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things to do in Puno Peru
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Puno, Peru is one of the most exciting cities in South America. This serves as the perfect jump-off point to exploring the interesting sites in and near the city. It is the center of folklore in Peru which makes it a place of mystique. The city has a vibrant culture with festivals being celebrated throughout the year. You will experience native music and dances that bring Puno’s rich history to life. The streets are lined with beautiful landmarks that travelers from all over the world visit. If you are planning to travel to this lovely city soon, here are some of the top things to do in Puno, Peru.

1. Have a serene time by El Umayo - contributed by Tour Guide, Mauricio Gamboa

If you’re looking for a serene and relaxing time by the water, pay a visit to El Umayo, a lake located in the Peruvian district of Atuncolla in the department of Puno. The lake, set 34 kilometers (21.13 miles) from Puno, is a closed lake, meaning the water that enters rivers and streams leaves exclusively by evaporation. On the shores of the lake is the pre-Inca cemetery of Sillustani, and it is surrounded by natural rock formations all around.

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2. Go up Mirador El Condor and witness the panorama

05.Mirador, la Cruz del Condor, cañón del Colca (34)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Elemaki used under CC BY-SA 2.5

Lake Titicaca is a large tourist attraction that provides stunning views of water and mountainsides. Mirador El Condor provides you one of the best vantage points to take in this magical scenery. The view of the city from this place is amazing. The central piece of the view deck is a replica of the Andean Condor, classified as the largest flying bird in the whole planet. Be prepared to take a hike up a flight of 620 steps. In this case, you will need to wear your most comfortable footwear. It is a steep climb but the view from the top is worth every step.

Mirador El Condor

Address: Puno 21002, Peru

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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3. Admire the scintillating design of Puno Cathedral (from USD 24.0)

Construction of this heritage cathedral was completed in 1757. The architectural design used for its façade is Spanish Baroque. Simon de Asto, a known craftsman, sculpted the figures at the front of the church. Andean influences are seen throughout its design giving it a native feel. Stepping inside gives you a feeling of simplicity compared to the intricate décor of the exterior. The silver altar is the center of attention and draws your attention from the bare walls to the Vatican flag on its right. The tour gives you a glimpse of the design and rich history the cathedral is known for.

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Walking City tour Puno

Duration: 2 hours

8 reviews

4. Take a leisurely stroll at Pino Park

Parque Pino Puno 03
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ciudades used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Pino Park may be small in size but is big on beauty. The property is lined with lovely park benches and colorful flowers and plants that attract local and foreign visitors alike. It is located on Jiron Lima, the main walking trail of Puno. The landscaped park was constructed during the early part of the 20th century. A statue of war hero, Dr. Manuel Pino, stands in the center of the park. This place is dedicated to him. It acts as a picturesque respite between two of Puno’s iconic structures, the San Juan Bautista Church and the Puno Municipal Building.

Pino Park

Address: Calle Jiron de Lima, Puno, Peru

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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5. Stand in awe on top of Uros Floating Islands (from USD 35.0)

things to do in puno peru | stand in awe on top of uros floating islands

Uros Floating Islands are not your typical islands. These are 62 islands that are made by the Uru people of Peru. They still have their ancient ways of hunting fish and birds as their source of livelihood. The most fantastic thing they built was these islands. These are made from totora reed which is abundantly found in Lake Titicaca. These were built by hand which makes it an exceptional feat. The base of these islands is 6.5 feet (2 meters) in thickness and takes so much effort and time to build. Long and sharp pieces of wood with rope anchor these to the bottom of the lake.

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Half-Day Uros Floating Islands Tour from Puno

Duration: 3.0 hour

8 reviews

6. Say a prayer at Iglesia de San Juan Bautista

San Juan Bautista, Puno (interior)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Miguel Angel Chong used under CC BY 4.0

Located right across Pino Park, the Iglesia de San Juan Bautista has a unique exterior done in French Ogival architecture. This is one of the reasons why visitors love taking pictures at this church. This is where you will find the image of Puno’s patron saint, the Blessed Virgin of Candelaria. In February, the church is at its busiest as this is when the festival honoring the Blessed Virgin is held. The interior has a gothic design. It has a dominant yellow hue which makes the place look vibrant and lively. As you enter the church, you will find a small chapel to the right. This is a solemn place where you can light candles and say a prayer.

Iglesia de San Juan Bautista

Address: Santiago Giraldo 224, Puno 21001, Peru

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7. Step inside the historical Yavari

SS Yavari in Puno, 2002
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Unbuttered Parsnip used under CC BY-SA 3.0

This is one of the intriguing tourist destinations in Puno, Peru. Yavari is a ship turned into a museum which has its guest accommodations. The ship has a rich history and served a valuable role in the Peruvian Navy navigating the waters of Lake Titicaca. Today it is moored permanently behind the Sonesta Posada Hotel del Inca. Its restored structure and interiors bring you back to the time it was actively running its course through the lake. You can hop on the ship and take a tour of its original route of the lake. It is the best way to see Lake Titicaca.


Address: Sesquicentenario 962, Puno 21001, Peru

Website: Yavari

Opening hours: 9am - 5pm (daily)

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8. Drop by Cafe Bar de la Casa del Corregidor

Casa del corregidor de Puno
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Yoshua29.ydsr used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Café Bar de la Casa del Corregidor is a nice place to hang out and chill after a hard day of visiting the sites. The service is impeccable and the music so smooth it lures you to relax. The building is a heritage site that dates back to 1668. The café is famous for its home-style cooking dependent on sustainable ingredients sourced locally. These fresh ingredients go into soups, salads, sandwiches, beverages, tapas, snacks, and main courses. You can wash down your food with the bars’ long line of artisanal wines and beers. They serve Tunki coffee which is rich in taste.

Cafe Bar de la Casa del Corregidor

Address: Jr. Deustua 576, Puno 21001, Peru

Website: Cafe Bar de la Casa del Corregidor

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 9am - 10pm (closed on Sun)

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9. Shop with your family at Puno Plaza Vea

Plaza Vea Puno (tambien incluye un CINEPLANET)

Posted by Queremos un mall en Huaraz on Thursday, 5 February 2015

Plaza Vea Puno is a shopper’s paradise. You can find everything under one roof. This is the kind of place where you can pop in, go around, and get everything you need or want to buy. It is the only supermarket located in the city. If you are shopping for fashion, you will find an array of collections you will love. The furniture selection you can choose from is world-class in quality and craftsmanship. They only carry trusted brands for their appliances. Knowing that many customers love to decorate their homes, the store keeps a long inventory of decorative items in stock.

Puno Plaza Vea

Address: Los Incas, Puno 21001, Peru

Website: Puno Plaza Vea

Opening hours: 9am - 10pm (daily)

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10. Visit the landmarks of Chucuito Village

Posted by Mayra Solórzano on Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Chucuito Village is a unique and pleasant place to visit. One of its’ famous landmarks is the Templo de la Fertilidad. This is one of the intriguing tourist destinations you will see in the world. The figures you will see here are phalluses. Chucuito has a less touristy area near Lake Titicaca. This area includes the main plaza where you can dine and wine without the maddening crowd. You can drop by and marvel at the beauty of two heritage churches, the Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion and Santo Domingo. Chucuito’s laidback and rustic style offers a juxtaposition to Puno’s modern and vibrant appeal.

Chucuito Village

Address: Chucuito District, Puno Province, Peru

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11. Wear the costumes at Museo de la Coca y Costumbres

Por el dia internacional de los museos, ingreso libre para todos, 20 y 21 de mayo, los esperamos. #diadelosmuseos, #lagotiticaca.

Posted by Museo de la Coca y Costumbres on Monday, 20 May 2019

Chucuito Village is a unique and pleasant place to visit. One of its famous landmarks is the Templo de la Fertilidad. This is one of the intriguing tourist destinations you will see in the world. The figures you will see here are phalluses. Chucuito has a less touristy area near Lake Titicaca. This area includes the main plaza where you can dine and wine without the maddening crowd. You can drop by and marvel at the beauty of two heritage churches, the Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion and Santo Domingo. Chucuito’s laidback and rustic style offers a juxtaposition to Puno’s modern and vibrant appeal.

Museo de la Coca y Costumbres

Address: Ilave 581, Puno 21001, Peru

Website: Museo de la Coca y Costumbres

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 9am - 7pm; Sun: 3pm - 7pm

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12. Walk the turf of Estadio E. Torres Belón

Estadio Enrique Torres Belon De Puno - Frontales
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user D´Cahuana Ordoño used under CC0

Estadio Enrique Torres Belon is the biggest stadium in Puno. The multi-purpose venue can hold different types of sporting events, concerts, and other live performances. With a capacity of 20,000, this place can hold huge gatherings like political rallies and social events. Among these, the Fiesta de la Candelaria, held every February, stands out because of its strong Christian foundation. The stadium is named after Senator Enrique Torres Belon who lived in the Puno Region. Stone is the main structural component used in building the stadium giving it a stable and durable foundation.

Estadio E. Torres Belón

Address: Av. El Sol, Puno 21001, Peru

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13. Pass through and take photos at Arco Deustua

Arco Deustua Puno
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Jordan Israel used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Arco Deustua is such a sight to behold. Located seven blocks away from another popular landmark, Plaza de Armas, the arc has always been a favorite picture-taking stop for both local and foreign travelers. The trek here is done on foot on Jiron Lima, Puno’s pedestrian walkway. The heavily decorated monument is a major tourist destination for guests from all walks of life. It was built in 1847 and is dedicated to everyone who fought in the battles of Ayachuco and Junin. Decorative elements reflect the colors and flag of Peru. This is one of Puno’s must-see destinations for all travelers.

Arco Deustua

Address: Independencia, Puno, Peru

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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14. Click a snap at Balcon del Conde de Lemos

Balcón del Conde de Lemos

Posted by Adventure & Expeditions Perú - Puno on Thursday, 9 August 2018

Balcon del Conde de Lemos is among the Instagram-worthy spots in Puno. You can come over and take photos of yourself and your companions right on the balcony itself. The balcony is designed in a colonial fashion which gives it a cultural and heritage touch. Located at the corner of Deustua and Conde de Lemos, it was once owned by the Count of Lemos. He had this built-in 1668 so he can take a good view of Puno’s streets. Its ideal location gives travelers a chance to visit Puno Cathedral on the same trip because the church is situated next door.

Balcon del Conde de Lemos

Address: Count of Lemos 231, Puno 21001, Peru

Opening hours: 8am - 12pm and 2pm – 4pm (daily)

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15. Visit the archaeological sites of Esteves Island

Hotelinsel in Puno
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Dr. Eugen Lehle used under CC BY-SA 3.0

If archaeological sites and diggings are your things, Esteves Island is the place for you. Situated high up in the plains of the Andes Mountains, the island is home to remnants of three powerful civilizations that roamed Lake Titicaca and Puno. These are the Pucara, Colla, and Tiahuanaco. These sites were discovered centuries ago and have become popular tourist destinations of Puno. The island also served as a garrison for military personnel where respected Peruvians based themselves while fighting for independence. This is one of the most intriguing sites you will come across because of its historical and cultural values. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and footwear for this one.


Address: Lake Titicaca, Puno, Peru

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16. Spend time at Plaza de Armas de Puno

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user aviachar used under CC BY 2.0

Plaza de Armas is centrally located in the heart of Puno. The main square is the perfect gathering place for friends and families who want to enjoy a great time in the city. Although the Puno Cathedral is the main draw of the area, the plaza has its unique appeal that lures in visitors who want to relax in a park-like atmosphere. The size of the square is small for Peruvian standards but still has beautiful gardens and figures. The main figure is Colonel Francisco Bolognesi, a notable war hero. Since 1901, the square has maintained the same layout which is much loved by travelers.

Plaza de Armas de Puno

Address: Jr. Deustua 458, Puno 21001, Peru

Opening hours: 24-hours (daily)

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17. Roam around the sites at Taquile Island (from USD 77.0)

Taquile Island stands in the middle of the emerald green waters of Lake Titicaca. Most handicrafts you see in Puno are made here. One handicraft product that stands out among the rest is textiles. These are weaved and knitted materials that have gained popularity among visitors from all over the world. Women do all weaving while the men do the knitting. The most popular product is the chuyo hat, a type of beanie with ear flaps. A popular destination on the island is the Arco de Taquile. It stands on high ground and provides scenic views of the lake.

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Uros Reed Floating Islands & Taquile Island Titicaca Puno Full Day

Duration: 8 hours

37 reviews

18. Appreciate the lake view from Carácter Park

Lake view from Caracter Park
Source: Pixabay

Caracter Park is a lovely place for visitors. You can relax, chill and take away all your cares while taking in majestic views of Lake Titicaca. The park comes in an oval shape and is located close to Maria Auxiliadora School, an establishment meaning to help young girls. The park is very near the central part of town which makes it accessible to anyone who wants to visit it. The roundabout is a park that provides a place to rest. The serene surroundings allow you to clear your mind and thoughts. This is great for meeting friends and catching up with one another.

Carácter Park

Address: Deza 755, Puno 21001, Peru

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19. Check out Lake Titicaca at Titicaca National Reserve

Source: Photo by Flickr user Petr Meissner used under CC BY 2.0

Titicaca National reserve is focused on protecting the biodiversity of Lake Titicaca. It also helps in the continuous practice of traditional and cultural activities and the way of living of the people here. When it comes to tourism, Uros Titino and Uros are the places to go to within the lake. These provide various experiences tourists will love. This allows you to immerse yourself in the culture of the people who live here. The protected flora and fauna include the Titicaca duck and the insanely huge, Titicaca frog. If you are looking to enhance your knowledge about Lake Titicaca, this national reserve is the place for you.

Titicaca National Reserve

Address: Pasaje 2 de Febrero N° 154, Peru

Tip from tour guide



Lake Titicaca Lake Titicaca Lake Titicaca

The drive to the impressive Lake Titicaca is almost as scenic as the view of the water. The lake is on the way from the Colca Valley, which is 3,650 m (11,975.07 km) away, or Arequipa 2,350 m (7,709.97 km) away. After crossing the Arequipa/Puno limits, you will find beautiful landscapes. Peru is beautiful.

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20. Wander around Jose Carlos Mariátegui Park

Jose Carlos Mariategui Park is where a lot of Puno’s social activities are held. Once known to be a dangerous area, the park has been transformed into one of the most peaceful areas in Puno. It is located in the central part of the city, which makes it easy to go on foot. Most of the people who come here are children with a sprinkling of adults. For those who want to meet friends and have a nice chat with them, the park is the perfect place to do so. A scenic place with a peaceful ambiance is what this park is all about.

Jose Carlos Mariátegui Park

Address: Av. del Puerto 398a, Puno 21001, Peru

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21. Marvel at Cathedral Basilica of St. Charles Borromeo

things to do in puno peru | marvel at cathedral basilica of st. charles borromeo
Source: instagram

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Charles Borromeo goes by the simple name Puno Cathedral. This is where you will find the throne of the Bishop of Puno representing the Diocese of the region. The cathedral comprises the main part of Puno’s major square. Right in front of it sits the laidback Plaza de Armas. This church was completed in 1757 where traditional Andean Baroque architecture was applied to it. This type of architecture gives craftsmen the task of giving the church a unique aesthetic. Its two bell towers and intricately designed façade provide an imposing appearance that will surely attract visitors.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Charles Borromeo

Address: Jr. Ayacucho 416, Puno 21001, Peru

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22. Walk around Plaza Del Faro

walk around plaza del faro
Source: instagram

Plaza Del Faro provides everything tourists look for in a destination. It is one of those great places for taking photos. Each area is beautiful, which makes it Instagram-worthy. The view you get from here is unbelievably picturesque. You get to see Lake Titicaca ad some of its islands. You get the chance to try trucha or fried trout from any of the food establishments around the park. While you are at it, you can wash it down with freshly squeezed lemonade flavored with mint. These are made with flavorful Peruvian lemons. There is an artisan market where you can purchase some of the best artworks in Puno.

Plaza Del Faro

Address: Puno 21001, Peru

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23. Walk along Daniel Alcides Carrión walkway

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Miguel Angel Chong used under CC BY 3.0

If you need some time to relax and have some peace of mind, taking a stroll down Daniel Alcides Carrion walkway should help you out. This place might be a little crowded during the day. But when night time comes, it becomes a scenic street with fewer people on it. This is one of the favorite destinations for locals and tourists during holidays and weekends. It is a spot where everyone can relax and have fun. Here you will find cultural groups practicing their performances and families and friends meeting up while taking a stroll. This is one of Puno’s famous destinations.

Daniel Alcides Carrión

Address: Huancane 388, Puno 21002, Peru

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24. Feel the natural grass at Periodista Park

Vista del parque de los Periodistas
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Felipe Restrepo A... used under CC BY-SA 3.0

This park is dedicated to journalists, especially those who live and lived in Puno. The park is known for its soft natural grass that dominates the area. This attracts local and foreign visitors to walk on its ground. A relaxing day is what awaits you as you lay on the grass and spend moments in silence to clear your mind. The place may be small, but it is beautiful. Well preserved and green, this area serves as an oasis within the busy city. The best time to visit Periodista Park is during the day where everything is bright and clear.

Periodista Park

Address: Av. del Puerto 149, Puno 21001, Peru

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

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25. Bring your family to Castello Park for a picnic

Castello Park Picnic
Source: Pixabay

Having a picnic is a fun way of gathering everyone for a satisfying meal and spending time with each other. You may have the best-tasting food, the most refreshing drinks, and the best company in your family or friends, but a picnic is nothing without a great place to hold it. This is what Castello Park is all about. The aesthetics of this park serves as the perfect background to a whole day of fun. It has the requisite greenery you will love and enjoy. The scenery is second to none. With urbanization happening around it, this small pocket of greenery serves as a spot for natural beauty.

Castello Park

Address: Puno 21002, Peru

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26. Drop by Eos Park with your kids

014 Sunrise Puno Peru 3281 (15141706372)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user bobistraveling used under CC BY 2.0

Eos Park is the perfect choice if you want to spend fun times with your family. This place is vast and has manicured greens all over. You can drive your car to the park and have everyone set-up all the fun-filled activities you planned for the day. You cannot go wrong with having a picnic in this area because the place is known for its charming aesthetics and homey atmosphere. After eating, you and everyone else can enjoy a cold one while exchanging stories. The surrounding hills provide perfect views of nature you will appreciate. So gather everyone and head on to Eos Park for some fun and food.

Eos Park

Address: Puno 21002, Peru

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27. Take in the views from Cerrito Huajsapata (from USD 19.97)

take in the views from cerrito huajsapata

Cerrito Huajsapata provides limitless views of Lake Titicaca and Puno. You can take in the stunning vistas from atop a hill not frequented by tourists. The statue of Manco Capac, the Inca Empire founder, stands tall and proud at the top of the hill. This place is just a ten-minute walk from the heart of the city. The hike might be a difficult one since the trail is uphill all the way. You need to wear comfortable shoes to do so. To make it easier for you, this tour will have you join a number of people with a professional guide leading the way.

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Puno: History and Culture Walking Tour

Duration: 2.0 hour

7 reviews

28. Experience Puno’s rich heritage at Museo Carlos Dreyer (from USD 19.97)

experience puno’s rich heritage at museo carlos dreyer

The artifact collection in this museum is astounding. Small in scale, the pieces show the rich heritage of Puno through paintings, textiles, ceramics, and jewelry. You can find several documents supporting the foundation of the city displayed in a corner. What attracts local and foreign visitors to this museum is the impressive collection of archaeological finds dug up in Puno. The artworks created before, during, and after the Incas existed are on full display. The upper level houses three mummified figures in a funerary tower. The numbers of the collection may pale in comparison to other museums, but this place stands out because every piece is part of Peru’s history.

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Puno: History and Culture Walking Tour

Duration: 2.0 hour

7 reviews

29. Take a fun ride on PeruRail Titicaca Train (from USD 215.0)

This might be the best train ride you will experience in your life! The ride takes you on an adventure right across the Andes Mountains. From Cusco to Puno or the other way around, the trip takes over ten hours but is filled with fascinating views you will see. The train provides first-class carts. It has two dining carts designed in Pullman fashion. This is where you can buy your sumptuous meals. A seating area allows you to relax and unwind while having a drink and snacks. Gourmet food and the best afternoon tea are served during the trip. Friendliness and quality service is what you will get at the PeruRail Titicaca Train.

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PeruRail Titicaca Train to Puno or Cusco

Duration: 10 hours

186 reviews

30. Immerse in Aymara culture at Sillustani (from USD 24.0)

immerse in aymara culture at sillustani
Source: www.viator.com

At Sillustani, you get to witness one of the greatest cultures that exist in the Andean region. This is the Aymara civilization. Sillustani is all about impressive tombs built by these people during ancient times. It is rich in history with the Aymara people dominating Lake Titicaca a few centuries before the arrival of the Incas. The chullpas or funerary towers will take your breath away. These were constructed and dedicated to Aymara’s most respected people. Aside from its history, these towers are known as architectural marvels for their design. This tour also brings to you beautiful views of the famed Lake Umayo.

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Puno to Sillustani and Inca Funeral Tower Half-Day Trip

Duration: 4 hours

31. Learn about the history of Lake Titicaca (from USD 55.0)

learn about the history of lake titicaca
Source: www.viator.com

Lake Titicaca is one of the most special lakes you will encounter. It is South America’s largest freshwater lake. It is located 3810 meters (12,500 feet) above sea level making it the highest large lake in the whole world. Estimated to be a million years old, it is classified as one of the few ancient lakes remaining. It serves as a border to western Peru and eastern Bolivia. The Inca civilization is said to have started in and around the lake. The water is placid which makes it safe for people to swim or boat in it. Ancient ruins are found in and around its islands.

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Lake Titicaca (Overnight)

Visit Puno for an exciting vacation

Puno, Peru has a lot in store for you. It has a beautiful mix of natural and man-made tourist destinations you will love. These places will make your vacation in Puno a memorable one.

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