Kagoshima's Myoken Ishiharaso inn is included in the cruising course of the 7-stars train!

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Myoken Ishiharaso inn is located in the valley of Kagoshima’s Kirishima mountains region. Despite its vast grounds of 10 000 square meters, it has only 15 rooms 6 hot springs. One of the accommodations is the classy Ishikura which provides a great view down to the valley. It has 4 rooms equipped with freely-flowing hot spring water. Here you can eat delicious local food and spend a relaxing holiday. This inn is included in the famous 7-stars cruising train in Kyushu. Let me introduce you Ishikura and the blessings of the surroundings.

Let your body be embraced by the nature before trying Kagoshima delicacies

kagoshima's myoken ishiharaso inn is included in the cruising course of the 7-stars train! | let your body be embraced by the nature before trying kagoshima delicacies

One of the greatest pleasures of staying in a traditional Japanese inn is the exquisite dinner and the relaxing time you can spend savoring the local food. I stayed in the spacious “Yurara” room which fascinates with its traditional old atmosphere. The first thing to do is to let nature embrace you completely. You can make that happen by soaking in the open-air bath just beside Amorigawa River and enjoying the touch of the freely-flowing water.

The hot springs in Kagoshima’s Myoken region are rich in bicarbonates and have a long history of health treatment. There’s hardly anything more special than quietly soaking in the mild water, basking in the sun which filters through the trees and listening to the sound of the river stream. After this wonderful experience it’s time to taste the local food.

Local cuisine using one of Japan's best chicken meat, the Satsuma chicken

kagoshima's myoken ishiharaso inn is included in the cruising course of the 7-stars train! | local cuisine using one of japan's best chicken meat, the satsuma chicken

Kagoshima prefecture is rich in nature – sea, mountains, rivers. The Japanese style dinner served at Ishiharaso inn is prepared with special care using local ingredients and can satisfy even the most demanding taste.

The menu changes daily, but one item which always remains is the hot pot with chicken meatballs. Kagoshima’s Satsuma chicken is meaty and has a fine taste. Satsuma is considered one of the three best homelands of chicken meat in Japan. The hot pot has a delicious broth and seasonal vegetables and mushrooms. You’ll be happily thinking of the nature’s blessings and the people who prepared this while enjoying your dinner.

"Tokinomono" set has seasonal seafood from Kagoshima's ocean

kagoshima's myoken ishiharaso inn is included in the cruising course of the 7-stars train! | "tokinomono" set has seasonal seafood from kagoshima's ocean

“Tokinomono” is another set menu which changes daily. It has plenty of seafood which is caught around Kagoshima and it’s always exciting to see what is offered today.

Various types of fish are caught around Kagoshima throughout the year: skipjack tuna in spring, round herring in summer, amberjack and Ise lobsters in autumn and winter. I stayed in this inn in November and had a very big and sweet Ise lobster! It was so large that I wondered if three people can eat it! But once you try it you’ll be surprised by how it melts inside your mouth and you’ll see what pleasure it is to savor fresh local seafood.

Day trip visitors can eat at Ishikura restaurant too

kagoshima's myoken ishiharaso inn is included in the cruising course of the 7-stars train! | day trip visitors can eat at ishikura restaurant too

There are various restaurants with different types of cuisine at Ishiharaso inn. One of them is restaurant Ishikura. The entire place is made of natural materials such as wood, stone and clay. There is a large window next to every table so that guests can always see the nature outside. Day trip visitors can eat here too. If you request in advance they’ll prepare local Kagoshima meals for you to eat leisurely in your room after coming here on a day trip hot spring.

Try local food at Kagoshima Airport on your way back home

try local food at kagoshima airport on your way back home

Ishiharaso inn is located about 15 minutes away by car from Kagoshima Airport, so it’s easier to access it by plane rather than by train.

One last pleasure before you go back home is the chicken dish at the buffet-style dining room of Kagoshima Airport. Take as much as you want for only 555 JPY! The bowl of rice has hot chicken, vegetables and a tasty soup. This is one of the local specialties of Kagoshima prefecture’s Amami Oshima island that you can try before you depart.


At Myoken Ishiharaso inn you can enjoy not only local food, but also beautiful nature and 6 different hot springs with freely-flowing water. There are two open-air baths which feel as if you’re soaking in the river stream, a large bath in the forest and other hot springs whose abundant water comes from under Kirishima volcano’s mountain range.

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