Top 17 Things To Do In Bridgton, Maine

things to do in Bridgton ME
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Bridgton, Maine, is a resort town in the Cumberland County of the United States of America. It’s a land of lakes, ski trails, and peaks. Its unmatchable natural beauty and rich historic sites make it one of the most popular travel destinations. Featuring great hotels and Airbnb vacation rentals, Bridgton can easily cater to every traveler’s accommodation needs. It’s also a place filled with a sense of community and love. Although it is small in size and population, this is a growing industrial town and hence you get to experience the country’s way of life with a touch of modernity. The Bridgton Academy is a popular private preparatory school in the county. When at Bridgton you can go boating, skiing, snow bowling, ATV riding, fishing, golfing, and hiking. Outdoor activities and events in Bridgton, Maine, abound. Scroll down for a list of the top things to do in Bridgton, Maine.

1. Catch a show at Magic Lantern Theater

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

We are thrilled so many of you came out to see yesterday's free family movie Wallace and Gromit! Below is our weekly free movie schedule for the rest of the year!

Posted by Magic Lantern Movie Theater on Sunday, October 22, 2023

Magic Lantern Theater in Bridgton boasts a storied history that spans nearly a century. Originally opening its doors in 1929 as the “New Meserve Theater,” it underwent several name changes, including “The Mayfair” and “The Brookside,” before adopting the moniker “The Magic Lantern”. The Magic Lantern also made cinematic history in Maine as the first theater to feature Dolby Stereo Surround sound.

Magic Lantern Theater comes with four screens, including a space designed for live events and televised broadcasts. Each screen is named after former Bridgton theaters, with distinct themes that add to the charm. Today, Magic Lantern Theater offers a diverse range of cinematic experiences and live performances.

Magic Lantern

Address: 9 Depot St, Bridgton, ME 04009, United States

Website: Magic Lantern

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2. Browse unique finds at Bridgton Antiques, LLC

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Bridgton Antiques, LLC, is a treasure trove for vintage enthusiasts and antique aficionados alike. With a diverse inventory that spans vintage, antique, handcrafted, and vintage-inspired items, the store offers a wide array of timeless pieces to explore. In this shop in Bridgton, Maine, you can peruse a captivating selection that includes vintage and decorative accent pieces, textiles, kitchenware, jewelry, glass, and much more.

Bridgton Antiques is a must-visit destination for those seeking unique and character-rich items that tell stories of bygone eras. The store’s carefully curated offerings are sure to add charm to your living spaces, so be sure to pay a visit!

Bridgton Antiques LLC

Address: 142 Main St, Bridgton, ME 04009, United States

Website: Bridgton Antiques LLC

Opening hours: 10am - 5:30pm (daily)

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3. Cross the Bob Dunning Memorial Bridge

A beloved local craftsman who revived and restored many historic buildings in Bridgeton, Bob Dunning died prematurely in 2007. He was a very popular character in town, who selflessly donated his free time by volunteering as a firefighter, teacher, and writer. A passionate historian, he also founded the Bridgton Historical Society. To honor his memory, the Bob Dunning Memorial Bridge was built in 2010. A picturesque, roofed, wooden construction, the bridge leads to the nearby Pondicherry Park delicately blending with the green surroundings.

Bob Dunning Memorial Bridge

Address: Fl 39, Bridgton, ME 04009, United States

Website: Bob Dunning Memorial Bridge

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

Price: Free

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4. Hike the many trails at Bald Pate Mountain Preserve

With over 6 miles (9.6 km) of easy to moderate trails, Bald Pate Mountain Preserve offers enthusiastic hikers scenic views of the wooded surroundings. The well-marked trails are maintained by a group of local volunteers. During winter, for a small fee, you can enjoy the beautiful ski trails that meander around over 400 acres (162ha) of pine forests and meadows.

Bald Pate Mountain Preserve

Address: S Bridgton Rd, Route 107, Bridgton, ME 04009

Website: Bald Pate Mountain Preserve

Price: Free

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5. Go skiing at Shawnee Peak

Shawnee Peak cruising
Source: Photo by Flickr user Mt. Washington Va... used under CC BY-ND 2.0

Shawnee Peak is one of the oldest skiing resorts in the whole of Maine. This stunning ski resort has about 40 ski trails, 7 snow glades and 3 terrain parks that are available for you to explore during the ski seasons. This is a family-friendly place and anyone from a beginner to an expert can enjoy skiing at Shawnee Peak. This place offers ski lessons, night skiing, lift services and ski gear for rent. The Shawnee Peak is located conveniently off road from Bridgton and is just an hour’s drive from Portland. This makes this ski resort a perfect getaway from your busy city life. Experience the euphoria of the snow and make lasting ski memories.

Shawnee Peak

Address: 119 Mountain Road, Bridgton, ME 04009

Website: Shawnee Peak

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6. Learn about the life and works of Rufus Porter

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Rufus Porter is the “Mural Man of Maine.” Rufus Porter is known for beautifying Maine, New England and many other places through his life-size murals, innovation and art. He was also the founder of the popular magazine “Scientific American.” In order to celebrate the inspiring life and works of Rufus Porter, a museum was established after his name in Bridgton. This museum holds numerous miniature murals, art works, paintings and other works of him in two historic buildings- the Webb house and the Church house. There is also a museum gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs for your loved ones.

Rufus Porter Museum

Address: 121 Main Street, Bridgton Maine 04009

Website: Rufus Porter Museum

Opening hours: Wed - Sat: 10am - 4pm

Price: 4 - 8 USD

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7. Get engrossed in the collective art at Gallery 302

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Gallery 302 is a Bridgton art guild that holds exhibits of local artists who express their creativity through a variety of media. The gallery has a gift shop where you can purchase the works of your favorite artist. They also conduct art classes and events like Art in the Park, Biennial Auction and more. The gallery is located in a picturesque setting at the heart of the lake town of Bridgton. They also have a featured guest artist display their works at the gallery every month. If you are looking for some original artwork or an educational session on unleashing the artist in you, this is the goto place in Bridgton.

Gallery 302

Address: 112 Main St, Bridgton, ME 04009, USA

Website: Gallery 302

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 12pm - 5pm; Sat - Sun: 10am - 5pm

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8. Escape into the woods at Holt Pond Preserve

Started as a 30- acres (12.14 hectares) woodland preserve attached to a stream, the Holt Pond Preserve has grown to a 400-acre (161.8 hectares) forest and lake preserve in the last four decades. The Holt Pond Preserve is managed by the Lakes Environmental Association (LEA) of Bridgton. As you start from the Grist Mill Road parking space, walk past the thick covers of pine, hemlock, birch and beech bushes along the pathway. Check out the large red maple swamp as you walk through the trails. Sight some of the rarest migrating birds in the swamp as well as territorial beavers. It is indeed a great experience to escape into the woods and brooks of Holt Pond Preserve.

Holt Pond Preserve

Address: Grist Mill Rd, Bridgton, ME 04009, USA

Website: Holt Pond Preserve

Opening hours: 8am - 8pm (daily)

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9. Explore the sandy paradise of Highland Lake Beach

Highland Lake, Bridgton, Maine
Source: Photo by Flickr user Boston Public Lib... used under CC BY 2.0

The Highland Lake Beach is a public beach in Bridgton that is a popular picnic spot among the locals as well as tourists. It is a perfect place to spend your day out with family and friends. You can go swimming, rafting or boating on the Highland lake. Relax on the sandy beach, build sand castles with your kids, fire up the public fire pits and charcoal grills for a warm barbecue picnic on a chilly evening, rest under the shades of the public picnic tables and much more at this stunning picnic spot. It is a safe spot to take up swim lessons as there are lifeguards to help you out. The beach also has public restrooms and free parking space.

Highland Lake Beach

Address: 253 Highland Rd, Bridgton, ME 04009, USA

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10. Appreciate the ageless beauty of Narramissic Farm

BridgtonME PeabodyFitchBarn
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Magicpiano used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Popularly called the “Peabody-Fitch” farm after the families that built, renovated and maintained the farm from 1797, the Narramissic Farm is the symbol of history as well as changing times. You can go on a hike from the farmhouse to the quarry where the original granite for the foundation was taken. The house was first constructed in the Georgian style by one of Bridgton’s first settlers, William Peabody. It went through a serious Federal-style renovation phase in the 1830s under the Fitch family ownership. Today it stands as a great example for a 19th century Maine farm. Check out the blacksmith shop at the rear side of the house that was built during the renovation. Although the house has gone through so many changes, it still holds most of the original artifacts and furnishings from the first construction. The farm is now maintained by the Bridgton Historical Society and is a great place to experience the land’s history.

Narramissic Farm

Address: 46 Narramissic Rd., Bridgton,Maine

Website: Narramissic Farm

Opening hours: Thu - Sat: 11am - 3pm (closed from Sun - Wed)

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11. Get a glimpse of the past at the Bridgton Historical Society

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

We're preparing a complete calendar of summer events, so stay tuned!

Posted by Bridgton Historical Society on Sunday, April 24, 2022

The Bridgton Historical Society was founded in the year 1953 aiming at the restoration and preservation of the rich historic landmarks of the town. Apart from the preservation of the Narramissic farm, the Blynn Davis Memorial Archives and the Bridgton and Saco Narrow Gauge Railroad, the society also has a dedicated museum the holds exhibits of historic arts and artifacts of the land. The Gibbs Avenue Museum holds historic collections, archives and history research facilities. You can also check out some of the special exhibits and events that are both educational and fun to experience.

Bridgton Historical Society

Address: 5 Gibbs Ave, Bridgton, ME 04009, USA

Website: Bridgton Historical Society

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12. Fix a day for a fun-filled hike at Pondecherry Park

Pondecherry Park is a 66-acres (26.7 hectares) land located at the heart of the Bridgton downtown. The park has a 2.3-mile (3.7 kilometers) walking trail, connecting six different trails. You can go snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing and hiking in this beautiful park. This is a great place to have some outdoor fun in Bridgton. The park is home to numerous local wild-life. During your visit, you will be able to spot animals like deer, beaver, mink, spotted salamanders and pleated woodpeckers. It is a great place to go on a hiking expedition with kids.

Pondecherry Park

Address: Fl 39, Bridgton, ME 04009, USA

Website: Pondecherry Park

Opening hours: 7am - 10pm (daily)

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13. Excite the movie-buff in you at Bridgton Twin Drive-In

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Bridgton Twin Drive-In Theatre on Sunday, June 1, 2014

Be it a romantic date with your love or a fun-filled family evening, the Bridgton Twin Drive-In is a great place to go. This open theater has a large outdoor space and has two outdoor screens, one for showing the latest movies and the other for retro movies. The open theater also has a snack shack that serves great food. It is a very popular place among the Bridgton locals and also has a fairly low admission fee.

Bridgton Twin Drive-In

Address: 383 Portland Rd, Bridgton, ME 04009, USA

Website: Bridgton Twin Drive-In

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14. Hike the Pleasant Mountains with your family and fur-kids

The Pleasant Mountain is a hiking spot in Bridgton that holds the Shawnee Peak summit. Check out the stunning white-mountain views as you hike the trails of the Pleasant Mountain. This is the highest point in the whole of Cumberland county and has an extensive trail network that is suitable even for beginners. This is a pet-friendly space and is definitely a great place to explore with your tiny humans and fur babies.

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15. Relish the local delicacies at Black Horse Tavern

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Today’s Specials: *Buffalo chicken dip with tortillas. *BHT Jambalaya Tostados with shrimp, chicken, andouille...

Posted by The Black Horse Tavern on Monday, December 21, 2020

As the name suggests, Black Horse Tavern in Bridgton, Maine, is an equestrian-themed restaurant that serves delicious American cuisine and the local Maine specialties. The restaurant also serves the finest local brews, cocktails, and an exquisite collection of wine from across the globe. They serve a wide range of mouth-watering steak cuts. With its great indoor as well as outdoor decor, the Black Horse Tavern is a great place to have a calm romantic/ family evening. They also have a friendly staff crew.

The Black Horse Tavern

Address: 26 Portland Rd, Bridgton, ME

Website: The Black Horse Tavern

Opening hours: Mon - Thu: 11am - 9pm; Fri - Sat: 11am - 10:30pm; Sun: Brunch: 10am - 3pm, Dinner- 4pm onwards.

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16. Play your favorite sport at Bridgton Highlands Country Club

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Join us this Saturday for a Social Hour with The Killah B's, playing from 5pm - 7pm. All are welcome. We hope you can join us for a fun night at Bridgton Highlands!

Posted by Bridgton Highlands Golf and Tennis on Monday, June 17, 2019

If you are looking for unleashing the sports person in you at Bridgton, Maine, the Bridgton Highlands Country Club is the right place for you. This is a fun and friendly tennis and golf place that is available for everyone at an affordable fee. It houses an 18-hole scenic golf course with the stunning views of the Pleasant Mountain. The club also has four tennis courts where you can learn tennis, participate in group events and tournaments or simply go for a refreshing game.

Bridgton Highlands Country Club

Address: 379 Highland Rd., Bridgton, ME 04009

Website: Bridgton Highlands Country Club

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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17. Experience the century-old Winona Camps For Boys

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Would you like to see a live video feed from the shores of Moose Pond? (please note: it does NOT look like this...

Posted by Winona Camps - Maine on Thursday, February 3, 2022

Winona Camps is a century-old summer camp for boys that happens on the shores of Moose Pond overlooking the breathtaking views of Pleasant Mountain and the Shawnee Peak in Bridgton, Maine. This organized camping activity is aimed at improving the confidence and survival skills of growing boys. They also organize summer camps for girls under the name Wyonegonic Camps.

Winona Camps For Boys

Address: 35 Winona Rd, Bridgton, ME 04009, USA

Website: Winona Camps For Boys

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A hidden gem of the Cumberland County

Source: Photo by Flickr user Rich Brooks used under CC BY 2.0

Bridgton is an absolutely friendly and welcoming place for all its visitors. Bestowed with stunning natural beauty, historic places, and recreational centers, this town is a great place for a perfect vacation away from the hustle-bustle of our busy modern life. Escape into the outdoors at this amazing hidden gem of Cumberland County and experience the joy of country life without having to miss out on technology support at Bridgton, Maine.

Should you also decide to venture out further into the neighboring towns and cities, you will find plenty of things to do in Fryeburg to make your vacation all the more memorable. There are comfy Airbnb vacation rentals in Bethel for your accommodation needs as well.

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