18 Instagrammable Tours And Spots In Cebu, Philippines - Updated 2024

Instagrammable Spots In Cebu
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Spending a tropical holiday in Cebu? This popular destination has attracted tourist from all over the world. Being the oldest city in the Phillippines, culturally significant landmarks are spread all over the province. It is also home to many pristine beaches and water sports. Spend some time to understand Cebu’s history and visit places such as Fort San Pedro and discover the country’s military history. Head down to Colon Street, the first street of the country, which is filled with local shops, vendors and jeepneys. This is the best place to see the local way of life. Relax on the pristine beaches, dive into the crystal clear waters and go snorkelling at the many beautiful beaches. For nature lovers, put Kawasan Falls and Sirao Peak on your list of places to go. The scenic trails and amazing views will create a memorable experience for your trip. With so many attractions to visit, how do you know which are the most Instagrammable tours and spots in Cebu? We have nailed down a list of photogenic spots to save you the hassle of looking elsewhere!

1. Cebu city tour (from USD 145.0)

Get your camera ready before you set off on this tour that will bring you to Instagrammable landmarks! Capture stunning views of the 10,000 roses, one of the most sought-after attractions in Cebu. Historic places including the Fort San Pedro and Mactan Shrine will also be covered. This tour last approximately eight hours, make sure you have enough memory cards and bring extra batteries!

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Whalesharks Interaction with Panglao Island Half Day Land Tour (Cebu or Bohol)

Duration: 30 minutes

1 review

2. Oslob Cebu whale shark experience (from USD 384.0)

If scenery and food photos are too mainstream, then this whale shark experience will get you excited. Dive into the waters of Oslob with an experienced guide to look for whale sharks, the world’s largest fish. You will also be given safety instructions before entering the waters. Snorkelling equipment will be provided as well. Surprise your friends with a photo of your diving experience with the whale shark!

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Exclusive or Private From Panglao, Bohol to Oslob Cebu Whale Shark Experience

Duration: 2 to 8 hours

3. Kawasan waterfalls (from USD 121.0)

Capture the beauty of nature at Kawasan Waterfalls. Find the best angles to frame your pictures as you explore the greenery in the area. Take some time to also enjoy the peaceful environment and cooling spring water. You won’t need to add a filter to the turquoise waters. The natural beauty of this attraction will leave you in awe.

Tip from Content Creator

Kawasan Falls Kawasan Falls Kawasan Falls Kawasan Falls

Photos from a canyoneering adventure at Kawasan Falls shared by content creator from the Philippines, Krysten.

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Kawasan Waterfalls Tour

Duration: 10 hours

2 reviews

4. Cultural locales (from USD 92.0)

Learn about the history and culture of Cebu while walking through photogenic spots in the city. This tour will bring you to the places such as Basilica del Sto Nino Church, Magellan’s Cross and Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral which has amazing architecture. Walk the local streets and get a taste of local life. You can take stunning photos and learn about the Philippines’s history at the same time, isn’t that awesome?

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Private Full-Day Cebu and Lapu-Lapu Cultural Tour

Duration: 8 hours

2 reviews

Cebu Island Tour Guide

Alp Asa

Alp Asa

I was a former concierge staff of one of the prestigious hotels in Cebu. I had a training in Tour Guiding from the DOT (Department of Tourism). With my experience for over 10 years in hospitality industry and with the training I had from DOT. Hence, gives me the passion to show my city, neighboring islands and the cultures to my visitors. This is to ensure them for a Memorable, Priceless visit ... Read more

5. Cebu historical tour and horse-drawn carriage ride

Cebu Magellan's Cross
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Editor999999 used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Travel to Cebu’s heritage sites and learn about Spanish colonial history. This guided tour is inclusive of horse-drawn carriage tour which will bring you to explore places like Plaza Sugbo and Colon Street. It isn’t an everyday thing that you get a chance to ride a horse carriage so remember to capture this precious moment! After that, begin your walking tour which will take you to the Museum of Sacred Treasures, Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House and the scenic Colon Street. You will pass by many Spanish-style architectures that are worth stopping by for a photo.

Traveler's tips

Make sure to bring loose change to buy a candles here, and let the vendors dance and pray for you. They're also great at taking photos.

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6. Bojo River Eco-Adventure Tour (from USD 157.0)

Hop on board a scenic cruise along the Bojo River and enjoy the beauty of nature. Take some photos of the fantastic greenery and wildlife in the area. There will be a stop at Capilla Sta where you will find the Ana Museum. Check out century-old paintings and priceless treasures in the museum before you depart. If you love nature and art, then this tour is a perfect combination for you.

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Bojo River Eco-Adventure Tour

Duration: 8 to 10 hours

7. Danasan Eco-Adventure Park (from USD 161.0)

Get some great action shots in Danasan Eco Adventure Park! From zip lines, wakeboarding to rappelling, there are plenty of exciting activities to fill up your itinerary. Lunch and drinks are provided at noon so you can recharge before heading out for your next activity. Round trip transportation will be provided, just have fun and head back to your hotel directly at the end of a fun-filled day.

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Danasan Eco Adventure Park Including Round-Trip Hotel Transfer

Duration: 1 day

2 reviews

8. La Vie Parisienne

French food
Source: Pixabay

Also known as “Little Paris”, this restaurant is a great combination of fantastic food, wine and romantic ambience. The charming design makes you feel like you are out of this world for a while. Dine under cherry blossom trees in the garden area while you taste delectable French food. At night, the restaurant’s lighting display creates a unique atmosphere. The amazing view is something that will linger in your mind for some time.

Traveler's tips

Aside from the elegant interior and charming decors, I love La Vie Parisienne for their Italian food that is not too pricey. Also, you should try their ice cream. It comes in many flavors, from the usual vanilla to New York Cheesecake. 

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9. Sirao Garden

Sirao Garden
Source: Pixabay

Colourful flowers, windmill and clear blue skies — aren’t these elements for a great Instagram photo? Known as the Little Amsterdam of Cebu, Sirao flower garden features an amazing floral display and cute photo taking spots such as teddy bears and a heart-shaped sign. The colourful flower display creates a unique landscape that is almost surreal. That’s not all! You have to get to the top of the hill and see the mesmerising views of Cebu. It will be another breathtaking moment of your trip.

Tip from Content Creator

Sirao Garden-Little Amsterdam Sirao Garden-Little Amsterdam Sirao Garden-Little Amsterdam

Photos of Sirao Garden-Little Amsterdam shared by content creator from Belgium, Robbie Peters.

Traveler's tips

Must Visit

A touch of Amsterdam in Cebu, Sirao Flower Farm showcases numerous flowering plants. Instead of tulips, they feature celosia flowers. Many tourists visit this place to have their pictures taken due to its numerous photo-op installations, reminiscent of the ones you'd find in Bali. The entrance fee is only 100 PHP, which is approximately 2 USD.

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10. Sirao Peak

Sirao Peak
Source: Photo by Flickr user Lee used under CC BY 2.0

Would you climb a mountain to take photos for your social media accounts? Maybe you also happen to be an adventurer who loves nature! Sirao Peak provides a great nature therapy for those who are sick of skyscrapers. Along the trail, you will see many scenic spots such as waterfalls and a flower farm. Climb up to the peak and be rewarded with the panoramic views of Cebu. It is also a great spot to watch sunrise and sunsets.

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11. Temple of Leah

Temple Of Leah in Cebu
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Assandruuh used under CC BY-SA 4.0

The building looks like a Greek or Roman temple from ancient times. However, the Temple of Leah was constructed in 2012 by Alan Modesto Adarna as a symbol of undying love for Leah Villa Albino-Adarna, his wife for 53 years. Adarna chose an architectural style that could withstand time and be appreciated by visitors over a millennium. He also hoped the temple would become a landmark in Cebu for future generations of his family to visit to trace their roots. The 24 chambers of the temple contain Leah’s lifetime collections for the family to browse through and appreciate. This is the perfect, romantic place to pose for a selfie with your significant other.

Temple of Leah

Address: Cebu Transcentral Hwy, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Website: Temple of Leah

Opening hours: 6am - 11pm

Price: 0.95 USD

Traveler's tips

Don't go here during peak days and hours; it will not be worth the visit, because you won't be able to take good photos. The entry fee is costly, but it's worth it for the uninterrupted view of Cebu and, of course, the many things you'll see there, including the fountain, the beautiful statue of Leah, and much more. It is close to Top of Cebu and La Vie in the Sky. 

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12. Simala Shrine

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user SanJoSugbu used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Simala Shrine is one of the most religious places in Cebu and is located in Sibonga Town. Its architectural design looks a little European and striking, while there is a striking bridge and a pathway to access the church. The interior of the church is equally beautiful. A special dress code applies when visiting the shrine, with no sleeveless clothing allowed and men must wear long pants. No smoking is allowed on the premises and no flash must be used when taking photos. Surrounded by greenery, this fascinating place is one of the most photogenic spots in the Philippines.

Simala Shrine

Address: Sibonga, Cebu, The Philippines

Website: Simala Shrine

Opening hours: 24 hours

Price: Free

Tip from tour guide

Simala Shrine Simala

This is one of the most beautiful Churches in the South of Cebu. Simala Shrine is a place of pilgrimage for devotees, and it's also known as the Miraculous Mother Mary Church. It attracts hundreds of churchgoers every day who are hopeful for their prayer requests and petitions.

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13. Tingko Beach

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Tingko Beach is located in Daan Lungsod, Alcoy, Cebu. The beach lies on a small, deep lagoon, overlooking a coral island, Mabadon Reef. The coral island is submerged during high tide and can only be seen during low tide. There is a narrow channel to the island from the mainland. With its crystal clear water and white sand, as well as trees backing the beach, this is the perfect hidden spot for relaxation. A few meters from the northern end of Tingko beach is a promontory where the centuries-old Spanish watchtower, Bantayan sa Hari stands.

Tingko Beach

Address: Natalio Bacalso Avenue, Alcoy, Cebu, The Philippines

Website: Tingko Beach

Opening hours: 24 hours

Price: Free

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14. Fort San Pedro (from USD 80.0)

fort san pedro

Fort San Pedro, or Fuerte de San Pedro, is a Spanish colonial military defense fort in Cebu. It was constructed in 1565 on the command of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, who was the first governor of the Philippines. The area in which it stands is known as the Plaza Independencia, which is close to the pier in Cebu City.

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Cebu and Mactan: Twin City Culture and History Half-Day Tour

Duration: 5 hour

4 reviews

15. Sky Experience Adventure

sky experience adventure
Source: www.klook.com

These thrilling rides are the perfect way to experience and see Cebu in all its glory. Try walking the popular Sky Walk Extreme, with its clear glass floor on a 127 m (417 ft) high tower. Climb into the Edge Coaster and gaze at the city below as you slowly glide around the top floor of the building. For those who prefer more extreme adventures, there is the Tower Zip, a zip line which takes you on a thrilling ride above the city. Take amazing selfies of yourself in the air above Cebu City!

Crown Regency's Sky Experience Adventure Ticket in Cebu

16. Tops Lookout (from USD 110.0)

Tops Lookout is a popular observation point in Cebu City. Located on Mount Busay, it offers panoramic views across Cebu City from a modernist, fortress-like deck. Take sunset or nights photos of the city below and sunrise is a particularly spectacular time to visit and take panoramic images to post on social media. There are also casual eateries to visit for a snack and drink or visitors can take a picnic to enjoy while gazing at the view.

Traveler's tips

For me, this is the best overlooking spot in Cebu. The ambiance here is chill, with many vendors selling local street food and beer. There are also plenty of picnic tables where you can sit and enjoy a great night with friends while looking at the beautiful Cebu skyline. The best time to visit the place is before sunset. You'll see the sky change its color, and your photos will be amazing.

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5-Hour Evening Tour from Cebu with Dinner

Duration: 5 hours

1 review

17. Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant

Filipino Cuisine
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user RightCowLeftCoast used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant serves traditional Filipino cuisine. The restaurant literally floats on the water and offers beautiful views over the hills and Cebu City in the distance. As it is open to the air, pleasant sea breezes keep visitors cool as they enjoy the mouthwatering dishes on offer, especially the fresh fish.

Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant

Address: Central Nivel (12,497.82 km), Cordova, Cebu, the Philippines

Website: Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant

Opening hours: 11am - 9pm (daily)

Price: 1 USD

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18. Pico Osmeña (from USD 26.85)

pico osmeña
Source: www.klook.com

Pico Osmeña is located in the Dalaguete municipality of Cebu province and it is the highest peak on the island. It is part of the Mantalungon mountain range, unique for its multiple jagged hills, which make them an exciting background to an Instagram image to share with your friends. The peak also offers a 360-degree view over the coastline of Cebu. The area is open to hikers and mountaineers all year around.

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Kawasan Waterfalls & Osmena Peak Day Tour - Klook

Duration: 11hrDuration

Capture Cebu in the Philippines for all to see

Osmeña Peak, Cebu, Philippines
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Tyrll Adolf Itong used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Have fun visiting all the exciting sites of the city and its surroundings while visiting Instagrammable places in Cebu, the Philippines. Visit our recommendations above and experience an unforgettable trip to the Philippines.

Dao Falls

Contributed by Content Creator, Jhon

Source: Jhon

Embark on an epic journey to Dao Falls in Samboan, where every step of the trek is a step closer to nature’s masterpiece. A trek of almost an hour unveils the breathtaking beauty of this majestic waterfall. The journey may be challenging, but the reward is a symphony of cascading waters amidst pristine surroundings. Ready for the trek of a lifetime?

Tips: - Location: Barangay Suba, Samboan, Cebu, Philippines - Price is 100 PHP (1.78 USD) per entry

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