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9 Best Surf Spots In Italy

surf spots in italy

Italy is certainly a place to visit if you’re one with a taste for great weather, delicious food, and rich culture. There is definitely lots to do in Italy so you should take your time to discover the wonderful sites such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Of course, for fitness enthusiasts and lovers of the ocean, what outdoor trip can be complete without surfing the waves? Italy is also the perfect place to try them out. There are a number of good surf spots out there. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to these surfing locations, that offer something individualistic that suits different tastes or skill sets. Read below to find out more about the best surf spots in Italy.

1. Artiglieria

A typical surfing area
Source: Photo by user used under

Located in Sabaudia, Artiglieria offers fast peeling waves with possible barreling sections. Despite its highly consistent surf breaks, due to the relatively low height of the tides, the spot may be suitable for beginners. The shorter heights also make it great if you wish to practice your surfing skills or if you wish to adjust to the waves while practicing your balance on the board and enjoy the wind coming from offshore. Although the intensity of the wind is inconsistent throughout the day, the change is rather gradual.

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2. Banzai

Banzai is home to at least three generations of Italian surfers and it is a place that draws large crowds. There are fast waves that break up and down the coast. You also have to be careful here while surfing as the waters have sea-urchins and uneven reefs. The tide is dependent on wind condition and can rise and fall within a short period of time. Due to all these factors, this spot is not advisable for beginners. However, the quality of the water is decent and the wind is great. When the tide is low, it’s a good idea to go to closer to towns such as S. Marinella or S. Severa and enjoy a slice of pizza.

Banzai Beach

Address: Via Umberto Nobile, 00058 Santa Marinella RM, Italy

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3. Sant’Agostino

Sunset on Sant’Agostino Beach
Source: Photo by user used under

Sant’Agostino is a reliable surf spot along the long beach. It is near the north of Gaeta along Route Flacca. It has quite the exposed beach break with a fairly regular surf, although it tends to be mostly flat when it comes to summer. The beach break themselves tend to favor the southpaws and is isolated and less crowded. Ideal winds come from the southeast, and waves are likely to come from the wind swells rater than the distant groundswells. Despite the place being a perfect surfing spot, you still have to be careful of rocks while you’re surfing.


Address: Via Flacca Km 21000, 04024 Gaeta, Italy

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4. Lido Garda

Located north of Anzio, this spot is less than an hour’s drive from Rome. It is a beach just at the front of “Lido Garda Hotel”. The waves are consistent, with both left and right breaks, and peak more often nearer to the local harbor. It’s one of the better spots in Italy as with the right conditions, you would be able to make use of a shortboard or a mini long. It is rather crowded during summers due to the number of families visiting the beach and it likely contributes to the pollution as a result. It is best to visit winter as the weather is at its best. While you are there surfing, you should also take the time to explore the nearby city of Anzio, which is famous for its fish restaurants, which will be like killing two birds with one stone during your trip to Italy.

Lido Garda

Address: Largo G, Largo Caboto, 8, 00042 Anzio RM, Italy

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5. La Roccetta

best surf spots in Italy
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Located around 200 meters (656 feet) to the south of Santa Marinella’s harbor is La Roccetta. La Roccetta has a very shallow rock ledge where A-frame peaks usually break at. The waves are of fairly decent height and it is not very crowded. However, you would have to be careful of the different sides of the breaks, as the right has longer breaks but is slow, while on the other hand, the left is shorter but more intense and usually offered barreling sections. Due to the differing breaks and the need to be careful of the coral reefs submerged below, it is not advisable for beginners to try surfing here.

La Roccetta

Address: South of Santa Marinella’s harbour, Italy

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6. Serapo

In the heart of Gaeta lies Serapo, a beach with clean waters and large crowds. The beach breaks in this surf spot reaches up to 1.24 mi (2 km). The north side of the beach either has large northwest swells or small windless swells coming from the southwest while the south side usually has swells coming from the southeast. As the waves are rather peaky and are of smaller heights compared to other surfing spots, this surf spot is recommended for those who are beginners.

Serapo Beach

Address: Via Marina di Serapo, 39, 04024 Gaeta LT, Italy

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7. Lido di Ostia

Lido di Ostia Beach
Source: Photo by user used under

Just a short drive from central Rome is Lido di Ostia, which is one of the most accessible beach resorts from Rome. This beach offers average breaks several times in the form of tiny, windless southwest to northwest swells, that goes on to the shore. However, most of the beach area is private, hence you would have to ask at the beach bars for access if you wish to surf here. As this place is popular among locals as well, it is usually packed with people. Nevertheless, besides surfing, this is a good place to enjoy a day at the beach due to the cool weather resultant of the Tyrrhenian sea. If you’re interested in sightseeing, you can visit the nearby ancient Roman ruins at Ostia Antica.

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8. La Chiesa

Nearby La Chiesa- Nettuno
Source: Photo by user used under

La Chiesa acts as a great alternative if you find surfing spots such as Lido Garda too overcrowded or messy for your taste. The beach breaks provided by the La Chiesa beach offers rides to Nettuno’s seaside town. This is ideal for those surfers who have a preference for big waves and wish to practice their skills at a height. While you’re at it, you might want to enjoy the view of the seaside town from the top of the wave and love the feeling of the wind in your hair.

La Chiesa

Address: 73020 Province of Lecce, Italy

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9. Fontane Bianche

Beach of Fontane Bianche
Source: Photo by user used under

Located 7.5 miles (12 kilometers) from Syracuse and by the Ionian Sea coast of Sicily Island, Fontane Bianche runs from Siracusa City to the southeast area of Sicily. Its name is derived from the multiple freshwater springs that is on the seabed. Not only is the water very deep, the waves also have notable intensity in them and features both left and right breaks. It is great for all surfers, even for beginners due to the warm and calm nature of the water. If you wish to take a break from surfing, you should take advantage of the nearby facilities such as restaurants, bars, and sites such as the Natural Reserve of Vendicari,

Fontane Bianche

Address: 96100 Province of Syracuse, Italy

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Surfer's haven

No doubt, Italy is really a great country for surfers to surf in bliss. For a refreshing and adventurous surfing experience, go for any of the surfing spots in Italy. The waters of Italy are naturally designed for surfers with varying skill sets, so grab your board and choose the one that suits you the most among those listed above.

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