrn (Sweet pancake)

food to try in vienna | kaiserschmarrn (sweet pancake)
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Kaiserschmarren or Kaiserschmarrn is a form of shredded sweet pancake that has been an Austrian favorite since ages now. It is one of the most favored desserts of the Austrian cuisine apart from the popular Sacher cake. This chopped pancake got its name from Franz Joseph I, the Austrian emperor who loved this type of shredded pancakes. It is made from a pancake dough and you will simply love savoring it. So, relish this imperial Austrian delicacy while you are in Vienna.

5. Apfelstrudel (Apple strudel)

It is another Austrian delicacy, which is popular not only within the country, as well as, in different parts of the world. You will find it getting sold in restaurants, cafes, and bakeries all around Vienna. Made with crisp and light pastry dough that is delectably filled with apples, cloves, rum, cinnamon, raisins, and sugar, you will simply keep licking your fingers. The strudel is frequently garnished with nuts, breadcrumbs, and powdered sugar. You can drop into any of the city’s local bakery to sample it. Café Aida, with its retro-style décor, is a good place to try it.

6. Wiener Würstel (Special Viennese sausages)

Popular for their flavors, these simple and traditional sausages are made from pork as well as beef. The sausages are served with mustard and are usually accompanied by an Austrian salad of fresh vegetables. There are several tourists and locals who love to savor these delicacies from the street vendors. Irrespective of the season during which you are visiting Vienna, these sausages are a great option for a simple meal or a fast snack. You can try these sausages at Naschmarkt, a popular market known for its casual eateries and stands where such goodies are easily available.

7. Sachertorte (Chocolate sponge cake with layers of apricot jam)

Sacher torte
Source: Photo by Flickr user Michela Simoncini used under CC BY 2.0

It is one of the most preferred desserts in the Austrian capital. The Sachertorte is a thick chocolate sponge cake. Layers of delicious apricot jam are used in this delicious cake topped with a chocolate icing. The Sacher Hotel in Vienna is the creator of this dish. However, Demel, a rival bakery in the city, has also come up with their unique version of the cake but they use a single layer of apricot jam instead of the signature double layer. Relish this delicious cake with a cup of spicy black tea or a Viennese coffee.

8. Spargel (Spring asparagus)

This is one Austrian delicacy that we definitely recommend to all the tourists who are visiting Vienna. Both the capital city and the country are renowned for some of the finest white and green asparagus on the planet, made in fresh and innovative ways. At times, Spargel is just served with lemon and butter that’s soaked in breadcrumbs. Sometimes it is used to make lip-smacking fresh soups. Incidentally, white asparagus is thicker and bigger and it is preferred in the spring season. You can savor it with a glass of fresh Austrian wine and some parsley potatoes. If you are fond of asparagus, you will simply love this delicious seasonal treat in the Austrian capital.

9. Powidltascherl (Plum jam pastries)

Try out these mouthwatering plum jam turnovers that are purely Austrian in their taste and flavor. In fact, these delicacies are tough to locate in countries outside Austria like Germany and other East European nations. Originally from the Czech Republic, the jam turnovers are now a staple food in all Austrian kitchens. Delicate in texture, these pastries are made with unique potato dough and they are stuffed with rum and plum jam. A mixture of walnuts, butter, and breadcrumbs are used as a topping. A few restaurants also serve the delicacies with sugar or chocolate sauce.

10. Melange (Viennese coffee)

The city of Vienna is regarded as a coffee capital of Europe, similar to other cities like Rome and Paris. There is no shortage of cafes in the Austrian capital and they have become quite commonplace all over the city. The famous Viennese Melange resembles the cappuccino and yet it is typically devoid of the cocoa powder. While half the cup is filled with half foamed milk, the other half is filled with hot milk. In Austria, cappuccinos are topped not with milk but with whipped cream.

Discover Vienna and enjoy these phenomenal foods

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Source: Photo by user János Korom Dr. used under CC BY-SA 2.0

It is hardly surprising that Vienna is known for a vast variety of delicacies. So, make sure to indulge in these gastronomical delights while in the city. The above list of 10 foods to try out in Viena will definitely come in handy when you are traveling to the city.

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