Take Off The Hiking Boots And Relax At Dragonfly Hostel, Lima

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Posted Dec 22, 2016

Located in the historical centre of Miraflores, Dragonfly Hostel is perfect for lively backpackers exploring Lima. Roughly a 17 hour bus journey, Lima is 1,162 km, approximately 722 mi, from Mancora. Lima can often be overlooked by many travellers as a quick stopover to Cusco, but from experience Lima is much more than I anticipated. With plenty of potential, the Miraflores district is perfect for surfers or those who fancy a bike ride along the seafront.

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Colourful and comfy

Dragonfly Hostel is very much a young person’s hostel and simply ideal for solo travellers or groups. The rooms are of a classic dorm style with no more than bunk beds, and a locker — nice and simple. An incredibly colourful hostel, the dorm rooms are brightly painted with some seriously comfy beds. However, the smaller dorms of about 6 tend to be quite cramped, so if you don’t fancy standing on someone’s toes, perhaps opt for a larger dorm.

From experience, an 8 person dorm is quite sufficient. Located at the front of the hostel, it is the perfect dorm for people-watching out the window. This dorm will cost you 35 PEN, approx. 10.24 USD per night. Double rooms are available for 86 PEN, approx 25.17 USD and are perfect for those who want a little "me" time.

The bathrooms at Dragonfly Hostel are shared, but male and female are both separate. They are incredibly fancy compared to the usual hostel bathroom with three showers each and separate toilets. Clean and spacious with hot water and lovely decor, you're in for a pleasant surprise.

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Flip pancakes and pour coffee

Although a small kitchen, Dragonfly Hostel provides a buffet breakfast between 8–10 am, (this tended to vary). Breakfast consists of fresh rolls and jam followed by pancakes and condensed milk — sounds an unusual combination but it's pretty tasty. Tea and coffee are provided so feel free to have as many cups as you like.

The kitchen is equipped with a microwave, small hob and plenty of utensils, which is ideal for those wanting to cook for themselves. For those who hate waiting around for their food, there is a computer in the corner and plenty of books to keep you entertained.

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A day in Lima

Once you’ve got itchy feet to explore the city, walk 5 minutes to Makaha Beach to find yourself at a surfers hotspot. If surfing’s not your things, hire a tandem bike and cycle along the Miraflores walkway — just remember you have to share with pedestrians. If you're feeling spendy, there are lovely shopping centres and markets to visit throughout the city and plenty of coffee shops to relax in.

Dragonfly Hostel also has a tour desk, which is ideal to book your next location. Although a little pricey, it's reliable and straightforward. Note that Dragonfly Hostel is also located in Arequipa and Cusco. If you stay at least two nights and move to another one of their locations you receive a discount of 10% — everyone loves a bargain right?

End the day with a cocktail and get social

Dragonfly Hostel is incredibly social and provides numerous activities for its guests. The large kitchen notice board is worth taking a look at over breakfast too. If you fancy being social there are movie nights, beer festivals and nights out — so keep your eyes peeled.

With a large terrace area with hammocks and garden seating, Dragonfly Hostel is a great place to meet other travellers. There is also a bar and foosball table to keep you entertained.

Dragonfly Hostels Cusco
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